Posted on June 25, 2012

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Peter Schiff Owning Everyone on C-SPAN 23:46:22
My 10 year old son and his Ron Paul t-shirt. 22:18:22
RT Abby Martin & Tim Cavanaugh of Reason discuss MA's Illegal Purge of RP Delegates! 18:26:03
Who would have thought Ron Paul would get me OUT of a ticket? 12:56:54
Members of Congress Trade in Companies While Making Laws That Affect Those Same Firms 09:01:16
Rupert Murdoch, Ron Paul, and Barney Frank All Agree on WHAT? 06:46:28
Video: Madness at the Oregon CD2 Convention 09:07:51
Drone Industry Becomes a Booming Business 06:36:54
Ron Paul in Top Form, Answers Questions on C-SPAN 06:27:06
Following the rules is unethical in Arkansas, apparently. 02:28:00
Oregon Convention shut down prematurely 10:52:13
Romney Campaign & Mass. G.O.P. Disqualifies Ron Paul Delegates For Not Signing (Illegal?) Affidavit 11:22:33
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Food is a necessity and the collectivists use it as a weapon. 23:56:50
Very good point in this song 23:29:38
Mittfest 23:24:53
Supreme Court Legitimacy at stake on Citizens United Ruling 22:58:01
Angry Grandpa RomTard 22:37:49
Paul vs Obama Poll 22:30:52
TSA Agent Leaves Grandpa's Ashes Spilled On The Terminal Floor 22:22:44
If Ron Paul can't be president of the USA, how about president of Mexico? 22:15:09
Remember The Days Of The Debates 22:02:42
Nice vid of RT and how Romney's trying to re-elect 0bama, by treating Paul people so badly. 22:01:07
Smart Meter Put up Without Consent 21:42:22
Paul Festival - Country Music Fans you will like this! 21:18:25
Video - Singapore and Owning a Car :O 21:17:20
Washington County, PA needs your help! 21:17:15
Need Help and Guidance from Moderators: 20:53:18
Secret: Even in 2011 we weren't listening to the campaign. 20:51:07
Money Laundering Scheme Uncovered Within Obamacare 20:50:53
Here’s Today’s Nearly 1 Billion Dollars Worth of Department of Defense Contract Awards 20:47:27
Weaponized Libertarianism: Pragmatists and Dogmatists 20:45:59
Making homemade sausages 20:43:40
Action Now: Utah Primaries Tuesday 26 - Comment Pro Ron Paul In a local (Logan) Utah, Newspaper. 20:31:49
Why Wasn't This Turned Into A Romney Attack Ad? 20:23:56
Ron Paul Building 20:16:06
Lawyers For Ron Paul - Conference Call - 1,000 Capacity - Please Join Us, thank you. 20:02:24
Ron Paul Supporter Attacked Trying To Retrieve Stolen Ballots From Oregon CD4 Convention 19:56:55
It is 'Unfair' to be White 19:46:30
Just Curious... Does the Campaign For Liberty have internal elections? 19:39:11
What's happening on Twitter today? 19:36:27
Change the Course of History 8/24 - 8/30 19:17:47
We need to start making lists. 19:15:37
Russia Today: "Maine Conducts 'Zombie Apocalypse' Drill" 19:06:25
The Newsroom 19:03:25
More high profile bankers resign 19:03:20
WARNING Ousted Massachusetts Delegates: Beware Jesse Benton 18:59:08
VIDEO: The Liberty LiveStream Team Show' Series Premiere with Qadoshyah and Suriyah Fish 18:51:28
Bow down to Romney email circulating 18:47:50
Why both sides of the Rand Paul/GMO labeling debate are missing the point 18:42:38
So what will people do when their Identity is stolen and it includes their biometrics 18:41:53
Sorry Georgia: Looks like it's your turn for the "MARK" 18:35:11
Ron Paul: "Obamacare's legal apologists either are wholly ignorant of constitutional principles, or wholly lawless" 18:34:05
Is the Tampa Convention Already Rigged? Yes... See here: 18:30:07
Any buzz about Arizona secession? 18:11:41
Dems Admit Obama’s Not Eligible but don't care 18:07:31
Maximum Group Size For Efficiency: A Call For Localizing Everything 17:59:52
OR CD4. Ballots retrieved after being stolen 17:36:08
Urgent Action Utah Primaries Today June 26! Write About #RonPaul In A Utah Newspaper Online 17:30:07
CNBC Admits We're All Slaves To Central Bankers Global Government 16:42:33
Scott Horton Interviews Thomas E. Woods 16:38:58
There is Only one kind of Freedom 16:26:45
The Only Reason Dr. Paul Did Not Become President In 1988... 16:18:35
Who has a great image of RP and the Liberty Bell for my 07/04 cake? 16:15:00
What Will We See First: AAPL at $1,000 or $2,000 Gold? 16:14:51
