Posted on June 11, 2012

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Ron Paul Worldwide: Translate Ron Paul Speeches Into Foreign Languages Project 20:06:51
Exclusive Daily Paul interview scheduled with Rand Paul - submit your questions 13:43:10
Tom Woods: My Appeal To Ron Paul 13:14:39
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 6/11/12: The CBO Sees the Economic Cliff Ahead 13:11:32
Rand is playing a different game. Time to put the Rand subject to bed... 11:11:06
Traitors are everywhere? Stop the witch hunt 08:50:00
What has changed? 02:24:15
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Ron steers ship straight in to 3rd party hurricane after putting son safely on shore. 23:54:49
Jay Leno 23:49:05
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk Video 23:46:12
Stop Dividing 23:41:02
Gary Johnson 23:39:52
U.N. could tax U.S.-based Web sites, leaked docs show 23:38:05
Zionist extremist racism, and Rape culture in Israel 23:27:33
I just thought of a brilliant idea! 23:20:30
To all the Drama Queens pro and anti Rand Paul 23:15:56
Paulite cartoon depicts Shreveport convention as mini-Tiananmen Square 23:10:41
Il Gop Convention Full Of Corruption 23:07:55
We could be respectful in Tampa but what about our friends of liberty from overseas? 23:05:30
I think Dr. Paul would want me to vote for Gary Johnson 23:01:05
Indiana First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law Enforcement Officers 23:00:50
I could use some help getting to Tampa 22:54:59
The Elephant in the Room Part Five 22:33:51
The Elephant in the Room Part Four 22:31:49
(Video) Lawyers For Ron Paul Civil Rights (Voting Rights) Lawsuit FAQ 22:25:22
Political Entrepeneur Award goes to: Ron Paul 22:24:54
We Are Slaves on 50 Separate Plantations - Are The Slave-Masters Ever Going to Set Us Free? 22:17:49
Gold Money: US money supply data hints at trouble ahead 22:15:50
The Treasury and the Fed are Robbing Savers - James Rickards 22:14:32
What I Am Doing Tonight - A Word of Encouragement 22:14:08
The UN Seeks To Tax The Internet 22:12:55
. 22:11:16
Paul can still win 22:10:53
(Video) Computer Experts Discover 'Flame and Stuxnet' Virus Related 22:08:23
Rand Paul's Senate Farm Bill Amendments 'Liberate Raw Milk' But Condemns Gun Rights 22:03:59
Anti-Piracy Patent Stops Students From Sharing Textbooks 21:53:57
The NED - A US Congress & State Dept Conduit for Funding Subversion & Violence in Foreign Nations 21:48:38
Ron Paul Rally For The Republic - Gary Johnson 21:46:34
PLEASE. No More Divisiveness Within The Jedi Council. 21:45:25
Ron Paul recommended on facebook that his supporters read this Daily Caller explanation 21:44:55
Has anyone else noticed 21:41:43
Lawyers for Ron Paul files civil rights lawsuit 21:41:19
I am Ron Paul! 21:40:28
*IMPORTANT! SC elections tomorrow - Liberty Candidates 21:39:06
Rand listens to his father... so should you 21:28:15
10 False Assumptions Progressives Make Against Supporting Ron Paul 21:24:26
Ron Paul's FB Status Update in support of Rand. 21:12:22
Unite or die! Romney, Obama, Johnson or Write-in Paul? Which helps our movement most? 21:10:13
Paul grassroots group files civil suit against GOP 21:01:05
Fed Debt Holdings Quintupled Under Obama 21:00:26
They're Here ...Waging A Coordinated Attack With Alex Jones 20:54:48
RPVC: We got em! All we need is 20 voters from Travis County #247 to file affidavits and they're busted! 20:40:11
Take the test! 20:39:46
Paulite cartoon depicts Shreveport convention as mini-Tiananmen Square 20:39:38
Santorum and the RNC Convention: Please consider this and be aware! 20:38:55
Senate debate for the people of Missouri 20:36:56
Jack Hunter keeps digging a deeper hole. 20:27:17
My RESPECT and appeal to the Daily Paul 20:22:03
LaGOP blames Ron Paul delegates of staging violence 20:21:35
Let's work together ! 20:15:50
Ron Paul, Red Ink 20:09:13
Option #4 20:07:50
Maybe If He Keeps His Promise Not To Raise Taxes: Ron on endorsing Romney! 20:06:29
Ron Paul spoke to me! 20:02:30
Romney emails paid for by the RNC? 20:01:43
