Posted on July 2, 2012

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♠ Updated List of Liberty Candidates 19:14:23
Tragedy Strikes A Ron Paul Supporter's Family In Washington 17:28:12
How Nebraska can become the 5th State and Links to media 14:41:27
Glenn Greenwald: Dianne Feinstein targets press freedom 13:57:38
Judge: Twitter Must Turn Over Occupy Wall Street Protester's Tweets 12:47:25
Obama administration eyes executive action to combat online piracy - Raw Story 12:23:58
From Healthcare to Welfare 08:51:05
Military-entertainment complex? Act of Valor film described as ‘beyond propaganda’ 00:38:55
Jury Nullification Passed in New Hampshire! 10:46:37
Power Out in DC, And Will Be For Days 06:49:17
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Holding Out for a Hero 23:59:06
The Key To Freedom 23:49:55
The Nullification Movement Starts NOW! 23:46:53
I need EVERYONES help! Im doing Liberty Leadership Challenge 23:39:49
Death By China: (Bloody Trailer!) 23:36:58
Democratic official's shock emails: Israel guilty of "crimes against humanity" 23:33:12
NW Ohio Libertarians React to Supreme Court’s Obamacare Ruling 23:22:31
15-Yr-Old Says Cop Ordered Her To Undress, Examined Her Privates To "Check" Whether She Had Sex 23:20:58
My favorite Ron Paul edited photo 23:17:54
Private Equity firms practice torture on 4 yr olds 23:12:44
Hope Henley, Lawyers for Ron Paul, "...Federal delegates case is up to about 450 delegates..." 23:10:53
Could The Use Of Flying Death Robots Be Hurting America's Reputation Worldwide? 23:09:43
Drone Hacked By University of Texas At Austin Research Group 23:07:11
Mary Ruwart Video On Obamacare and Socialized Medicine 23:04:25
Daily Paul: Liberty Journal 23:03:36
GOP Introduces New "Mystery Candidate" With Paper Bag Over Head 22:52:25
Gary Johnson: Ask Any Country That's Tried Govt. Healthcare 22:43:03
What Should I Ask Mitt Romney if I Win the 'Day With Romney On The Road' Contest? 22:40:14
Historic Criminal Conspiracy case against the Vatican and Crown of England to be launched in the Federal Court of Canada 22:39:42
You're going to have impulses to support Romney. Don't do it. 22:39:25
Obamacare :More Marxist provisions inside 22:28:03
Where is the best place to find a "Liberty Score" for candidates? 22:23:13
Transcript of Dr. Ron Paul's speech at the Texas GOP Convention 22:20:40
July 4th Ron Paul It Up 21:54:59
DHS arming college police with military vehicles 21:49:45
Fed Label Liberty Lover 'Terrorists' ... AGAIN! 21:46:14
Independence Day - Make List of Grievances - Impeach Obama! 21:41:38
Remind me again why the ACA is a bad idea? A very persuasive article. 21:31:28
the Ode to Debt and Death -video 21:19:10
Please Sign! -Declaration Of Internet Freedom 21:18:34
White House Leaks That In Second Term Obama Will Do Something About The Drug War (No Details!) 21:08:59
Campaign For Liberty Needs $1.5 Million to Audit the Fed 20:54:25
Gop Rule 40: A 5 State Plurality, Not A Majority 20:46:04
Why ObamaCare is Not Enough: It’s the Health Care Costs, Stupid! 20:33:24
Federal holiday? 20:28:18
Peter Schiff Asks For Support By July 4th Against Big Government 20:26:40
You can't change this country from the couch! 20:20:49
Article: Could Ron Paul pull an upset at Republican convention? 20:20:10
Guess who is campaigning in Florida throughout the week 20:16:58
Ron Paul Ad - A New Era of Freedom- Excellent! 20:16:57
I made a crappy photo today Lol 20:11:23
Join in the Spirit of '76 20:01:17
Ronvoy to Paul Festival and the RNC 19:44:53
A Vietnam war story with a happy ending 19:43:52
Iran lawmakers prepare to close Hormuz Strait 19:28:47
Supreme's Dissenters to Chief Justice Roberts, "You're on your own." 19:20:21
Obama Will NOT Tackle the Drug War 19:13:13
Cloud Computing 19:03:03
Obamacare, the Great Swindle 18:58:33
Its obama/romneycare or Ron Paul 18:50:56
Beijing Weather Modification Office - From Wikipedia 18:46:16
NYT: bankers begin fleeing cities 18:40:07
