Posted on June 29, 2012

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Texas Woman Arrested for Warning Drivers About Speed Trap 23:18:45
Obamacare to unleash crushing new taxes, trillions in debt, huge job losses... 17:12:20
Rolling Stone: The Sharp, Sudden Decline of America's Middle Class 15:56:19
Ron Paul’s Fractional Reserve Banking Congressional Hearing – June 28 2012 14:08:35
Dr. Joel Wallach Video: IRS To Garnish Wages From Medical Tax Violations 12:43:00
Daily Beast: "Mitt Romney's Empty Obamacare-Repeal Rhetoric" 11:02:49
Liberty Movement Is Returning Back To A Bunch Of Fiefdoms 07:21:28
Oregon Republican Party will hold an Executive Board Meeting Saturday to appoint alternate delegates - open to public 04:35:03
Justice Roberts : "It Is Not Our Role To Forbid It" 04:12:50
Supreme Court: Supreme Blunder 03:22:57
Judge Napolitano: "Individual Mandate Most Bizarre Tax in the History of the Country." 04:25:55
Dr. Paul: "I’ve never been afraid to be bold," @ Congressional Baseball Hall of Fame Induction 01:16:19
Reality Check: If Healthcare Law Is A Tax Is It Now Invalid? 08:18:08
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A bigger problem than the explosion in Food Stamp use: Corporate Welfare (especially for big banks) 23:41:45
The future social network, A new kind of social network that is liberty and freedom minded! 23:37:55
Our soul-light will never be defeated 23:22:32
Justice Department Confirms It Will Not Prosecute Holder 23:00:59
Obama-Care Drama: Evidence Suggest Last Minute Back-Stab By Roberts 22:51:04
Is Gold the false God of our movement? 22:51:03
Status Quo? Oh No! 22:35:45
Civil Disobedience: Trade In Gold And Silver! 22:28:38
Study Disproves CDC's Primary Justification for Vaccination 22:24:26
Which is worse, one trillion for health care or one trillion for war with iraq? 22:24:03
China Blocks Bloomberg After Exposure Of Vast Wealth of Top Commie 22:15:47
Bank bailout question? 21:51:53
For all those who could use a laugh - The Life of Julia 21:51:27
Paul Festival DISCOUNTS for qualified individuals with valid proof! 21:33:18
Video: Ron Paul First Pitch @2012 Congressional Baseball Game 21:25:01
Houston Government Raising Money With Sin Tax 21:24:15
McDonald's Exempt From The Healthcare Mandate - WHY? 20:48:23
15 Reasons Why The Obamacare Decision Is A Mind Blowing Disaster For America 20:44:31
Can You Answer 25 Difficult Questions That The Mainstream Media Does Not Seem To Have Answers To? 20:40:43
: new evidence shows Hillary a mastermind behind Gunwalker 20:33:05
Where's Elektable? 20:31:33
Solynda 2: Another $30 Million in Taxpayer Loss 20:22:03
Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Senators Voting without Reading the Bills 6/29/12 20:18:14
Don't forget 19:47:02
Starting in 2013 New Medical Premiums Begin at $2000 a month 18:53:51
Ron Paul's FB page hit 1M & today has 1,014,011 likes - about 60K joined in the last weeks! 18:52:04
DOJ Won't Pursue Eric Holder Contempt, Chuck Grassley Questions Decision 18:42:36
Citation for Claim made by Peter Schiff 18:02:21
Colombia court: No jail time for possession of cocaine, marijuana for personal use 17:47:38
Anger feeds misbehavior! 17:45:20
Link: Mitt Romney should shut up and let Chris Christie do the talking 17:35:53
No more "dollar menu"...GONE! 17:35:25
Hyperinflation in Germany-A wise senior gives firsthand accounts 17:25:02
"Who is Ron Paul?" 17:10:48
Video: Ron and Rand Paul in 51st Congressional Baseball game 17:04:30
Chief Justice Roberts Jokes About Vacationing On An 'Impregnable Island Fortress' 17:00:44
The Obamacare Ruling, A Golden Opportunity for Ron Paul Supporters and Libertarians? 16:42:46
Can the Republican Party collect donations for Romney? He is not the candidate yet? 16:37:59
Rand Paul Interview w/Peter Schiff About Obamacare; 6/29/12 16:37:26
