Posted on June 12, 2012

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Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview 19:48:46
Peter Schiff Speaks With Rand Paul About Romney Endorsement 17:56:02
Breaking: Ron Paul Wins Delegates In New Mexico! 17:17:25
. This article was compromised and changed with out authors permission, and has been deleted. 01:56:44
Now this is the way you convert Romney delegates! 00:40:53
Fantastic RP Speech @ Texas Convention, June 7-9 19:50:46
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Interesting read here. 23:56:11
Remember Major Christopher Miller? There Will Be Many More Like Him In Tampa! Do NOT Give Up! 23:56:09
Time for another website? 23:48:11
Omg! Ron Paul Endorsed Newt Gingrich! 23:40:03
Kumbaya at Tampa? Or, is there a contingency plan? 23:39:17
Euro Chief - UK to give up Pound for Euro 23:34:35
Stained 23:29:09
Dear delegates I politey request you please vote your consciense every time no matter what. 23:26:45
Video: Tom Woods's KeyNote Live @ TX State Libertarian Convention - June 9, 2012! 23:23:05
Ron's Silence is DEAFENING. The Elephant in the Room 23:00:30
Why Rand Paul was wrong to endorse Mitt Romney & Jack Hunter is a statist 22:59:57
Wish list for the party platform...your top issues 22:56:17
A realistic, non-paranoid look at Rand's endorsement of Romney 22:54:41
Tom Woods Has Info Ron Will Not Be Endorsing Romney & His New Podcast Coming In August ! 22:51:18
Original 1994 Alex Collier interview 22:46:53
Is the good Dr. still planning on speaking at the Iowa convention? 22:34:35
What I Like About Texas 22:32:39
Videotaped exchange with officer at warrantless checkpoint reveals rights of Americans 22:31:15
Ok delegates only Bound to any other candidate or not... 22:30:40
Mitt Romney - Disqualified At The RNC For Cheating? 22:27:55
Got any good jokes? 22:23:43
Rand Paul 22:20:42
Texas victory being overshadowed by Rand. 22:14:49
Who loves Liberty? 22:12:19
Lee Bright WINS election (SC); gives shout out to Ron Paul and the liberty movement 22:04:53
Songs of the Freedom Fighters 21:58:04
What it means to be a Republican 21:53:49
Hot Air Green Room: An Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters 21:39:16
Is this the man we're supposed to "play nice" with? 21:36:05
Mammoths Wiped Out By Multiple Killers 21:35:25
Really? You Want to Strike NeoCon Blood? 21:33:30
Vatican and Israel Sign Economic Agreement 21:31:45
Monetizing the R3volution 21:30:56
(Video) Fed Up With Euro? Irish Town Cashes In Old Currency 21:27:30
pState: LA County Cops fatally shot 54 People Last Year, nearly 70% Jump from the Previous Year! 21:24:38
I think Ron Will Endorse Romney 21:22:13
Traffic is back up! 21:21:43
Bank Of America Pledges $50 Billion Dollars To Combat 'Climate Change' 21:21:39
Campaign for Liberty 21:15:34
4 years of Obama or 8 years of Romney? Just a question, vote in comments so we can tally 21:12:50
If Ron Paul Does Not Win The Gop Nomination! 21:06:29
Lawyers For Ron Paul Civil Rights (Voting Rights) Lawsuit FAQ 21:04:40
'Join the Patriot Club' - Rand Paul & Jack Hunter on Home Page of Campaign for Liberty (image & link) 21:02:25
There are 2 types of people on the DailyPaul; those that think Rand is a traitor and those that think Rand is a strategist 21:02:09
Lew Rockwell rocks it: The Fascist Threat 21:01:40
