Posted on June 21, 2012

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Maddow Talking RP Again and Quoting DP 21:41:07
Video: Legal Open Carry Man Cites Law, Cops Back Down 20:13:30
Iowa Delegate to GOP Nominating Convention Talks Ron Paul Support 23:46:34
FCC Indecency Policy (Partially) Overturned: "Accidental" Cursing Coming to an Award Show Near You? 14:46:19
Conversation with a Veteran's Widow 12:25:14
Shocker! Ron Paul and Rule 40 - The NEW Romney Nightmare... 12:30:19
Judge Nap: Can Obama rewrite federal law? 08:41:00
'Checkpoint of the future' takes shape at Texas airport 06:12:21
Who should I vote for at Tampa? 04:30:08
Five States 09:52:39
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BE Ron Paul 23:55:22
R3VOLUTION Marshals/Medics from 2008! We are called to serve in Tampa. 23:50:09
The true history of the Banking Cartels and the Federal reserve 23:44:58
Changing of the Iowa GOP Guard 23:41:13
Kareken Releases His First Gary Johnson 60-Second Spot 23:25:23
Israel Declared an Apartheid State 23:23:39
Ron Paul rEVOLution Strikes At GOP, State Parties. 23:22:10
Yall Still Want to Shake Jesse Benton's Hand? 23:00:55
RICO Suit Against Powerful & Politically-Connected Chicago Teamster Bosses Moves Forward 22:41:50
Propaganda, Lies, and War ( what we are taught in schools ) 22:38:12
DeFranco with the real news for the younger generation-THIS is why they get it 22:31:02
Drone Strikes a War Crime - article 21:44:12
Ron Paul-My President 21:38:34
Romney: I Can Be a Dictator Too 21:09:34
Question: Are T-Bills Safer Than Cash? 20:59:12
Mitt Romney Is So Not Popular Enough To Be President 20:46:28
Government To Seize Man’s Land For Frog Habitat 20:41:59
Election Ad by the Catholic Church (Video) 20:31:41
Romneycare and Obamacare Are Identical 20:30:19
Why Romney Can't Win: It's Obama-Care, Stupid! 20:01:44
Ron Paul Exposed as a Hypocrite (sarc) 19:59:49
Federal compensation based on no evidence 19:35:15
"Mitt Romney" Internet Buzzkill 19:08:59
Does anyone know who Barack Obama really is? 19:04:20
awesome new video 19:00:04
Video: Surprisingly, Cenk Uygur of TheYoungTurks, DEFENDS Dr. Paul on Social Security! 19:00:02
GJ: I think that the message that I'm delivering is really identical to that of Ron Paul 18:51:10
Cartoon: The Scream Heard Round the World 18:48:02
Awesome R3VOL of the Day: Survival Doc! 18:43:58
Attractive Young Teacher Leads Ron Paul Supporters in New Bilderberg Documentary (3:58) 18:21:53
Cat and Bags! MSNBC And Binding Delegates! 18:16:13
Rand Paul alone stops harsher sanctions on Iran 18:08:27
NatWest online banking meltdown: Millions cannot move or withdraw money 17:59:01
Ohio Prosecutor & Sheriff Fighting The Ndaa Awesome Liberty Prevails 17:57:53
Stocks Collapse: Here's What You Need To Know 17:57:10
Moody’s Said To Be Poised To Announce Bank Downgrades Today 17:54:50
CNN Video: Jamie Dimon called “Crook” to his face! 17:52:40
I have GREAT news regarding the option of alternative lodging for Delegates and Alternates to the Republican National Convention 17:51:47
The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia 17:51:24
ZEROHEDGE: Moody's Downgrade Is Out - Morgan Stanley Cut Only 2 Notches, To Face $6.8 Billion In Collateral Calls 17:46:46
Drone strikes: Obama moves to block release of files on kill program 17:44:03
The Cheney Effect (in the Obama Administration) 17:40:15
New World Order Blueprint Leaked 17:39:52
An Environment Where the Constitution Can Again Live and Thrive 17:32:20
Yahoo! article needs traffic: "Ron Paul Isn't Hypocritical Taking Social Security Checks" 17:15:10
Rand Paul selling out was a good thing 17:05:59
LibertyUSA PAC launches "In it to Win it" Delegate Money Bomb - March to Victory 16:58:49
Obama DicTraitor Scum 16:50:21
Jesse Ventura on WWL 870 with Garland Robinette - Mentions Ron Paul and Gary Johnson 16:40:49
Governor Becomes President of Purdue 16:40:05
Ugh ... here come the smear articles again ... 16:34:37
VIDEO: Alex Jones Documentary on BILDERBERG... 16:28:21
Is Ron Paul A Hypocrite For Taking Social Security? 16:21:22
The World According to Ron Paul 16:17:09
Jesse Ventura This Morning Talking Ron Paul and Gary Johnson 16:14:18
