Posted on June 5, 2012

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Venus Transit as Rare as Ron Paul 19:36:11
Ron Paul Statement on on HR 3541: The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act 17:27:02
GASP! Fox News Reports on Ron Paul! 15:13:11
I decided to walk home 14:01:33
Pat Buchanan: Syria's Insurrection is Not America's War 13:58:14
Spokesman: RNC not blocking Ron Paul fest at fairgrounds 12:53:24
Breaking: Mitt Romney Pushed The Individual Mandate, Emails Show! 12:18:55
R.I.P. Bob Chapman and Tom Cryer 09:41:44
Review Time! Mitt Romney Supporters Come To The Light 09:26:45
We will be doing a #RonPaul TwitterBomb all day for the primary states! 01:08:01
June 5th Primaries: South Dakota, California, New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana - Results Open Thread 20:19:08
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voting difficulty 23:55:12
Article on delegates being unbound 23:49:34
New Zealand signs partnership deal 23:29:29
Let's turn Scott Walker's victory into defeat for MN Senator Amy Klobuchar 23:29:20
Do you ever wish? 23:29:01
“Warning to Texas Republican Convention” TR's vs MM's 23:26:55
Here's a good example of what we're up against... 23:16:09
Going down fighting - even if the campaign is not 22:57:56
Former LAGOP Exec. Director and Ron Paul state delegate calls for apology from exec. committee 22:54:54
Wisconsin Republican Scott Walker retains office 22:48:02
My Experience as Election Judge, in Austin, Texas 22:47:26
Over Half of all Terrorist Plots Orchestrated by the F.B.I. 22:46:49
We are the Tireless Irate Minority 22:26:53
14 Upcoming State Delegate Conventions - And Down The Stretch They Come! 22:12:22
Ron Paul Supporters Remain Committed/PolicyMic Article 22:11:58
Update I Change My Mind! Only Gold And Silver Are Legal Tender? 22:05:50
I voted for Dr. Paul and all his delegates! 22:05:14
Obama's Attorney General Holder Declares War On State’s Rights 22:02:41
Mitt and RandNOT Good Article 21:57:19
Commodity Prices Drop On Economic Woes In Europe, China, U.S. 21:56:55
Excellent interview with men assaulted at Louisianna state convention! 21:48:47
Holder Declares War On State's Rights 21:45:42
Congresswoman : TSA Hiring Pedophiles To Conduct Pat Downs 21:41:48
Texas Convention - When does the voting start? When do you need to be there by? 21:37:16
Harry Browne - Had He Been Elected 21:33:27
Rubio: We need to prepare public for war w/ Iran 21:14:12
Message from campaign sources today 21:13:17
Mrs. Paul had this on her facebook 21:08:15
Paul Festival Radio Show On Ron Paul Radio 20:58:17
Pamela Gellar blasts Ron Paul 20:46:03
SD live updates begin 8pm central 20:43:50
I Proudly Voted For Ron Paul Today. 20:43:00
Delegates: Please Delete "Abstain," From Your Vocabulary 20:38:31
Gotta love how the D.O.J. sends their army to Wisconsin for the recall voting today. 20:34:18
From Negative 5Y5Y To $2200 Gold? 20:22:26
Primary results update 20:20:07
Wisconsin Voter Fraud 20:19:21
Is it against the rules as a delegate to give away 20:17:44
Election Fraud Lawsuit in the works, Need Your HELP! 20:12:14
Sign waving with class at the CA primary 19:51:06
30,000 secret surveillance orders approved each year, judge estimates 19:51:04
What is the hidden secret in communication? 19:50:47
Let's see... 19:50:31
Something that helped me get an 'on-the-fence' guy 19:48:50
145 Hard Delegates 19:46:39
Want a good laugh?! 19:46:25
Donations Tracker 19:44:49
America how are you 19:36:44
This Billboard Just Made My Day 19:23:26
The Smoking Gun: A Modern-Day Western About the War on Drugs 19:12:13
Rand Paul is about to be interviewed on CNN Erin Burnett 19:11:59
. 19:11:51
Google starts warning users of state-sponsored computer attacks 19:10:57
Thank You Song For Patriots Who Voted For Ron Paul Today 19:04:28
