Posted on June 22, 2012

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Saudi Arabia: America's Worst Ally? 16:35:30
WaPo: Drones vs. Diplomacy? U.S. Ambassador Quits 12:28:20
UK's 125 Billion Dollar Pre-emptive Bank Bailout? 10:59:03
Doherty: For the Ron Paul Wing, Now What? 08:42:25
Infiltrating the Democratic Party for Liberty 01:13:59
Uruguay to become first government to SELL cannabis to its citizens 00:51:31
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TO: Dr. Paul from the Tampa Festival supporters! 23:46:33
How to create enemies- By Obama Administration 23:30:36
Anybody know how to tell if a website is really an "attack site" or not? 23:16:42
City of Ormond Beach FL War on Ron Paul Yard Signs. 23:10:55
Ron Paul for President 23:09:50
Trey Gowdy Slam Democrat opposition at contempt hearing for Eric Holder 22:55:07
Open Letter: Message to the GOP 22:51:35
Brian Doherty on Carrying The Ron Paul Banner 22:44:41
The rear windshield of my car was shattered today... 22:30:42
The First Ballot Vote In Tampa is CRUCIAL 22:03:34
"Romneys, we have problems too" 21:53:46
The Republican Liberty Caucus Supporting Ron Paul Joins The Idaho Convention this weekend 21:49:14
Lawyers For Ron Paul - This Simple Thing Must Be Done 21:40:27
Great Public Jobs - Pencil Sharpener Installer @ $134 per unit lol 21:35:47
Plan C 21:34:37
Will Paulites Try to Block Romney's Veep Pick? 21:32:28
Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect 21:24:08
After Ron Paul Wins The GOP Nomination, The Media Frenzy Will Blame Who? 21:13:19
Could Ron Paul Become a Vice President Possibility? 21:05:49
Tracy Diaz & Josh Tolley will be interviewing Doug Wead and Jeremy Richter June 23 20:52:08
Video - Russian Road Warriors - No Insurance Ftw Lol 20:47:58
So should paulfest not invite Chuck Baldwin to speak as well? 20:39:39
Pelosi urges Obama to eliminate debt ceiling by fiat 20:39:08
The Bible vs Joseph Smith 20:36:09
Fear Index Update June 2012 - James Turk 20:32:05
Natural Born Citizen 20:18:56
Big Bro Forces Preppers/Off-Grid-ers Back to Dependency/Grid 20:11:13
Lobby the Pollsters To Include Paul 20:03:15
When the Minority Becomes the Majority 19:40:49
Rand Paul : Being Groomed As The Next Ronald Reagan 19:30:25
Rand Paul was wrong to vote NO on GMO labeling. 19:28:42
Two Ways To Keep Fighting For Ron Paul 19:17:02
What Would Happen if Delegates Who are Bound Just Vote Ron Paul? 19:08:19
Executive Order to continue presidency? 18:59:52
*Don't Be Alarmed* Army Trains Mps To Drive Tanks On U.S. Streets 18:58:50
Sue the Republican Party, or Become the Republican Party? 18:57:45
Ron Paul er Sticker (cartoon) 18:46:29
The Top-10 Most Freedom-Loving States In America (2011) 18:45:55
Map 21 Bill Allows Government To Confiscate Your Guns On Any Unpaid Taxes 18:41:24
Video Bassem Youssef on with Jon Stewart. very enlightening 18:37:30
Morning Joe Wrong on Ron Paul and Social Security 18:36:23
Max Keiser On Russia Today: "The Banks are dead" 18:30:26
Governor Jesse Ventura on Fox Business 6/22/12 UPDATED 18:26:42
Is Daily Paul Really SENDING Our Info to Other Sites? 18:25:28
Senate Strips Public Funds from Party Conventions 18:13:03
A Short Communications Lesson 18:11:13
TV show idea 18:01:33
78-year-old business fights back against eminent domain, censorship 17:32:23
Stay in statism? Try to escape? Or something else? 17:05:10
Friday donations to liberty candidates. Post your donation 17:01:51
You should totally go to Paulfest but I'm not sure you understand why. 16:54:48
Take Your Thunder Cloud and Shove It! 16:53:42
The R3volution and the Libertarian Party needs to COMMUNICATE and COORDINATE 16:50:22
Working On A Hypothesis 16:43:26
Obama Asks People Getting Married To Forgo Gifts, Ask Their Guests To Donate To His Campaign Instead… 16:32:02
Ted Cruz vs David Dewhurst -Debate Tonight in Texas 16:30:21
Taking Responsibility 16:30:11
Doug Wead & Jeremy Richter will be interviewed TONIGHT 9:00PM EST on Ron Paul Tribune 16:14:07
Paulfest News! 16:05:32
Nigel Farage Says Europe Has Been Led By A Group Of Ex Communists (VIDEO) 15:59:20
I am not voting for Gary Johnson but, why I agree Gary Johnson should speak at paulfest 15:58:58
Message to the CNN: Stop Censoring Gary Johnson Now! 15:39:37
Why Ron Paul's Massive Cuts to Social Programs Wouldn't Be An Economic Disaster 15:15:10
Gary North: Let the Leviathan self-implode, by allowing it to clog up its own Toxic Respiratory System! 15:11:48
Investigation of AZ Gop / Romney (Petition) 15:04:50
What is Next for the Ron Paul Movement? 15:01:46
How the Tea Party Sunk Itself- witty article 14:40:12
Doug Wead: How the GOP shut down Ron Paul in Illinois 14:38:23
Paul Festival: An Invitation to Dr. Paul 14:33:21
TMOT Ground Wars: The Fight For Freedom 14:32:36
Ron Paul Legislation: The Establishments worse nightmare 14:27:29
Just Called The RNC And The Representative Told Me "No Delegates Are Bound" 14:16:57
