Posted on July 8, 2012

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Nebraska, You Must Invite Ron Paul! 16:04:59
Paul Craig Roberts: The Collapsing US Economy and the End of the World 13:25:15
$40 million cable project points to Guantánamo’s permanence 12:28:20
The "Flat" Tax is Not Flat and the "Fair" Tax is Not Fair 12:02:56
Natural, organic items grab bigger share in supermarkets 12:01:39
Don't bet on getting rid of Obamacare 11:59:26
U.S. Helicopter Blasts an Afghan Man to Pieces... As The Pilot Sings 'Bye, Bye Miss American Pie' 11:16:41
The Free State of New Hampshire Recruits Liberty Lovers 10:18:07
All Nebraska Delegates Need to Follow Maine's Template + Challenge the Voting Machines + Call in the Sheriff 16:01:55
Stunning Piece of Visual Imagery Interpreting the Last Decade of Lies, Chaos & Human Suffering 09:05:43
News: The Latest Story From the Fight for Nebraska Delegates 08:38:59
Watch out for Charlie Cheater at the Nebraska State Convention 15:58:36
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Phew 23:52:16
"The Money Masters," a documentary on the influence of International Bankers on US Monetary Policy 23:45:49
Op-Ed: Why black Americans aren't quitting on Ron Paul 23:41:11
Chinese migrant workers live in public toilets. 23:39:22
SERIOUSLY?! Ron Endoreses Romney? 23:34:06
And Reality can't get sweeter than THIS! 23:30:30
Sponsor A Delegate 23:04:41
What is behind the curtain?...I mean towel.. 23:01:38
Secret Crowds! 22:54:57
If you're in ILLINOIS and would like to know who your Liberty Candidates are, please contact me 22:53:37
Cell Phone Carriers Swamped With Surveillance Requests 22:52:45
Shout it Out Now! 22:41:16
"With 'freedom' in fashion, is libertarianism back?" 22:30:52
Concrete evidence shows US government nuked WTC towers on 9/11 22:28:21
British Constitution Group Chairman Roger Hayes Arrested, Tried In Secret Court, Imprisoned 22:19:59
Ron Paul supporter needs help - every bit helps! 21:31:27
Switzerland defies US, EU ban on Iran oil 21:20:38
Lawmaker: Model public schools after Muslim ones 21:15:57
Grand Island, Nebraska: Ground Zero 21:04:23
Seize the Opportunity of the Dissenters 21:02:11
Judy Morris Report - The Best Government that Fascist Corporatist Bankster Defense Contractor Money Can Buy 20:58:48
Nebraska: All-in-One Guide to the Convention pre-planning 20:56:29
With 'freedom' in fashion, is libertarianism back? 20:54:06
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions 20:48:10
URGENT and IMPERATIVE: Need to Challenge the Nebraska "Rented Voting Machines" 20:48:08
Daniel Ellsberg Fears A Hit On WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange 20:38:46
Ernest Borgnine Dies At 95 - Actor Played Lonely Bronx Butcher 20:24:14
Sign of the Times? DOT Construction Signs Hacked To Read ‘Impeach Obama’ 20:11:09
Times are a changin': NY Daily News covering story about "GOP Presidential candidate" Ron Paul & raw milk. Wow. 20:02:07
A Modest Proposal for Ron Paul Delegates 19:57:32
Deleted...Post yanked up 19:35:47
Ed and Ethan 1X08 July 08, 2012 19:16:58
Members of Congress Received “VIP” Loans from Countrywide 19:13:26
Oh Goodie! US assures Egypt Islamist leader of partnership 19:07:50
Larken Rose @ PorcFest 2012: Monitor THIS, Fascists! (An Awesome Speech; Throwing-down the Gauntlet vs. The Empire!) 19:05:45
Libertarianism goes way beyond GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul 18:53:13
Stop the Impending Bankruptcy of Every US Municipality - CAFR 18:52:02
Faking It: How the Lame Stream Media Manipulates the World into War 18:48:51
Monsanto plays nicely: From the "Sell you a bridge file" 18:47:19
Romney on Obamacare: 'It's a Tax and Its Constitutional;' Romneycare Was a 'Penalty,' And It's Constitutional, Too 18:30:13
Statement by the President on Libya "On behalf of the American people". (Oh Really?) 18:18:37
U.S. gives ally Afghanistan special security status 18:04:00
Can Ron Paul win in November WITHOUT the GOP nomination? I think so - correct me if I'm wrong. 17:47:04
Record-A-Cop? There's an app for that! 17:40:57
Why I Am Joining The Lawyers For Ron Paul Grassroots. I have never Posted Before! 17:39:49
Reverend Wright Knocks Obama In Sunday Sermon 17:39:36
Is America Still A British Colony? And If So, Have You Heard Of The "Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666"? 17:37:41
Bill Kristol: Romney camp has reason to ‘worry’ 17:23:05
Police Oath of Honor 17:11:48
FORBES : UN Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms 17:11:24
American Patriot Proves Obama Tax Pays For FREE Illegal Alien Healthcare 17:07:02
Obama aide hints at tax evasion in challenge to Romney to release records 17:05:43
Indiana militiaman gets back his 41 guns, 100,000 rounds of ammunition from the feds 16:58:24
Afghanistan promised $16bn in development aid 16:58:09
(Video) McConnell : No Regrets On Justice Roberts Confirmation 16:53:51
Policymic: Ron Paul is the Best Option in Election 2012 16:43:58
