Posted on August 15, 2012

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AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Defies Obama Administration Once Again 21:30:44
The Mississippi River Is Drying Up 22:04:47
National GOP Changes Rules on Maine’s Delegation 20:47:04
Stossel: "I'm Pretty sure Ron Paul Will Speak at the RNC" 16:59:35
Matt Taibbi: AG Eric Holder Has No Balls Concerning Goldman Sachs Non-Prosecution 14:24:47
Rand Paul On Mitt Romney's VP Pick 12:54:47
John Boehner: You're A Knuckledragger If You Oppose Bailouts 13:43:55
What do Liberty minded people think of Reagan? 09:42:01
Social Security Administration To Purchase 174 Thousand Rounds Of Hollow Point Bullets 09:58:00
Pat Buchanan Glowingly Endorses Romney's Neocon VP Pick 09:03:21
"GOP Super Pac Has Not Released Campaign Funds Just In Case Ron Paul Wins Nomination" 08:33:10
Reality Check: Obama Administration Refuses To Tell Judge If NDAA is Being Illegally Enforced? 10:10:37
RNC ‘Committee on Challenges’ ignores the will of Massachusetts voters. MA Liberty Caucus Objects! 16:55:29
Ron Paul’s victory over Bernanke and the Federal Reserve 21:04:40
MoneyBomb, help pay for people's trips to Tampa and support the liberty movement! 16:42:07
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A Lesson in Mass Consciousness and a Call to Action - How we will DOMINATE at the convention.. 23:52:46
Idea to have Ron Paul accept offer to speak at National Convention 23:45:13
Congressional Liberty Candidate Rick Witt's new music video 23:39:41
Romney Is The Key To Obama's Success 23:38:38
First drawn to Ron (unlike Rand) consistenly true to his own principles. 23:34:10
The Tampa Motto is: 23:19:28
Mass Fish Kill on Texas Beaches/Worldwide 23:13:26
ROFLOL! GOP calls itself the "party of the open door, of liberty, equality, and opportunity..." 23:01:40
If I Vote For Romney Then I Will Screw Up "MY" Voting Record. 23:01:30
When The Phat Lady Sings In Tampa - There Will Be ONE Man Left Standing 22:50:13
Colonizing Nations 101 22:37:19
Video: Man arrested for open carry in park 22:34:49
My personal tribute to Dr. Ron Paul 22:27:13
Gun ownership is apparently a disease. 22:25:10
41 Years After The Death Of The Gold Standard, A Look At "How We Ended Up In This Economic Purgatory" 22:19:54
Afghanistan: UN Reports Slight Drop in Civilian Casualties, Says Figures Still Alarmingly High 22:17:50
Wilton, CT. Founded 1726. Abolished 2012. Cause of death Agenda 21. 22:15:23
Romney's VP is NOT Ron Paul - See You In Tampa 22:09:53
Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser sounds like he took lessons from Ron Paul 22:04:59
What Will The MSM Say After Ron Paul Wins The GOP Nomination? 22:03:43
Today on DP 22:00:57
Ron Paul "We Got Your Back!" By The Debt Assassins - Please Don't Give Up On Us! 21:52:09
Ron Paul Radio open for live video, audio and text chat, civil discussion and liberty videos 21:49:58
And believe me, we will not sit idly by and watch the establishment run roughshod over Ron Paul’s supporters who were illegally 21:45:14
New Black Panthers to RNC: Our 'Feet Will Be On Your Motherf*ing Necks' 21:43:08
Rome Is Burning! 21:41:24
Ron Paul Seattle 2012 21:33:50
Obama's $25 Billion Government Motors Lemon 21:27:22
Why this veteran supports Ron Paul 21:25:33
Megadeth Singer: Obama 'Staged' Aurora Shooting Massacre 21:25:15
Valenzuela - Marine (Ron Paul Rally) 21:19:49
Obama has 22 days to drop Biden from the ticket; Palin: "Do it! Pick Hillary!" 21:12:45
Oreilly factor poll on 3rd party run go vote now 20:44:26
Steve Wozniak Talks About Free Speech, Internet Freedom 20:31:30
Look Over Here. William Blake Tribute day for all libery loving phrygian cap wearing patriots. 20:23:09
Imminent war with Iran? 20:20:20
Matlarson10 Video: John Stossel Believes Ron Paul Will Be Placed Into Nomination At RNC 20:16:05
Ryan sought stimulus funds while decrying program 20:14:19
