Posted on August 14, 2012

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Assange reportedly going to Ecuador 21:26:02
NEWS: Paul Festival is officially changing its name! 19:38:30
Tampa Tribune: "Romney's Greatest Fear" is Ron Paul Nomination. 18:24:02
SHOCKER: Frightened Commissars DELETE the Death Penalty portion from Coinage Act of 1792 Wiki Entry! 17:01:31
Tea Party and Occupy Merge (Daily Paul gets mentioned as well ) 16:12:30
Tom Mullen: Why does Ron Paul insist on a declaration of war? 13:49:51
What Did Rand Paul Gain? 14:40:53
When do you believe the crash will happen? 12:27:12
President Lyndon B. Johnson Warns: 'Don't Think About Hoarding Silver Coins' 12:14:46
Check in with your face: "Facedeals" scans your face to customize deals 11:17:07
Chinese Companies Pull Out Of U.S. Stock Markets 09:24:36
Conspiracy of Silence: Obama And Romney Remain Mum On Afghanistan 07:34:25
GOP Pros Fret Over Paul Ryan 05:11:15
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Sign wave opportunity -Miami Univ. Oxford Ohio 23:58:57
The Message - Free music to use on your own videos 23:48:44
Mitt Seals Tea Party Support with Catchy Song 23:44:17
Stay registered as a Republican! 23:23:37
6 Days in Tibet 23:21:33
Video #14 of 27: Initial Thoughts On 9/11 & The Role Of Questioning Your Government 23:19:06
Congressman Ryan as Vice President ~ John Birch Society 23:14:11
Please Take Time To Watch This, It Will Touch Your Heart 23:06:36
Federal court evidence needed (failure to file) 23:00:13
The Ron Paul Rebellion 22:47:37
Internet usage and speed compared across the states 22:40:22
Ron Paul's Big Announcement 22:30:12
Internet should not have gatekeepers or regulators – Steve Wozniak 22:07:28
Anxiety about Rand's RNC speech... 21:51:37
Open Letter to Ron Paul 21:40:06
Why does Ron Paul insist on a Congressional declaration of war? 21:12:39
Catholic Church Makes A Fortune In The German Porn Business 21:12:01
Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy And National Security Advisory Team 20:43:27
Live Free 20:24:29
Top Ten Reasons To Vote in American Presidential Elections 20:22:58
Voting For Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Is Good 20:18:29
9/11: Shattering the Spell of Mythical Realities; New Article, August 14th, 2012 20:17:03
Ann Barnhardt Telling It Like It Is On Sentinel 20:17:02
I Know What You Downloaded on BitTorrent This Summer 19:42:16
FBI Monitored Dotcom Raid Via Live Video Link, Secret Govt Group Involved 19:39:45
UNICOR Exposé: Fed. Gov runs Slave Labor Prison Ind. Complex! Why pay $9/hr when you can kill it at $0.23/hr? 19:14:49
Schedule for the National Convention 19:11:45
Ed and Ethan 2X1.5 August 14, 2012 19:02:40
Help your Girlfriend/wife day 18:49:26
the muslims are not TERRORIST part 1 and part 2 18:46:59
Ex CIA agent explains how to delete the elite VIDEO - 18:39:55
Texas Women are Crossing the Border...For Abortions 18:29:33
Attn: Gun Owners Of California. We Need Your Help To Stop SB 249! 18:22:52
FAA Documents Show Drones Over US Pose Huge Safety Risk 18:21:26
The United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act 18:10:22
Recording From Romney's Conference Call Last Night to National Delegates 18:00:25
WikiLeaks Exposes Paul Ryan As Just Another RINO 17:58:24
Gary Johnson: Actions Speak Louder than Words 17:53:10
Chip In For Delegate to get to tampa 17:47:53
First President to Assassinate an American Teenager 17:45:45
What do you call the daughter of a mob boss? A Chelsea? 17:45:21
Romney, Rubio campaign at store owned by convicted cocaine trafficker 17:33:16
Gov. Christie to deliver GOP keynote, Rubio to introduce Romney 17:28:53
Join the Revolution .. New song I wrote 17:26:51
Poland Probe Reveals More on Secret US Torture Site 17:19:23
Is Gary Johnson a "Fake" Libertarian? 17:13:12
Messengers for Liberty, 6 hour documentary series 17:09:43
How you can associate more positive changes 17:09:33
SXSW Panel About Ron Paul Needs Your Vote 17:01:50
High Explosives Contract Awarded To Firm Of Former TSA Head 16:57:20
Please Ignore. This was a DP duplicate created by magic 16:45:22
Before we bomb you, "The American People send our deepest condolences" re: Earthquake 19:33:47
Seattle Hempfest, Local Churches to Show Previews of Documentary ‘Legalize It’ 16:20:44
I sure hope Paul Ryan doesn't consider himself a Christian... 16:10:24
Blues guitarist Jimmie Vaughan at Ron Paul RNC rally 16:04:49
Ron Paul's VP 15:45:53
Confirmed: Assange receives Asylum! 15:04:18
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome? 14:57:37
Ron Paul: Loss of Faith, Hope and Integrity? 14:38:56
Show solidarity on Facebook on Aug 26th! 14:31:44
A history brush-up of Congo & Rwanda and U.S.-imperialism 14:26:51
Bankster Death Penalty-Iran Sentences Four Banksters to Hang for $2.6 Billion Fraud 14:26:42
National Weather Service Buys 46k Hollow Point Rounds 14:19:42
Vandalized Ron Paul Sign 14:18:42
Glenn Greenwald Dismembers Paul Ryan & the Political Class 13:59:16
