Posted on June 6, 2012

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Texas Convention - We are here! 22:53:10
Ron Paul's Latest Email 6/6/12 16:05:24
Thank you South Dakota Patriots! 11:00:30
Greek tax collectors run out of money for gas to collect taxes 09:57:20
G. Edward Griffin Quote on Gun Control 09:47:09
A Warning for the Tampa Convention! 06:33:25
Chaos? The Louisiana 2012 Republican State Convention Explained: Video 11:16:51
Ron on Cavuto 6/6/2012 00:33:49
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Help Justin Amash win the GOP's New Media Challenge 23:56:34
Help a Stranger at the RNC, need housing! 23:47:59
I am new here, I have a question 23:42:45
CBS News: Ron Paul Concedes - He Will Not Win The Republican Nomination. 23:38:38
I Dont Know About You But Im Flippin A Democrat Discussion Group Yee Haw 23:36:24
Texas State Convention Live Stream 6/7 - 6/9 23:24:06
RP Email~the Good News: "500" RP Delegates! Remember, They're All UNBOUND On First Ballot! We can create a Brokered Convention! 23:11:54
Is there a public, official list with the names of all the national delegates up to this point? 23:09:27
Campaign Over 22:55:24
Very IMPORTANT issue regarding Louisiana 22:52:36
This is for those of you who say the major media did not read Ron's latest message! 22:49:38
Ron Paul killed his own momentum 22:37:57
Its over , the liberty movement has been defeated by tryanny. (potentially my last thread here) 22:13:40
For those of you who can't quit moanin' and groanin'- Please Read 22:10:41
Sen. Rand Paul On "Your World" W / Neil Cavuto - Fox News 6-06-12 22:08:06
Sites I Visit on a Daily Basis. What About You? 22:04:12
Wheres the Ron Paul Campaign Money going towards? 22:02:02
Everyone from WillardWorld is visiting us tonight & posting "The Letter" 22:00:27
I DON'T believe Ron is throwing in the towel! He's playing poker w/the media & the RNC! 21:55:58
Dodge County Convention Nebraska 21:53:56
Ron Paul Concedes: Happy With 4th Place 21:46:26
President Of Estonia Slams Paul Krugman: 'Smug, Overbearing & Patronizing' 21:43:38
Senator Asks DOJ to Investigate SWAT-ting Attacks on Conservative Bloggers 21:42:11
Got an interesting call tonight. 21:27:15
Roseanne Barr bashes Obamney, the Fed, drug war, 'shadow government' and overseas wars 21:26:16
May 9th 2012 will live in Infamy 21:16:18
(Video) Colorado Tells Unemployed To Pay Back 128 Million in Jobless Benefits 21:16:00
Rand Paul Compares Paycheck Fairness To Soviet Politburo 21:14:11
Los Angeles county Central Commitee victories! 21:10:14
(Video) San Francisco To Get Pre Crime Surveillance Cameras 21:09:56
James C Werner... My letter to the Indiana GOP Rules Committee Chairman 21:05:16
Texas State Convention Tomorrow! Delegates Show Up 21:04:08
CT Scans In Childhood Increase Cancer Risk 21:02:59
Are you tired and feeling dejected and deflated? 21:02:43
Ron Paul Email (so what) 20:59:39
New York State Supreme Court Justice Says Police Officer Struck Him In Queens 20:58:07
Newest Silver Scam - astronomical shipping prices 20:54:44
Look what's on Spongebob! 20:53:13
My Response To Romney ! 20:53:04
South Carolina Mom Busted At Daughter's Graduation : "I Cheered For My Baby and I Got The Cuffs" 20:50:28
The Billionaires' Club Gets a Visit From Mitt Romney 20:48:30
New Optimistic E-Mail from Campaign 20:45:45
Not Tsa But It's Bad Enough! 20:44:28
PoliceState: NY Sup.Ct.Judge afraid of "unruly" Peons, calls 911, gets his Throat Judo-chopped by NYPD! 20:38:43
Ron Paul: "not enough delegates to win the nomination" 20:37:35
WDN has Paul on their radar...interesting! 20:33:31
It's Official - Ron Paul controls Romney's Congressional District 20:29:00
MSM misinformation 20:27:48
Lew rockwell changed my life. 20:23:50
We are sleepwalking into the Drone Age, unaware of the consequences 20:15:21
Campaign Update -June 6 20:08:42