WSJ covers LFRP suit 15:57:07
A "Thank You" Gift for Dr. Paul 15:41:34
Ron is Ready! Are you? 15:33:46
Mitt Romney: The Reason Ron Paul Supporters Still Dream 15:29:24
Webb Simpson 911 Remix 15:19:53
Judge is coming up on Huckabee shortly! 15:11:01
Just overheard a young girl outside a restaurant blasting Obama about Exec Order re: Holder 14:59:28
America’s First Undeclared War & Hard Times - Civil War Tokens 14:38:33
Fed Downgrades U.S. Economic Outlook and Buys Insurance 14:35:18
"Romney’s Personal Touch Pays Off With Campaign Donors" 14:18:58
Tom Mullen: Morning Joe Wrong on Ron Paul and Social Security 14:15:30
City of Tulsa, Oklahoma, destroys woman's edible landscaping with over 100 varieties of medicinal plants 14:03:50
Holocausts Federal Ed. Texts Censor From History 13:59:34
How a Ron Paul Supporter Should Deal with Junk Mail from Mitt Romney and the RNC 13:55:53
Democratic Congressman Schools DEA Agent Over Marijuana During Congressional Hearing 13:32:20
Explosives found at Swedish Nuclear plant. Is there a connection to explosions near MI nuclear site? 13:30:55
Silver is on sale! Under $27! 13:06:59
Judge Napolitano Points Out Obama Complicity in F & F 'Executive Privilege' Declaration 13:01:47
Marshall Law training ah I'm sorry, I mean Military Training in North St. Louis 12:45:29
Jimmy McMillan: Obama, Romney are ‘too damn’ similar 12:35:15
"Why Don't You Mind My Own Business? " 12:32:54
IRS Shows Little Interest in Whistleblowers Trying to Expose Tax Avoiders 12:20:50
Good resource articles all in one place re: Shenanigans 12:14:40
Ex-spy: AIPAC has iron grip on U.S. 12:11:14
We Are The r3V0Lution. You Will Be Assimilated. Resistance Is Futile. (a poem) 12:02:40
Supreme Court Rules Against Fcc 11:52:14
Ron Paul's Delegate Count: Doing the Math 11:37:11
Break for a Message from WE The People 11:36:34
Mass Arrests of Bankers? 11:32:19
Coins, Notes and Their Substitutes Impact Spending 11:30:59
True American Way 11:17:22
Defense Spending is about Jobs not Defense 11:16:09
WaPo: What Ron Paul Wants 11:15:26
Oil hits $80.00 a barrel today... 10:58:30
Just got a letter from Mitt Romney AND Reince Priebus 10:41:49
How To Cover Your Ass! 10:21:32
JPMorgan Chase Gets $14 Billion Per Year In Government Subsidy 10:19:03
Just a Dream? 10:06:05
Ron Paul receiving Social Security payments. Please defend Ron In this hit piece 10:05:35
Congressman Ron Paul on Intervention in Syria *video* 09:47:54
Delegates: start preparing for Tampa 09:25:09
What if Ron Paul Had Become President in 2008 09:17:10
Will Toledo, Ohio Be The First Major American City To Be Owned By China? 08:42:35
Excerpt: "The Catastrophic Termination of the Last Ice Age" 08:23:01
A Ron Paul Vice Presidency would mean more than just an empty suit 08:04:01
I apologize... 07:58:59
CENSORSHIP: Mancow, Ventura Interview Scrambled by Big Brother! VOTE this UP, send a clear message 07:51:54
Ron Paul Rising! The Re-Evolution has only begun 06:45:35
The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year 06:39:31
Peter Thiel Opens a New Venture Capital Firm 06:13:41
Ron Paul Iowa Delegate: "We will be a force in politics for years to come" 05:55:08
Why Religion and Morality I think Ron Paul knew this as well. 05:01:35
Thomas Jefferson-PBS documentary 04:54:46
Terms Of Surrender For The Cabal ~ A Declaration Of On And Off World Forces 04:38:16
The latest MSM subliminal phrasing: So...RP...Are you *ready* to support Mitt? 04:08:18
using dibutyl carbitol as an extractant 03:49:15
Corporations are people, or are people corporation? 03:41:50
Conscience vs Pride video 03:37:01
Polis: "I'm Just Asking You As An Expert Is Heroin Worse For Someone's Health Than Marijuana?" 03:05:23
PPP looking for poll Q's for this weekend 01:49:06
Lawsuit Sign On and Conference Call (Lawyers for RP) 01:33:14
I Pray Not to Return 01:23:49
Arizona Convention Fraud 01:22:02
"It is not the business of government to make men virtuous..." 01:11:16
Obama on Executive Privilege in 2007 01:04:10
Media and the public Truth 01:01:06
nevermind 00:46:24
Mitt Romney's Dangerous Delusion: US Can't Survive a Nuclear Iran 00:44:21
Saudi Executed for Sorcery and Witchcraft 00:01:25