Posted on July 10, 2012

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Interview: 18 Year Old Evan Kenney on Mass GOP delegate debacle 19:45:04
The Dead Horse Theory 19:33:52
Yahoo: How Republicans plan to win over the youth vote 18:00:00
Chris Christie: War on Drugs 'a failure' 15:56:49
Doug Wead ‘If we have a plurality of the delegation in Nebraska we can nominate Ron Paul for President’ 15:33:28
Zero Hedge: Federal Reserve Admits It Knew Of Barclays Libor "Problems" In 2007 And 2008 12:25:29
GOP tells young people to get lost 12:03:12
Media Playing RNC Ballot Charades 10:05:23
The Corn is Dying All Over America 09:20:54
Iceland Booms As The World Struggles 08:53:20
MSNBC: Ron Paul's Last Stand 08:56:57
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~ Sizzling New Tampa Video! "Change the Course of History 8/24 - 8/30" 23:55:56
Wants a good Laugh? GOP says they are targeting youth voters 23:55:29
Judge Napolitano on Surge in Government Surveillance Requests to Cell Phone Carriers 23:55:02
Ron Paul: Our current banking system is about counterfeiting money 23:34:06
Crossing the River 23:17:37
Canadians Join Lawyers for Ron Paul Federal Lawsuit Against GOP 23:15:12
Ron Paul video by his supporters... 22:54:35
Bobby Sands & other Irish freedom fighters showed the way 22:40:26
Beer, Bullets & Harley Davidson's 22:38:51
Terrorism is the systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion. 22:26:39
sensible foreign policy 22:15:27
Drug made from toxic weed kills cancer 22:07:55
Activism/Media Team Needs your Help for Tampa 22:03:44
Capital Account: For Investors and Customers, PFG is MF Global all Over Again... 22:03:37
PFG's Chairman Was Forging Bank Documents For Years Even As The CFTC Gave An "All Clear" 22:02:14
Propping Up The Gold Price? 22:01:13
A picture is worth a thousand words 21:59:37
China Imports More Gold From Hong Kong In Five Months Than All Of UK's Combined Gold Holdings 21:59:35
Federal Reserve Admits It Knew Of Barclays Libor "Problems" In 2007 And 2008 21:57:58
1 21:48:29
No, Romney Didn’t Leave Bain in 1999 21:42:43
"Honor in office" Rally in DC less than a week away. This needs more coverage, now! 21:16:27
CETA Intellectual Property Chapter Leaks for All to See 21:05:10
TMOT had a Fallin' Out With the facebook Tea Party 20:59:45
The Ultimate Krugman Take-Down - Zerohedge 20:42:32
Conference Call For Nebraska Delegates - Call In Now 20:36:56
woohoo! raw milk. 20:27:44
Doug Wead Tweeted a "Ron Paul's Last Stand" event 20:26:07
Need Help Educating OWS Peeps - "Debunking Libertarians" 20:22:56
An Additional $15 - $24 Trillion To Be Added To The Money Supply? 20:09:46
Poll: IPhone users back Obama - Politico via Drudge (help the people out) 19:45:36
Model plane plot: Physics grad intent on attacking US 'snake' to plead guilty 19:44:13
TSA's War on Candy-Eating Deaf People 19:32:50
Current World News, Interesting Thought 19:06:04
Watch the Vote for Nebraska to get Ron Paul on Ballot! 18:58:57
UPDATE: Phoenix Pastor Sentenced 60-days In Jail For Holding Home Bible Study 18:49:16
Arizona Police Raid Home Church For Reading The Bible Without Permission?: Michael Salman’s Bible Study Is a “Super No No” in “F 18:45:42
A vote for Romney is a wasted vote...Here's why: 18:29:18
where does our "money come from? 18:28:35
"How I Said No To The Automatic Social Security Number" 18:00:18
All your work for Ron Paul is wasted if you don't enjoin! Massachusetts are YOU listening? Don't listen to Jesse! 17:50:15
"Incoming!" Meteor shower in Indian district 17:47:18
The Privacy Fight is going to get much more difficult 17:44:37
Romney / Obama - Any difference? Nope they are the same. 17:22:46
Does Mitt Romney has a Koch Problem? (Coke) 17:14:49
I KNOW you guys realize this, but posting anyway, UPDATE... 17:10:15
Pro-Israeli Lobby in Washington Ensures America Does Israel’s Bidding 17:06:57
Somehow we need to get Romney to Answer these two questions on film, Then it will be his death nail ! 17:04:30
Water Securitization, Agenda 21 and the Right to Life 17:03:59
Is BitCoin a competitive currency? 17:02:06
Help to Make "Audit the Fed" the #1 issue on the GOP platform. Right now it is 19th out of 30. 16:59:28
Sopa Is Back: Lamar Smith Trying To Quietly Revive Sopa And Cram It Down The World's Throats 16:59:21
~ Video Jul 10: Pennsylvania GOP Joins In Violations of Supporting Un-Nominated Romney 16:49:56
Gary Johnson: Face reality, legalize pot 16:49:18
Gary Johnson To Speak At Freedom Fest In Las Vegas 16:39:09
Absolute Proof That 9/11 Was A 9/11 For 9/11 9/11 and 9/11 16:33:19
Eww......Yuck!!! 16:19:30
Ron Paul: Our current banking system is about counterfeiting money 16:18:08
The best thing you can do to help Nebraska delegates? 16:15:59
Police encounter video upload site idea 16:15:55
(Video) 9-11 co-chair, Thomas Kean Admits He Stayed at Bohemian Grove w/ George Schultz, Colin Powell & Steve Wynn 16:01:38
Vote On The Paul Festival Video Submissions! 15:49:53