Obama's college records 20:13:15
"UK threatening Ecuador over Julian Assange (16Aug12)" 20:10:37
Powerful message to Romney the fascist criminal - Enemy of the State 20:08:18
Partisan Commission on Presidential Debates Harms Process 20:04:13
Delegates - Do Your Job! 20:00:33
Meet Judge Jim Gray, The Libertarian Party’s VP Candidate 19:59:51
Cops: Teens beat man because 'they were just bored' 19:56:56
Why America Needs Gary Johnson 19:51:39
Ann Romney loses points for hubby with "You People" remark 19:47:27
Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 (Sounds just like Dr. Ron Paul) 19:32:03
(VIDEO) Gay Rights Activist Open Fires At FRC 19:30:25
Triclosan: your toothpaste and deodorant may be hampering muscle / thyroid function 19:16:31
Liberty vs. Socialism 19:15:29
2012 Republican National Convention - Construction Time-Lapse Videos ! Are You Excited? 19:02:18
Gov't Whistleblowers threatened! 19:00:15
Tampa Travel MoneyBomb, help pay for people's trips and support the liberty movement! 18:51:38
Video: You'll like the End Of This Meeting 18:35:14
Stock Market Kiss of Death, Get Out the Popcorn, The Show is About to Begin 18:33:35
Open up a mind perhaps... 18:12:49
Judge Napolitano- Pennsylvania Judge Just Refused To Block Tough New Voter ID Law 18:07:16
Watch citizens take back their county! 17:58:41
Court: State Secrets privilege unfortunately sacrifices individual liberties for National Security. 17:56:46
John Dennis 2012 Ad: I Despise the TSA 17:45:47
the muslims are not TERRORIST part 3 17:35:28
The false god of politics 17:33:57
GOP Committee on Contests disenfranchises Paul supporters in several states 17:30:44
CopBlock founder gets almost 3 months for wiretapping 17:27:39
The Analogy of Truth 17:12:32
How to get the masses to Tampa on August 26? 17:07:40
Ron Paul NH State Senate Candidate Needs Help - 8/20 Money Bomb! 17:02:56
Govermentalese. What the government calls it and what it would be called, if done by somebody else 17:02:00
Can Ron Paul ask questions about the quantities of bullets being ordered by domestic depts? 16:40:14
"Space Bubbles" Visible in Space Station Footage? 16:37:39
Just in: AP source: 7 banks subpoenaed over rate-fixing 16:36:00
In not too distant past, sending Navy SEALs to hunt down CIA's rival DrugTraffickers was 'illegal'; Not Today! 16:10:04
Republican Voter Registration Firm Turns In Thousands Of Fake Registration Cards 15:57:58
With Ryan as VP does anyone see themselves voting for Romney now? Is there anything that would make you vote Romney? 15:45:19
Hilarious 1 min video - It's time to put an end to the TSA - John Dennis 15:43:22
Is Obama proposing real "Defense" cuts? Or just cuts in proposed increases? 15:40:19
An open letter to the DP Mods 15:32:24
Cynicism Is Not Smart, Sophisticated or Detached … It’s a Cop-Out 15:19:01
Obama Continues the National Emergency with Respect to Export Control Regulations 15:16:51
Pastor Calls on Christians to Vote for Ron Paul as America`s Christian President 15:10:27
Sounds like someone might have some damning info and needs to be dead. 14:56:12
racism is a ugly form of collectivism 14:53:36
ABC's The View asked this question on Facebook - My experience on the post is the story 14:49:13
of Interest to the Lawyers heading to the RNC 14:46:25
2008: Paul Ryan Traded Stocks On Insider Information From Bernanke Private meeting As Market Was Collapsing 14:09:38
Ann Barnhardt: "What part of GET THE HELL OUT are you not understanding?" 13:51:48
Singapore has no minimum wage 13:49:16
Op-Ed: Why Ron Paul supporters in Poland protested Romney's visit 13:42:06
Ron Paul plug in local in my CT primary! 13:35:21
Response to TMOT 13:18:48
Justin Raimando Comment on 'Rothbard's Practical Politcs' article by Jack Hunter at TAC 13:18:23
Why Anarcho-Capitalism? 13:14:17
Thai Senator ‘Accidentally’ Kills Secretary; Has Arrest Immunity, Faces $636 Fine 13:10:45
