Posted on July 3, 2012

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IRS hit with audit for mismanagement and fraud 22:57:24
Dear Person Seeking a Job: Why I Can't Hire You 22:25:04
John Adams' Letter to Abigail Before the Signing of Declaration of Independence 21:51:59
Video: Why No One will ever conquer AfPak: Khyber Pass' Open 'BlackMaket' for Hand-made Guns 21:28:17
"Independence Day" vs "4th of July"? 21:07:06
How to Repeal Seat Belt and Cell Phone Laws in Your State 21:03:50
Justin Raimondo Nails it! - The War for Independence YOUR Children Must Fight 15:20:16
Agenda 21: Yet again, I read something in the comment section of DP that opened my eyes... 13:37:48
Homeland Security Report Lists 'Liberty Lovers' As Terrorists 12:46:46
New Doug Wead Blog: Another Media Lie About Ron Paul 11:21:50
Andy Griffith vs. the Patriot Act. RIP Andy. 21:09:34
They want to manage me. 10:15:26
"Audit The FED" Headed For The House Floor 08:51:32
If the blackout lasts two weeks or more 08:20:12
Washington Times: "Tea Party and Occupy phonies: Ron Paul's Liberty Movement is the real deal" 06:32:00
CA Web Users File Class-Action Lawsuits Against Google & Yahoo Over Privacy 06:19:23
Embattled Barclays Chief Bob Diamond Withdraws from Romney Event 05:27:49
Peter Schiff - The Real Crash America's Coming Bankruptcy 00:00:24
Austria 1938 ... USA 2012? 22:16:29
Ron Paul is "Elektable" 14:34:00
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Smoke a Joint & Relax - Be Free! 23:50:02
I had a visit, at my residence, from the USDA. 23:38:23
Romney Coming to Montana for Private Fundraiser: No Media/Public; Price $25k! 23:37:29
All Pcp's In Oregon Invalidated? 23:36:23
Byron Wien: I Spoke To The Smartest Man In Europe, And What He Had To Say Was Terrifying 23:31:33
Did Saddam Accept Exile To Avert Iraq War? Deleted Reuters Article Says He Did 23:27:46
To the LAZY non-activists who down-vote my posts here 23:27:39
Reality Check: President Obama and Mitt Romney Don't Have Opposing Views On Healthcare? 23:23:20
Daily Paul relevance 23:04:42
Former Florida Governor Crist paid men to hide gay affair 23:03:07
Carlin on our plight 22:27:23
Gary Johnson: Pardon Non-Violent Marijuana Offenses 22:23:15
'Victories' in the Drug War: Criminal Charges for Ibuprofen, Twelve Years in Prison for Cough Syrup 22:09:20
Ron Paul Liberty on Independence Day? 22:07:17
What is required 21:53:41
An American Flag Posted at 9:00 pm on July 3rd - The Evening Before the 4th of July. 21:37:41
Jim Rogers on RT Capital Acct. w/Lauren Lyster: War & the Fin. Mafia - LIBOR, Central Banks, JP Morgan 21:35:01
Tampa RNC theatre will show you something about the country you live in 21:33:55
Do this in Columbia, no problem; Do it in The United Arab Emirates, you are beheaded! 21:24:56
RNC Names Convention Platform Leadership 21:20:41
Celebrate the 4th by signing official petition to recall Carl Levin 21:02:09
Romney continues to CRUMBLE! 20:59:10
American Soldiers Are Waking Up! Support Of Taking America Back! 20:58:42
Libertarians Gov. Johnson for President, Judge Gray for Vice President on the Ballot in Illinois 20:52:06
SPCA - Is it libertarian? 20:47:34
UN Arms Trade Treaty poses Threat to Second Amendment 19:59:36
Fractional Reserve Banking 19:55:54
Libertarian Gary Johnson to celebrate ‘freedom and liberty’ in Orlando tomorrow 19:55:53
The 4th of July ='s Ron Paul gear from head to toe 19:50:37
70% of U.S. Military Fatalities in 11-Year Afghan War Have Occurred on Obama's Watch 19:40:22
Gold and Oil down 100% 19:39:21
Banksters always screw somebody. In 1803 it was the Crown) 19:38:23
Number of people receiving federal disability now exceeds the entire population of New York City 19:25:54
Message From Ron Paul : He needs our help! 19:17:47
Government Motors: As GM shares near record low, taxpayer loss on bailout rises to $35 billion 18:46:36
Lawyers for Ron Paul Update: David Callihan and Richard Gilbert, RBN-Live tonight, 8-9 EST. 18:28:02
Barak Obama, Vampire Hunter? 18:23:33 18:09:30
Watch "British Ron Paul Nigel Farage Breakthrough more Breakdown 3rd July 2012" on YouTube 18:03:50
One Man's Terrorist 18:01:32
Youtube changing view count for Elektable 17:50:53
Ex-Fed Member Launches - Herman Cain TV 17:38:00
U.S. Homeland Security Allocates $9.7 Million To Jewish Nonprofits. (I Do Not Support!) 17:32:22
With 'freedom' in fashion, is libertarianism back? 17:19:34
