Posted on June 9, 2012

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The Big Texas Takeaway 21:33:08
Go Ahead, Tear Off Your RP Stickers, Run Away Mad, That's What They Want! 20:44:13
Emotional Reactionism to Rand Paul's Romney Endorsement 17:05:33
This Old DP Beehive 14:03:39
Illinois GOP Convention LIVE 13:04:17
Report from the Trenches - The Revolution is Working 12:01:01
Arkansas Special District Conventions - Reported Results (updated 06/09 at 7:00pm) 08:37:13
Relax. Keep An Open Mind :) 04:43:53
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Send a libertarian to the US House: Phone From Home for Karen Kwiatkowski's Primary (It's This Tuesday) 23:53:28
Your Right to be Wrong Day - Everybody Celebrates! 23:51:18
The Liberty Torch Olympics 23:46:21
Illinois Gives 64 Delegates to Romney 23:40:05
What our next big move should be 23:38:40
IL Conventon & Grassroots was a J.O.K.E. 23:34:00
Things I learned from the Texas State Convention 23:21:15
DP donations flow and money bombs 23:17:33
Liberty Scholars 23:17:04
List of citizen journalist websites 23:14:21
In case we've all forgotten due to the whole Rand "issue", our orders from Ron are to accumulate delegates. I'd say we had a 23:12:43
U.S. government to use 'drones the size of Golf Balls to spy on American Citizens' 23:10:33
Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney explained 22:49:33
Romney To Travel Back In Time To Kill Liberal Versions Of Himself 22:48:51
The Opportunity of Chaos 22:42:54
What if Rand endorsed Romney in return for a speaking spot for Ron at the convention? 22:38:49
Alex Jones now demonising Ron, Rand 22:38:34
Why Ron Paul is a Non-Entity to MSM... 22:34:51
It's Official: Ron Paul is Out ! 22:28:40
Once Again, George Carlin 22:27:43
Adam Kokesh breaks down Rand Paul FOX interview with very insightful commentary 22:26:43
Need a laugh? My wife's gift to me for our 5 year anniversary :) 22:21:31
It aint about Paul - its about the message. 22:20:23
Scott Walker said he would use 'Divide and Conquer' to evade Recall 22:17:19
Rand Paul: Upon Further Reflection 22:14:04
Hold the world hostage 22:10:49
Spain to get bank bailout that may run up to €100bn; Joins Greece, Ireland and Portugal 22:01:42
Ron Paul's Reaction to Rand's Endorsement... 21:57:44
Stop the division: for those who attack Rand, look back to Rothbard 21:47:36
Ominous, big war may be close, fantastic news that Ron Paul might shine by stopping it 21:46:17
One Minute to Midnight in the EU. S2HTF in days not weeks. 21:45:13
Report From Texas 21:42:01
Kokesh makes an excellent analysis of AlsoRand endorsement 21:38:12
Business Insider: Ron Paul supporters are really pissed Rand endorsed Mitt-features comments from Daily Paul 21:37:56
10 Delegates Up 4 Grabs 2morrow 21:36:16
Please post link to Ron Paul giving Concession Speech 21:35:13
These are the times that try men's souls 21:31:58
To all my Ron Paul friends... 21:24:43
Rand Paul's Romney Endorsement Means NOTHING! 21:22:22
DP Exclusive! Satan Endorses Ron Paul! 21:20:41
Can't Believe how much Traffic Here on DP has dropped since Rand Gave His Romney Endorsement 20:59:48
"The Special Four" 20:44:43
Attention all Republican Delegates to Tampa: Rand Paul is Right! 20:43:51
Good news from Rick's speech at Texas State Convention 20:27:10
No More Jesse Benton In the Future (Hopefully) 20:20:09
Are there Olsen / Benton trolls on the DP 20:10:50
Email to Rand Paul 19:57:01
Beyond a Pale Horse 19:44:20
On Rand Paul and the Future of the Liberty Movement. 19:34:01
New Interview on CNN: Rand Continues to Promote Romney 19:33:34
Rand Paul endorsed Romney because of Rick Santorum 19:31:03