Where have all the flowers gone...When will they ever learn, When will they ever learn? 16:24:36
Interesting Phone Discussion 16:19:07
(Video) Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Senators Voting Without Reading The Bills - 6/29/12 16:13:24
Peter Schiff Petition (Opportunity to Comment in the Congressional Record) 16:12:15
Repeal Obamacare; Congress Votes on July 11, 2012 16:08:03
Rand Paul-Obama Care Not Constitutional 16:08:03
US Saudi Gulf Islamist Al Qaeda Axis in Syria & Libya: Who benefits? 16:06:12
National State of Emergency? 16:04:19
(Video) Issa Confirms 'Fast and Furious' Wiretaps 15:56:48
Supreme Court Issues Another Anti-Veteran Decision 15:47:42
Ron Paul To Hold Major Rally In Tampa Ahead Of RNC 15:43:45
(Audio ) Maxine Waters : "I Have Not Decided Whether Or Not To Call Obamacare Mandate A Tax" 15:38:52
TSA Seeks To Monitor Employees 15:32:50
Just for fun!: What's your favorite "f" word? 15:24:38
50+ Year Old Crowd: Thanks for Having Open Minds 15:09:37
Paul Festival Plans for Sunday 15:08:55
You're Wrong! The 16th Amendment "IS" Constitutional, but it simply "does not" apply to... 15:05:13
Ron Paul to Hold Major Rally in Tampa Ahead of RNC 14:55:51
Nuclear Mind Control 14:44:38
Ron Paul Fights Back Against Banksters, but is Overshadowed By Obamacare and Holder 14:36:30
Attn: East Coast- Canary islands volcanic activity- if erupts it could cause Mega tsunami. 14:17:15
Wiretaps Revealed from Fast and Furious 14:17:11
Bombshell: Fast and Furious Secret Wiretaps Revealed 14:15:33
From Mitt Romney's Website: "As president, Mitt will nominate judges in the mold of Chief Justice Roberts..." 14:14:01
Why The Affordable Care Act Will Make Healthcare Unaffordable 14:08:46
The Obamacare Precedent: The Second Amendment is Next 14:00:29
♠ There are more elections than just the Primaries. Find out who else you should be voting for and when. OPEN Thread 13:55:55
They've kissed the blarney stone one too many times! 13:53:32
Rule 42: Criminal Contempt. Re: AG Holder. 13:46:08
Hey Folks 13:27:43
John Roberts reasoning, in my opinion 13:21:47
What does a free market healthcare system look like? 13:18:47
Obama Admits ObamaCare Is Unconstitutional! 13:17:29
Tea Party Quiet... Too Quiet 13:12:56
Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Senators Voting without Reading the Bills 13:05:16
Obama Institutes Slavery By Executive Order In US: A Plea To L.E.O.'s 13:02:24
Mitt Romney's response to Obamacare. 12:57:43
EVERYONE start calling ObamaCare by its real name 12:55:10
CAMPING at Paulfest clarified 12:53:46
Napolitano: Obamacare Ruling Will Drive Libertarians To Romney - Has the Judge lost his mind? 13:47:10
The Supreme Court isn’t the LAST step of opposition…the Declaration of Independence is 12:37:44
Computers On Wall Street Are Buying And Selling To Themselves! 12:32:51
Japanese TV filming request (OHIO) 12:30:37
DoD awards $46,491,184 to provide pharmaceutical surge, re-supply and sustainment material 12:29:08
DeMint : 'Obamacare' Still Unconstitutional - States Should Refuse To Implement It 12:28:17
Supreme Court's Obamacare decision hands federal government unlimited power to force you to spend things you don't even want 12:20:24
Judge Andrew Napolitano : "Obamacare Ruling Will Drive Libertarians To Romney" (Video) 12:15:09
Napolitano: Obamacare Ruling Will Drive Libertarians To Romney 12:11:09
Introducing the Penaltax 12:05:46
Mexican Elections this Weekend 11:59:34
Mitt Romney Responds To Supreme Court Ruling On ObamaCare 11:58:57
Please sign this petition! 11:58:49
Former California National Guard Sergeant -Plea Agreement She Submitted Over $15 Million In False Claims 11:58:40
RomneyCare/ObamaCare = Death? 11:58:26
Response from Sen. Hagan (D-NC) on "Audit the Fed" 11:53:37
The Obamacare Precedent : The Second Amendment Is Next! 11:51:01