Just received the lineup for the Chair, Co-Chair & Staff for Nat'l Platform Cmte. Who are these people? 16:31:03
Is Dr. Paul Feeling Down? 16:28:04
Soros promotes UN control of gun ownership 16:25:05
Is it ok for Walmart to build here? 16:24:34
This is so true and should be shared with everyone... 16:05:22
Mitt Romney's holiday weekend soured by negative publicity 16:03:31
I was bored so i wrote about Crazy Ron, feel free to add more lol 15:59:12
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report - CAFR - >$100T in taxpayer monies! 15:56:47
Predictive Programming - Miami Vice & Gordon Liddy 15:55:06
Is There a Difference Between SS, Medicare, and the Affordable Healthcare Act? 15:53:29
UPDATE Nebraska Delegates 15:50:19
"Liberty" FB Page is Pro-Romney 15:35:46
RNC = Rotten Nasty Cheaters 15:35:23
Iranian President Claimed Europe Seeding Clouds and Causing Drought in Region 15:25:17
Obama declared a war criminal? 15:13:15
It's Getting Harder To Travel Across Borders In Europe 15:11:51
Dr. Paul Can Still Deny Romney the Nomination 15:02:46
Volkswagen Levitating Car 15:02:40
It's Starting To Look Like Romney Has A Dirty Tax Secret 14:50:33
Spain Opens Criminal Probe of Ex-IMF and Bankia Chief Rodrigo Rato 14:31:46
Romney Won't Have Delegates Like This At The Convention 14:22:00
How is DHS spending billions of tax-payer dollars? 13:48:40
Ron Paul and the Liberty movement offer Americans a way out 13:48:18
Update Please Share! Nebraska Republican Convention Hired Security Detail Contact Information 13:34:00
Support Your Sheriff 13:22:32
Concord Police to Debut New SWAT Armored Vehicle "Mamba" 13:19:50
Salatin: How To Heal The Earth And Humanity 12:32:14
North Dakota’s booming economy gives the political dynamic a rarefied air 12:19:13
(Video) Obama's New Deal As Bad As The Old Deal 12:14:43
Major Rent Strike Against Millionaire Slumlord Catches Fire in Brooklyn 11:57:23
Executive Order - Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions 11:57:17
Liberty Movement Logo 11:56:59
America Is NOT The Greatest Country On Earth 11:53:00
Boehner on Romney: "The American people aren't going to fall in love with him" 11:51:24
Can someone start a moneybomb for "Paul vs Romney vs Obama" national poll? Or post instructions, we need one. 11:25:00
The LIBOR Scandal Is a Sham Engineered by Central Banking Elites 11:07:28
New Video: Revolution 2012: It's Time To Rise 10:54:40
*VIDEO* Christian Jailed for Home Worship! 10:28:44
Crony Capitalists of the Federal Reserve 10:09:42
Taliban publicly execute woman near Kabul: The Taliban could not be reached for comment? 10:00:55
REAL Important news! Barney Frank marries longtime partner..LOL 09:50:17
Good Article in the New Yorker on Afghanistan 09:45:30
Courageously replace fear with action! 09:35:33
Nebraska: Is There A Chipin? 09:10:18
Need a Ron Paul Car Sticker? 09:03:55
Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts - The Romney they know - from Facebook 09:03:28
Where is Willard's 2011 tax return? 08:46:37
Angry Brokers Leave Firms — and Take $59B with Them 07:57:40
Banks’ Defenses to Potential Trillions in Libor Claims Fail 07:57:10
US, UK warmongering to spark WWIII: Analyst 07:30:57
Barclays LIBOR Corruption a Phony Ploy to Strengthen the Bloomberg/Qatar QIBOR? 07:13:42
Oregon: Response to Allen Alley letter of July 3, 2012. 07:11:08
What is Libor and Why Should We Care? 06:58:36
Doesn't Deserve To Win: Krauthammer Slams Mitt Romney's Strategy 06:53:29
Paul LePage, Maine Governor, Blasts Obamacare, Calls IRS 'The New Gestapo' 06:50:37
"Five years after the smoking ban we are all smokers now" 06:37:03
"This is not Jefferson's Republic" 06:35:45
British commentator:"There is zero evidence cutting spending increases deficits" 06:33:08
British commentator: Freedom of the Press now affects us all" 06:30:19
British commentator: The EU is stealing our sovereignty. Ever wonder how they managed it? 06:25:17
British commentator call for "Economic Nuremberg" trials for last Labour Government 06:18:37
I'm a Ron Paul National Delegate, and I'm asking for help with the hotel! 04:35:21
Ron Paul to blow off Paul Festival for GOP delegates rally 04:24:26
OH Libertarian Candidates Discuss Challenging Obamacare 03:16:48
Federal reserve charter 03:12:40
The law that take away our liberties 02:33:54
200 Billion since 2004 02:15:26
Gary Johnson meet & greet in Dunedin, Florida on July 6, 2012 02:00:12
CIA knew ahead of time and gave specific warning to Bush 01:53:45
We need to invite all delegates to a meeting and convince them. 01:51:10
Boehner: I can't make you love Romney! No Sh.t, Sherlock! 01:48:09
Mitt Romney is Simply Unelectable 01:39:39
Dr. Ron Paul on Healthcare: Freedom NOT Force 01:12:31 Seminar: Peter Schiff Interview 00:58:56
Dr. Ron Paul is The Only Candidate 00:39:26
Isn't the Fed unconstitutional now? 00:37:53
10 Important Issues Only Dr. Ron Paul is Talking About 00:24:03
The Jerusalem Post: Wiki leak claims 'Israel has destroyed Iran nuclear infrastructure' 00:16:11
Ron Paul / Libertarianism / Freemasonry 00:15:41