The Daily Paul is breaking Ron Paul's heart 20:01:35
What Barry Goldwater would think of most Paul supporters. 19:54:42
StarTribune: Paul's disciples seek local office 19:52:08
Ron Paul, John Boehner And Endorsements By Jack Hunter 19:49:58
Jack Hunter: RP supports Romney (Wrong) 19:37:06
Keeping Ron Paul's liberty movement alive 19:25:37
Trolling for Trolls 19:25:16
Zogby: Disillusioned young voters dropping out 19:23:38
War With Iran: More Children Will Suffer 19:21:55
People of the Lie...the hope for healing human evil 19:14:15
The American people are laughing at the Establishment! 19:11:37
Two words for those upset by the Rand Paul endorsement of Mitt Romney: Grow. Up. 19:09:24
What do you do with a 65-foot-long coffin? 18:59:03
Ron Paul Owes Us Nothing 18:58:58
Rand Votes For Sanctions, And Now Romney? 18:56:51
Obama vs Romney: Let's hear some rational views. 18:51:07
Ron Paul Did Not Quit and Did Not Endorse Romney 18:46:17
Ron is my hero, BUT... like EVERY single one of them, He has already compromised. So have YOU. 18:43:43
Rand And Romney 18:43:36
Drone Crashes in Maryland 18:40:40
Regarding the Rand Paul announcement: Ron Paul's Faith in Us is Real 18:30:50
Count the Votes! The Massachusetts Provisional Ballot Controversy 18:30:22
Question for Rand Paul 18:24:28
Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies 18:22:43
Ron Paul's 1% 18:14:46
You know the worst part about Rand's endorsement? Obama is better than Romney on Liberty 18:05:34
Dear Rand 17:56:03
We Will Not Abandon Ron Paul 17:55:09
a Conspiracy Theory inspired by Trygve Olson 17:46:06
He will be the nominee. 17:38:24
Please vote + if you want to send a message to 17:28:46
Zogby: Disillusioned young (Obama) voters dropping out 17:27:09
In support of Rand Paul 17:26:13
Tonight's Show: For The Love Of Liberty With Your Host Chris Kairnes Tonight At 8-10+ Pm Est 17:25:20
The means are as important as the ends - Listen up Rand Paul 17:25:17
Recent Campaign events should make you stronger! 17:17:44
Letter To The Republican Party Of Executive Committee From Ellen Davis, Elected State Delegate To The La 17:15:13
Consumption bomb during RNC to show our real power 17:14:39
Paul Krugman vs. Ron Paul 17:10:54
WE are not voting for Mitt Romney. 17:09:59
Detractors, Provocateurs, Agents, Shills, Cons, Psyopers, Operatives and Chicken-Littles 16:53:19
Nepotism 16:52:59
Rand Paul Endorsement of Mitt Romney Was a Tactical Masterstroke For Libertarianism 16:49:42
How Is What Rand Did Any Different Than What Some Of You May Have Done? 16:48:13
Former Cantor aides to reward Republicans who vote the right way 16:45:30
I Think The Pauls Were Threatened But We Have To Go Forward To Tampa Anyway 16:41:42
Two words for those upset by the Rand Paul endorsement of Mitt Romney: Grow. Up. By Paul Mulshine NJ Star Ledger 16:33:29
9/11: a decade later, a whole new ballgame 16:29:56
Syria Responds to Chemical Weapon Threat Through Escalation of Force 16:23:10
I wonder if Mr. Rogers is a Libertarian 16:22:29
SuperPAC commercial I'd like to see (Delegates are Unbound) 16:21:35
Rand Paul's Hawaiian Good-Luck Sign 16:17:58
Justin Raimondo on Rand Paul in 2010-He will say anything to get elected! 16:15:04
Navy drone crashes in Maryland 16:12:44
Commencement to Union College Class of 2012 - Dylan Ratigan 15:42:05
Exclusive Tonight: Jesse Ventura Returns, Live 15:39:47
Speeches Made 6/8/12 At The Tx Rep State Convention Were Far From Equal 15:29:09
If Romney is right and "corporations are people" could we argue that... 15:23:57
An Obstacle To World Peace Nobody Will Discuss? (article with links to 4 videos) 15:21:19
Jack Hunter: Ron Paul, John Boehner and Endorsements 15:20:16
Milton Friedman on Libertarianism, Humility, and Tolerance 15:16:05
Where are the RP delegates staying? 15:12:31
Is Ron Paul Finished On The National Stage? 15:04:20
The Freedom Movement? This may change some perspective on Ron & Rand, and the long term goals. 15:03:54
Supreme Court declines case accusing Donald Rumsfeld of torture 14:57:27
