Posted on June 18, 2012

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Smartest thing to do with 5-10k dollars? 20:52:16
The Loss of the Romney Man of War 19:07:10
Ding Ding Ding! 1,000,000 Facebook Likes! We Did It! 15:46:06
Lawyers for Ron Paul on The Power Hour; 6/18/12 14:15:14
Ron Paul’s Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired by Brian Doherty 11:51:13
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 6/18/12: Down with Deadly Drones, Both Foreign and Domestic 06:23:16
Why Do They Hate Us? 02:57:13
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Woman’s Survival Garden Destroyed By Tulsa Authorities 23:24:30
Israel Anderson's Extended Interview with Gary Johnson 23:21:54
"To the Contrary Notwithstanding" "Our Right to Keep and Bear Amrs Shall Not Be Infringed" The UN Small Arms Treaty is Unconstit 23:19:06
Video: Amanda says, contact your Congressional Critters to support HR 459/S 202 - Audit the Fed Bill! 23:11:35
RonPaulFlix interviews Gary Johnson! 22:47:31
Video: Liberty : An American Ideal 22:44:35
Slaves of the evil machine 22:41:13
... 22:40:04
To Correct Some Obama Propaganda: Anyone know 22:38:56
Thanks Hugh Hewitt! 21:49:55
Visit Greece! 21:28:20
New Qe Q&a, Goldman Warns Of Possibility For $50-$75 Billion "flow" Program 21:21:17
Lying Government CPI Propaganda 21:19:44
Ron Paul will be President - My daughter said so. UPDATED w/ video! 21:14:35
Kick John McCain out of Congress! 21:10:11
Rachel Maddow back & Talking about Ron Paul winning Iowa 21:07:09
Why I refuse to vote for Romney 20:55:45
Woman accused of groping TSA agent 20:51:26
Actions speak more than words. That should help you choose what's right. 20:40:15
What am I missing? 20:40:15
After the GOP convention, what are you going to do to win liberty for yourself? 20:13:11
Rand Paul Or Not, The rEVOLution Is Ours To Win 19:59:11
Are you tired of being a 14th Amendment "citizen" that's bound to "statutes" and not Laws? If so, you might want to read this: 19:56:29
Montana Thieves: Doug Wead's Blog 19:22:00
5 ways Ron Paul wins in Tampa 19:17:27
Fat Libertarian Rant On Syria 19:02:44
My open letter to Adam Kokesh 18:55:15
McClatchy News / LA Times: Ron Paul's restive Army aims to be heard! 18:52:59
Those darn political parties. End them 18:33:24
Today's Justin Raimondo blog: 18:33:23
How the Govt Tracks Your Bullion and Cash 18:29:57
Obama and Romney want to continue drug war 18:25:12
VIDEO: Lawyers for Ron Paul on The Power Hour Radio Show – 6/18/12 18:00:36
Mitt Romney's Cousins Endorsing and Campaigning for Ron Paul 17:54:41
Video: NJ Cop w/Domestic Issues wanted to be Suicided-by-SWAT, turns a PA Town into WarZone! 16:59:41
"Lawyers for Ron Paul" Lawsuit. NEW interview 16:59:38
His Harvard Law Prof: "President Obama Must Be Defeated in the Coming Election" 16:44:43
And so it begins...I've spotted the first Romney sticker. 16:40:42
Survey about the general election 16:35:29
Russia, China, and Iran to have joint military exercise in Syria later this month 16:32:10
Tired of Beck's Barbary War BS! 16:31:47
The Fast Track to "End the Fed" 16:19:41
The marijuana legalization effort in Colorado 16:04:31
Rand Paul's Oedipal Drama (Justin Raimondo) 15:46:56
Mitt Romney Learns About Hemp In Pennsylvania: Will He Support Rand Pauls's Hemp Amendment To The Farm Bill? 15:37:02
What would 535 Ron Paul's in Office look like? 15:35:57
Typhoon Guchol About to Slam Fukushima and Japan 15:19:53
Montana Delegate Contest: Rommney 20, Paul 0 15:17:37
Ron Paul Revolution in Colombia? 15:04:26
Even Paul haters are upset over Louisiana GOP’s tactics 14:33:00
The Nasty, Dirty Politics of Ron Paul 14:24:40
Poll: Mat Larson Still Says Ron Paul WILL Be the GOP Nominee for President, Do You Agree? 14:20:50
Positive piece from Mike Church Sirius XM host 14:15:06
Liberty Patriots on Twitter 14:15:00
North Carolina's Blunder - How Democracy is Dangerous to Liberty: The Secession Solution - 14:09:41
Omaha Nebraska GOP Letter (douglas co.) 14:01:54
Justin Stevens - Liberty Candidate Running for Indiana State Representative in District 66 14:00:29
Ron Paul needs a Viral Video and song. 13:55:07