The 30-Day Reading List That Will Lead You to Becoming a Knowledgeable Libertarian 20:57:51
Deleted 20:54:37
Joe Scarborough : Why I Voted For Ron Paul 20:52:27
pState: Wire Transfers = Guilty until proven Innocent; A Woman instantly put on Terrorist WatchList... @ Western Union! 20:47:06
Open Borders? 20:37:16
CSM: Is Ron Paul (maybe) getting ready to endorse Mitt Romney? 20:25:23
Ron Paul scores surprise delegates in New Mexico! 20:25:20
The Libertarian Speech I Would Deliver to the Whole Country 20:17:45
Paul Can Win 20:14:24
Adam Kokesh & Tom Woods Face Questions They've Never Had Before Tonight 9:PM on the "Liberty Hot Seat" 20:11:05
We MUST fight this political war 20:09:27
After Utah, Romney will end with historically low primary vote numbers for a (projected) GOP nominee 19:59:12
New Gary Johnson Website For Activists 19:57:58
Russia prepares army for Syrian deployment 19:55:33
Indiana First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law Enforcement Officers 19:53:02
Gary Johnson's donation page 19:44:30
Good Luck To One And ALL! 19:34:22
Gov. Jesse Ventura: Abolish Both Political Parties - Infowars w/ Alex Jones 6/12/12 19:27:01
Romney's worst fears - a brokered convention 19:21:11
I never should of joined the Daily Paul 19:19:21
Is Mitt Romney Afraid Of Gary Johnson? 19:18:59
If you believe Rand is right about endorsing wrong for unity's sake 19:15:26
Rand Paul is supporting a bill to ban the use of domestic drones to monitor citizens in the U.S. 19:11:48
The Father's day gift that MSM doesn't want you to buy 19:07:47
Free Energy Test - Feedback Requested 19:06:00
Now that the truth is out, will you guys listen to reason? 19:03:42
100 good RPers needed immediately 18:54:19
We're SOOOOO close to 1 Million Likes on Ron Paul's Facebook! 18:49:58
New Video on 18:49:07
Gov. Jesse Ventura on Political Parties CNN 6/11/12 18:42:35
What if Ron actually has a majority of delegates going in to tampa? 18:33:48
Stop Randing about Ron... 18:27:13
NDAA 2013 Amendment to Remove Indefinite Detention Voted Down By House Republicans 18:25:44
11 questions with Gary Johnson 18:25:41
Ron Paul 2012 - We Are The Many 18:06:34
Sung Song National Alternate Delegate Money Bomb! 18:06:29
Remember what Ron said? 18:05:15
Ron Paul, John Boehner, and Endorsements by Jack Hunter 18:05:02
Time to take the Republican Party to task, our delegates need to vote for Paul 17:52:03
Never Support Romney? What If RP is VP? 17:46:29
Did Jack Hunter "Flip Flop" over to the Flip Flopper? 17:46:29
Former Governor Jesse Ventura Endorses Gary Johnson 17:44:41
Please donate to Jason Greene for U.S. House of Representatives - Endorsed by Tom Woods 17:43:09
Jack Hunter Mocks Those Concerned About Big Gov Bilderberg 17:38:31
Gold: Foreign Central Banks Versus The US Government 17:33:00
Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Found in US Beef 17:31:14
Peter Schiff Schools Clueless Keynesians on the Federal Reserve 17:20:16
Not to be a sappy sap sap, but to be a sappy sap sap: I love you all. 17:19:10
Euro Fears Boost Rush to Online Virtual Currency Bitcoin 17:17:16
4 Ron Paul Stickers Left! 17:12:14
rhino: An interesting poll question for the DP 17:09:33
Mitt Romney For President Ads On Dailypaul? 16:57:54
Questions Rand Paul should have asked Mitt Romney - Maybe Ron will (and give us the answers) 16:57:37
Rand Paul wants to work inside the party to bring forth changes, core beliefs still intact. Recent Interview on the PS Show. 16:54:18