The Greatest Geek Who Ever Lived 13:58:20
Chad Dewey Signs Americans for Tax Reform “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” 13:58:00
House Bill Extends TSA Intel Sharing To Mass Transit 13:50:33
Former Democratic Party Press Secretary Supports Gary Johnson 13:46:21
What if peace...ends up not working? 13:45:33
1 Reason Ron Paul will Not Speak at Paulfest 13:45:27
The Rise of Rand Paul (CIA front, National Review, says Rand's stock is rising in Romney's veepstakes) 13:36:54
Oregon District Delegate Selections To National Convention June 23rd : Open Thread, Incoming and Updated Reports 13:29:28
Idaho State Covention June 21 thru June 23 : Open Thread For Incoming and Updated Reports 13:26:21
Raw & Unplugged : Max Keiser and The Silver Liberation Army (Video) 13:16:58
Why tanning could be good for you. 13:02:53
Urban Warfare : Troops On The Streets Of Hartford, Connecticut (Video) 13:02:13
Rick Santelli: Who is Benefitted | Hurt from the Fed's Easy Policy 13:00:21
Stockton, California Files Bankruptcy - Domino effect or beginning of an avalanche? 12:52:34
Spring Clean the Liberty Machine 12:48:13
We Need Four Armed Veteran Guards For Each State In Tampa 12:46:05
Want to win in Tampa. Adopt the Civil Right's movement's mantra... 12:44:43
Help me build the liberty website 12:32:49
Obama Stops Soldier From Speaking In Public Forum 12:18:29
Sen. Rand Paul Interview On CNN w/ Erin Burnett 6/21/12 12:13:56
Acxiom Corp: The 'faceless organization that knows everything about you' 12:13:31
Systemic collapse: Irish banks experiencing “glitch” 12:07:00
Yes, The EPA Is Using 'Spy Drones' To Monitor Farms 12:01:34
The Mother of All Secrets 11:58:51
TSA Insider Says Agency Wants To Spy On Employee Communications 11:57:07
The Ultimate Un-Politician 11:55:49
Ron Paul Hemp Shirts for $12! 11:54:02
Santorum Says 'Romney's Delegate lead Will Fade As The Contest Continues' 11:51:35
The Expatriation/Repatriation process, is it valid? 11:51:18
Coordination of Local Efforts? 11:49:46
Mitt Romney Campaign/SuperPac FEC Violations Unbelievable! 11:32:38
State GOP stabs Paul backers in the back 11:29:51
Daily Paul: Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America 10:51:13
Obama is the CEO of the US Corporation; Congress is the trustee 10:46:58
Iraq Had WMD. Vast Majority Of Polled Republicans Agree. 10:19:08
Nature fights back - bugs devour GM Monsanto corn with a vengeance 09:57:36
Drone Used To Spy On Miami Partygoers 09:48:07
Fox News claiming Dallas bomb suspect is a Ron Paul campaign director 2008 09:46:51
Why the House Must Impeach President Obama 09:43:44
MSN talks about Ron Paul 09:28:56
*Video Evidence* Obama knew about Gun Walking in March, 2009! 09:16:39
CIA Documents Confirm that Bush Administration Ignored Repeated Warnings about Osama bin Laden Attack Plans 09:16:32
Video Evidence Obama Knew About 'Fast & Furious' 09:16:24
U.S. Department of Defense Contract Awards for June 21, 2012 09:09:03
Good Morning Paulfesters! National Ronvoy To Paul Fest ~ On Sale Now! 09:01:34
Moody's "secret" downgrades of US banks 08:39:24
Received A Fundraising Solicitation From Michele Bachmann 08:29:42
Greek Government-Run Healthcare System Collapses - Hospital Workers Going Without Pay 08:07:12
Henry Ford's Hemp Plastic Car (1941 Footage) 07:53:59
Get out the fly swatters! 07:49:23
Ron Paul's Legacy, Audit The Fed Vote in July With House Majority 07:46:57
Climate Engineering 07:04:39
If We Are Ever Going to Win... 06:48:43
Thomas Woods on the Remnant and Dr. Ron Paul 06:08:19
The Top 10 Presidents In U.S. History 05:41:41
Republicans, Democrats want zero cuts 05:40:00
Normally, I am not partial to UFO stories, but you just HAVE to see this. 04:38:41
I have a favor to ask you 04:27:39
Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act of 2012 04:16:40
Ron Paul says GOP is wrong for trying to cut food stamps one week after Rand tried to cut food stamps 03:29:00
Is Dr Paul crying in this recent short clip? 03:14:45
Romney is so moderate that... 03:11:42
War Or Ron Paul? 02:58:03
Christian works of the founding fathers 02:37:06
Megaupload's founder Kim Dotcom: Artists Rejoice, Megabox is Not Dead 02:27:51
The Scam Wall Street Learned From The Mafia - By Matt Taibbi 02:17:52
GOP Introduces New "Mystery Candidate" With Paper Bag Over Head 01:36:54
A New Patriot in Town 01:34:35
Ron Paul: The Movie 01:31:47
Paul Festival Announces Gary Johnson 00:59:03
I'm "nominating" myself the unofficial intermediate between RPF, DP, and Lawyers for Ron Paul 00:51:46
ACTA Committee Defeat: Europeans Celebrate a ‘Victory for European Democracy’ 00:44:53
Obama Reminds Himself That He Violated The Constitution 00:31:08
Money Bomb for National Delegate, Presidential Elector and Candidate for the Maine State House! 00:02:22
WeAreChange: Twelve Confrontations of Bilderberg 2012 12:01:38