Posted on June 16, 2012

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This Father's Day I'm thankful... 19:58:34
25 craziest things the U.S. government spends money on 16:04:59
Iowa GOP Convention 21 of 25! 15:58:03
Virginia State Convention 09:47:32
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Stossel: Government Shuts Down Kids Lemonade Stands! Outrageous! 23:54:53
Nobel economist Elinor Ostrom, RIP 23:37:34
The High Water Mark - Years from now, this is how we will look back at Summer 2012 23:18:52
US Army corps of engineers - 712 million 22:48:47
China's 4 grandparent policy, negative savings returns and other rip-off schemes 22:37:23
How to create Angry People, Part 2 22:29:03
LAT: Ron Paul's Iowa maneuvers place GOP in awkward position 22:28:01
Keiser Report: City of Biggest Crooks *vid* 22:11:12
Germany vs. Greece? 22:10:42
Gary North: Ron Paul became a Significant Political Player, despite a specific intent on NOT becoming One! 21:59:36
WOW! Wanna see some good Ron Paul artwork? 21:47:32
My wife just piled another 35k onto the backs of the unborn. 21:44:06
Ron Paul does not need a majority of delegates from 5 states he only needs a plurailty there is a huge difference. 21:41:26
Rand Paul Throwing Out Bills Left and Right to Try and Rebuild His Image. Is it Working on You? 21:39:31
Delegate Bombs And Chip-Ins? 21:31:02
Good and Bad news from Virginia 21:28:17
Let's Ask the "Lawyers for Ron Paul" - Legitimate Questions Only Please 21:20:13
Paul Delegates dominate in Iowa! 21:18:46
Ron Paul Bikini Team! 21:15:09
The Achilles Heel of Neocons 21:10:58
995,497 people like Ron Paul. 21:07:51
Anyone That is hitting the drop down menu "About" when trying to hit "home" I found a fix! 20:53:48
State of the Republican Party of Kentucky 2012... 20:52:36
FL Gov not riding on Romney bus tour & has not attended single Romney event 20:52:05
July 4th - Uncle Sam returns in 2012 to defend the constitution 20:23:37
Is Santorum going to be able to do anything in Tampa? 20:23:15
Will Grigg: "Judicially Authorized Rape: The Newest Weapon in the Prohibitionist Arsenal" 20:22:37
Good And Bad News From Virginia! 20:12:44
Doctor Says I Have Tumors - Chemo Only Answer 19:36:08
Silver Update 6/15/12 Butler and Bernanke *video* 19:32:24
In The Shadow of Hermes 19:29:59
Ron Paul is right re Inflation-need proof? $5 for a 1964 Silver Quarter! 19:25:43
The Parable of the General 19:25:22
Grieving Dad Is Hounded for Repayment of Dead Son’s Student Loans 18:51:52
The Lawsuit, and Reponse to FBI_Exposer's Accusations 18:43:53
Happy Father's Day Dr. Paul 18:42:44
Ron Paul Delegates are adding up! 18:36:39
Hmm this is perfect - Obama is DesTROYing Romney right now on TV ads for us :D 18:35:08
*Fellow Patriots, I need your Help! 18:20:43
I'm voting Ron Paul in 2012 18:14:12
Shopping for Neocons: After $21 million to Gingrich, Sheldon Adelson now gives $10 million to Romney, talks of $100 million more 18:04:41
Rand Paul Before and After Endorsing Mitt Romney 17:56:52
We just won Iowa 17:53:11
Ron Paul Forever 17:43:43
Obama and Romney: We the people? 17:38:37
Ron Paul Supporters Changing The Repblican Party 17:36:37
We were there... He is now. Will you be there? 17:12:05
A preview of the upcoming debates 17:07:46
He's On a Losing Streak 17:06:05
Spanish Company Will “Count” American Votes Overseas In November 17:05:40
Iowa delegate slate 17:05:36
In A Sane World, Ron Paul Need Do Nothing To Get Elected 16:54:39
Virginia GOP state convention swayed by #RonPaul supporters 16:27:34
Not sure what to make of this. Any thoughts? 16:21:56
FBI Terror Plot: How the Government Is Destroying the Lives of Innocent People 16:20:15
Romney's `under the bus tour' - Please note : PA is not Undecided 16:10:33
Ron Paul Backers Continue to Dominate Iowa’s National Delegate Slate 16:02:30
So what's the scoop at Montana state Republican convention? Anyone knows? 16:02:13
Pray For The Cause Of Liberty - And Pray For Ron Paul 15:52:32
The nominating committee's slate just passed! @RonPaul took 21 of Iowa's 28 delegates! Whoo-Hoo! 15:46:36
TMOT aka Minister Derrick Grayson: WAR... or Ron Paul! The Choice before Us. 15:44:05
Capital Controls could make Things Worse 15:40:07
FBI Terror Plot : How The Government Is Destroying The Lives Of Innocent People 15:27:59
Operation 100.000 To Tampa In 8/26! 15:10:48
Avoid Those Who Disrespect Your Chosen Focus 14:52:35
Obama Seeks US Congressional Ratification of UN Global Gun Control Treaty. We need Ron Paul NOW! 14:43:17