Michigan's Next Justin Amash 16:51:57
chip in Request from central Texas delegate 16:44:47
Adam Kokesh Take on Jack Hunters Analysis of Rand Paul Endorsement 16:34:21
Ron Paul alive and well in Indiana! 16:30:35
Romney Money Bomb or The End 16:28:23
An article by Jon Rappoport 16:27:28
Hypocrite Michael Moore loves OBAMA 16:23:55
Adam Kokesh responds to Jack Hunter 16:22:31
National Neighbor Relations Day 16:21:18
Bright future but getting quite upset 16:12:39
Europe & America's central banks destroying the world now 16:12:36
This is bull. 16:12:02
'Honour' Amongst Statists 16:11:46
Breaking: Paul Fest Confirms Tampa Venue 16:10:14
CISPA : Organized opposition from the people of Privacy is Awesome 16:01:10
Rand is correct 15:59:39
Website: (Opinions Please) 15:59:10
Huge Announcement! Paul Festival In Full Swing! 15:56:53
How many here will bear fruit? 15:51:34
Comcast Protests “Shake Down” of Alleged BitTorrent Pirates 15:49:05
Need help 15:47:44
Jesse the Body on Gary Johnson 15:45:25
Vote Today For Karen Kwiatkowski VA. 6th District 15:43:16
Religious Freedom...Goodbye 15:34:26
ND Liberty Candidate (Me, Mike Peterson) Up for Election Today! 15:32:21
Principle over Expediency 15:28:19
Southwest Airline Flights to Tampa on sale for the next 72 hours 15:22:59
Canadians stand up to the UN minions at town hall and cops stand down 15:19:20
Revealing your identity 15:06:35
Ron Paul Biography Paper written by a 13 yr old for School 15:03:06
Best Chance to Continue Ron Paul's Legacy in the House! GOTV for Karen Kwiatkowski, NOW! Her GOP Primary is Today! 14:57:46
Rather than whining about Rand Paul's recent endorsement 14:51:24
The ‘Lesser Of Two Evils’ Con-Game 14:51:23
Why I No Longer Support Rand Paul 14:49:00
Friends of Liberty ReUnion 14:48:39
3 Theories Why Rand Endorsed Mitt 14:33:58
Organized Effort To Destroy The Liberty Movement (It All Makes Sense Now) 14:27:27
I will Stand for Liberty until I can Stand No More: My Promise to each and every one of you 14:27:10
Live Free of the FED 14:27:03
Bloomberg doesn't care about obesity-he wants you to drink aspartame -It's eugenics. 14:25:37
mob violence and the present confusion 14:20:53
I have received a Republican Charter member card... 14:19:12
"Snot-nosed people with speech impediments" 14:18:11
MSNBC's Joe Scarborough comes out of the closet: 'I voted for Ron Paul' 14:17:39
Money - replacing free trade? 14:16:38
Remember, Remember August 27 - 30! 14:13:34
Scarborough - Why I voted for Ron Paul 14:11:11
LIVE: Anne Beckett Election Judge Eyewitness to Vote Flipping in Austin, Texas (Travis County) Voice chat 14:08:40
Gary Johnson and Ron Paul - Is it too late for Ron Paul to be Gary Johnson's running mate as a VP? 14:04:09
Rush Drummer Neil Peart Denounces Ayn Rand: I'm A "Bleeding Heart Libertarian" 14:03:07
North Dakota Votes for Measure to Dump Confiscatory Property Taxes 13:59:56
Politico: Why I voted for Ron Paul. by: Joe Scarbrough 13:57:05
Initiate Phase 2 13:52:41
Guest Post: The ‘Lesser Of Two Evils’ Con-Game 13:39:23
is Ron Paul underestimating his delegate count? 13:36:52
Alex Jones- Backs Off A Little But The Damage Has Already Been Done 13:35:30
Principle 13:29:56
Kerry Bentivolio up for McCotter's Seat 13:29:43
Is a Paul Compromise Due to Threats of a Bloody Convention? 13:29:07
