Posted on June 17, 2012

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Mr. and Mrs. Spacehabitats BOTH going to Tampa! *Updated* 12:17:06
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"Can't we all just get along?" 23:51:52
Police State Checkpoint Nullification in Upper Moreland, PA 23:49:27
War kills people … as do lies by U.S. and Western Interventionists-Michael Scheuer 23:32:37
Evidence of Algorithm Vote Flipping in GOP Primary Elections Layman's Executive Summary.pdf 22:22:34
How Do Empires Die? By Martin Armstrong - Highly Recommended 22:15:55
We Only Wave One Flag 21:57:19
Woman Sues City of Tulsa For Cutting Down Her Edible Garden 21:47:29
Sheldon Adelson Tops Romney Donor List That Now Includes 32 Billionaires 21:43:38
Protesters march in silence through upper Manhattan to protest NYPD's stop-and-frisk program . 21:35:00
Updates from Montana. 21:09:32
Greece Says YES to Bankers 21:07:12
Arizona State Senator Wayne Stump: "Your Common Law Right To Travel": Letter To State Officials! 21:00:49
These problems with Romney have got to go viral! 20:57:50
Origin of the NeoCons 20:57:41
Quote of the day 20:39:39
Obama Now Ignores Laws 20:16:20
Rothbard on Rand's endorsement (kind of) 20:15:51
Now that America’s Awake the GOP Plans to Keep us from Voting 20:02:06
About Montana 19:59:41
Police State Checkpoint Nullification in Upper Moreland, PA 19:37:51
Tom DiLorenzo: How Totalitarian Is the US? *video* 19:34:29
About time to Live Free! 19:10:56
Paul Craig Roberts Explains US Government Gold Market Rigging *vid* 19:04:31
4409 - Is this America? Nazi Checkpoint = CIA drug trafficking 18:33:18
Libya: New AFRICOM And NATO Beachhead In Africa 18:23:08
What economics/libertarian podcasts do people listen to? 18:16:49
Chairman Assaults Ron Paul Supporter- Iowa GOP Convention 18:11:11
Some Nebraska Delegates ... May Back Paul 18:11:03
In case there are agents provocateur in Tampa 18:09:29
GOP delegates sue to be free from Romney. An Excluve from WND 17:57:21
CNN's Election Day Coverage 17:56:33
Death Summit 2012: A Window Into 21st Century Eugenics 17:50:29
Press Release: Lawyers for Ron Paul (includes all pertinent links) 17:46:34
50 Most Popular Libertarians? 17:42:09
Representative Issa proposes Digital Bill of Rights 17:37:35
Doug Wead: Inside the New Mexico state GOP convention 17:08:36
Ron Paul endorses Kurt Bills for Senate 16:45:52
Lethal Force Ethics 16:30:45
Amazingly Effective Market Activism for Peace 16:25:32
The Tragic History of Hemp, and Why It Must Be Decriminalized 16:20:58
Living Large in a Tiny House *video* 16:09:03
A Very Special Pug 16:02:24
I just got a cheap camcorder to take to Tampa 15:59:40
Tribute to OUR Revolution - FORWARD 15:59:30
Ron Paul - No Wars No Waste No Wedgies 15:54:45
Ron Paul Ad - Contagion 15:51:53
Russia Announces It Will Send Warships to Syria! 15:47:44
Freedom of Speech and the 2nd Commandment 15:38:02
Obama and Congress Approve Resolution that Supports UN Internet Takeover *vid* 15:13:52
Not Yours to Give... 15:08:31
Ed and Ethan 1X05 June 17, 2012 with Economics Professor Walter Block 14:59:47
Billboards for Tampa are $, stickers are CHEAP! 14:54:41
The DEA and the Return of the Death Squads 14:32:39
No More GM for me! Even if this is only 50% accurate... 14:16:37
To MUZZLE Dr. Paul or NOT Muzzle that is the question? 14:07:28
MONEY 14:00:08
Demand to know why someone on the House Armed Services Committee received a $500,000 “bonus” from a weapons manufacturer 13:55:03
Honest question to those who vote for Libertarian Nominee 13:50:56
275,000 people see presidential candidate at Denver PrideFest right now 13:50:13
Let It Burn! Write-in Ron Paul 2012 To Restore America Now Or Let It Burn! 13:49:18
