Posted on August 22, 2012

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Delegates Must Indicate Their Candidate One Hour Before the Vote 23:36:29
Ben Swann New Deal Update 08/22/2012 21:36:28
State Senator Tom Davis heading to Tampa in Support of Ron Paul 23:22:34
Nomination at Convention Moved up to Monday, Per Fox News 19:39:38
RP Maine GOP National Committee Elected at Our CONvention on NPR 18:30:01
Oath Keepers Support Marine Vet Brandon Raub, Victim of Soviet Style Pre-crime Detention 20:42:58
Daily Caller: Ron Paul Activists Uneasily Embrace GOP 15:14:57
CS Monitor: Is Ron Paul getting a raw deal from the RNC? 15:11:22
Maine Only Holdout in GOP Negotiations to Seat Ron Paul Delegates 22:51:35
NPR: Romney And GOP Strike Deal With Ron Paul Loyalists Before Convention 11:49:32
The people don't know their true power 10:58:48
Major Storm Heading to Tampa - Hurricane Paul! 09:52:18
Minnesota Delegates Locked In: Will Back Ron Paul at Republican National Convention! 12:19:20
Help the Oregon alternate delegate contest - PLEASE contact your national committeeman/woman/chair now! 10:14:35
Kidnapped Marine's Mom blows off MSM for AVTM exclusive 09:22:42
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Most Replies 23:44:07
War vs Abortion - No comparison, there are 42 million abortions performed each year worldwide. 23:28:46
Murder in the Theater 23:24:47
President Ron Paul: I just wanna vote.. 23:19:50
What did Ron Paul Donors Get For Their Money? 23:19:01
George Will on Who Received the Most Active-Duty Military Contributions 23:05:49
Questions Answered - Doug Wead Live 8/22 At 9:00pm EST Via Facebook (Transcript) 22:56:35
Convention - If Postponed 22:44:01
Ron Paul Can't do it 22:39:11
Ron Paul no longer active candidate on 22:31:30
Benton: Paul Campaign has 373 Delegates / Alternates 22:26:32
First Libertarian Senator 22:13:16
The Maine Delegation has a New Web Site 22:04:51
Romney believes abortion should be legal in cases of abortion 22:04:35
Wisdom from Ron Paul revisted 22:04:35
This is how they plan to KILL us - Elite Insider George Green 22:03:54
US Prison Population: Largest in the World 22:02:05
San Diego Deputy Luke Berhalter fails to murder Navy Vet Jennifer Orey; No Surprise: SDSD resorts to Cover-Up! 22:01:51
White House Insider Issues Warning – False Flag Planned For Gop Convention? 21:58:56
Romney Economic Advisor Glenn Hubbard: "Ben Bernanke Should 'Get Every Consideration' For Another Term " 21:58:07
Military Developing Anti-suicide Nasal Spray As Deaths Hit Record Numbers 21:46:19
NWO in death throes. Iceland Was Right, We Were Wrong: The IMF 21:43:29
Revolution 2012: It's Time To Rise 21:33:24
Tampa Mayor sez, "We're absolutely prepared to call it off." 21:30:45
(VIDEO) Albuquerque officer beats surrendered man, conducts illegal entry 21:29:17
JP Morgan Chase Admission: Schedule Of Loans Purchased From WAMU Does Not Exist! No Evidence Of Transferring Ownership 21:28:55
So Mittens lies again! 21:26:10
Texas judge preparing for 'civil war' if Obama re-elected 21:14:25
We Need Help in MO 21:09:37
Is it a SWAT Team or the 10th Mountain Division in Jacksonville Florida? My letter to the Mayor. 21:03:58
Anyone driving instead of flying to Tampa, simply to avoid the TSA? 20:50:52
Woman on Psychotropic drugs decapitates her 2 year old baby 20:47:33
Freedom Freaks 20:43:47
The Roundups Have Begun… Any One of Us Could Be/Are Next… 20:30:25
I have 2 Ron Paul Rally Sundome tickets & 4 whiskey Joe's left (updated) 20:28:12
Matlarson10 Show: Live! 9pm Eastern 20:19:00
“It Was Always About The Message” 20:07:17
Stewart Rhodes interviews Brandon Raub's Mother Cathleen Thomas; She reads Brandon's Full Statement! 20:02:14
CIA spies 'smuggle 14 Stinger missiles into Syria so rebels can take out regime warplanes' 19:52:05
Mayor: ‘Absolutely Prepared To Call Off’ GOP Convention If Isaac Threatens Tampa 19:45:26
Rutherford Institute Files Notice of Appeal Challenging Arrest & Detention of Marine in Psych Ward for Posting Political Views 19:41:42
Notice of Appeal Challenging Arrest & Detention of Marine Brandon Raub 19:32:51
40 Points That Prove That Obama And Romney Are Essentially The Same Candidate 19:32:13
Republican Party Changes The Rules To Stop The Pauls 19:31:22
Why is America FAT 19:28:57
US National "Defense" And Average Wealth - The US Has Got It Totally Wrong 19:17:26