Rand, Ron and the Future of the Liberty Movement 13:25:28
A Celebration: What are YOUR favorite Ron Paul moments? 13:24:22
Did Rand Paul compromise his principles by endorsing Mitt Romney? 13:11:35
EU 'could limit withdrawals from cash machines' if Greek exit tips eurozone into deeper crisis 13:09:08
Jesse Ventura: Abolish Both Political Parties 12:54:43
North Dakota votes today to eliminate property tax 12:45:49
This website 12:45:07
Globalist Plan: European Union Police State Lockdown 12:43:10
Riot Cops @ Apple Blossom Festival ? 12:36:18
Where's Ron Paul?(Where's Waldo Parodoy Request) 12:31:03
MatLarson10@YouTube: Paul Fest is STILL a Go! Awaiting Word from RNC for Tampa, If NOT = Orlando! 12:20:04
Operation Critical Mass: A proposal. 12:19:18
Net Worth of American Family Falls 40% In 3 Years 12:17:53 - A Chronology of Romney's Evil 12:11:30
1st Annual Show Me Freedom Fest, June 30th, Kansas City, MO 12:10:13
Jesse Ventura on Pierce Morgan last night 12:09:50
Poll: Rand Paul Is ??? 12:05:37
North Dakota Votes For Measure To Dump Confiscatory Property Taxes 11:59:44
Marquette University study shows radiation from airport scanners extends into organs 11:58:18
Delegates, be very careful in the police state of Tampa. Ordinances attached. 11:56:57
Who Is With Me! 11:56:24
Rand Paul On 'America's Newsroom' - CNN W / Carol Costello 11:56:03
The real father of the conspiracy movement was right about Alex Jones being a lying coward 11:50:55
This video best explains what is happening with Ron Paul and the Liberty Movement 11:48:49
They say we're a cult 11:48:48
Just Get Out! 11:48:10
Santorum Wants A Fight In Tampa? A Warning From RSB This Morning 11:47:49
Ron Paul Mobile Launches 11:45:06
Todfay is Primary Voting Day in MAINE... 11:44:12
The best video for the moment.. 11:42:36
Need 1 More Sign Up For Liberty Candidate! 11:39:16
VIDEO of Dr. Paul explaining why he endorsed a neo-con! 11:32:46
Initiating Phase 2 11:26:55
Now that things have calmed down a tad... 11:26:48
You Can All Relax Now. This Is What's Really Going On 11:26:07
How are people supporting unity 11:24:20
Does anyone have any idea who made the 9 min "Real History of Iran" youtube video? 11:24:20
Will Ron Paul delegates make Romney flip flop again? Actually, can the Ron Paul Delegates WIN for PAUL? 11:21:43
Zero Hedge: The ‘Lesser Of Two Evils’ Con-Game 11:05:59
Rand Paul, Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Etc. 11:05:46
Jack Hunter does his best Mitt Romney Impression 11:05:32
I'm Calling For A Cease-Fire! 11:04:09
Jack Hunter: "Ron Paul is Becoming Something More Important than President" 10:50:24
This why ron paul will not endorse mitt romney 10:45:59
Ron Paul Revolution: Betrayed? Stfu And Stand Up In Tampa! 10:44:21
Looking for Witnesses to Caucus Vote Counts 10:44:01
"Burn in hell Rand": The son faces the wrath of Ron Paul's cult-like following. 10:40:39
. 10:37:50
Minority rules: Scientists discover tipping point for the spread of ideas 10:31:13
Anyone know if there's a link to the document for the lawsuit 10:30:18
Remember all of the Money Bombs? 10:29:00
Lawyers for Ron Paul File a Suit to Allege Fraud 10:10:47
Dad kills man molesting his 4 yr old daughter 10:07:17
Is the good Dr. still planning on speaking at the Iowa convention? 10:06:18
Rand Paul will be on the Peter Schiff show today 10:04:38
Doctors for Ron Paul - Action Item 09:54:32