Why I think Paul is right on war on drugs 20:07:58
National delegates and alternates - read this. 20:06:30
Whomever voted for Mitt Romney should be very ashamed, or at least endevour to be informed of facts. 20:04:54
Brokered Convention & Plans 20:04:39
Congressman Broun Demands Immediate Resignation of TSA Administrator 20:03:47
Dr. K. on the air, right now, with Henry Herford, Jr.: join in, 9-11 CST 20:01:44
Meet Command Central, the People in Charge of Wisconsin Voting Machines 20:01:17
Does anyone find it funny that Thomas Jefferson is pictured on the $2 bill? 19:59:43
21 Signs That This Could Be A Long, Hot, Crazy Summer For The Global Financial System 19:57:55
RP admits defeat :( 19:51:57
Ron Paul Just Won More Delegates 19:39:48
You Have To Read This Letter From The RNC About Us! It Will Make Your Blood Boil! Illinois & other conventions, BEWARE! 19:23:23
Exclusive: Romney Family Investment Group Partnered With Alleged Perpetrators Of $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme 19:20:00
Link to a disturbing first-person recounting of events: Letter To The LA Gop 19:18:30
Rand Paul would have you "sign the Right to Work petition that Obama fears". But before you "click here" to sign it, read this! 19:17:27
Adam Kokesh OBLITERATES government-lover in under 9 minutes VIDEO -incredible ending 19:15:16
Video: RT Abby Martin interviews Event Director for Paul Fest, Bryan Siemon! 19:11:05
what's to come till august 19:06:24
Evangelicals, the guilty people behind the mess in Louisiana . . . 18:59:47
Mass. Gop Upholds Election Of Ron Paul Delegates In Romney's Congressional District! 18:52:43
Why do everyone hate Rand Paul so much? 18:46:53
♠ Did something shady or outright fraudulent happen to you at your Primary? Here's what to do about it. 18:46:19
Liberty Is Alive But Not Well In California 18:40:35
Mitt Romney's role in Walker's win 18:35:14
Illinois party officials on "alert" after LAGOP convention 18:32:05
Why I Am Proud to Admit That I Will NEVER Talk To The Police 18:23:56
Saw the First Drone of my Life Today. 18:10:27
5 easy to read "Beginner" libertarian books & videos"... My Favorites... 18:09:46
Don't You Quit 18:02:34
The Beast As Saint *video* 17:58:32
Over 100,000 Public Elementary School Students To Get Bible Lessons On Killing Unbelievers 17:58:06
For those of you wondering where Ron is & what he is doing (meetings with Romney?) - here are the answers from Carol Paul. 17:51:55
Live Chat: For the LOVE of Liberty w/Chris Kairnes tonight 8:00pm EST w/ guests Rebel Inc & 17:42:26
Vote Ron Paul First Round 17:36:02
Who cares … 17:25:27
In A Gold Standard, How Are Interest Rates Set? - ZH 17:20:32
Delegate count obsession? 17:17:35
Ron Paul Super Saiyan 17:14:43
Classifying the Different Media Sources - Hopefully an Ongoing Thread 17:07:06
The Establishment Fears Rand Paul 17:02:59
Pan-mass challenge, Dana Farber Cancer Institute 16:39:34
UPDATE: MA District 5 Delegate Challenge 16:34:37
Make no mistake , mitts victories today are mostly to blame on the paul campaign. 16:14:08
Ballot Initiatives? 16:03:47
Rand Paul on Cavuto coming up! 15:54:11
Free Ron Paul Car Stickers! 15:53:45
Jet Stream Radioactivity Max Alert! Stay Out Of The Rain ! 15:51:15
Pots and Kettles 15:46:11
Is it currently almost impossible for Romney to win the nomination? 15:11:54
Video: How do you exit 100k troops from Afghanistan? 14:52:50
The primary results are oddly consistent 14:45:41
Has Ron Paul ever talked about the Bilderberg? Here is a video with unsetted content... 14:32:05
Dr. Paul - US on fasttrack to war in Syrina 14:27:39
Reuters : Midwest cattle farmers complain of government "spying" 14:19:20
Secede from the regime - don't consent to tyranny 14:11:10
D-Day 68 Years Ago, Today 14:07:43
Irvin Baxter: New World Order 14:06:16
