Posted on July 22, 2012

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Video: Anaheim Police Open Fire on Crowd of Protesters Including Women, Children, Infants 19:36:02
GOP Makes Room for Rep. Ron Paul at Tampa Convention? 19:17:29
TMOT Speaks at Anti-War Protest in Charlotte, NC 14:58:38
Conservatives gather to protest ‘undeclared wars’ 12:55:01
The Massachusetts Delegates Need Your Help, and Time is of the Essence. 14:32:16
HR 459, Audit the Fed, Vote on Tuesday, July 24 13:01:40
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CointelPro Online Tactics and Govt Snooping. Does it concern you? Are you doing anything about it? 23:36:35
Propaganda in the Western Hemisphere 23:19:56
A vote for Romney is negotiating with terrorists. 23:07:45
Report: World's rich hide at least $21T offshore 23:07:38
(Video) Did this take place last May? Will the future dates take place? 23:03:15
Richard Gilbert Sings Theme Song For 2012 Campaign? 22:51:33
Anyone want to go to Tampa? 22:45:25
Ron Paul to Newsmax: Fed Policy Destroying Middle Class 22:34:00
United Nations makes U.S. policy 22:01:36
Collapse Within Weeks, Ron Paul Presidency? - Bix Weir 21:53:16
Chilling Video: Blood Tracks Back Into Theater! Why? 21:36:21
Military Cargo Jet C-17 Lands at Wrong Airport. Check the video out! 21:23:02
Dark Knight Eyewitness Claims Movie Theater Was Full of Police 20:05:10
American Free Press: "Louis Freeh…The Cover-up Goes National" 19:52:35
Lead by Example, Not by Force: Foreign Policy, Terrorism Explained. 19:41:18
Gary Johnson Would Rather Die... 19:30:21
Former Wells Fargo CEO: The FED forced us to take TARP money when we didn't want or need it 19:15:08
President Obama To Speak At 7:30 About The Colorodo Shooting 19:12:20
! Washington Times Columnist/Jeff Kuhner Ballistic Over Arpaio Investigation 19:09:08
Talk about Photographic Freudian Slips 18:59:55
Become a Citizen Co-Sponsor for Audit the Fed 18:59:54
MLK speech released - Speaks about war, peace, values and principles. 18:58:33
Marine Corps creates law enforcement battalions 18:35:20
Aurora shooting: another drill gone live 18:21:00
Cut 5 Departments? I'd keep 5 (and create 1)! 18:02:06
Interview: Victim Claims Sandusky Sex Scandal Connected to Philadelphia Pedophile Network 18:00:12
Not One Politician Tells The Truth About The 2nd Amendment! ~Not One. 17:51:31
Am I Un-American If I Tell the Truth About the Violence We Deploy On the World? 17:34:45
Mr Rodgers sustainable Commiehood? 17:13:37
Another Angle On The Batman Murders 16:36:39
Ed and Ethan 1X10 July 22, 2012 16:35:00
Almost entire Congress refuses to release tax returns 16:31:52
Did James Holmes Have A Doctor? 16:31:08
The Onion on Ron Paul 16:27:47
♠ Senate vote on CISPA next week! 16:14:34
The 3 Things Needed for Ron Paul to Get Nominated 16:10:05
Where are the jobs? The parallels btween today and the 'Great Depression' 15:56:55
U.S. history of Human Medical Experiments 15:41:37
Gunman who massacred 12 at movie premiere used same drugs that killed Batman star Heath Ledger 15:41:17
Former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner's Wife, Huma, Under Guard 15:35:21
To Mass. Delegates : You have every right to take Legal Action! 15:31:25
Houston Cop Arrested For Hancuffing and Raping Woman After Traffic Stop 15:28:43
Movie list for liberty minded people 15:24:27
'Dark Knight' Suspect Had An NIH Grant Given To 'Outstanding Neuroscientists' 15:22:28
