Posted on June 3, 2012

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King County Leadership Called Out at WA State Convention 21:13:37
Ron Paul Wins Louisiana Convention 12:47:32
Jeremy Scahill Says Obama Strikes In Yemen Constitute 'Murder' on MSNBC 12:35:56
Doug Wead: War Breaks Out in GOP 10:31:31
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I need help converting a Romney lover to a Paul lover 23:57:05
Bernie Sanders: Infiltrator And Corporate Snake 23:48:00
Head Games...With the establishment! Convert people more effectively. 23:40:00
Nebraska delegate this week need answers 23:38:42
Stephen Colbert on President Obama’s “Extrajudical Killing” Spree 22:41:30
China condemns U.S. gun ownership as human rights violation 22:39:11
Destitution and Hunger In Greek Prisons: “Not Even One Grain of Rice Left In Warehouses” 22:31:40
South Dakota Primary - No Diebold Machines - This Is A Chance For Us To Prove Our Case! 22:29:47
Thoughts on Scott walker. Is he a real conservative? 22:20:48
A Louisiana delegate breaks it down. 22:17:18
Friday, June 8th Announcement for new World Class Ron Paul Commercials 22:15:32
RP/Jordan Page and Texas Convention tickets for sale 22:04:51
To All Delegates 21:33:42
Update: On The Precipice Of Homelessness 21:26:55
Obama out neoconning the Neocons 21:17:54
Judge Andrew Napolitano, Part 1 @ Part 2 21:10:49
COMEX Traders Classed as Managed Money Short Positions in Gold, Silver 21:10:30
The Egyptian Revolution Continues... 21:08:28
Don't forget it takes money and lots of it 20:46:02
Yes, the tent is closed...a repost worth reposting 20:44:07
Why is everyone so against Ron Paul making deals with Romney? 20:37:50
Newspaper Ads 20:16:44
I Don't Eat the Stuff, but Beginning July 1, Foie Gras Will be Illegal in California 20:10:08
Murder, Inc: Official Obama Policy 20:01:01
Rotten To The Floor 19:44:26
Blocked by Reuters 19:33:23
Why Do Economists Say that Ron Paul Would Be the Best President for the Economy? 19:14:13
Schooling Amazing Atheist on States Rights 19:02:14
House to Vote on Ron Paul Bill to Audit the Federal Reserve 17:58:32
Judy Morris Report: Is the GOP in Full Throttle Suicide Mode? 17:51:30
Remember that NHL goalie... 17:46:44
How to Handle Police Encounters in a Police State (4 videos) 17:45:47
Ron Paul 2012 ft. Angels & Airwaves 17:20:02
To the Point! Listen on! 16:57:22
Policymic reports on Louisiana 16:53:50
Texas Delegate needs help to get to State 16:53:43
Can anyone recommend other economic books or economic papers on how businesses colluded with the govt to restrict free trade? 16:51:20
What Do You Think About This SLATE System? 16:39:56
Sudden Rash of Campaign & Rand Paul Attack Posts at DP 16:35:31
U.N. me theatrical trailer 16:32:53
If Drone Attacks in Other Countries (or here) is Not An Act of War, Then What is It? 16:32:11
World Bank Boss: We're Headed For "impending Catastrophe" - "a Rerun Of Great Panic Of 2008" 16:21:18
it saddens me to see udonews post being banned. 16:20:06
Ron Paul To Speak In Fort Worth, TX @ Jordan Page Concert On June 7th 16:19:33
What happened in Florida and North Carolina? 16:17:59
Media Spin On Romney's "official" Nominee Win 16:14:14
Shameless Propaganda Alert: HBO's "41" 15:55:06
Max Keiser on Bilderberg and the global financial crisis *vid* 15:53:01
Ron Paul 2012's Final Hope: Pursue or Quit? 15:46:03
Is it just me, or are there a lot more police giving out tickets these days? 15:41:30
RNC Delegates Elect (MA) speak out, Ron Paul Liberty slate pledged to Mitt Romney 15:41:03
I'm sick and tired of the self pity on this site 15:38:48
Washington State a BUST! (From a delegate in the 9th C.D.) 15:38:08
VIDEO - Illinois Rep. Explodes Over Tyranny On House Floor 15:26:46
Why is medical marijuana a Liberty movement topic? 15:15:44
Any News On The Nc Gop Convention Today? 15:05:51
Letter: Paul the best choice 14:58:32
Man Wants to Buy an American Made VW car, but Can't. Nor Can You apperently 14:53:07
Where is the love in the R3VOLUTION? 16:04:49
