Posted on July 19, 2012

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Ron Paul on FOX Business News 7-19-12 ~ FED Response Is Mostly Superficial 21:35:11
RNC Delegates This Is Your Time! Do It Now! 18:40:31
Dimitry Orlov: Seizing the mid-collapse moment 14:58:16
What will they do if Ron Paul wins the nomination? 13:17:16
Video: Luke Rudkowski asks, What does It All mean, to YOU? 11:53:27
Ron Paul Warns Bernanke: The Financial Crisis Is Far From Over 11:07:03
Ron Paul Interview for the upcoming documentary The Bubble (Must See: 40 Minute Interview!) 09:51:39
Peter Schiff: Our Children May Have To Lead A Violent Revolution To Bring Back Capitalism 08:22:45
Mitt Romney Gives a Tweet Out to Ron Paul's Audit the Fed 12:06:00
Congressman Ron Paul Urges Afghanistan Withdrawal - July 18 2012 22:13:26
Ron Paul Chocolate Bar teams up with PaulFest for special ticket promotion! 21:00:00
Video Update: One last time! Ron Paul vs. Bernanke 15:07:29
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Co-chairman of a 2007 fundraiser for GOPcandidate Mitt Romney charged with rape 23:59:18
The perfect storm is upon us. 23:52:29
“It’s going to be Obama vs. Johnson.” 23:34:23
Strategy for RNC : Contact non-Paul's! We must Act! 23:23:27
Dan Rather: 'Quote approval' a media sellout~Campaigns making journalists show their story first 23:12:06
Ben Swann: Fiat Dollar Is The Real Reason For High Gas Prices *VIDEO* 23:11:30
O'Reilly : Obama not a socialist or communist, but a 'social justice anti capitalist' (Video) 22:43:49
The Senate Keeps Doing What It Does Best—Attempt To Bamboozle The American Public 22:31:23
Mitt Romney doesn't stand a chance against Obama? 22:19:27
Oh, exceptions can be made for homosexual soldiers? 22:12:32
Man stopped by TSA for having suspicious object in his pants 22:08:48
Question for YouTube posters/experts. 22:08:19
GREAT idea from Jesse Ventura! 21:57:13
Support this Liberty-Friendly candidate in Minnesota! 21:53:05
The Greater Good, Ends and Means 21:52:05
0% for 60 months 21:50:33
Ron Paul Won Early Primaries, Mathematicians Find. Election Judge Threatened For Calling Fraud. (Link Restored! ) 21:33:02
Matt Taibbi video: LIBOR crime defrauded trillions from 99% 21:19:52
Holy cow. Ron Paul really has all the power right now like a boss 21:19:17
If we are all in agreement that both Romney and Obama stand for and represent the SAME interests, hear me out; 21:00:03
Tampa Delegates: Be wary of these people in your delegation 20:58:16
The Real Truth Behind the Batman Bain Character 20:48:39
Obama Tells School Kid, "You Didn't Build That!" 20:47:53
Are We In It To Win It? 20:34:40
(Video) AFT Boss Threatens Whistleblower 20:29:21
A picture that makes you go huh? 23:23:55
YouGov Poll on Ron Paul 20:23:12
Ron Paul: I 'Have Not' Decided If I'll Vote for Romney 20:17:34
Bernanke Tells Barney Frank: “I Keep A Collection Of Editorials From My Critics’ 20:16:45
Just saw a sticker on a car that said "I'm so gay I can't even drive straight!" 20:12:14
How will we continue to support Dr. Paul after all is said and done? 20:10:59
Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ-12) to host town halls on 7/21 19:55:43
Money Market Funds: "Suspend Redemptions." 19:52:47
Here's a little U.S. history test - college professors average about 50%. Isn't that odd? 19:51:45
Web Quiz Tells You Which Presidential Candidate Best Fits Your Worldview 19:38:26
* John Dennis Moneybomb! * 19:32:22
Politico article on Gary Johnson 18:58:24
While Syria seems to be the target of late, Iran is the big prize 18:51:16
Winter Soldier Aims Of The Global War On Terror 18:38:14
Frustrated with Mainstream Politics, Some Young Voters Turn to Libertarians 18:34:35