New documentary exposes the United Nations 19:26:31
I ain't quittin' or sellin' out, in spite of Rand 19:17:08
'Global Classroom': U.N. Infiltrates Education Worldwide OccupyCorporatism 19:17:07
What happens when an Unstoppable Force meets Immovable Object? 19:16:25
Free E-Book: None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary Allen 19:14:49
Rand doesn't speak for the conservative and libertarian independent Ron Paul supporters 19:12:57
Would you support Romney if Rand Paul was his running mate? 18:53:20
Hope we all learned something! 18:50:23
How many people still think Ron Paul will win? 18:46:27
Cut Rand some slack or Ron Paul's Coalitions 18:40:19
The Long-standing Delusion Of All Peacemaking Efforts 18:39:05
why Rand's endorsement sucks 18:37:59
Secrets of Prometheus Film Leaked 18:34:04
Operation Pizza Bomb for the Texas State Convention. 18:30:07
Excellent Interview With Warren Pollock 18:29:06
Rand has my vote for VP! 18:24:37
Where Do We Go From Here? 18:11:57
We MUST Stop Funding Terror! 17:55:15
The South Shall Rise Again (And We All Need A Laugh Here) 17:43:33
Rand Paul segment on CNN 5:40pm ET 17:40:35
Jack Hunter Tells It Like It Is. 17:31:27
Rethinking events...I plan to stand with Rand 17:26:07
♠ Here's a recap of what went down at the ILLINOIS state convention 17:19:13
I'm afraid Rand Paul may get a speaking slot at the Tampa convention 17:15:12
we need new politicians who speak the truth 17:10:51
Texas Republican State Convention LIVE 17:10:00
deleted 17:09:57
We HATE the news. 16:59:17
Redacted 16:58:33
Why the Ron/Rand Paul Political Movement has Ended 16:56:35
Average of 23 Factories permanently close in the United States every single day during 2010! 16:48:16
Consolidating Texas Convention information 16:47:41
Speculate all you want 16:46:58
Audio of Rand speaking yesterday at Chicago CPAC 16:44:35
Linguistic analysis of Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney contradicts his words: Rand Paul is disgusted with him! 16:38:55
Now Is Not The Time To Go Quietly Into The Night! 16:34:39
Orrin Hatch is afraid of debating, so Liljenquist debates cardboard cut-out of him 16:31:55
Video> Israel Anderson of It's about the Message! NOT the Man! It's about You! 16:28:23
Linguistics Analysis of Rand's endorsement 16:23:28
A golden idea to save (or doom) the euro - will Europeans Fall for It? - *video* 16:12:20
Best of Mitt Romney! - A Video for Republican National Convention Delegates 16:01:07
Dr. Ron Paul is our President 15:59:07
My letter to the Tampa Bay Times 15:49:02
We Win In Our AR District! 15:36:25
The drastic change in content on this site over the past week 15:32:00
Doctor Steve's words on the Rand endorsement 15:30:38
LOL mittens 15:30:37
Ron Paul should separate himself from Rands endorsement 15:29:57
Go to the National Convention - Vote for Dr. Ron Paul 15:23:08
Boy! I Can't Believe I'm Going to Say This! 15:22:58
America's Student Loan Racket 15:20:16
WHAT 15:14:59
I think Ron Paul will be Vice President 15:11:49
Rand’s endorsement is a net win for Romney - Washington Post 15:03:42
It's the Policy, Stupid 15:02:40
How about a vote on whether or not the name of this website should change 14:57:26
Linguistic analysis of Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney contradicts his words: Rand Paul is disgusted with him! 14:44:59
Motivation - Pain is Temporary 14:44:32
Texas Convention Livestream/Good Stuff going on 14:43:39
WHAT in the world is Rand Paul doing? My two cents 14:30:38
More then 200 Delegates 14:27:19
AntiWar article from February expains it all! 14:25:22
Rockefeller Anti-Fertility Vaccines Exposed 14:23:14
TMOT's new video about the Penny Freeman interview- 14:22:15