Poll: Would an Endorsement of Romney Destroy Ron Paul’s Legacy? 14:54:02
Get Ready: Rand's Job Is To Co-opt Us To "unify" The Party! 14:50:48
Trust - how you are bringing your beliefs in balance? 14:50:03
Exclusive Interview! 14:49:24
Doug Wead on Maddow 14:48:25
Govt Bankers to the People: "Sure you're money's safe, you just can't transport it out of the country" 14:47:04
While we've been fighting about Rand Paul, Rick Santorum has been plotting how to screw us 14:42:25
Peter Thiel (Bilderberg member) gave Ron Paul 2.5 million! Red Flag anyone? 14:41:55
Rumors of Romney win greatly exaggerated 14:41:50
The Manufacture of Terror: An analysis of the “War on Terror” Frame and its Effects 14:31:18
Updated with Action Plan: Fraud confirmed in Texas. Election judge says votes were switched. 14:29:01
We are the future - Ron Paul's Legacy 14:28:55
Student Loans & The Redistribution Of Wealth 14:24:43
Ron Paul Will Not Endorse Mitt Romney (Article) 14:23:52
Economic Dark Arts 14:00:33
The Time is Now - All In 13:52:13
Thank you for Sending me to the TExas Convention 13:48:41
Linguistic analysis of Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney contradicts his words 13:48:20
Dear Mr. Wead 13:43:33
The Revolution Continues even with Rand Paul Endorsement & Ron Paul Not Winning Nomination 13:42:56
VIDEO- Peter Schiff: Is America the next Greece? 13:42:13
Vote Every Day 13:40:14
deleted topic 13:34:06
Tom Woods' Appeal to Ron Paul 13:32:24
Two More Projects For The Freedom Movement 13:25:04
We need to stop the infighting, NOW! 13:19:57
Rick Santorum: I am concerned about Ron Paul 13:11:29
Great article by Gordon Duff Veterans Today 12:53:58
My theory on Rand (hint: its a good thing) 12:51:54
Ron Paul's first words at the National Republican Convention will be 12:45:32
RT Abby Martin GRILLS Jack Hunter on Rand "happily endorsing" Romney; Jack spins into a Whirlpool! 12:45:08
Hilarious InfoWarrior Triple Threat Video: Adam Kokesh, Luke Rudkowski, & Mark Dice Live @ Fed. Reserve Temple, DC! 12:31:07
"Is Rand Paul Taunting Internet Libertarians"? 12:26:03
IA-GOP Hires Former RP2012 Staffers As Party Executives! 12:25:37
Ginger Taylor - Hero From The Maine GOP Convention Scandal Has Something To Say To Us 12:21:16
Libertarian Illuminati and Rand paul 12:20:38
Efforts to relax pot rules gaining momentum in US 12:09:35
Let's stop wasting our energy arguing and do something to help the movement 12:01:39
Proof of Govt Commissars' Criminality: US Secretary of Commerce charged w/ FELONY Hit & RunS in CA! 11:58:16
After A Weekend Of Reflection, Have You Changed Your Mind About Rand Paul? 11:51:38
O say, can you see, by the dawn's early light ... 11:49:03
OK, I get it finally, we must use the GOP machine to accomplish OUR goals, not the good ol' boys any longer 11:46:01
Big News! You, Paul Festival And The Rnc 11:45:58
To put it in the concise words of a family member... :) By JSBach in Hunter Thread 11:41:26
Arizona Nullifies NDAA 11:40:03
Holy Scripture – The United States Constitution 11:34:38
The Dangers of an Automatic Gratification Society 11:32:27
The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance 11:28:11
A Call to Occupy 11:28:01
Outstanding Video Series - The Nazi Banksters' Crimes - Ripple Effect 11:27:39
Mitt Romney lobbyist donations as of June 11, 2012 11:12:31
HUGE: Paul grassroots group files civil suit against GOP 11:11:54
Supporters of the Revolution Must Make Contingency Plans 11:06:36
Main Stream Media... Conveniently wakes up 10:58:56
Paul grassroots group files civil suit against GOP 10:51:49
I have been Having Fun! 10:40:20
LIVE: Glenn Beck Talking about Rand/Ron on Fox Radio (Now) 10:35:17
Paul Grassroots Group Files Civil Suit Against GOP! 10:26:52
Rand's Romney Endorsement Focused Around 2016 presidential Run 10:23:47
A Fork in the Revolution 10:19:59
Time to Ignore Campaign Headquarters and Their "Leadership" 10:17:42
Giggles... some Mitt Wrongney people are saying RP has released delegates. They have no clue 10:14:30