WND Romney vs Paul 15:47:29
An old idea from Joseph Stalin for the American presidential election process 15:47:07
Taxes for online shopping gaining support in states, congress 15:29:58
Now, I've seen it all! 15:28:28
Video Blogger Documents Expanding TSA 'Gate Rape' Operation 15:23:15
Obama-Nero plays golf as America burns down. 15:18:10
A Tale of Two Delegates 15:07:46
Resurrected? Lamar Smith plans piecemeal push to zombify SOPA 15:03:51
Massachusetts Corruption story compilation thread... 14:56:57
Jean Marie Eveillard: “Elites are discredited…They will end up hanging a few.” 14:56:11
New legal complaint could lead to Holder's disbarment 14:53:09
Reverse Pyramid Training, Flipping the Pyramid for Results 14:30:47
Another MF Global? 14:28:20
DailyBeast even mentions that Revolution at Tampa 14:07:39
Paul Supporters Among Top NH Reps and Senators 14:01:45
"Congressman Too Truthful" April 29, 2002 13:57:05
Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 164 Feet Away 13:55:47
idea for nebraska to win hearts and minds 13:43:55
Hillary Clinton Desperate for Syria Invasion 13:40:36
Cobra: "The Cavalry is Coming" 13:34:35
Video: Man Stands His Ground & Says NO To Police State Checkpoint Thugs, Beaten and Tazed 13:24:42
More Liberty Candidates: Ron Paul Endorses Wes Riddle for Congress 13:21:08
Need help explaining RP foreign policy? 13:00:14
14 Frightening Big Brother Surveillance Technologies 13:00:05
Great News site 12:59:31
Tom Woods On Freedomain Radio 12:55:08
Two Live Shows Tonight on the Federal Case: Richard Gilbert & Dr. K. on GCN and RBN: includes calls by delegates. 12:25:46
PFGBest missing $220-million in client funds, founder attempts suicide 12:21:13
"Another one bites the dust." Investment banker attempts suicide after $200M missing 12:20:03
Let's RSVP enough to fill Raymond James Stadium! 12:01:43
Rep. Bill Owens (D-NY-23) is hosting a tele town hall tonight 7/10 11:49:58
Talking Ron Paul's Revolution on the WPRR in Michigan, and a Great Review from Students for Liberty 11:42:43
Pick the Paulfest Video Promo Winners: Most Video Likes Wins 11:18:07
Get On a JURY for Freedom! 84lbs of Marijuana, Jury Says "Not Guilty" 11:12:33
Brad Pitt's Mother 'BULLIED' into silence 10:28:01
Barack Obama's Brother to Make Film Debut in Anti-Obama Documentary (Exclusive Video) 10:16:18
(Video) Pentagon tests drone at airpark in Ohio 09:58:28
Most Expensive Presidential Election in History 09:57:20
Video Short but WORTH watching: Letter to Repubs and Dems 09:48:48
Video: Taxi To The Dark Side - Documentary 1h:46m 09:48:34
Pressfortruth tv : The Trans Pacific Partnership - A Corporate Fascist Coup (Video) 09:38:58
Let’s Draft Our Kids 09:07:06
PFG Is Now MFG(lobal) Part 2 As $220 Million In Segregated Client Money Has Just Vaporized 09:01:17
OUTRAGEOUS! TSA agents laugh at deaf man- call him 'f*ing deafie, steal his candy 08:45:45
* ALERT!: Secure IT Act introduced in the Senate * Backed by McCain! 08:43:25
Plurality shifts have been endless 08:35:15
Central Banks And American Aristocracy 08:30:07
2 videos, a flawed attorney general, and a Mitt Romney lie. 08:29:26
The Collapsing U.S. Economy And The End Of The World 08:28:16
Experts Find 30 Trillion Tons of Toxic Liquid Injected into Earth Poisons Ground Water 08:05:44
A backpack full of explosives found under Orange County 08:00:53
Peter Schiff at Tonight 7/10 @ 9:PM ET. 07:22:21
~rb25de: "Thomas Andrews Drake has my utmost respect." VIDEO 07:14:53
Capitalism Needs Regulation 06:57:55
We HAD the neocon GOP on the run here in Maine, but... 05:55:44
Our Delegates WANT this lawsuit: Why are we fighting it? 05:11:56
Obama gives himself control of all communication systems in America 04:07:07
No Time to Read Atlas Shrugged? Just Watch Idiocracy. Same basic Premise. 03:45:55
The real story behind negative interest rates: Banks pushing Credit Unions out of business 03:20:21
(Video) Credit Unions growing popular as banks increase fees 03:12:13
The late Ernest Borgnine on politicians 03:06:32
Rick Perry: Texas won't implement Obamacare 02:59:35
Former National Security Agency executive /Whistleblower 02:16:50
They have Come For ME Already...But What Have YOU Done to Help? 01:53:49
1914 $10 Dollar federal reserve note made of 100% Hemp Paper 01:32:08
Is it All About the Petrodollar? 01:25:49
Why American is NOT the greatest country anymore. 01:17:53
There are THREE Rules in Government 01:16:04
Doesn't Ron Paul already have 5 states? 01:15:50
Peace treaty proposed with Nebraska Liberty Caucus. Are they are scared? 01:09:05
PFG is Now MFG(lobal) Part 2 As $220 Million In Segregated Client Money Has Just Vaporized 00:57:01
Heres an idea for the RNC in Tampa! 00:46:26
Mitt Romney To Speak At The NAACP Convention 00:39:29
The Grievance Suit Has To Be Filed In The Morning - Enjoin Now - Everyone! We Have The RNC On The Run! 00:24:21
Nebraska, Tampa & 3 More "Elektable" Short Films 00:20:00