Time For A $1 MILLION Money Bomb To Raise Funds For A Huge Ron Paul STATUE ? 14:22:14
Il Gop Chairman Pat Brady Shuts Out Ron Paul Supporters! 14:17:29
Inspirational Video to Get Your Head Back in the Game! 14:17:25
Paco of on RT News 14:09:45
Paul's meal with Bernanke,.. A real POWER breakfast 14:04:53
deleted 14:01:37
The Ron Paul...Restoration? 13:57:15
Nebraska County Convention Live Stream - Douglas County (Omaha) 13:54:24
Rand Paul Political Trend Shredded by Gerald Celente 13:53:51
Douglas County, NE convention 13:50:30
A Lesson for the GOP/RNC 13:35:49
I believe it's slick maneuvering. 13:34:19
Argentina: Capital Controls Feared - Banks Lose a Third of Dollar Deposits 13:34:10
The possible strategy behind the Rand Paul "announcement" that he was clearly disgusted making... 13:32:40
In some ways, we need to mature 13:04:13
We're in Shock 13:03:07
Stop Your Nonsense! Rand Is The Future! 12:57:51
Keeping Ron Paul's liberty movement alive (Washington Times) 12:54:31
I think Alex Jones Might be right... Ron & Rand are off track. 12:51:57
Jones & Kokesh, just like all of us, have a right to speak their minds. 12:41:43
Mossad Wants Credit for Stuxnet 12:40:40
Run With It 12:37:13
Help me refute this claim about "free trade" 12:21:14
.Who Is Trygve Olson? RP Senior Strategic Advisor/Traitor? Stay Focused & Involved & Search For Truth. 12:17:40
To Doug Wead. Is It True That RP Campaign Senior Advisor Trygve Olsen Is Working To Bring The Paul Campaign Down Or False? 12:09:52
Wise words from Hayek 11:58:57
Prresident of Argentina / US dollar 11:58:11
We gotta cut this out. The W. Times is using Daily Paul quotes and I'm - edit - *annoyed*. 11:56:07
go back to articles of confederation 11:51:29
Voluntaryism and the freedom movement 11:47:53
Please support Jim Russell in New York's 17th Congressional District on June 26th 11:40:42
All of you need to read this: Delete your facebook page immediately 11:40:21
Dr. Paul and Carol 11:28:06
Jones, Tarpley and Kokesh…I would be ashamed 11:25:38
Tactics Do Not Equal Principles 11:15:18
What are our options? we can do two things at once. 11:05:11
Did you not get the Ron Paul Email? 11:01:38
Police State: Ten Secrets The Police Don't Want You To Know! 10:54:54
Can we get back on track and concentrate on what is important? – the delegates and election rigging 10:47:23
Donkey and Elephants 10:46:29
The Devil Is In The Details: we're going to convention, right? 10:45:55
Rand Paul's message - the fight for liberty is NOT a SPECTATOR sport 10:42:43
PolicyMic: Ron Paul, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney: Where The Candidates Get Their Money From 10:27:25
Paul Festival and the rumors 10:03:46
The Ron Paul Experiment: Lab Report 10:00:56
The Freedom Fight Goes On, No Matter What! 09:59:56
Give Me A Break ~ The Pursuit of Liberty Will March On Regardless 09:56:35
Willard, cop impersonator and coward 09:51:23
~ Are You Excited About National Bankruptcy? 09:35:38
Ron Paul, Don't Destroy Yourself 09:27:30
Can Ron Paul Be Tamed? 09:21:57
Just a reminder... 09:06:15
Penny Freeman, former staffer in tears over Ron Paul betrayals 09:00:12
Tom Woods: Now IS The Time - Encouraging Words for Dr. Paul to Fight on 08:55:35
Rhino: The difference between Ron and Rand is not substance but strategy. 08:51:16
Refreshing Video: Ron Paul Delegates are adding up! - RevPAC Evolve Episode 5 08:46:43
Ron Paul, Let’s Take it to the Convention! 08:27:06
Ben Swann is Ron Paul's Real Son. 08:12:52
TMOT: Ron Paul: Cast Your Resolve Not Upon Rand 08:08:57
Keeping Ron Pauls Liberty Movement Alive- Washington Times 08:07:21
Infiltration AND baiting the establishment. (stop hating our warriors of freedom!) 07:55:54