Who here still believes 100% we can win this thing AND is in it to win it?! 13:36:48
"Don't blame me when it all goes to hell - I tried to warn you" 13:31:47
Ron Paul Wins 21 of 25 Iowa Delegates and 21 Out of Virginia! 13:22:58
Talkin' Liberty on The Radio... 13:11:47
A Must See Video And A Short Musical For President Paul 13:06:41
The Confirmed Traitor Eric Dondero Savagely Attacks Jack Hunter. N,not a joke. 13:06:35
Ron Paul Has Won A Majority of Delegates From At Least 5 States 13:01:22
Jesse Ventura endorses Gary Johnson 12:53:58
Comprehensive Report From the 2012 Illinois Republican State Convenion 12:40:25
Re-booting the American franchise 12:38:06
About Rands endorsement...he said "now that the nominating process is over".. 12:35:51
How To Teach Today's "Dumbed Down" Americans about the Constitution 12:23:22
Dozens Imprisoned for Violating Non-Existent Federal Gun Control Law 12:17:32
Video -Carrefour leaves Greece @ 220 million euro loss 12:02:43
Father's Day V-I-C-T-O-R-Y In V-i-r-g-i-n-i-a For Dr. Ron Paul! 11:49:48
Saudi Arabia seeking to purchase Tanks 11:43:10
rhino's hypothesis 11:42:32
Ron Paul 996,776 likes · 33,579 talking about this 11:39:59
Blair urged by Murdoch to rush into Iraq war 11:32:25
Rodney King was just found dead in his swimming pool 11:25:57
The Three B's For Explaining Why The Endless Wars Must Stop! 11:11:39
Jesse Ventura Has An Entire Chapter On Ron Paul In His New Book 11:11:18
Happy Father's Day 11:00:55
Passed a kids lemonade stand yesterday; no cops but it was 75 cents a cup! 10:52:10
My SINCEREST apologies to the Warren Country, Virginia Delegation! We screwed up. 10:32:18
A Vote for Obama May Be the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to the Liberty Movement 10:27:37
The lawsuit forgets about one huge thing, and without it could be reason not to WIN. 10:25:30
Sunday Reflection: 'Dear TSA: I am not your customer' 10:09:35
Aren't they listening? Ron Paul backers seek influence at GOP convention 09:35:08
Oh yes we can, If Iceland can do it why can't we! 09:27:41
Top Libertarians in Entertainment 09:22:34
Got a message from Rand Paul 09:03:37
Ron Paul 996,414 likes · 32,429 talking about this 09:00:22
? Who Is Aaron Russo? And How Did He Make Ron Paul A Household Name? 08:13:39
*This Veteran Walks The Talk...* Embed this 07:56:20
Romney & Santorum: you owe us ALL your delegates 07:29:33
The DEA is the facilitator and cause of the war on drugs. 07:01:09
Ξ New 5TH EDITION of the "Honest Ron" Paul vs Mitt Romney Candidate Comparison Sheet for the RNC in Tampa 06:56:16
d 05:24:04
Liberty will march on the RNC! 05:13:14
Super pac picture 04:17:17
4 Trillion! 04:14:16
Should the 17th Amendment be Repealed? 03:35:38
Paul Festival August 24-26 In Tampa! 03:25:28
The blind lead the blind and both Rand into a ditch 03:12:09
Ron Paul, John Boehner and Endorsements 03:09:50
Iowa Ron Paul central committee member says he doesn't anticipate any attempt to nominate Ron Paul 02:39:53
A former L.A. cop calls for legalizing drugs 02:36:10
GOP delegates sue to be free from Romney 02:31:36
Please vote the new "Ron Paul video to supporters" up in reddit! 02:26:06
Do Psychopaths rule our world? 02:08:38
The War of 1812 01:42:27
The Primal Diet, good food for Libertarians 01:37:55
DoD awards 64 million dollar contract for 1 year of food and beverages 01:25:59
Spanish Company Will “Count” American Votes Overseas In November 01:20:39
The Lord of the Rings 01:13:44
Lee Wrights Message to Military Fathers 00:59:21
Donate for billboards in Tampa! 00:48:48
US Attempting to Trigger Full Proxy War in Syria 00:32:53
Vid - 6/12/12 ~Jesse Ventura Rails Against The Political Gangs Taking Over The Country 00:26:12
Doug Wead on Iowa 00:17:22