Posted on July 26, 2012

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Ron Paul Confronts Obama 'You Offer No Change' - 2012 Remix 23:07:45
That's No Phone. That's My Tracker 22:26:51
Media Picks Up on the Hypocrisy of Harry Reid 20:22:52
Reality Check! Harry Reid, do you remember this? 18:58:38
Thank you DP Community! 23:54:44
Judge Napolitano: I support Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill 16:42:51
Batman shooter: "Why am I here?" 12:42:54
MSNBC Guest: Romney Could End Up Withdrawing From GOP Race Before Convention (Updated Video) 11:52:21
You are not going to believe it ... so just watch ... 11:16:38
Young Ron Paul Backers Stick With Their Candidate 10:57:31
"Romney has to take a very Machiavellian approach," he explained. "He wants to keep his friends - his supporters - close, 10:36:26
Veterans for Ron Paul March on the RNC ! 13:40:04
What's gonna happen in Tampa with Ron Paul? (spread the message) 08:32:56
Video: Drs. Ron and Rand Paul Speak @ Young Americans 4 Liberty Conf. @ Catholic Univ. of America - July 25, 2012 07:36:10
Dennis Kucinich on the Fed ‘What's at stake here is our liberty, our national sovereignty – Ron Paul knows that’ 11:21:27
Video: Ron Paul questioning Timothy Geithner 7/25/12 05:55:24
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Harry Reid Says He Wants to Audit the Fed in 2010 Debate 23:25:23
Have you Seen This? 23:03:05
ALERT: The Alex Jones movement has taken over this website. 22:32:21
“Turn In Your Guns At Your Local Church” Chuck Baldwin 22:21:36
Auditing The Fed is Like Auditing a Mafia Counterfeiting Operation 22:18:49
Real Reason for Anti-Johnson Spews Lately 22:17:27
A Look At How Democrats And Republicans Differ -Chuck Baldwin 22:16:11
Evangelicals, Baptist Churches To Hold massive Gathering Before Democratic National Convention 22:15:55
Video: Paul Craig Roberts - Endless War on Gun Owners 22:09:38
NSA whistleblowers: Government spying on every single American 22:08:45
Rep. Kelly's Rousing Floor Speech Receives Standing Ovation 22:06:21
Nancy Pelosi: "Ron Paul's FED Audit Bill Covered More Territory Than I Think It Should Have" (Video) 22:05:11
90 Arrested by DEA Crackdown on 'Bath Salts' 21:55:55
Geithner Unaware U.S. Banks Role in 'Libor Fixing' 21:51:15
(Video) SHOCKING! Amtrak Police Confronts and Threatens JN Reporter For Filming TSA at Chicago's Union Station 21:44:44
Another Financial Terrorist Resigns. CEO of Japanese investment bank Nomura quits. 21:36:15
US healthcare reform is boon for India outsourcing companies 21:32:32
So if you liked talking to those folks in India about computer problems, you will really love chatting with them about medical c 21:31:35
(Video) Cybersecurity bill has gun control amendment 21:25:38
Rahm Emanuel’s dangerous free speech attack 21:13:53
I will NEVER vote for Obama or Romney 20:51:35
LIVE Now Andrew Schiff On Tracy Diaz 9PM EST 20:51:34
Congressional Exchange. 20:42:00
RT: After congressional triumph, all eyes on Ron Paul at RNC 20:26:52
Golden State to Perform at Paul Festival! 19:46:43
"Holmes' Father - LIBOR" connection originates from known disinfo dispenser Sorcha Faal 19:27:10
Rand Paul heading to Texas to support Ted Cruz 19:23:06
"There will need to be an incident so heinous that ordinary people will willingly throw away their weapons. 19:02:49
Send Ron Paul to the Olympics 19:00:33
Are there any people on here who are members of the National Platform Committee? 18:46:25