To Hell With Rand Paul Endorsement 07:42:33
Why did Rand Paul support Romney? I am so confused? 07:37:43
100 years of American Intervention 07:17:05
It's clear now: the Pauls were threatened with assassination. 07:07:08
Who is Penny Langford Freeman? Her RevPac Powercast Interview Helps Put Her Heartwrenching Kokesh Interview in Context 06:59:46
Ron Paul Denounces the Obama Administration for lying to invade Syria (spanish) 06:38:51
Alex Jones' open letter (video) to Ron Paul looking for... 05:55:13
This is 1776..not 1786..We Have Only Begun the rEVOLution! Focus People! Does Willard Romney Get These Ovations?! 05:47:01
Message from Alex Jones to Ron Paul (stated well in my opinion). 05:42:26
What would you do if they threatened to kill your parents? 05:18:21
Want Some Answers About Why The Campaign All Of The Sudden Stopped During Its Peak And Rand Endorsed Romney?Shocking Start Here. 05:09:30
Live Stream of Reconvening of Alaska State Convention. 05:01:03
There is a viper in the Ron Paul Campaign? Meet Trygve Olson Ron Paul 2012 Chief Strategic Advisor works for the enemy. 05:00:14
Why Did He Have To Do It On Hannity's Show? 04:42:40
Justin Raimondo Article "Can Ron Paul Be Tamed? NO. But His Campaign Can" And It Has. We Need To Help Ron - read THIS! 04:36:40
Hey Pull Your Head Out Of Your A* And Lets Get Back To Work. 04:34:01
Forget being the Irate Minority We are the Majority! (we all know the numbers are Fixed) 04:25:13
Are These Two Men The Downfall Of The Ron Paul Campaign (this is very interesting) 04:22:13
So what does Ron Paul owe you, and what do you owe Ron Paul? 04:13:11
I think if Ron Paul loses at the Convention, he will endorse Mitt Romney. 03:53:42
It is really quite simple 03:53:05
Freedom is leaderless collectively we are the power stay tuff stick to your guns we decide 03:14:15
If you don't trust Rand, you are out of your mind 02:57:32
Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. 02:52:29
Just A Shout Out To All Paul Supporters: Keep Your Head Up, We Can And Will Carry On The Torch Of Liberty 02:44:51
Ron Paul supporters have embarrassed...(UPDATE - changed my mind) 02:43:18
You Are All Trolls...All Of You! 02:43:09
Who Cares What Ron or Rand Thinks? This movement dies when YOU Give up... 02:41:11
Who were you gonna vote for anyway, got a spine? 02:13:00
Rand Paul 2016 02:06:08
Rand Paul: excuses, lies , and where on earth is Ron? 02:05:13
We all need to stay together 01:59:24
We Deserve Answers ! 01:52:13
The "UnLike" Rand Paul on Facebook Bomb is Underway! 01:50:10
Use it, Patriots. 01:38:28
How Come We Can Influence Other NRC Delegates,but Paul Cannot as VP? Hypocrites ! 01:37:34
Rick Santorum predicts a convention fight with Ron Paul delegates over party platform 01:34:41
Clear Your Head 01:24:53
This is Who Rand Paul Endorses (Video) 01:16:56
Ron Paul FLIX News for June 8th 2012 with Israel Anderson 01:11:08
New Jersey only 99.2% reporting. What is going on in these 6 counties! 01:04:16
No More Eye Surgery->Tune 00:49:22
Ron Paul is on Netflix! 00:46:56
Alex Jones to Ron Paul: "Don't Destroy Yourself" 00:38:05
Rand Paul: An Idea Whose Time Has Come 00:35:52
Ron Paul Flix: Run for Local Office! 00:31:04
Ron Paul is the Mister Rogers of politics 00:22:46
Penny Freeman Gives Her Two Cents on Rand, Ron and Benton 00:20:01
Well, I just put my name in the hat to become a precinct committeeman 00:18:23
Rand Paul Makes Deal With Democrat On Pot, Gets Applauded; Makes Deal With Romney "traitor! Disgrace To Father!" 00:17:40
986,988 people like Ron Paul. 00:14:10
They Want Us To Fracture - Who Says No Way? 00:12:22
The Trillion Dollar Plant 01:22:58