Why Rand Endorsed Romney: Full Explanation 09:49:31
Sen. Rand Paul on The Peter Schiff Show 09:44:08
Mass. Town Residents Vote to Censor Fellow Residents 09:43:04
The fight for Liberty is never ending 09:38:25
Can we find common ground! 09:19:19
My thoughts on Ron Pauls silence 09:15:39
Educate 09:11:54
My assistant posted something of no use, so it was deleted. 08:50:59
Reason I Believe There is More to this story On Rand's Endorsemnet 08:41:08
To the Doubtful on DP 08:32:53
Where Does The Ron Paul Campaign/Supporters Go From Here? Matlarson 08:27:23
Anonymous comments to be banned from the Internet? 08:20:51
This is about RON Paul - not Rand 08:01:25
Laying the Foundation for a North American Security Perimeter 08:01:19
The Future Of This Movement - disillusionment and apathy? 07:50:58
Is Ron Paul Talking without Speaking? 07:46:48
Verifiable Media Reports on 9/11 07:40:00
Webster Tarpley and the sellout of Rand Paul(is not the alex jones clip) 07:36:04
History being made: The first legislative body to attemp to destroy a Constitutional office, the Sheriff 07:32:41
Peter Schiff returns to Washington and speaks truth to power 07:27:52
Good luck to our Virginia liberty candidates today 07:10:58
Was Rand Paul Threatened With Nuclear Blackmail? 06:45:49
Rothbard on political witch hunts 05:45:31
The "Jones analysis" has ulterior motives 05:24:42
North Dakota Votes to Restore Natural and Constitutional Right to Property 05:10:24
Glenn Beck is garbage 04:55:13
Dr Ron Paul is teaching everyone about liberty and freedom to choose 04:10:33
Rand Paul Turns to the Dark Side 03:56:01
The manipulation of Webster Tarpley on the explosive, egotistical ignorance of Alex Jones in stirring a frenzy against Ron Paul 03:49:25
Activist Protests By Harvesting Cannabis Inside Giant Cage In Front Of White House 03:07:39
North Dakota to Abolish Property Tax? 03:05:41
Bruce Barton Quotes (First time post. Had to share) 03:01:43
North Dakota to Vote to Eliminate Property Taxes! 02:47:34
The Iran embargo is failing. 02:37:02
∞ So is Ron Paul running for President? 02:35:23
Plan B: Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich 2012 02:27:33
California activism for Ron Paul 02:26:36
MN Star Tribune: Paul disciples seek local offices 02:25:01
I'm Afraid that it might be too late after 2012 ! 02:18:48
The manipulation of Webster Tarpley on the explosive, egotistical ignorance of Alex Jones in stirring a frenzy against Ron Paul 02:15:16
Monsantp's Deep Roots in Washington 02:11:58
I don't believe this, but how long before it's real? 380 Rebels KIA in MI Battle 02:11:24
California RP State Coordinator Discusses Endorsement And Freedom Movement On Russia Today 01:41:44
Election fraud in Lane County Oregon. 01:32:15
Get ready folks looks like Syria is next 01:28:17
How to Teach My Children About Liberty 01:27:51
I Went to Graceland - U.N. Sanctions Are An Act of War - Weekend Watching 01:11:10
Is it just me, or has everyone one else stopped reading all the Rand posts? 00:48:28
Just When I Thought This Couldn't Get Any Stupider... 00:44:58
A libertarian socialists view on Rands Endorsement of Romney 00:42:17
What Position Should Ron Paul Offer Romney in his Cabinet? 00:29:21
North Dakota: Vote YES On Measure 2 00:18:21
Interesting: Ron Paul and Biblical Prophecy 00:14:51
Virginia Senate Republican Primary Tomorrow! VOTE! 00:14:32
Ron Paul Video Game 00:08:49