London Olympics Will Leave Glorious Legacy of Debt and Decline 18:44:30
What have you done to help get the word out about S.202? 18:37:34
Obama Promotes Planned Parenthood... for his Daughters’ Sake 18:28:20
The nazis were able to seize power because Germany had passed gun laws 18:25:19
We Are Soooooo-uh... Cooked. 18:22:42
Rolling Stone Magazine: Pot Legalization Is Coming 18:14:00
Are Top Republicans Out to Derail Romney Nomination? 18:13:59
Obama's Success Story, Ya Right ! GM: Still $42B in the Hole 18:01:24
Poll: Do you think the "Audit the Fed" Bill will Pass the Senate? 17:54:36
Dr. Ron Paul's own Words on the Batman Premiere Massacre in Aurora, CO: Security and Self-Governance 17:41:49
Busting the Partisan Divide on Audit the Fed - 89 Democrats Are the Key! 17:35:34
We Need To Attack Mitt Romney NOW! 17:31:31
Video: Liberty Candidate Interviewed By Matlarson10 Must See! 17:28:19
Olympic “Brand Police” Infringing On Liberty at 2012 Games 17:27:57
Need Help in Flame Wars: Isn't the Fed Already Audited? 17:16:15
NYT: FDA Spying on Its Own Scientists (Potential Whistleblowers) 16:44:45
Harry Reid cosponsored a bill to audit monetary policy decisions 16:37:37
Implanted Microchip through ObamaCare? I hope this isn't valid 15:56:33
Not so fast, Mr. Johnson 15:56:15
Rand, offer them your allegiance in exchange for the passage of Audit the Fed. No, Seriously... 15:53:55
U.S. Customs Agent Pleads Guilty to groping 3 women 15:39:34
Senator Rand Paul endorses Kerry Bentivolio for congress 15:26:46
Ron Paul Supporters, St. Charles County GOP Chairman Scuffle Before Brent Stafford's Trespassing Trial 15:24:38
Questions and rants for the MK-Ultra conspiracy fanatics... 15:23:00
Video - Harry Reid Supported Fed Audit in 2010! 15:21:57
The Best of the Relatable Romney Meme 14:54:38
Infowars gets leaked copy of UN Gun Treaty Text 14:48:51
Cuba ready to talk to US 14:48:26
It's called "Blowback" 14:47:53
Hey, Mr. Obama: Prescription drugs kill 6200% more Americans than homicidal shootings 14:43:22
White Hat Reports #47, 48 and 49 Will Change Political Landscape 14:41:32
How our government secretly operates 14:37:28
"Will the real tea-party please standup?" 14:34:30
60 MPH Ron Paul and Peace sign 14:16:47
Apple Attempts to Prevent Free in-App Purchase Hack 14:16:40
Social Media Spotlight: Rep. Justin Amash 14:14:41
Haaretz subscribers-only - Romney bombs in London can't wait to get to Jerusalem 14:14:35
I Think Ron Paul Supporters are Divided. What side are you on? 14:10:15
Border protection officer pleads guilty to groping three women - Is the TSA different? 14:04:46
'Big Sis' : Drones to be used for 'public safety' 14:00:47
Robert Holmes, Father of James Holmes - The Aurora Batman Shooter - WEIRD! 13:54:59
Hong Kong Completing 1,000 Ton Gold Vault 13:37:17
Is my criticism of Obama too much? As an infantry platoon leader in the military? Read this post and you tell me. 13:27:26
Pennsylvania's Capitalist Revolt 13:26:41
Don’t Let the Aurora Shooting Curtail the Right of Self-Defense 12:59:28
Congressman Ron Paul Honored With the Ron Paul Legacy Award 12:58:11
James Holmes (CO Shooter) FatherVIP with American Credit Score and about to appear before Congress for LIBOR 12:41:51
Liberty For All Super PAC to Play Serious Role in Bentivolio Race 12:40:23
(VIDEO) Police Had Prior Warning Of Batman Massacre 12:30:29
(VIDEO) Obama Claims Second Amendment is About 'HUNTING' in Gun Control Stunt 12:25:06