Indiana First State To Allow Citizens To Shoot law Enforcement Officers 10:08:49
Alabama , Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas WHY are they so Important at the Convention In Tampa? 10:03:21
I am on the ballot, but so disillusioned 09:54:41
Anyone else's DP subscription automatically cancelled? 09:52:03
Bloomberg's Soda Squeeze Gets Major Backlash - Fox Business 09:50:50
Apartments searched prior to protest 09:43:55
Sea Monster Washes Ashore in SC 09:38:04
One death-a-day: Military suicides reach terrifying rate 09:36:39
Dealing with Rand Paul 09:36:01
Remember the Puppet Whisper? 09:35:19
Government Spending Creating A Culture of Dependency?-Lou Dobbs, Fox Business 09:33:44
Ned Naylor-Leyland Reveals Actual Owner of Bob Pisani’s GLD Gold Bar 09:30:49
Pragmatism vs Principles 09:29:16
I loved this! Perhaps we should adopt it for mass mailings to congressmen/women 09:24:04
Obama’s Sinister “Religion”— 09:23:51
Doug Wead: Insider Secrets Behind Arkansas Win. 09:18:53
It has to be YOU! 09:14:43
Paul Krugman&Rothschild vs Ron Paul 09:07:51
House Committee Schedules Contempt Vote Against Holder 08:58:32
TYRANNY- Feds threaten to raid summer concerts to seize guitars 08:54:43
Ms. Lauryn Hill: art, rights, and freedom 08:40:19
There is work to be done. 08:38:13
The FDA, founded 1913 need I say more! 08:28:32
Sen. Rand Paul joins Oregon Sen. Wyden's push for legal hemp 07:57:22
Final Analysis: Rand Paul Left the Movement 07:53:58
Deleted 07:53:04
Ron Paul Has Been Such a Powerful Energy 07:51:36
Nolo Contendere 07:49:57
Police drop use of stun guns because no funds to replace old ones 07:44:23
I think Ron Paul will endorse Mitt Romney in Tampa 07:40:09
Will Dr. Paul be speaking at the Iowa Convention? 07:20:04
I think Ron Paul will now run as an INDEPENDENT 07:02:18
A good candidate: Constitution Party's Presidential Candidate Virgil Goode 06:46:54
Question to you Gary Johnson fans. 05:44:58
#RonPaulMadeMeThinkAbout 04:43:58
Before you jump on the gary johnson bandwagon remember why Ron Paul is better 04:18:28
State of Events 2012. 03:58:49
Rand Paul Confronted About Iran.. His VS His Fathers Stands on Iran Sanctions 03:31:44
The problem with this crowd 03:25:25
Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds 03:09:45
What is up with so many Ron paul supporters posting stuff for Gary Johnson on FB? 02:55:18
Big Paul Festival Announcement Coming Today 02:43:40
Alex Jones, Secret Double Agent of the CIA / Status Quo (Remember Debra Medina 2010) 02:40:30
My honest take on the state of the campaign 02:26:02 Treeby MuzzleLoader 'ChainGun' - Yup, Nothing's "New" under the Sun! 01:41:27
. 01:39:02
Ron Paul will win if we influence 644 delegates! 01:33:42
Anyone suspect U.S involvement with this new "Political superstar" in Venezuela? 01:31:18
Question: If Ron doesn't become President, that means gold prices will rise? Correct? 01:27:40
Mass Arrests update. Europe engages in full Collateralization. 01:23:56
Lawyers for Ron Paul Ask Delegates to Join the Federal Law Suit Being Filed Today 01:10:20
Stoke 01:09:22
Like Rand Paul, Most in the Liberty Movement Have “Compromised” 01:05:44
Excellent Advice for the Campaign Email 00:59:28
I feel after all the things going on we should fight harder. 00:57:42
The BIG Win that came out of this weekend! 00:56:45
Public Delegate Lists +Texas Ron Paul video and Super Brochure=Win In Tampa 00:52:01
Updated:Lawyers For Ron Paul Civil Rights (Voting Rights) Lawsuit FAQ Video And Filed Court Documents 00:51:03
Fed Up With Euro, Irish Town Cashes In Their Old Currency 00:48:26
Alex Jones Rant on the Pauls 00:48:20
Find delegates and isn't this illegal? 00:39:29
Rand Paul: Behind the Scenes of Endorsement 00:37:53
The Road To Rio 00:18:23
The Derivatives NIGHTMARE: A Fraud Far Beyond Fractional Reserve Banking *video* 00:08:54
What happens when the House vote on the Fed comes up in July? 00:06:23
The Real Reason Rand is Wrong 00:01:24
Dinesh D'Sousa is in favor of some redistribution of wealth. 22:28:06