Youtube - Paul Festival Moneybomb! 16:01:03
Ben Swann Twitter Post on Massachusetts Delegates 15:54:51
Fantastic David Icke Interview 15:50:27
Yahoo Poll: Election Winner Won't Affect Economy Much! 15:31:43
Know Your Enemy (Part 67 - The War on Parents) 15:28:27
What Happens to Rand Paul if Romney Wins? 15:03:35
3 More Days Until "Elektable" Is Unleashed 15:01:42
Need Good Quality Photo of Dr. Ron Paul 15:00:41
Lyme Disease Questions 14:53:09
Roseanne Barr And The Fed 14:51:08
DailyMail UK InfoChart: China taking over the West; Economic History of the World since Jesus 14:38:25
Need Signatures-DP get on this one 14:28:43
About Voluntary Simplicity-not just for lazy slobs like me 14:24:50
Ron Paul Español 14:18:05
Zogby: Gary Johnson could be the Ross Perot 14:17:16
Video: When $5~200Mil. UAV Drones are vulnerable to $1000 Off-the-Shelf 5th Grader Hacker Gear 14:13:39
The Liberty Revolution Reaches Scotland 14:05:43
June 25th - We ARE Ron Paul Money Bomb 14:01:58
Will the REAL Patriot please stand up? 13:49:37
Just a little optimism 13:47:36
A laugh at the grocery store 13:22:46
“Mitt Romney Resigns!” 13:21:36
Chicago Mayor Seeks To Tweak Gun Ordinance In Wake Of Court Ruling 13:00:17
Jimmy Carter Condemns U.S. Foreign Policy 12:55:47
Call to Action: Audit the Fed! 12:52:10
Dumb and Dumber Drones - TownHall column 12:42:13
Need some comments 12:32:15
Liberty Candidate Dr. Dean Ahmad For Senate! 12:27:53
Patch Poll: Will Ron Paul's Supporters Help or Hurt Mitt Romney in the Coming Election? 12:23:50
Replacing the new world order! 12:21:43
It's Official: Pro-GMO Groups are part of AGENDA 21! 12:20:17
'The Liberty LiveStream Team Show' featuring Qadoshyah and Suriyah Fish Series Premier TODAY 4-5PM EST 12:19:20
POLL! Let them know whats up! :D 12:18:16
The Strange Case Of Judge David O. Carter (What Turned This Decorated War Hero Into A Puppet For The Obama Regime?) 12:00:37
Video: Austin Man Facing 10 Years In Prison For Phtographing Cops Making Arrest 11:59:13
Exclusive: How I Became an Alternate Delegate to RNC in Tampa! 11:55:21
Response to Thomas Berry 11:39:50
ObamaCare: Historic Ruling is Imminent 11:33:25
Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek has heart attack 11:30:13
Jail For File-Sharing Not Enough, Labels Want ISP-Level Spying Regime 11:30:10
Microsoft Censors the Free Software Foundation’s Donate Page 11:28:58
“Outlaw Bankers” or “Bankers Behind Bars” 11:28:41
Doug Wead: On Torture 11:26:00
Sex, Food and Facebook 11:12:27
Sealed Fast & Furious records of Brian Terry murder may contain highly embarrassing facts 10:27:34
C-SPAN Live Now: Possible healthcare decision today 10:10:02
What is "CHATTER" anyway? 09:58:59
Illegal Immigration! Obama's campaign promise 09:47:15
United States' BFF Saudi Arabia, Beheads Man for Witchcraft 09:47:02
Gun control. Fork control. What’s next? 09:45:34
California GOP sinking into third-party status 09:22:37
Montana Bear Tragedy. Check it out! 09:21:37
One-Sided Contracts 08:01:07
Israel- Firmly Behind Mitt Romney in Attacking Iran Before the US 2012 Election ? 07:06:19
Jamming The Soviet Gulag: Vladimir Bukovsky Style! 05:41:52
More on the subject of GMO's 05:25:05
Vote Ron Paul in 2016, Obama in 2012 to keep Mitt out 04:49:49
Paul Freedom Festival Florida 03:46:21
Help this liberty-minded Minnesotan go to Law Enforcement Skills Training 03:18:22
Cnn just gave Ron Paul some decnt airtime on his interview with the bald dude w/ glasses 02:38:45
A fierce opposition. They better be scared. 02:32:44
Stick together even though GJ is headlining Paulfest? 02:21:54
Party Trying To Set Identity 02:08:28
Operation Educate America 02:08:10
Surefire Strategy to Get the 5th State! 02:01:52
Party Trying To Set Identity 01:48:56
Jimmy Carter on US Human Rights 01:45:20
Military Armored Vehicles On The Streets Of America 01:36:42
Industrial Hemp Farming Amendment Proposed For The 2012 Farm Bill 01:09:58
Frankenstein's farm: transgenic agriculture twists property rights as well as DNA 00:41:46
Glover 2012 better than the others! (please don't take seriously its just a joke) 00:40:07
9/11 Theories: Expert vs. Expert 00:21:06