Posted on July 29, 2012

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Presidential Also-Rans Stiff Small Businesses: Bachmann, Huntsman, Gingrich, Santorum Owe Millions to Creditors. 20:22:02
Forbes: The Grand Shi Strategy of Ron Paul 17:44:17
House to vote next week on a bill to redistribute Americans’ wealth 20:23:09
Can Friends of Liberty Agree to Disagree & Be Agreeable While Doing So? 23:57:29
Mexican Official: CIA 'Manages' Drug Trade 12:15:39
12-Year-Old Girl Tased Inside Victoria's Secret - Mom Had Outstanding Traffic Tickets 11:40:16
Just How Good Are the TSA's Body Scanners? 09:28:46
Austerity at The Olympics: Each "Gold" Medal Contains 1.34% Gold 08:30:35
Letter from Former Maine State Director for Ron Paul Campaign 11:56:40
DP Feature List 20:38:42
How to foil your own terrorist plot. (Language alert.) 11:33:39
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Former Governor,George Romney mind control agenda - from Cathy O'Brien, former MKUltra presidential level mind controlled slave. 23:52:35
ViDEO: Olympic destruction and resignation 23:51:07
How Mitt Romney Tried to Erase the Evidence of His Governorship 23:37:14
Jesse Ventura: “If They Allow Johnson To Debate, You Could See Him Win” 23:18:10
Gov Mcdonell sees Paul platform influence 22:47:40
Penn Jillette Debates Seth Macfarlane On Larry King About The Tea Party 22:42:03
Holy Cow! Glenn Beck Draws 65,000 Supporters to Cowboy Stadium 22:24:12
Video: Marine stuns Tea Party with Fourth Verse of The Star Spangled Banner 22:10:05
4409 - The Huckabee Hypocrisy 22:05:26
Do Not Stop Spreading the Message 21:37:55
Ron Paul Re-evolution.Give us back The Constitution! 21:03:00
So Basically The US is Not a Democracy or a Republic, But a Dictatorship 20:58:13
The World Is Waking Up 20:50:31
I'm a Romney 2012 "Official Member!" Are you? 20:49:45
Romney: Iran Strike 'On The Table' If I Were President 20:37:08
Dirty Harry Reid 19:45:34
147 Nations (lead by BRIC) don't consider newly created US/EU currency legitimate 19:37:00
Texans are stocking up on guns on Fear of Obama's 2nd Term 19:05:26
Flashback: Lest We Forget – Why We Need A Gold Audit – Fake Gold Bars In Fort Knox! 18:58:20
Gary Johnson on Iraq and Libya 18:42:22
Baking Sourdough Bread and Politics 18:41:43
Why I Love Ron Paul But I Also Promote Gary Johnson 17:40:14
Romney dons Jewish Kippah, prays at Wall in Jerusalem trying to impress Jews 17:09:56
EXCLUSIVE: Geithner gambles on Greek default August 20th 17:08:37
Cover Up? FBI Theater Attack Warning Removed From The Internet 17:06:24
TSM, CYS and DPW - Failed The Victims Of Sandusky 17:03:36
Hugo Price and Max Keiser can save Greece 16:47:43
Let's Talk about Love 16:30:33
The most important thing we can do right now! Reaching All RNC Delegates with a Pro Paul, Pro Liberty Message 16:21:26
What's with the BLUE fringe on OUR flag? 16:19:31
Scalia: Guns to be Regulated 16:18:06
Benton: La Gop Insiders "gave us a cold shoulder…" 16:17:44
ALEC Exposed- A short YouTube video 16:16:43
Antonin Scalia: There Are 'Undoubtedly' Limits To A Person's Right To Carry Guns (VIDEO) 16:13:05
Mitt's new campaign slogan 15:59:49
Counter-Thread to "The Libertarian Party is a total failure and" 15:59:14
For Bill Kristol: Gun Control in Israel? 15:56:51
Leaked RIAA Report: SOPA/PIPA “Ineffective Tool” Against Music Piracy 15:55:15
Leaked: IFPI Tutorial On How To Stop Pre-Release Music Leaks 15:54:15
LIVE STREAM - Anaheim Anti-Police State Protest Watch - News coverage 15:51:28
Ousted from Penn State because of sex-abuse scandal, G.Spanier lands job with Government 15:11:55
Guess Who Owns The Mall Adjacent To Olympic Stadium ? 15:09:29
Where were you? 14:19:58
Who owns the fed 14:13:44
Where's The Milkman? -Update- 13:42:14
George Will : Romney Not Courting Jewish Voters with Israel Trip but Evangelicals (Video) 13:32:50
Scalia: 'Limitations' could be imposed on guns in the future (Video) 13:26:08
Did Mitt Romney Help Lake Michigan’s Polluters? 13:20:05
World’s First ‘Smart City’ To Be Completed By 2015: ‘songdo’ The Orwellian Control Grid 13:18:22
Change from the ground up: A call to action. 13:10:12
Are You A Free Man or Bond Man? 13:03:19
Control Freaks Killing America With Ridiculous Regulations 12:59:50
Ronnie "Reeferseed" Gjemre running 4 precinct chair~Keep Austin Weird is our city motto 12:58:16
Petition for Obama to support HR. 459 / S. 202 12:57:09
Austerity At The Olympics: Each "Gold" Medal Contains 1.34% Gold 12:56:07
CIA "Manages" Drug Trade, Mexican Official Says 12:47:33
Shocking Video : Police Brutality Worse Than Rodney King 12:42:19
Bill Kristol Wants Ammo Limits 12:37:36
US assassination drone attack kills 4 in Pakistan: Government Continues it's murders. 12:12:09
Why can't Ron Paul make delegates sign pledges to him like Romney did in the U.S. Virgin Islands? 12:03:50
CIA “Manages” Drug Trade, Mexican Official Says 11:58:17
Our Response To Louisiana - Romney Cheated Signs All Over Florida 11:39:42
- 11:24:49
The Declining Terrorist Threat; Former CIA Analyst Op Ed in NY Times 2 months before 9/11. 11:23:54
. 11:23:26
The Libertarian Party is a total failure and 10:38:20
Florida Cop Fired For Picking Up Hookers On Duty 09:20:51
MD's Don't Live as Long as the Average American - Video 09:12:51
Romney will say: "We have seen the horrors of history. We will not stand by" 09:10:49
Remember, We Get Just What We Deserve 09:02:32
The Choice is clear 08:34:43
Ronvoys" of 400 vans are expected to bring 4,800 festivalgoers to Tampa from all over the country 07:03:09
Time to have Ron Paul go third party. 04:39:07
I think it is time to start supporting Gary Johnson. 04:25:40
Adviser: Romney would back strike against Iran 03:54:39
eBook: The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’ 03:47:33
Has a US president ever effectively ended the war on drugs via the pardon power? 02:40:59
, 02:23:24
Today I planted a Ron Paul sign at the Republican booth at an outdoor summer fest 02:07:52
Tweezerheads on YouTube 02:02:30
Take Away All Guns All The Time 02:00:34
This is called strategy! 01:58:11
Barack Obama Sr. "Tax 100% of income." Like Father, Like Son? 01:13:24
Jewish voters 01:04:50
Physicians Cause Disease - Video 00:45:04
The Case Against Joe Paterno: Weak to Non-Existent On The Current Record...Part I 00:12:07
Rothbard and Menger Trustworthy? 00:08:20
Total poverty and free markets 00:00:47