Posted on July 21, 2012

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Mike Gallagher: GOP is doomed if Ron Paul isn't allowed to speak at convention 23:20:27
Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes jailed in solitary: ‘All the inmates were talking about killing him’ 23:59:02 Interesting website shows where battleground states are leaning 20:02:15
Photographic freudian slip... 16:50:46
TSA-Style Screenings Now at Movie Theaters? 16:38:57
Ron Paul: 'The Fed Encourages Never Ending War' 14:59:31
Hospital PC with 25 inch flat screen in room has not left screensaver mode in 7 days. 09:20:55
Assassination Nation: Fifty Years of US Targeted ‘Kill Lists 08:55:19
Using Twitter To Identify Psychopaths - Minority Report's coming true. 08:05:23
Felonious Munk Tells Obama "Stop Being A D*ckhead And Balance The F*g Budget!" 20:35:24
10 Cities Where Homes Cost Less Than A Car 00:03:51
Ron Paul Pushes for the Audit of Fed on Eric Cantor's YouTube Channel 09:16:01
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Please Share... This Video Needs To Be Viral 23:18:21
Do Ants Sleep? 23:15:03
Ron Paul : Inflation Is a Monetary Phenomenon 23:03:27
Obama fake photo on his Facebook page. 22:22:35
(Video) Family identifies 27-year-old victim of Aurora theater shooting 21:48:36
Disturbing conversation with coworkers 21:07:01
Mitt Romney's Job Plan For Blacks 20:56:14
Where should I direct people interested in helping the Lawsuit? 20:27:56
Are you more knowledgeable than the average citizen? Here's a test. 20:09:56
The water is boiling faster 20:01:49
Inspector general finds racial bias in auto dealership closings ordered by Obama from 2010 19:49:42
FBI theater attack warning issued on May 17, 2012 19:17:20
TSA-style security at the USS Constitution 19:05:23
If you're from Connecticut 18:42:05
Do you see what is happening? 17:53:37
2002 Romney Testimony Mentions Returning To Massachusetts For Business 17:51:30
"Whatever Happens, We're Going To Party Through It" 17:36:58
(Video) Proof Government Stages Mass Shootings: Batman Massacre DECODED 17:31:16
Official Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Store Products for Sale (Hoodies, Shirts, Caps, Magnetic Signs) 17:28:52
Aurora Colorado = Distraction/Diversion 17:24:45
Samuel Williams, My Hero 16:49:45
Time to get ANGRY Dr. Paul 16:32:19
They have to vote for one of us... 16:21:57
Washington GOP creates controvery over mailer endorsment 16:04:57
(Video) Eyewitness, Corbin Dates'CONFIRMS' Second Person Involvement in Colorado Massacre 15:58:24
James Lightweis: Virginia National delegate needs $ help 15:57:48
Focus: China Gold Scam Could Translate into Higher Demand 15:53:26
U.S. To Trade Gold Reserves For Cash 15:16:21
One Movie Goer With A Gun Could Have Prevented 70 Innocent People From Being Shot 15:15:46
FBI, Homeland: No Info About More Shooting Sprees 15:05:40
Some PRC info 14:56:04
(Video) Eyewitness Account: James Holmes Possible Second Shooter in Tragic Batman Denver Shooting 14:53:37
The Fizzy Math Behind Bloomberg's Soda Ban 14:46:31
Interview with Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson 14:41:43
Medical interventionism 14:41:42
Ron Paul's 'audit the Fed' bill coming up Tuesday 14:39:12
Colorado Batman Shooting Shows Obvious Signs of Being Staged 14:36:39
The AMA weighed in on the healthcare bill 14:12:17
*In it to win it Delegate Money Bomb: $1700 in matching funds to get our delegates to Tampa* 14:07:26
Gary Johnson Will Beat Obama and Romney: At Least One Survey Says So 14:06:45
The Biggest threat to all of humanity. May be the "End" predicted by the Mayans. 13:54:26
71 Year Old Man Shoots Suspects and Foils Internet Cafe Robbery 13:54:12
Infographic on the TSA 13:32:41
Ohio Libertarians running for Congress condemn attack on fishing boat off Dubai 13:11:22
"Netanyahu can take 300 million Americans to war whenever he wants to" 12:51:00
Update- Eyewitnesses: Colorado Shooter Took Cell Phone Call Just Before Attack - Video 12:37:27
Homeland Security being used as International Rescue Force 12:16:35
"We got money! Obama money!" 11:47:25
Christian Bale asked to visit victims of Dark Knight shooting as Batman 11:41:10
Will those who gave Netanyahu 29 standing ovations really vote to audit the fed? 11:39:41
Histame and Medizym supplements 11:30:45
U.S. Admits Surveillance Violated Constitution At Least Once 11:22:36
Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged 11:16:33
Mental Health & Guns-Which comes first? 11:09:17
All the world's a stage and we have front row seats 10:59:43
Bill Moyers Great Interview with Chris Hedges: Capitalism's Sacrifice Zones 10:20:03
Recipe for Losing Liberty: 10 Steps 09:52:33
Ron Paul Dominating Latest Nomination Poll ! 09:33:14
Free Ron Paul Car Stickers Want to be on Your Car! 09:27:06
Absolutely Must See! 09:22:09
Why Copyright Is Bad for Musicians 09:05:59
Infographic: Uncovering the Fed 08:32:20
ATF Acting Director offers veiled threat to potential whistleblowers. 08:04:26
Dr. Paul debate with Romney? 07:27:59
Best videos to awake your friends & family! 07:20:18
For teh lulz - Mitt buys more followers - UPDATED 9:15am 7/22/12 06:43:48
~ 7/21/2012 - FBI theater attack warning issued on May 17, 2012 - Withheld from public 06:16:07
Is America Living Under The 10 Planks Of The Communist Manifesto? 05:04:16
Brother Man 04:08:03
I got that odd virus warning message again 02:53:35
"99%"=4% of world's population, 18% of world's wealth 02:48:14
Become a Citizen Cosponsor of HR 459 "Audit the Fed" 02:30:32
1144 people decide the fate of a nation. 02:24:59
Video> Brian Doherty on RT: Oh, You mean a complete Surveillance State COULDN'T prevent Batman Premiere Massacre? 02:18:49
Vegas likes Ron Paul? What are the odds? 02:13:53
Thank you, Michael, 01:58:51
(1988) Ron Says Vote Your Conscience 01:32:35
Vote Michael Cargill for Constable, Precinct 2 01:12:38
List of Weather Modification Inc, Projects in US 00:24:47
Oust Pelosi Money Bomb:John Dennis 00:23:14
"The Unit Vote Pledge" Request for comments 00:13:14
G.W. Bush Skipping the Republican Convention 00:06:34