San Francisco To Get Pre-Crime Surveillance Cameras 14:02:34
Gary Johnson on Daily Show 6/5/2012 13:55:41
. 13:47:38
2012 Revolution Anthem 13:35:21
Why Paul Must speak at the RNC 13:32:53
The Illusion of Freedom 13:28:06
Want a real boost of morale? 13:18:19
Revolution In Former USA 2012 13:08:00
morbid question 13:06:51
John Dennis Wins! Ron Paul Grassroots Candidate Wins Primary in CA 13:00:14
Reality check 12:50:09
DEA Arrests 36 In Drug Smuggling Crackdown At Airports In Puerto Rico, Miami and Dallas Ft. Worth 12:49:40
(Video) The Next Facebook? Sean Parker Launches Video Social Network 12:42:54
The Power Hour 12:39:20
(Video) Senator Rand Paul on Outfront W / Erin Burnett - CNN 6-05-12 12:39:16
(Video) Google Warns Users They May Become Collateral Damage In Cyber War 12:29:01
Rand Paul To CNN's Erin Burnett: 'Absolutely' Okay For Wealthy To Pay More If We Simplify Tax Code 12:27:57
Gold/Silver Ratio: Critical Levels of Support & Resistance 12:26:04
Ron Paul Predicted it on Fox Business -"Walker Wins WI Running Away" 12:00:17
I sent in my RNC Voter Survey today 11:40:35
John Dennis wins again! Faces Pelosi in November! 11:39:03
The Economy Comes Unglued - Paul Craig Roberts 11:22:00
Pop Ups on the DP? Your kidding right? 11:16:09
Ray Bradbury, R.I.P 11:11:42
Unemployment 10:58:36
Poll: If Ron Paul Does Not Win the Nomination, Who Should He Endorse? 10:42:20
Reason.TV: Kennedy on Girls, Guns, and The Problem with DC Firearm Laws! 10:34:07
How to do an exit poll video 10:28:51
Dismal California Primary Results 10:25:58
Barack Obama and Nami Auchi 10:11:15
Asheville man says EPA visit was heavy-handed 10:10:43
Corbett Report Radio 148 – Remembering Bob Chapman 09:29:04
GA College co-ed is a terrorist? 09:27:36
Mass Arrests confirmed to be underway. Do not be shocked when it happens. 09:23:18
Eyewitnesses: Romney attended Bilderberg 2012 12:18:42
South Dakota 08:42:18
New Jersey 08:39:15
Past, Present & Future - Documentary about how Bankers want control of the world. 08:10:28
South Dakota County Breakdown: Where Paul did best and worst 06:34:30
beyond 2012 elections 05:44:48
This is why we fight 05:40:37
Netanyahu vets possible Romney VP 05:05:00
UPDATEs:Does anyone know what happened to the Oath Keepers Kidnapped baby? 04:55:14
Religions: The occult connection 04:32:59
Great Compilation Detailing The Voting Inconsistencies (Not to say blatant fraud) 03:56:44
Remind me, what comes after "... then they fight you"? 03:55:33
Excess Exercise 'Hurts the Heart' and Cause Dangerous Long-Term Harm 02:46:49
A Bipartisan Consensus to Keep the Federal Gravy-Train Moving 02:25:12
Eric Holder we need a more flexible public safety rule on interrogation 02:24:26
Federal Reserve audit PDF $16 Trillion loans 02:16:01
99% will not pay credit cards or loans 02:09:15
Sacha Baron Cohen trying to wake up the sheeple! 01:57:12
Link: Ron Paul's Battle Reveals Some Truths About Political Parties 01:47:11
CNN Admits Ron Paul Might Be The Man America Needs! 01:42:08
Is There A Ron Paul Putsch Under Way? 01:37:10
Former Santorum Louisiana State Political director tells why justified to fear Paul delegates. 01:25:25
Off Topic: Reluctant to post, but these Ron Paul supporters could use our help! 01:20:04
Why a Romney-Rand Ticket Will Never Happen 01:15:04
Reluctant to ask for this help! 00:57:36
Time to start getting very active in the local races 00:53:44
It is called Love 00:45:45
Two Previous Court Rulings Show Bound Delegates Free to Vote Their Conscience 00:30:38
How Evil Gun Control Really Is 00:29:12
Reality Check: Can Police "Terminate" Your First Amendment Rights? 00:28:27
Bound Delegates Are Bound 00:24:44
"Ron Paul" Races the Baja 500 00:19:15
How can vote-flipping be proven from a programming standpoint? 00:11:50
November is coming! (Humorous video) 00:06:15
How? 00:03:47
I'll Never Quit For Ron Paul 00:30:39