Jim Sinclair: "This is a call for an explosion in litigation against those that destroy for profit using dastardly means." 18:17:49
GOP source: Chris Christie to be RNC keynote speaker 18:14:28
Five Year Old Girl Shuts Down Armed Soldiers 18:04:57
U.S. Military Purchasing Combat Equipment for Domestic Contingency Planning 17:54:43
The Hypocrisy and Double Standards of Louie Gohmert 17:54:28
Bulgaria suicide bomber carried a fake U.S. drivers license & passport. 17:49:10
Secnav Instruction 11100.8b Subj: Vice President's Residence 17:47:43
TSA agents 'humiliate and strip-search ill grandmother as they swab her gastric feeding tube for explosives' 17:46:24
Why Fox News Channel Is An Industry Joke 17:43:26
How the Gates Foundation's Unholy Alliances Affect You and Your Health 17:30:15
ATF Boss Threatens Whistleblowers 17:21:08
I'm going to see "The Judge" tonight! 17:16:42
Sign Petition to require TSA to follow the law 17:14:48
Classic Ron Paul: "After bombing a country to smithereens, we are now occupying it" 16:57:58
Where Does Ron Paul’s “Liberty Movement” Go From Here? 16:55:04
http:/ vote up the ron paul ideas. 16:50:19
Classic Ron Paul: "Where do we get this authority to be the policeman of the world?" 16:46:57
Classic Ron Paul: "The US Mint is run like an efficient business operation" (1984) 16:45:13
Paul Supporters and The memo most of us did not receive 16:10:04
Ron Paul Revolution - Give Us Back our Constitution! 16:03:35
The Condi Delusion 16:01:52
TITLE: New Age Dawning Short Parable (Libertarians like Parables) 15:40:46
The American Voter 15:39:04
Sen. Rand Paul: Stop the illegal surveillance of American citizens 15:35:00
Have a Business and the Gov't wants you to Collect a Sales Tax? Is it time you started Charging them an Administrative Fee? 15:26:30
Any opinions here about the new HBO series "Newsroom"? 15:23:31
What if Ron Paul won the GOP nomination in Tampa? 15:22:24
Startribune Hit Piece: Ron Paul's fruitless effort to end the Fed 15:19:18
New World Order domain name up for sale... 15:14:05
Electoral map of who would win the various states were voters fully informed & voted on the issues 14:40:40
Agenda 21 Puts Gov GPS Trackers in Every SF Car 14:32:10
Anyone up for a money bomb for a peaceful purpose (i.e. non-governmental purpose)? 14:28:05
How would this scheme effect local food economies? 14:19:40
Baltimore and the Libor scandal: 'We can't leave any money on the table' 14:14:20
What a travesty; poll shows Republican voters want Condi as VP 14:14:17
The Final Showdown: Paul vs. Bernanke 14:14:01
Video: It's Begun; Citizens resist Illegal Invasion of Private Property to install UNA21-mandated "SmartMeters" 14:00:07
Fun, fun, fun in Tampa: Will Ron Paul's name be put into nomination? 13:59:49
Stop making cancer - from the inside out 13:57:23
Pelosi grilled over own tax returns 13:56:42
48 Tons of Silver Recovered From World War II Shipwreck 13:48:15
Texas Lawyer gets 3 years 13:30:12
Mitt Romney Tweets About Ron Paul And The FED 13:28:59
Tax Returns 13:22:26
Federal Reserve Heist 13:20:06
Goldseek Radio's Chris Waltzek Talks to Dr Ron Paul - July 17, 2012 13:10:08
Are Major Copyright Lobbies Showing Signs of Panic? 13:02:14
Milk Police Busted 12:31:48
Ron Paul Knows He Will Be Up For Nomination, And Has For Some Time...And I Have Proof! 12:14:06
Exposing the laziness of unions. 12:09:33
Mitt Tries To Appeal To Paul Supporters On Twitter 12:09:31
Why Liberals Want To Stop Gun Shows 12:09:08
USDA partnering with Mexico to boost food stamp participation 12:03:23
What Politicians Don't Know About Outsourcing 11:58:35
Who is weak and who is strong 11:52:31
Sylvester Stallone's Oldest Son Another Victim of 'Big Pharma' 11:51:40