Wal-Mart’s gets as much as 25% to 40% of revenue at some stores from food stamp dollars. 11:37:28
Judge Napolitano: "Who Would Have Thought 11:35:48
Frying Dutchman – ‘humanerror” 11:34:24
Ron Paul Inducted into Congressional Baseball Hall of Fame in Retro Astros Uniform 11:30:42
The Obamacare Precedent : The Second Amendment Is Next 11:25:39
Apple’s iOS 6 Includes ‘Government Alerts’ 11:14:55
Video: Ron Paul Hearing June 28 2012 Fractional Reserve Banking 11:08:23
My Senator's response on why he supports the NDAA: Why/Where is he wrong? 11:07:07
Fear and Loathing 40 Years Later - Matt Taibbi 10:30:00
Why the Congress Must Reign in the Supreme Court 10:15:16
Americans are Being Prepared for Full Spectrum Tyranny (link to article) 10:10:10
Give up or keep dreaming 10:03:02
Too Funny! My 15 yr Old Just Said... 09:58:43
RP Rally: "The event will take place at noon on Sunday, August 26th at the University of South Florida’s 11,000-seat Sun Dome 09:47:25
The answer to the Obamacare decision ruled on by the Supreme Court was given to us on December 15th 1791 09:42:03
RomneyCare is the Culprit 09:37:20
Young Republican running for Committeewoman - needs support 09:28:33
Nullification Starts Now! 09:21:18
Explanation of Government provided to an Alien. (animated vid w/spanish subtitles) 09:13:10
The Confidence Game- Why the Establishment Fears Ron Paul 08:26:24
"A society that invests in its past and disfavors the future..." 08:21:27
Ginsburg Cites Romneycare in Opinion Upholding Obamacare 08:08:13
The Massachusetts Perspective: Epic ObamaCare rant by a man with a growth on his neck 07:57:36
Lethal radiation found in basement of Fukashima Reactor #1 07:44:57
Stop calling it Obamacare. Call it what it is-Romneycare 07:43:13
Ron Paul is Against Obamacare - Mitt Romney Helped Make it Happen 07:34:54
Baltic Sea ‘Sunken UFO’: Elaborate Scam or Close Encounter? 07:30:39
Victory for Justice: Private Bradley Manning may now get a fair trial 07:29:02
Two more Libertarians: Farage and Still - rule of law and sound money 06:58:38
US ’6 Strike’ Rule Starts This Sunday, How Are You Preparing? 05:50:16
How Long Does Your ISP Store IP-Address Logs? 05:48:51
Romney Delivers Prototype 'Presidential Pink Slips' to Massachusetts Delegates, Obliterating 17 04:40:27
Number of Possible Republican Candidates for Pres. Nominee Down From Sixty Million to Two 04:10:27
Happy Independence Day! What I will not celebrate and what I choose to celebrate! 03:17:20
Correction Mr. Schiff - The Income Tax is an Indirect Tax! 02:54:00
World On A Wire (1973) 02:41:03
VIDEO: Lawyers For Ron Paul Grilled on Talking Liberty 02:33:52
Ron Paul is NOT Anti-Israel... 02:17:57
Barclays Tried to Manipulate Interest Rates 02:14:15
Rick Santelli and John Taylor: Learning from Hayek 02:13:43
I call on Tom Woods - bring attention to this! How to fix the House - a nonpartisan proposal 02:09:15
Obamacare, Mike Cann goes off in Massachusetts, robbed by Romneycare, Michael Savage Commentary 01:49:05
Bloomberg: Sen. Rand Paul's Mastery of Legis. Amendment Process prompts Discussions & Votes 01:29:19
Financial Analyst Peter Schiff to Speak at Paul Festival 00:58:34
Ron Paul to Hold Major Rally on Sunday, August 26, 2012 at the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome in Tampa Ahead of RNC 00:55:36
Kagan Headed Defense Team For Obamacare, and She Did Not Recuse Herself! Why? 00:48:59
13 Reasons Why The Revolution Might Start with Obamacare. 00:40:27
I want to ask the liberals what they see is so good about ObamaCare. Does Obama have his own forum? 00:31:13
Supreme Court ALSO Ruled Today: 1st Amendment Protects Lying About Military Valor; 6-3 00:20:37
Military tanks in St. Louis 00:16:03
Mr. Farage gets support from an unusual source... 00:00:40
Income tax is NOT constitutional. 08:53:22
Analysis of John King's interview 07:36:58