Posted on July 25, 2012

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Action Plan to Get Audit the Fed Passed in the Senate! 22:08:42
Harry Reid Wants to Audit the Fed Too! (In 1995) 20:49:16
Harry Reid vows Federal Transparency Act will never be voted on in the Senate 16:54:10
Ron Paul on Bloomberg News: Bernanke 'Wants Secrecy,' Not Transparency 18:08:33
Audit the Fed Passes! Now End It! 23:59:52
ABC News: Ron Paul's 'Audit the Fed' bill passes the House 15:21:42
Doug Wead: Ron Paul’s Big Win! 13:36:48
100 Million Poor People In America and 39 Other Facts About Poverty That Will Blow Your Mind 09:39:09
Michael Moore's response to the Aurora tragedy - surprisingly libertarian 09:29:33
Ben Swann Reality Check: Unanswered Questions About Colorado Theater Massacre 01:30:39
Audit The Fed: H.R. 459 Passes House with More Than Two Thirds Majority! 327 - 98 22:11:45
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Libertarian Councilman in Ohio city of Perrysburg progresses in efforts to privatize community's bus services 23:46:34
Dennis Kucinich: Patriot from the "left"...of which there are many! 23:36:11
Ron Paul’s Big Win! - Doug Wead 23:14:16
Thank you to our congressmen and women! 23:11:35
Obama creating African-American education office 23:11:04
Harry Reid 1996: "We have to peel back this cloak that they've covered themselves with since 1913" 23:02:41
Vote Gary Johnson or Write in Ron Paul? - Adam Kokesh Picks Johnson 23:01:59
Harry Reid Video Supporting Audit the Fed 22:55:57
What is the Plan? 22:50:02
There's only one Ron Paul So what hell are you gonna do? 22:46:48
Business Insider Calls Out Harry Reid for Flip-Flop on Fed Audit 22:46:38
Why don't we demand that obama support audit the fed 22:44:55
List of Yeas & Nays on H.R 459 22:39:40
Look at what's happening in LA 22:36:57
Why more people should carry guns 22:32:45
Delegate Rally Cry 22:10:14
Justin Amash, move over. David Gerson for Congress 22:04:16
"RonPaulmedia" - House Votes Overwhelmingly to Audit the Fed! 21:54:49
Did ABC's Brian Ross Also Supply the Photo for James Holmes? Photo Comparison "Dissimilar" 21:54:05
House Votes Overwhelmingly to Audit the Fed! 21:53:26
We Won't Get Fooled Again Part 1 21:44:25
House passes Ron Paul's 'audit the Fed' bill 21:41:03
Gun Control: Stats and Stupidity 21:38:56
Is it too late for Ron Paul to run for a third party? 21:36:55
Sources : Eric Holder 'SCOLDED' Capital Hill Intern for Taking Notes during lecture 21:34:36
(AUDIO) Little peepers everywhere 21:28:07
Mandated Gun Ownership: A Tale of Two Cities 21:23:10
Parents could be asked to administer flu vaccine to their children 21:18:48
Audit the Fed? So what. Big freakin' deal. whatever. 21:16:31
'Seinfeld' star Jason Alexander unleashes passionate 1,700 word tweet calling for gun control in wake of Colorado shooting 21:12:11
Sir, I Know Ron Paul And Gary Johnson Is No Ron Paul ! 21:06:40
America’s Victim Mentality 21:03:16
HR 459 voting results. (The NAYs) 20:58:15
Harry Reid used to support Auditting the Fed 20:56:46
Two Afghan Vice Presidents Accused of Atrocities (US has 2 Presidents accused too!) 20:52:41
We Will Finally Audit The Fed Now That The Bill Has Passed The House! 20:50:33
House Coalition Overwhelmingly Passes Audit The Fed Bill! 20:48:44
RARE Bipartisan House Coalition Overwhelmingly Passes Audit The Fed Bill! 20:47:52
Audit the Fed Passes With Rare Bipartisan Support! 20:46:53
Former Citigroup CEO Weill Says Banks Should Be Broken Up 20:40:32
NY Fed silent on Barclays’ admission of Libor rigging: paper 20:30:00
Analysis: Big banks’ glory days feared to be gone for good 20:28:57
My Email to my Democratic Senator: The hopeless Claire McCaskill 20:17:59
A Liberty Test-Chick-fil-A 20:16:06
House GOP Leaders Indicate They Won’t Stop Funding for ObamaCare Implementation 20:13:25
Foreclosure filings in Atlantic County, NJ were up 80 percent from the second quarter last year. 20:11:23
Silver: Supply and Demand 20:09:16