Rand Paul Explains the Difference Between Romney and Obama 14:24:25
Vid ~Send The Gray State Team To The RNC! ~$826 Raised of $5,000 Goal ~33 days left 14:20:21
Ron Paul Officially Wins Iowa! 14:11:52
IMPORTANT cell phone health precautions 14:11:00
Billboards For Tampa! - "All Delegates Are Unbound!" 13:59:34
To those that post video/ audio on this site 13:59:15
VIDEO: Randal the Bruce (Braveheart Parody) 13:54:52
Call Your Senators, Tell them to Support Rand's Bills 13:49:41
We Need Charles Gregory to Win a Seat in the Georgia House of Representatives! 13:43:21
"Let's do our job right" and Get Dr. Paul in the Whitehouse in 2013! 13:38:18
Attend Romney/GOP Events, Hand out Literature, Talk Issues 13:29:42
Spanish Bailout $100 Billion, Cost to end poverty $2 Billion 13:29:23
Fox news: Paul backers seek state path to national impact 13:28:01
Senator Ron Johnson: “Ron Paul has done a real service to this nation” 13:23:13
It's me again, it's been too long 13:18:39
Ron has endorsed "the Establishment" too 13:13:49
A tale of two busses: Which would Jesus ride? 13:06:23
Keynesian Economics vs. Austrian Economics 12:50:41
Ottawa Airport Wired With Microphones As Border Services Prepares To Record Travellers’ Conversations 12:47:58
Best replies to those who want to rally around Romney 12:46:27
When is a Bailout Not a Bailout-When You're a Spanish Bank 12:44:14
Will Assange Suffer The Same Fate As Manning? 12:41:59
Surprise! Govt Coverup: The CIA Created our Nation's Crack Epidemic *vid* 12:41:00
What do we do if Ron Paul endorses Romney? 12:40:16
Reuters: Secret Military Mini Shuttle lands In California 12:37:47
I say this with an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality 12:31:26
No More Pee Puddles : Swedish Left Party Chapter Wants To Make Urinating While Standing Illegal For Men 12:26:50
International Treaty Negotiated In Secret–Hidden from Congress–Threatens National Sovereignty 12:23:18
Romney Not Winning Over Ron Paul Supporters, GOP Influentials Say 12:20:42
Troy, Ohio Romney Appearance Sunday, 6/17- Sign Wave, Anyone? 12:20:05
War Pigs 12:12:19
Help to get to Tampa Convention / Paulfest 12:08:24
Twitter Bomb for OUR "Founding Father" Ron Paul on Father's Day 12:05:25
Please Dr. Paul - Do Not Do It! *video* 11:57:39
6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America 11:49:25
McCain attacks Adelson spending on Romney as foreign money 11:47:24
Great New Video - The Revolution of Liberty 11:46:19
Government Spends $102M to Find $20M in Fraud 11:32:05
Sizzling, Electric Up to the Second News from Virginia State Convention 11:28:57
SBSS 38. The Rise of The Anti Hegemon 11:26:19
Burning...Fiddling 11:19:42
Livestream Virginia convention 11:13:12
Sad! Ron Paul Would Stop This! 11:03:42
If Ron gets the GOP nomination, most GJ supporters will jump ship 11:01:29
Why Repealing Obama Care Isn't Enough 10:47:50
The Douche on the Bus, is going down , down , down! 10:41:14
2008 Ron Paul says 10:29:38
Pot smokers unite! 10:24:20
Why Rand Paul endorsed Romney on HANNITY of all places. 10:20:35
Ron Paul's Birthday Is August 20th! 10:10:31
Does Ron Paul support the LawyersforRonPaul lawsuit? 10:04:51
Randal the Bruce 10:02:48
Democrat Candidate OWNED by Ron Paul Supporter 10:00:11
Boston Herald - "Ron Paul backers seek state path to national impact" 09:58:16
The Judge in the Lawyers for Ron Paul Lawsuit 09:36:35
Why I Still Support Rand Paul 09:21:20
Who cares about the Country anyway? 09:17:12
Ron Paul Supporters Pull Out All Stops -"In It To Win." Orchestrate "Righteous Mutiny." 09:09:08
Week In Playback (Romney typos, Paul mention, Fox News blondes, etc.) Hilarious! 08:38:08
I 4 1 08:16:58
994872 07:57:27
Get Paid For Stories Of Election Fraud! 06:45:13
Stay Classy Daily Paul 05:37:42
Unbound Delegates, 5 State Plurality. 04:57:15
All of you who registered Republican are sellouts who endorse the GOP 04:21:03
write in Ron Paul or vote Gary Johnson? 03:53:52
Alex Jones offers "olive branch" to Ron and Rand. 02:28:02
MI State Rep Hopeful Chad Dewey Comments On Failure of Zero Income Tax Amendment 01:40:53
Obama telling reporters they may not ask questions VIDEO 01:33:48
A Challenge To Rand Defenders 01:25:45
Fat Libertarian Rant 01:24:25
Rand Paul Offers Exclusive Sneak Preview of Obama Romney Debate 01:15:29
Rand proposed end the TSA bill: still think he betrayed us? 01:00:42
Tom Woods Talks to the Texas Libertarian Convention 00:52:03
Ron and Rand ready to battle Santorum at Tampa 00:48:05
Baton vs camera: Police open hunt for citizen journalists 00:02:04