I HATE the establishment GOP more than words can describe! Their malicious and despicable behavior is appalling! 13:49:26
How to Enact a Citizen's Arrest 13:47:25
"on wings of eagles" 13:44:06
Young woman with anarchist views arrested in Georgia 13:41:45
Alex Helwid Assaulted by Shrevport Police at convention 13:37:52
ATTN: This Missouri Candidate should not get Paul supporter votes - Say NO to Brad Lager in the Primary. 13:14:02
New Strategy? 12:58:08
12 more people have been killed by US drone strikes 12:54:10
Star Wars on RT - a bit of a laugh with a serious message 12:50:37
Bilderberg Members Discuss Killing Ron Paul 12:49:20
Illinois Rep Screams in Outrage on House floor! (The tyranny is coming unglued) 12:46:36
14 defining characteristics of Fascism 12:43:08
Has Romney Peaked Already? 12:18:40
10 Reasons to Support Mitt Romney and Other Thoughts 12:15:31
Mitt Romney: Where The Money Is 12:12:18
Texas Delegate Needs Help to Make Convention (only $40 to goal) 12:03:05
Where is the MONEY Going? 11:56:43
The Gang that Can't Shoot Straight Just Fired Again 11:55:21
Looks like Obama camp. isn't on the ball. I got a letter from him yesterday. 11:50:17
Bilderberg plan with US 11:25:49
IMPORTANT - become a delegate in New Hampshire enrollment starts June 6 11:25:46
Did You See ? 11:20:23
We need more! The Liberty Movement needs its own website! 15:19:18
* Greek Opinion Poll about Germans - 02/12 11:17:34
Why Americans Should Also Accumulate Canadian Dollars 11:14:56
Judge Napolitano: Thomas Jefferson would have had drones shot down 11:09:23
Americans are called to a higher consciousness at this point in our history. 11:05:17
Doug Wead Delegates Conventions and Romney Campaign 11:04:47
Cyprus-Bailout? 11:03:22
I miss Dr. Paul! & the speeches and crowds of freedom fighters! 10:18:03
Increasingly Libertarians are Leading the Way 09:53:41
Debt up $1.59Trillion under GOP House 09:38:13
Alaska State Party Chair trying to sabotage reconvening of State convention. 09:20:14
Ron Paul Delegates Arrested at Louisiana Convention As They Command Majority 09:10:28
Bullhorning Bilderbergers or Occupy Protests...Which accomplishes ANYTHING? 09:04:49
George Soros: Europe Has Three Months to Stem Euro Crisis 09:02:19
Jim Willie: Bank Runs to Begin in Spain, Spread to London & NY *video* 08:19:44
Ron Paul fever is spreading across the country! 08:13:05
Dr.Paul is MIA?.. Oh Well! 07:21:31
College student held without bond for explosives 07:18:49
Divide and Conquer (Giving Romney his own medicine) 06:46:58
So, I Decided To Re write The Gettysburg Address... 05:33:32
Missouri State Convention Post-mortem - And It's Not Pretty 15:15:47
So, I Decided To Rewrite The Gettysburg Address... 04:52:49
i just don't understand mitt romney supporters 04:51:39
What was the final count out of Louisiana? 04:22:40
Amazing Chart of Bildeberger Control 04:01:44
A blast from the past and directly related to the Future occupation of Afghanistan. 03:38:04
What have you done for liberty today? 03:37:00
Breakfast with Bernanke 02:35:09
Duopoly Must Die! 02:02:34
How You Can Help Take Over The NJ Gop! 01:47:58
Ron Paul delegates will fight for his principles at GOPconvention in FortWorth #TX Wear the spurs! 01:45:41
A Call For Unity 01:37:30
Shouldn't we Focus on Becoming an Elector for the Electoral College for the main Presidential Election? 01:34:17
Veteran Groped, Forcefully Vaccinated After Arrest At Bilderberg 2012 01:31:29
Do you know how to tell if someone is a Romney delegate? I do. 01:29:50
Republican Party blocking massive Ron Paul event in Tampa? 01:21:06
Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television (1977 book) 00:59:05
Robert Wenzel Show - Gary Johnson interview - AUDIO 00:56:02
Silver Update: Flight to Safety *video* 00:50:01
Take ALL The Delegates! 00:44:54
Smash Your TV Sets! 00:31:43
On Shills, Technocrats, Politicians and the Sinking Ship 00:25:43
I Like Playing Chess... 00:19:47
BilderBorg gets a call at the Marriott 00:11:40
Communication Formats 21:21:40