Documentary Help Needed- Provide a Voice for Active Duty in Theater, and Non-Interventionism Here at Home 17:19:04
Could Ron Paul Win the Nomination at RNC? 17:14:52
. 17:14:21
Romneys "Veteran Coalition" 17:13:15
Official "Elektable" 45-Second Trailer Now Live! 16:50:13
Justin Amash for Liberty 16:35:44
It Is Time For The Truth To Be Known: We Are Not Alone 16:26:33
Tracy Diaz & Matlarson10 Interview Jeremy Richter Writer and Producer of Elektable 16:24:36
Report: Ron Paul Could Win the Nomination at RNC 16:15:27
Barclays CEO Resigns Amid Libor Scandal; Is the Fed Involved? 16:14:47
Barclays CEO Resigns Amid Libor Scandal; Is the Fed Involved? 16:12:58
Video-Why to never park over a manhole... 16:12:44
Repeal and "REPLACE" Obamacare 16:09:08
Romney taps Bush 41, Dole to head military vets coalition 15:56:43
Dewhurst attacks Cruz for Bilderburg connections 15:55:44
CNN Admits They Ignore Ron Paul On PURPOSE! 15:54:10
Ireland Scraps All E-Voting Machines 15:34:56
they should play this at the festival and before rons convention speech. 14:39:08
Bombshell - Roberts Switched Vote on Obamacare 14:26:54
University of Texas Radionavigation Laboratory Hacks DHS Drone For Only a $1000 14:26:49
Proof Ron Paul Is Winning! 14:17:40
The Tea Party 14:15:23
Conservatives to Mitt: Quit Now If You Won't Fight Obamatax! 14:14:19
Romney just made a turncoat decision that could cost him the nomination 14:12:28
"Rand Paul: Roberts' ruling isn't final" in USA Today 13:59:00
Andy Griffith and American Values (Video) 13:58:54
Governor Brewer, Hallmark Use Birthday Cards to Push Vaccines 13:51:32
6,500 New IRS Agents To Be Hired To Enforce Obamacare 13:30:34
*In a Breath, In a Dream (A song for the rEVOLution)* 13:21:56
(Video) Troops In Door To Door "Wellness Checks" In Virginia And Ohio 12:59:07
The High Cost of Secrecy to American Taxpayers 12:50:40
(Video) Napolitano On Fox News : "Obamacare Ruling Gives 'Power On A Platter' To Congress"- 7-03-12 12:40:20
Video of Voting Rights ~ Please get involved! UPDATE! 12:36:36
Cop Ordered 15-Yr-Old To Undress, Examined Her Privates To "Check" Whether She Had Sex 12:20:04
Michelle Bachmann 'MANGLES' Facts On Health Care Tax 12:04:39
Court Orders 'TWITTER' Hand Over Occupy Wall Street Protesters Messages 11:59:37
(Video) Freedom Music & Entertainment Present: Ground Wars feat. TMOT and Jamsmith 11:53:55
NPR's On Point had Yuval Levin sounding off about the scale of government. What is your opinion of him? 11:34:13
Lawyers for Ron Paul on The Aroostook Watchmen (AM/FM Radio): WARNING: Do not listen if you don't believe in conspiracies. 11:33:26
Educate your Democratic/Liberal Friends with this Video 11:10:34
Resist the Police State (VIDEO) 10:33:02
Full Video: Sheriff Joe Arpaio's July 17th Scorcher On Obama's Eligibility 10:03:31
(Video) Man Arrested, Tried In Secret For Non Payment Of Tax 09:57:50
Congress, Eric Holder, Gun Control, And the Fast And Furious Cover Up 09:56:25
(Video) DNC Madam Chair Says, "Non Compliance of Obamacare Will Not be Tolerated" 09:47:15
If the Payer on your paycheck stub reads 09:19:43
(Video)Whistleblower Reveals Himself Warns Of 'False Flag' At The Olympics 09:13:58
Video: The Great Crash Ahead With Author Harry Dent 09:02:21
AP: This is what global warming looks like 08:55:02
THis is going to blow the wheels off the bailout machine! 08:48:22
2012 Bastiat Prize: $16,000 for journalists who support a free society 08:39:53
Romney Urged To Resign 08:34:03
U.S. Department of Defense Contract Awards for July 02, 2012 07:59:45
Romney Was Promised The Nomination By The RNC Four Years Ago. 09:32:28
New Jersey eligibility 05:49:35
Those who say you have to be military or PD to be a Paulfest volunteer are LIARS! 05:27:32
... 04:45:20
where have all the trolls been lately? 04:22:04
Daily Paul Posts - Replying to bad posts only make them live on. 04:18:46
They Will Seize Guns in Tampa-Despite State Law 03:21:40
Shooting ourselves in the foot? 03:17:33
Dr. No's Donuts: The Story Behind the Pastry 03:06:17
GJ: Ask Any Country That Tried Govt. Healthcare 02:26:52
In Congress, July 4, 1776 02:21:13
Iran to close Strait of Hormuz 01:20:30
Televangelist says to write in Jesus 00:36:42
I need help for the Liberty Challenge 00:19:21
‘Declaration of Internet Freedom’ Calls for Free and Open Internet 00:18:26
Let's eat a cookie 00:12:08