Fox News Promotes Paul Ryan By bragging he's expanding govt. 13:55:52
Pasadena scraps revenue cameras, but leaves dangerous mess in their wake 13:55:12
Representative Justin Amash Tells Gary Johnson "No!": AMASH: "I have All Ready Stated I Endorse Ron Paul For President"! 13:42:17
Stimulus Is The Purest Distillation Of Change Need Ammo 13:39:58
Media and Liberty Activists Seek Help for Tampa Project 13:36:32
DHS What is going on? 13:31:45
FDA busted for spying! 13:19:15
Justin Amash endorses Paul Ryan for Vice President of the United States of America 13:17:33
India Cancels GMO Cotton License 13:15:36
Ron Paul: Loss of Faith, Hope and Integrity? -TMOT 13:14:06
Obama Reelection Secured By Ryan Pick 13:04:20
Join us for the biggest food freedom event of 2012 - Lemonade Freedom Day 13:01:26
Is Romney no longer qualified to be President? 13:01:25
To ALL Romney Delegates - Part III 13:01:15
Investors Prepare for Euro Collapse 12:47:33
Paul Ryan- Iowa Hecklers Forcibly Removed 12:42:06
Whistle-blower, documents: Ill. state workers forced to attend Pelosi, Jesse Jackson Jr. event of taxpayer dime 12:32:54
Social Security Amendment to the platform 12:27:02
Revolution alive and well in Virginia 12:21:32
Video Update: Lew Rockwell on Alex Jones 8-14-12 12:16:17
the money myth exploded(interesting primer on banking) 12:03:57
"Ex-CNN Anchor Joins Debate vs. Unions Over Teacher Misconduct" 11:54:47
ALERT: Buy 999rds! If you buy 1,000rd+ You'll be labeled a Criminal by Berkeley, CA Gun Grabbers! 11:51:37
Andy Sanborn "Live Free or Die" Money Bomb 11:42:24
Foreign Cash Disqualifies Romney from Presidential Bid 11:29:11
Systemic Dem-Rep Cancer 11:05:52
"Old People Have A Duty To Die And Get Out Of The Way" 11:02:38
National Delegate's Band set to play Paulfest, VIDEO 10:45:33
Lawsuit going well! All delegates will likely be unbound 10:34:19
Keeping Ron Paul Behind The Iron Curtain Of Silence 10:22:13
The Facebook camera that can recognise you every time you walk into a shop 10:16:34
Doug Wead: Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan presages end of an era 10:12:18
Investors Preparing for Euro Collapse 10:11:52
Mitt Romney actively solicits fundraising in foreign countries 10:10:53
Shirley Jackson Lee today on 10:09:44
Doug Wead ~ RNC: Ron Paul delegates not welcome in Tampa 10:05:01
Blind mice given sight after device cracks retinal code 09:58:55
You will not believe what some people are willing to do for a PAYCHECK 09:52:32
Register Your Business, Your Car, Your Gun, Your Child, Your Life, and Your ... Garden? 09:46:00
National Weather Service Follows DHS in HUGE Ammo Purchase 09:40:38
I got a phone call last night 09:33:27
How Stress and Depression Can Shrink The Brain 09:31:21
Messengers for Liberty (new documentary trailer) 09:30:27
Foreign Cash Disqualifies Romney from Presidential Bid 09:28:47
JPMorgan Chase Libor Subpoenas Coming From Everybody In The World 09:16:10
Ron Paul can't receive foriegn contributions... But romney can. 08:41:11
Romney Makes Fatal Mistake By Picking Paul Ryan As VP -Matlarson10 08:36:51
Matlarson10 -Update Ron Paul Will Not Seek To Be Nominated From The Floor At RNC 08:29:47
Facing 10 years to Life, California dispensary operator stands up for the Constitution! 08:08:58
Romney tries to ditch Ryan budget, says he wants 2010 proposal. Anyone know what this is? 07:55:47
Rand Paul's New Book: Government Bullies w/ forward by Ron Paul 07:23:46
Educate Romney Delegates 07:01:41
You'll Never Guess Who Is Delivering the RNC Keynote Speech! 06:54:35
Excellent Documentary on President Paul's Speech in San Antonio, Texas (04/12/12) 05:51:57
Ademo Freeman of A real American Hero 05:27:28
This will drum up some publicity for Dr. Paul 12:46:40
Video A True History of the United States 04:39:12
Rare moment of truth on the "stark contrast" between Obama/Biden vs. Romney/Ryan - NPR Marketplac 04:33:12
paul ryan 04:15:19
Naivete? 02:53:07
We Are Slaves! 02:43:16
Send me to Tampa and tell me if I should vote for Ryan as VP 02:37:23
Ron Paul“U.S. Treasury Guilty of Counterfeiting Dollars” 02:27:03
Ron Paul not given a choice at Iowa State Fair WHO-TV Poll. 02:20:29
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To the Moon 01:51:43
Google alternative - Gibiru 01:48:56
The reason I'm not voting 01:37:46
Israel To Iran: We Love You 01:33:12
New: Ron Paul Delegates Fight to Get to the Republican National Convention Getting More Difficult 01:30:22
Toxic Currency on now 01:25:02
Ayn Rand Paul Ryan 01:13:22
Can Dr Paul Via Executive Order Issue Debt Free Currency? Would He? 00:43:39
Warning! YouTube threatens to shut down Alex Jones Channel - Must See Movies/Videos Before They Are Erased 00:40:00
Sunday, 8:50 AM - Arturo needs money for the Champagne Brunch 00:16:29
Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and President Obama Meet to Discuss November Election 00:12:59
Honestly, where do we go from here as a movement? 17:17:25