1988 Paul Campaign Speech - Video - Awesome 37 Mins 19:00:43
Trojan Horse 18:57:46
Live Stream of Texas Convention! 18:54:04
PoliceState: SC Mom arrested @Daughter's HS Graduation... for cheering too loud! - NOT OnionNews! 18:48:14
Tonight 7 pm est on Ron Paul Radio, Comedian Tom Simmons will join me and share his hilarious views on the Federal Reserve. 18:37:33
Voters leaving Republican, Democratic parties in droves 18:29:15
A guide to vote by in CA? 18:25:11
How can an "Off Duty" cop be "Off Duty" when he's being paid? 18:16:26
Congresswoman: TSA Hiring Pedophiles To Conduct Pat Downs 18:07:24
Homes of the Republican Presidential candidates. Makes you appreciate Ron Paul even more. 17:52:27
Ron Paul: War Drums for Syria? 17:47:27
Minn taxing charities to pay for stadium owned by billionaires 17:47:09
Henry Herford is assaulted by Shreveport Police at LAGOP State Convention 17:31:32
Assaulted Ron Paul Chair Responds After Release From Hospital (Please Share!) 17:27:32
Financial Wealth Evaporating 17:18:20
TMOT and the Axis Experience release new VIDEO "FREEDOM" original song by Jimi Hendrix 17:15:14
DOD looks to foreign allies for help passing Law of the Sea treaty 17:11:06
Romney is a Liberal Democrat 17:09:51
Seeds of Liberty Being Planted in the Next Generation - 16 year old makes video - Afghanistan Trailer 17:08:37
deleted. daily paul is a disinfo site 17:07:42
Obama the Tyrant Defies Federal District Court Judge Katherine Forrest NDAA ruling 16:58:57
What Inspires A Man To Stand Against A Giant? 16:57:32
Never Give Up 16:50:20
Updated Delegate Count: Mitt 755; Dr Paul 229; TX, CA can change everything. 16:35:58
Election BS in California! 16:31:52
Ron Paul Plan to Restore America Double counts, and uses faulty assumption that tax revenue will naturally double by 2016 16:30:38
This Video Could Destroy Romney 16:28:49
Public Employees Unions Bet On Private Equity 16:15:13
Can Judges endorse delegates to tampa? 16:09:53
Federal Law States Delegates are UNBOUND 16:04:40
Why the GOP can't afford to ignore Ron Paul and his many fansRead more 15:53:38
South Dakota GOP Primary Results LIVE: Ron Paul Supporters Make Huge Push in S.D. 15:44:52
RonPaul Sign Wave Laguna Beach, CA 15:34:02
Write In Ron Paul For Every Office - Good Idea or no? 15:29:37
CA Dingbat Alert. Vote FOR "end the fed" Rick Williams and NOT for Taitz. 15:25:11
System for Ron Paul supporters to connect and network 15:23:37
Why the GOP can't afford to ignore Ron Paul and his many fans 15:12:52
Brian Doherty's defense of Ron Paul on Calif. radio talk show 15:11:46
What Are You Doing This Second To Get Ron Paul ELECTED? Go Here To Actually Get Voters To The Polls In South Dakota! 14:48:46
Davis to Print it's Own Money 14:42:28
Defiance: A Lost Virtue? 14:41:36
V For Vendetta? No, V For Vatican 14:39:22
(Video) TSA In 'Obscene' Grope Down of Senior Citizen 14:37:11
New York State Republican Party Flowchart: 14:32:21
Freedom fighter Henry Herford interviewed by Dr. K. on the Rick Adams Show - the archive 14:28:45
Singapore - Nice place to visit but... 14:24:30
USA Today wants higher gas tax 14:21:52
Obama The Warmongerer Gets Owned 14:16:53
Off the grid in New Mexico 14:16:16
Liberty Hot Seat - 6/12 9:PM - This weeks guests are Adam Kokesh & Tom Woods - What would you ask them? 14:12:55
Freedom Candidate Running for Mayor in Cape Canaveral, FL 13:53:16
Live Stream from Texas Convention 13:43:48
Coke bottles may require cancer warning label if drink ingredients not changed 13:39:52
Have you filled out your affidavits yet, so we can go after the vote riggers? - 13:39:38
Which political blogs should I recommend? 13:28:47
Freeway Overpass Gone Wild..! 13:26:47
Mitt Romney and Rand Paul are a bad match 13:20:20
Watch This County for How California Votes 13:18:07