Mark of The Beast : FBI wants tattoo database 11:45:12
Naked man who protested TSA found not guilty of public indecency 11:42:40
Ron Paul/Gary Johnson are winning this poll: (600,000+ respond) 11:41:15
U.S. 'the enemy' says Dotcom judge 11:37:59
Our Intellectual Revolution - On the 12, Every 12! 11:35:01
naked-man-who-protested-tsa-found-not-guilty-of-public-indecency? 11:31:10
UK: Woman Charged for 'posessing documents that would be useful to a terrorist' 11:17:56
Do Obama's Executive Orders Reveal A Pattern? 10:53:24
The Big Mistake by the Obama Birth Certificate Forger 10:39:51
Romney campaign quietly promised ‘vigorous’ porn crackdown, Reagan prosecutor says 10:37:50
Big Banks Funded the Nazis and Launched a Coup Against the President of the United States 10:30:50
Video Footage of Suspected Israel Bus Suicide Bomber Who is Caucasian and Had Fake Michigan License 10:13:36
Andrew P. Napolitano - The Rule of Law 10:13:26
Sophistry, a favorite tool of the MSM and Politicians. Learn to recognize it. 09:45:10
Former Navy Seal launches PAC to fight Obama 09:39:23
Ron Paul vs. Bernanke: Interesting Historical Background 09:38:07
Massive Silver find (estimated 1.4 Million Ounces). How will this affect the price of silver? 09:33:16
"Pull up your pants or pay" (off topic) 09:31:45
Are big banks criminal enterprises? 09:22:01
Jon Huntsman :- True Conservatives despise crony capitalism 09:20:03
TSA let 25 illegal aliens attend flight school owned by illegal alien 09:19:14
Shock claim - Natural News exclusive - LA 'authorities' in Rawsome raw milk raids were impersonating public officials 09:07:07
A long way to go before anyone starts talking about a general election... The media has exposed their own bias and misreporting. 08:57:49
Obama Front Group Attacks Matt Drudge For Linking To Infowars 08:56:29
If there's a .5 percent chance of rain 08:10:35
HOPE 9: Whistleblower Binney says the NSA has dossiers on nearly every US citizen 08:01:42
Paving the Way for a U.S.-Canada Economic and Security Perimeter 08:00:07
Free Ron Paul Stickers for Your Car! 07:57:12
Feds Drag Rapper Swizz Beatz Into Megapload Case 07:57:02
ACTA will be open to public consultation before it is ratified in New Zealand 07:51:31
DMCA Used to Censor Mitt Romney Election Campaign Ad 07:47:48
POLL! Vote UP if you want to see GJ pushers banned. Vote DOWN if you don't 07:00:21
Hank Paulson channels the devil again. 06:56:29
Charles Darwin Knew About The FED All Along! 06:50:39
Liveleak has link to this old vid of CNN cutting the feed as that marine, Jesse Thorsen, talking about all these wars. 06:32:06
'Flash Mob' Storms Polling Place, Votes Ron Paul, Leaves Peacefully 06:07:56
Who wins if the election is based on issues? 05:54:43
Another Ron Paul Song (3rd verse added 8-17) 04:23:52
Governments AWASH in funds. Where does it go? 04:11:19
Why I am supporting Gary Johnson 03:51:56
Africa - Getting 20 Billions in credit 02:41:19
ROFL funny Conan anti Romney video 02:40:53
Caught On Tape: Minneapolis Cop David Clifford Knocks Out Citizen 02:30:32
I, pet goat II 02:03:00
Tampa campground? 01:59:35
Judge: Man who stripped nude at airport to protest TSA not guilty 01:58:15
The Onion Humor - Whimsical Jalopy? 01:52:21
Oppressive Islamic Law Proponents Hold Largest Voting Bloc In UN - Dutch Say Nations Should Kick Them Out 01:06:46
Mao's China and our America, Fascism at it's worst: Extremely Graphic 00:54:47
Rep. Michele Bachmann’s Muslim Brotherhood claims draw fierce fire 00:43:37
Original Ron Paul banners / signs I have made so far 00:18:50
Time to show our full support for Gary Johnson 00:12:36
Humor unites people against TPTB. 00:07:04