Congressional Black Caucus overwhelmingly votes NO on HR 459 - makes up nearly half of the Total NO votes 19:49:50
Global QE is Coming: Let the Gold Mania Begin! 19:46:34
Al-Qaeda Infiltrating Syrian Opposition, With US Support 19:46:18
Presidential Debate Schedule is Out 19:37:20
Mat Larson's Show Tonight 9pm EST Discussing Paul Festival 19:21:37
Calling DP Lawyers: Questions about Federal Workers and CCW 19:04:00
It's Time! 19:02:03
Harry Demands Fed be Audited (before he was bought) 19:01:11
Marcy Kaptur (D) Toledo Ohio votes no Talks out one side of her mouth saying Fed is evil then won't audit them - let her have it 18:56:23
Eerie Coincidence: Colorado University Had Identical Drill On Same Day As ‘Batman’ Massacre 18:30:32
Romney vows that, "if you elect me President you are not going to see legalized medical marijuana. I am going to fight it tooth 18:26:20
US Marine thinks Aurora was an Inside job 18:24:36
Maryland Gun Owners! I bet you will be happy to see this! 18:23:15
Talk show host Jason Lewis SLAMS the Federal Reserve! 18:22:04
GATA Files New Gold Records Requests with State, Treasury, Fed, and FOMC 18:19:47
‎*Operation Contact Harry Reid* Commencing! (3 Easy Steps) 18:16:56
This Is The Face Of Mitt Romney's Fake Twitter Followers 18:14:42
*Roll Call Against H.R. 459 * 18:03:19
$2000 in Matching Funds to Get Our Delegates to Tampa 17:48:39
Voting Tabulation (Yays and Nays from individual congressman) for H.R. 459: Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2012 17:28:38
GOP Wants Input on Platform - Let's CHOKE them w/Liberty Planks 17:25:04
My Email To My Congressman Who Did Not Support H.R. 459 17:21:56
What Happens Now? 17:19:14
Video: Full Interview with Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV 7/25/2012 17:15:07
FLASHBACK: Harry Reid supports Audit the FED 17:10:47
Why Ron Paul and Mark Spitznagel will not go quietly into the Republican night 17:10:46
EIGHT co-sponsors voted AGAINST Audit the Fed, we need to hold them accountable. 17:03:46
Audit the Fed cosponsors who voted NO 16:46:39
Aurora Police Chief Dodges "Are There Cameras In Those Theaters?" Question 16:45:01
Put Pressure On These Senators To Vote YES On S 202 16:42:10
Security and Self-Governance by Ron Paul 16:37:06
Ron Paul Bloomberg News 8/25/12 16:31:10
Ron Paul on Congress voting overwhelmingly to audit the Federal Reserve 16:20:18
Confront Obama now about Audit the FED! 16:18:56
Bill Gates funds scheme to spray artificial 'planet-cooling' sulfur particles into atmosphere 15:50:43
Audit The Fed Passes The House ! 15:46:29
What If Audit The Fed Destroyed Banking System? 15:42:33
The Great Transformation: From the Welfare State to the Imperial Police State 15:41:18
Ron Paul Rocking the Fed: "Congress Ought to Get a Backbone!" 15:26:40
Banks, Global Elite Confirmed to Hold $32 Trillion in Offshore Accounts 15:17:08
Audit The Fed Video By Ron Paul Hacked, No Sound! Contact at C4L? 15:16:52
Kucinich 'It's time to bring the Fed Into The Sunshine Of Accountability' Congress is in the Dark 15:10:14
“No Guns for Negroes” Exposes The Racist History Of American Gun Control Laws 14:58:26
Rick and Karen Santorum: Protecting the Rights of Parents and Their Children 14:54:35
C-Span vote is on NOW! 3:50pm EST 14:52:37
America, the law crazed 14:36:31
Clark County (Las Vegas) Republican Party Passes Anti-NDAA Resolution (Asks Local Sheriff to uphold the Constitution) 14:25:31
Exposure of Banker Corruption 14:08:20
Rep. Allen West to host town halls Friday July 27 14:03:04
Dr. Cal Streeter talks about reversing cardiovascular disease, big pharma and the FED 13:57:27
'What?' Confused 911 caller outs NYPD spying in NJ 13:49:18
Why do we need a central bank?; Why not a "Bank of Dave?" 13:46:33
Sly Stallone, ROCKY, railed against criminal politicians, bankers, & 'foreign enemies' destroying the U.S. 13:42:54
US Army Vet. & Rapper “ICE T” Says “I’ll Give Up My Guns When Everyone Else Does” 13:33:21