Ron Paul is Retiring on the Highest Note Possible, As the Ultimate Champion of Liberty 13:07:30
More TV indoctrination; NBC's 'Stars Earn Stripes' dresses stars as Jack Booted Thugs 13:04:35
REPORT: Price of Ground Beef Hits Record High 13:02:58
We need more DP & Liberty support on Wayin 13:01:34
the united states of america is a corporation owned by foreign interest. 12:59:51
I wish the Paul campaign filed a certificate of candidacy with the board of elections for every state allowing write-in votes 12:59:47
Congress' approval rating down to 10 percent (again) 12:53:48
Cross Dresser Rudy Rudolph ('Julie Anne') Guiliani Questions Foot-in-mouth Biden's 'Mental Capacity'(VIDEO) 12:52:46
Lew Rockwell : "Government is far worse than the mafia" 12:44:30
Unblinking Surveillance Stare Armys 7 Story Flying Football Field Size Blimp 12:39:22
Florida Veterinarian Appears to Take Down 12-Term GOP House Rep. Stearns 12:34:21
Military sound off 12:32:37
Family Research Council Shooting Leaves Security Guard Wounded 12:27:19
Ron Paul Release your TAXES! 12:23:22
Wikileaks Exposes Paul Ryan's True Stance on Monetary Policy & the Federal Reserve 12:18:38
Now Social Security Administration to Purchase 174 Thousand Rounds of Hollow Point Bullets 12:17:50
Contact Harry Reid at his Majority Leader office about Audit the Fed 12:14:45
Athletes Die Younger - Videos 12:11:15
How Bain Capital helped BP blow up the Deepwater Horizon 12:04:55
Proposition: Daily Paul section 11:31:06
You Are A Slave! 11:19:41
Default, not Hyperinflation 11:09:36
Ron Paul Email - The Fight Shifts to the Senate 11:06:46
Favorite Scene from Good Will Hunting - Must view 14:30:50
Big Government Paul Ryan 10:54:10
Song Exposing Chemtrails: Skull - Cry Die 10:49:18
1.4 million Take Online Political Quiz iSideWith 10:34:40
Any Ron Paul accountants in San Diego? 10:07:46
Libertarian presidential candidate optimistic about uphill fight 10:07:25
Citizens Across Massachusetts & Northeast Region Come Together to Oppose Smart Meters; Alarming Health Risks Indicated 09:53:17
It's not about the Democratic Party winning, but rather about the establishment GOP losing. 09:45:24
Cameras! 09:32:54
Allen West provides lunch for Congressional Black Caucus. Free speech is delicious. 09:30:50
The U.S. Postal Savings System - an alternate bank or another arm of the FED? 08:56:57
Fear of Assassination 08:47:14
Wow: RNC Confirms RP Up For Nom! 08:26:06
Romney's Senior FP Advisor - Holy Cow 08:11:55
EPJ: Paul Ryan Insider Trading Thief 07:29:08
A CONSERVATIVE candidate wanted in Tampa. Someone that CAN beat Obama 07:21:13
Mitt Romney pandering to Mexicans 07:20:24
Lew Rockwell: The Only Choice on November 6th 06:31:42
Wiretapping Suspect Enters Court To Applause 05:50:01
Even former Fed chairman now warns of GRAVE danger to social order 05:42:24
Paul Ryan reversed is Ryan Paul. Sound like anyone you know ? 05:36:30
Journalists are easy to con 05:34:31
Stop the Senate Online Sales Tax 05:34:00
Notice of the World delivered to The Hague 05:25:36
Viral Video: Harry Reid Exposed as a puppet of the banking cartel. Audit the Fed must go through. 04:52:21
Reading a bit of the old stuff! 04:45:04
Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen (Chatroulette Version) Me laughing 04:38:02
Drinking Distilled Water? 04:18:31
What is the future of the gold standard after Paul? 03:49:25
Book Excerpt The Ron Paul Revolution in America by Brian Doherty National Post 03:38:47
? 03:38:43
Financial Help for Delegates to get to the Convention 03:22:04
Should Paul Supporters Picket Fox News in New York? 03:18:39
What do You Think Rand Will Speak About at Convention? 02:58:38
Kurt Bills wins big in Minnesota Senate Runoff Primary 02:35:58
world's scariest drug aka scopolamine 00:59:08
Delete please 00:44:37
Ron Paul Cannot Be Racist (in less than 100 words) 00:30:22
Link to New Orleans Newspaper Article about Louisiana GOP Denying Louisiana Delegate Victory to Ron Paul 00:29:26