Perry Police Officer Mistakenly Shoots, Kills Son 14:56:28
Gary Johnson Fundraiser Speech 14:52:13
Steve Forbes 30 min interview w/ Austrian Economist (and Paul supporter) Dr. Larry Parks 14:44:18
Fukushima contractor forced workers to fake radiation readings 14:36:31
CNN Caught Red Handed Staging "Syria Violence" Interview 14:35:55
GJ: I would sign on to abolishing the Federal Reserve 14:35:13
Shooting Suspect James Holmes Had An Adult Friend Finder Profile With A Cryptic Message 14:27:16
Wake Up! Educate Yourself In The Newly Debate Over Gun Control 14:20:06
"Thank you for your service!" What should I say? 14:19:10
More fun using 14:15:10
DIY Democracy 14:14:09
Deleted 14:14:05
(Video) The Post Aurora 'Rampage' Few Have Heard About 14:13:23
Libertarian presidential hopeful Gary Johnson visits Charlotte 14:09:00
Naked TSA protest: judge rules it okay to strip down at airport 13:55:17
Exclusive: Prosecutors, regulators close to making Libor arrests 13:51:28
Mitt Romney Busted Buying Twitter Followers 13:50:27
Like Clockwork: MSNBC: Revisiting the gun control issue 13:41:13
Genetically modified-food fight faces vote 13:40:54
I have a question... 13:39:05
Anybody want to join a mass exodus of the Republican Party? 13:15:27
Will the media win again, or will people demand answers and have the ability to point out the obvious? 12:58:43
Live Free Or Die Fighting 12:57:00
Minnesota town bans signs in yards unless they’re pro-war 12:49:06
Congress steps up efforts to regulate drones 12:31:47
Mr. Dickface and the Bill of Rights 12:22:45
How Bad Things Really Are Economically and Fiscally in America 12:22:12
Aurora, Colorado Shooting 'Oddities' 12:20:41
URGENT! Mitt Romney research - Argument preparation needed for Central Committee Meeting. 12:20:07
USA Today *POLL* on your Right to Keep and Bear arms ~ 12:17:16
Virtual Mises University this week! 12:15:34
Chief Oates: "My Cops and My Civilian Employees Have Done an Incredible Job. We Couldn't Be More Proud of Them" 12:14:58
The vote for the Audit the Fed bill is scheduled for July 24th. 12:14:34
Defiance 12:05:43
JFK, RFK, 9/11, Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge, Waco; We won't get fooled again! 11:30:40
How Can We Have Lasting Liberty? 11:27:46
Does Santorum also have "plurality?" 11:15:14
Q: What is at stake in this election? A: Everything and nothing. 09:45:36
Global Elite exploit gaps in cross-border tax rules to hide 21 Trillion of wealth off-shore 09:33:42
Yes, the prices go up. But don't wages go up as well? 08:44:35
Why do some folks have a beef with usury and foreclosures? 08:35:23
Curious Questions 07:59:15
Does Capitalism Exploit Workers? 06:24:46
Psalm 1206 Paduraru Walking Close To God 05:32:45
What if Ron Paul 05:31:23
History of Property Taxes 03:02:40
Will WI Governor Scott Walker Be The GOP Choice For POTUS In 2016? 02:58:12
- Ownership of a certain 650 million acres in the US - 02:52:20
FORWARD. Wisconsin's State Motto Since Admission to Union in 1848 02:50:48
Mind Kontrol Programming Proved 02:16:31
Is this arrogant sob giving 02:11:09
Gary Johnson for VP? 02:09:50
The REAL Trolls 01:37:01
Coast2Coast :On Air:Colorado Shooting & Gun Laws 01:31:03
Don't Quit! (classic poem of inspiration) 01:29:38
I am Patriot 01:18:02
Bills Ron Paul has Sponsored in the 112th Congress 00:31:08
Open Carried Today to Show Support and Raise Awareness 00:29:03
massacre shooter still acting crazy the day after shooting, 00:16:59