Ron Paul's swan song 13:30:50
DALLAS : More Angry Citizens Confront Police (VIDEO) 13:26:09
Ron Paul Most Likely to Endorse Third Party Candidate 13:16:11
Dr. Paul's Audit the Fed Bill | Entirety of House Floor Proceedings 13:07:21
REPORT: Eurozone debt increases by more than 355 billion since 2011 12:50:31
Bloomberg to bust boozing? 12:36:33
UN Vehicles on ground in WA State 12:34:15
Gary Johnson: Ron Paul supporters won’t vote for Mitt Romney 12:29:38
Rand Paul: Please sign 'Right to Work Act' petition 12:29:21
Things Mitt Romney Has Never Done 12:28:50
Swimming 'Jellyfish' Built out of Rat Cells & Silicone 12:13:52
Feds Want to Help You-Whether You Want Help or Not 12:09:15
End the Bush tax cuts for the top 2 percent 12:04:29
Why America Needs Gov. Gary Johnson in the Presidential Debates 12:02:58
The REAL Question is: When will Willard announce his support of Dr. Ron Paul as the Republican Nominee? 11:59:50
(Video) Michael Moore Pleads For Gun Control After The Colorado Theater Shooting: 'I'm Sick Of This' 11:58:04
TSA Expands Invasion to Cal Trains Stations and Bus Terminals 11:43:41
The Drug War Expands to Africa 11:41:59
Article Needs Correction 11:34:26
Ask Ron Paul a question tonight! 11:33:54
Doctors and Vaccines 11:24:06
TSA Expands Invasion To CA Train Stations & Bus Terminals 11:22:31
Why we should ALL support Gary Johnson 11:21:35
Important "Disclosure Message" 10:52:07
Peter Schiff interviews Gary Johnson; 7/24/12 (audio) 10:46:20
Ron Paul Supporters, St. Charles County GOP Chairman Scuffle Before Trespassing Trial 10:46:14
What Alaska Taught Me About the Free-Market 10:42:30
Jim Cramer...Good time to buy Apple 10:37:34
Dark Knight gunman 'forced to wear a face guard in prison after spitting at officers' 10:34:50
Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill: Transparency is long overdue 10:34:36
Sherman Hemsley DEAD - Actor who played George Jefferson dies at 74 10:26:50
(Video) What In The World is Wrong With American Kids? 09:29:04
(Video) Obama's "Deeply Disturbing" Family Backround with Joel Gilbert 09:21:54
Gary Johnson expects Ron Paul supporters to vote for him... 09:12:30
Revisiting the Danziger Bridge Massacre following Hurricane Katrina 09:05:14
(Video) Reality Check : Fox News Channel Questions Narrative Of ‘Batman’ Massacre 09:03:21
Will Ron's Political legacy be decided Today? 08:46:33
Those who refuse to learn from history are destined to repeat it... 08:39:56
Reality Check: Unanswered questions about Colorado theater massacre 08:39:41
Proof that Paul Krugman is Wrong 08:25:42
James Holmes Father the Missing Link? 08:20:57
Where are the ACTIVISTS?!REPOST-The most important thing we can do right now! Reaching RNC Delegates with Pro Paul-Liberty Msg 08:03:28
Congress Debates Audit the Fed (Full Length) 08:03:26
How to stop a massacre 07:29:13
How to Break the Spell of Circular Reasoning in a Nation of Non-Thinkers 07:10:54
Losing delegates 06:41:38
N.J. Terrorist Hideout Actually NYPD Surveillance Operation (911 Audio) 06:10:05
German think tank advocates forcing wealthy Germans to purchase government bonds 05:29:14
Today We Have The Opportunity To Change The Course Of History 05:11:34
Justin Amash floor speech on Audit the Fed 04:58:49
Megaupload Kim Dotcom Interview on US $500 million copyright / piracy sting 04:55:45
Your liberty is more important than Ron Paul 04:00:17
James Holmes received $26K grant fro Bethesda based National Institute of Health 03:29:17
Video: Dr. Ron Paul's HR459 Audit the FED Bill, the Complete House Floor 'Debate'; watch WHO opposes it! 02:47:49
Ron Paul Team-Romney-is-scared-of-me-speaking-at-rnc/ 01:55:06
Dennis Kucinich Dares To Speak The Truth About The Federal Reserve 01:31:34
Tony Blair: Don’t Hang Bankers 00:20:24
Cyber-security bill would create Summer Camps and Talent Shows for Youth 00:14:36
Democrats; Ron Paul’s ‘Audit The Fed’ Bill Will Cause Serious Problems In The Global Markets 00:12:48