WHY is Evergreen Air B-747 Tanker not fighting Colorado fires? 18:38:27
The best summary of Freemasonry and the Illuminati I have read. 18:10:31
A Conversation at the Courthouse 18:01:07
Time for the Second American Revolution? 17:59:57
The Liberty Live-Stream Team Show with Suriyah & Qadoshyah Fish 17:55:23
Honor, long gone. Restore the duel. 17:34:41
Got another Mitt Romney Mailing with a PREPAID envelope! 17:18:35
*shareholders And Investors* Of United States Inc. To Sue Chief Executive Officer (Obama) For Lack Of Eligibility: 17:08:05
Jeremy Richter (director of Elektable) Interview TONIGHT 7PM EST 17:05:45
Obama Supporters now Calling Him a War Criminal (Video) 17:03:11
6000 Police Constables to be laid off 16:57:00
Governor Gary Johnson: Bring U.S Troops Home NOW 16:44:55
.. 16:21:22
John Kettler investigates: Colorado fire caused by HAARP and other scalar weapons. 15:46:25
Very cool Half Troy Pound 2000 Silver Eagle 15:45:12
A picture u wont see in mainstream 15:29:29
New evidence shows massive bank fraud is rampant 15:24:09
CNBC Host States Silver Manipulation is a Fact, NOT a Conspiracy! 15:22:57
Adam Kokesh Smoking DMT 15:16:00
Justin Raimondo: The End of American Independence 14:27:59
Is Mitt Romney's 'Day on the Road' Contest open to Ron Paul Supporters? 14:26:52
Charlie Rangel: Obmacare not a tax, "it's a fee for services." 14:25:22
Secret Service shuts down ‘fire Eric Holder’ protest 14:08:48
Sheep Whispering 101 13:55:19
book project needs backers $5000 Between Patience Prudence and Hope 13:00:54
Liberty Classroom is Great! 12:56:29
Become a Teacher/Professor 12:36:57
Attention Atlanta DailyPaulers: 7/2 at 7 pm, Screening of New AE 9/11 Truth Documentary 12:23:55
Ron Paul Supporters Know US History 12:10:51
Ringer hits the mark again - GOP gave us Romney instead of Paul 11:34:35
Can Music set you FREE? 11:23:25
Plato's Cave. Are you in it? 10:31:43
Happy Independence Day Christian Works of the Founders for the 4th of July- part 4 10:10:11
Parents Question Vaccinations at Hospital Has Newborn Taken Away: The Rest Of The Story 10:04:07
The undercover coup d' état in Mexico 09:58:42
The Free Market and Mandatory "Health Care" 09:51:30
deleted 09:26:13
The Drone War and American CDM 09:22:12
~ Released From Prison ~ Lt. Col. Terry Lakin MD ~ American Hero ~ Video 09:10:55
Cyanide Gas From Tifton-85 Bermuda Grass kills Cattle In Elgin, TX 08:49:24
UPDATED: Suspicion of Election Rigging in the 2012 Presidential Primary (with extra graphs) 08:44:31
FDA Dictatorship Revealed 08:30:58
RP WH Press Corp pic - vote for Press Secretary! 07:43:22
ObamaBorg: "You WILL be chipped, resistance is futile." 07:37:06
US Opposes 'World Heritage Status' for Jesus’s Birthplace 07:36:33
Would You Rather Save The GOP Or Cripple It? 06:15:04
So Powerfull Ron Paul Video! 06:06:25
Facebook discussions with socialists/authoritarians 05:57:17
Phish phans/Libertarians 04:36:04
Ron Paul's Appearance at the Copper Top Pub, a Multi Camera Reconstruction of the "Lost Speech" 04:30:10
Reply to Matt 04:07:56
Ron Paul inducted into congressional baseball hall of fame JUNE 26th 03:44:40
Personal drug use decriminalized in Colombia 02:57:11
Ron Paul Article - New York Times 02:45:42
Time Magazines Disgusting Eugenics Agenda: How To Murder Your Parents For Profit 02:24:02
New York court grants hearing on Charlie Rangel vote count 02:07:57
Would someone please explain the Republican play-book to me? 01:48:29
Bill of Rights - a piece of toilet paper for the Supreme Court? 01:13:01
"I'm writing in Ron Paul" campaign 00:50:54
Rupert Murdock appears to be having second thoughts about Romneys electability 00:48:18
3 Million Americans Fined Thanks To Safetea-lu Act. Repeal Section 157 00:38:34
Help Art Robinson! 00:35:12
And the drums beat for Romney over Obama 00:21:56
Wild Horse Roundups really just a ploy for Uranium mining - Death of Braveheart! 00:08:36
Wolves In Sheeps Clothing 00:06:01