Are you nuts for believing in chemtrails? 13:06:12
Let's get the Fed's involved in LA. 13:00:48
the old college try 12:54:03
Voted! 12:52:56
Tony Robbins National Deficit (A 12:51:02
Bob Chapman : (1935 - 2012) Rest In Peace 12:11:15
1 Fed Isn't Enough Fed/50 More Feds? 12:02:33
Volunteer voters pledge their votes to the most charitable candidate in 2012 12:01:48
Rubio: “We Need To Prepare People” For War With Iran 12:01:43
Obama "Cruelest Political Hoax of our Times" 11:57:02
Live Stream inside Committee meetings TODAY Texas GOP 11:56:33
After waiting for over a year, today, I finally got to vote for MY president, Ron Paul. 11:55:58
Paul Fest - To Help Get The Gop To Release The Fairgrounds In Tampa, Fl, Contact The Chamber Of Commerce.. 11:45:23
Can Paul Supporters Unite with GOP in Tampa? 11:40:38
PoliceState: Cops arrest 40 INNOCENT Bystanders & Witnesses after an Armed Bank Robbery THEY failed to prevent! 11:40:12
What If on the Tampa floor 11:37:45
Ron Paul: Are you ready for a war with Syria? 11:28:57
5 years on the DP! 15:22:30
As The 'Boom' Goes Bust 11:17:25
We Win ? 11:13:05
Bilderbergers Don't Tip 11:06:06
Attn Michigan Ron Paul Supporters: Easy Way to Show Michigan GOP Error of Its Ways 10:48:18
Ignoring reality? 10:36:39
Our Just and Reasonable Cause -Fight On! 10:36:31
International Baccalaureate - New World Order and American Education 10:34:05
Ron Paul Revolution/Re-Evolution (Mellow Vibe Ron Paul Tune!) 10:33:30
Has anyone else received this email from Representative Gary Peters? 10:24:40
Senator Lee Bright is a Ron Paul of South Carolina 10:00:30
Biochip Implant... RFID... A Super NO NO... 09:12:38
SCOTUS Makes its Last Ruling Securing Its Place in Irrelevance: Okays tasering PREGNANT Woman! 09:07:11
America - where did it go so wrong? 08:58:44
Are we being suckerd by Music and TV ? 08:43:12
Rachel Maddow does it again! (funny) 08:22:38
Doug Wead blog 6/5/12 Who was really behind the brutality in Louisiana 08:04:47
Who gets arrested? Someone who steals billions or someone who spits on a side walk? 08:01:14
These Two Traps Are Absolutely Destroying the Next Generation of Young Men in America 07:37:19
The "International community" 07:35:06
Webster Tarpley's accusations against Ron Paul's economic plan is not accurate 07:30:29
The Rigged Game in California 07:03:21
...that sleeping force that is now awakening. 06:57:42
OCC dropped the ball on robo signing watchdog says 06:25:21
California Voters: Please Vote No On Prop 28 06:22:59
Reporting Police Misconduct to the Police 06:01:38
Twitter #liberty tag is being NOW flooded with #sockpuppet nonsense - worry about June5 quality 05:14:33
Screw the Rules I have Money 04:42:38
The Real American Desperados 04:26:27
California voters, please consider Rick Williams for Senate. 04:03:33
So, I just received a 2012 Presidential Platform Survey from Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman. What should I do? 03:37:56
Current & Classic - Liberty Fuel (Video) - Vote Rick Williams CA 03:19:54
♔~ King Bloomberg, Proclaims "NYC Donut Day" After Announcing Big Gulp Ban 02:40:36
Alex Jones explodes on frequent guest after he bashes Ron Paul 02:40:00
What Makes A Libertarian, and Does Gary Johnson Qualify? 02:14:38
Louisiana scuffle was all Santorum's fault 02:13:12
Why Kurt Bills Will Win: Why We Fight 02:12:03
Here Is Ron Paul...Explaining the World 02:06:16
Help the veteran arrested at Bilderburg 01:55:32
#JustinAmash needs our help! Follow @repjustinamash and he will "blast" #NDAA 01:49:05
Santorum is Behind the brutality in Louisiana 01:36:10
Worry About Where You Are ~ Not Where Ron Paul Is 01:15:03
What?! Rand pretty much endorses Romney 00:59:55
Oklahoma Convention Challenge Fund Now Active! 00:51:09
Ron Paul Mentioned on Fox? - Am I dreaming? 00:43:35
I Miss Ron 19:48:46