Vote Rand Paul in 2016, Obama in 2012 (keep Mitt out) 13:45:01
Google Sees "Alarming" Increase Of Government Censorship Requests 13:44:46
Ron Paul endorses Randy Weber for his Congressional seat 13:20:03
Confirmed: Ron Paul Will NOT Endorse Romney! Here is Why! 13:16:39
We are winning in Texas (Republican Party of Texas State Convention 2012) 13:06:33
Stop Paul at any cost:! Defrauding the 2012 Washington State Republican Convention - censorship, false arrest! 12:57:19
First Amendment Be Damned 12:55:21
Forgive me. A (hopeful, best case) conspiracy theory concerning Rand. 12:52:34
Two Votes: Placing Into Nomination vs. Voting for One of the Nominees: 5 States 12:50:20
Google reports on censorship requests from governments 12:50:03
My wife just got a mailing from the RNC... 12:45:18
GOP nomination could hinge on court ruling 12:43:23
! Lawyers For Ron Paul- I Have Evidence On LFRP -bad News Folks! 12:36:28
Ron's Tidbit to Delegates in his Texas speech that you might have missed! 12:25:19 : If you are a delegate or alternate delegate receive FREE 3 day VIP passes to paulfest 12:24:51 video contest, WIN two - 3 day passes to the entire event 12:20:37
Peter Schiff testifies before Congress again, shorter and improved sound quality 12:10:20
♠ If You Ever Debate Keynesian Economics Or Want To Show Someone Why They Should Never Trust Paul Krugman, Show Them This 12:08:21
Just released by Ben Swann on FB: Lawyers For Ron Paul taking over Paul campaign? 11:57:32
Why are American Churches Getting a $71 Billion Tax Break Each Year? 11:56:54
I am having money bomb withdrawals 11:32:25
Christian Talk RadioHost: Why I Can't Vote for Mitt Romney 11:19:18
A Prayer for Those Involved in Court Cases 11:13:27
Ron Paul can still win the (R) nomination 11:08:53
Delegate? Going to Paul Fest or Freedom Fest in Tampa? Join our Facebook Group! 11:00:06
TSA Tentatively Okays Private Screeners In Orlando 10:55:37
What do you call Mitt's slim odds of being the Republican Nominee? 10:48:48
Delegates Committed to Ron Paul File Federal Lawsuit vs. RNC Seeking Right to Vote Their Conscience 10:31:19
Obama's law professor does not like him and should lose the election- video & article 10:24:47
Strawberry - eating from garden! 10:24:05
Alaska State Convention retry, does anybody have the actual number of delegates that showed during the first convention? 10:17:06
How Drones Help Al Qaeda 10:11:53
Live Stream Court hearing on Obama's eligibility on Florida ballot live stream Now 10:04:28
I have the plan and money if you will do the leg work. 09:57:18
Rmoney shows his Business skills superior to Obama 09:50:37
Ron Paul Facebook Milestone Imminent! 09:50:35
The largest festival for freedom the world has ever seen! 09:47:56
All that President Paul has worked for to fix is depicted in this MOVIE, Zeitgeist... 09:34:37
Justin Raimondo New article "Rand Pauls Oedipal Drama" 09:29:44
Viral Facebook Obama Propaganda Epic Response. 09:27:05
An open letter to Adam Kokesh 09:25:23
Michelle Obama requires photo ID and SS number for book signing, 09:17:31
"Government as Parent" 09:13:41
Iowa Republicans elect Paul-heavy slate of delegates 09:05:20
Is income tax constitutional or not ? 08:50:09
U.S.A.I.D. Can Burn In Hell 08:46:39
Greece Is Still Doomed And So Is The Rest Of Europe 08:17:22
The "Evil-They" and their Ill-Gotten Revenue Streams 07:42:09
The Senior Politician (the evil statesmen) 07:05:24
Cultivating conscience will solve more problems? 05:28:16
High above Texas' rivers, drones track environmental data 04:17:59
Monkeys Like Throwing Schiff Around - New Video 04:02:47
The BEST Romney to Paul Delegate r3VOLution -Who's Electable Now? 03:05:28
Can I get an upvote if you Grok Ron 02:16:16
Video - Mike Maloney on Credit-Based Money, Feudalism, and Financial Enslavement Only Ron Paul Speaks About This 02:11:02
Do Police Have Too Much Power? 02:00:17
H Con Res 107 01:08:35
We Have At Least 4 States With Definite Pluralities Of Delegates 01:01:17
Is Ron Paul the only liberty movement candidate in any level of government for the gold standard? 00:54:13
Lives in the balance 00:53:44
Contacting delegates before the convention 00:07:58