Obama: Assault Rifles belong on battlefield. I thought this was the battlefield? 12:22:19
John Stossel: America, the Law-crazed 12:22:02
Bug-a-Salt 12:18:18
U.S. Military and Police Working Together on American Streets 12:15:46
HMRC Tells School Children To Tell Your Teacher If A Neighbor Is Evading Tax (VIDEO) 12:07:23
Congress Must Act on Warrantless Wiretapping 12:04:43
Authorization 12:04:23
Minnesota Doctors Among Those Urging FDA To Limit Use Of Prescription Pain Killers 12:01:16
Colorado Massacre Linked To Historic Bank Fraud 11:59:27
Sen. Rand Paul on CNN's "America's Newsroom w / Carol Costello 7/26/12 11:57:13
Young Ron Paul Backers Stick With Their Candidate 11:53:13
Brandalism 11:50:39
Aurora Cover up, Police and Fire Audio State's Witnesses Saw 2 Shooters! 11:44:46
The GOP wants our input on the party Platform! 11:12:37
I may have just committed a Federal crime. 10:38:06
Time To De-Bloombergize New York City 10:23:25
Educating about the Fed 10:04:15
Democrat Occupy Movement Leader Calls for “Another Kent State” in Ohio 09:33:53
Check Here To See How Your Representative Voted On Auditing The Fed 09:32:09
Jesse Ventura on Coast to Coast AM (07-25-12) 09:24:49
Obama Talks Gun Control 09:22:46
The Audit The Fed Bill Gets Passed By The House But Obama And The Democrats Are Going To Kill It 09:22:07
FB event for Paul festival, invite friends! 08:44:00
Really? are going to vote for this guy? Video 08:41:02
☆ Ron Paul Speaks Out About Paul Festival ☆ 08:33:43
Reuters Claims Paul Only has 158 Delegates - Slam their Comments! 08:06:17
The New York Times Admits That Virtually Every Major News Organization Allows The News To Be Censored By Government Officials 08:04:13
Reuters is biased too? 07:57:31
America, The more you try to coerce my affection, the more obvious the ploy becomes. 07:54:21
Obama thinks Govt's legal monopoly on violence should add legal monopoly on AK-47's too. 07:28:46
ECB's Draghi pledges to do whatever needed to save euro 07:23:36
CFR Globalists Say Don’t Worry - “Your Guns Are in Safe Hands” 07:20:13
Perp Walk - Former CEO & Chairman of Anglo Irish Bank Arrested for Fraud 07:18:29
Leaked Report Reveals Music Industry’s Global Anti-Piracy Strategy 05:41:49
Swizz Beatz on Megaupload: I Was Giving Artists 90% of The Shit 05:39:31
Pacified by Positive Propaganda 05:37:38
A Plea To Everyone. Keep The Daily Paul Free! 04:14:12
British MPs Tell Barclays Bank to Stop Fundraising For Romney 03:55:11
Pakistani journalist grills departing U.S. Ambassador 03:36:08
Good movie for Christian Libertarians 03:20:32
Asking children questions about liberty! 02:57:58
Action Alert: Operation Wake Up Harry Reid! 02:38:35
A Question for all the Christians. 02:34:53
Jesse Ventura On Coast 2 Coast Am Now! 02:12:55
The facts about Bain and KB Toys - much worse than Vulture Capitalism 02:12:01
S202 - Letter to Sen. Maria Cantwell 01:55:48
James Holmes Sends A Road Map 01:34:11
Dark Knight Rising Interpretation - WARNING: Spoiler Alert 01:26:21
DC: Harry Reid Now Defined as a Boring Sexual Position 01:09:06
Thank your Democrat House Members who Voted to Pass Audit The Fed 01:02:58
Critical Thinking Exercise! Central Banking 00:51:23
Something is going on... 00:37:29
Gary Johnson is Right:Ron Paul supporters won’t vote for Mitt Romney 00:35:05
Reid is having a "twitter townhall" do we have any questions? 00:30:10
VIDEO Matlarson10 show from tonight 7-25 00:00:30