UPDATED: LibertyUSA PAC finds Hard Evidence of Election Rigging in Lake County, IL: the Cheating IS Inside the Voting Machines 19:15:58
Republicans trying to boot Gary Johnson from Pennsylvania ballot 19:14:52
HAARP Hurricane Isaac "Predicted?" Three Months Before RNC 19:07:26
Why Currencies Lie to You - A History of Exchange-Rate Regimes Since 1821 Infographic 18:43:53
Would you be willing to help me get Sun Dome tickets? 18:41:20
I was wandering around the FEC website and found this. Now I have a question. 18:40:58
Paul Ryan- how much better is he than the rest? 18:37:24
Threat of weather threatens GOP Convention. Tampa Mayor "absolutely prepared" 18:24:51
COINTELPRO: Lessons of Richard Aoki, the Man who armed the Black Panthers 18:24:05
Secrecy News from the Congressional Research Service (Might want a double-shot with this crap) 18:20:32
8/22 - Doug Wead Live At 9:00pm EST Via Facebook on the battle for delegates 18:19:51
To Hell With Compromising!, We Vote Ron Paul Only! 18:18:53
Soros-funded Marxists to "occupy the RNC" 18:17:17
7 17:53:45
New App 'Ad Hawk' identifies who is paying for political ads 17:46:55
Brandon Raub Hearing Tomorrow 23 August 2012, Family Asks For Support. 17:43:27
Shenanigans? LA Ronvoy Departure Suffers 4 Hour Delay 17:36:05
Disneyland acclimates Americans to troops on streets 17:33:34
I need help finding a RP vid 17:30:21
Is Virginia Ron Paul's last hope? 17:28:03
What is Kidnapped U.S. Marine Brandon Raub Talking About with Bush "Satan Rituals?" 17:17:28
Monsanto shells out $4.2 million to sabotage California GMO labeling initiative 17:14:16
Petition: The President of the United States: Free Brandon Raub 17:11:25
GOP tells Maine to split the Paul delegates 17:10:45
NYPD: Muslim spying led to no leads, terror cases 17:02:24
Attention U.S. Military: You are Being Demonized. - the real reason Raub is on a psych ward 16:56:06
Guess Showing Up in Public to Express Dissent is now Terrorism... 16:47:09
Outrageous! License plates scanned at US border, data shared with car insurance group. 16:46:56
Will Ron Paul be present at the Republican National Convention? 16:46:24
Old news but good news: 88% New Hampshire voters for RP 16:28:53
Hoping for a battle on the Convention floor? Don’t Bet on it, Paul Delegates Well Groomed 16:28:20
Benton Casts Doubt on Paul's Chances at Nomination 16:26:25
Plurality requirement from 5 to 10 failed 16:25:48
Anyone have an extra Ron Paul rally ticket? 16:21:31
Pray for Safety of all Ron Paul Delegates and Backers in Tampa. 15:58:28
Uncle Sam Needs YOU for a Bailout: 6 Reasons Another Big Banking Crisis Is Coming Our Way 15:51:36
I just got a mysterious phone call 15:50:05
“Obama Operatives are Attempting a Set Up in Tampa… That’s What’s Going Down” 15:48:37
Economy coming down whether Romney or Obama...our only Hail Mary is RP and drastic cuts 15:43:23
Latest models: Growing risk "Hurricane" Isaac targets Florida 15:42:14
The Middle Class Falls Further Behind 15:29:31
"Hurricane Paul" Headed For Tampa! 15:28:08
Formal Surrender 15:12:24
Federal Reserve minutes: Many members want action ‘fairly soon’ to boost economy 15:09:33
WA State Senate Race 15:09:13
Congressional Budget Office warns recession looming if Congress doesn't act on "fiscal cliff" 15:07:23
Is Ron Paul getting a raw deal from the RNC? 15:05:12
Tampa mayor prepared to call off RNC for hurricane Isaac 14:53:53
This is an interesting site regarding electoral votes 14:46:18
Army suicide rate hits highest ever in July 14:32:01
Shield Mutual: Activist Insurance Against Government Aggression 14:23:56
Guest Passes Available For Convention, Tickets Breakfast with Ron Paul Private Meet & Greet 14:23:00
Delegate Emergency Assistance Request - El Paso Texas 13:50:35
TSA Rifles Through Bags, Conducts Pat Downs At Paul Ryan Event 13:50:27
Hurricane Paul Coming To Tampa! 13:47:52
Onion: Restrictive Voter Laws On The Rise 13:41:53
For Maine National Delegate info 13:37:33
Top Romney Advisor: Bernanke Deserves 3rd Term! 14:52:35
Brazilian artist turns marijuana smoke into art 13:31:05
Your Input Needed - Are We Losing Ground? Is Compromise With The RNC Good? 15:36:18
Deb Riechmann Of Ap Writes: "Americans Tune Out Afghan War As Fighting Rages On." Wow Really 13:19:36
Ruby Ridge Is History, But the Mindset That Led to Ruby Ridge Is Thriving 13:11:12
Budget Analysts Project $1.1 Trillion Federal Deficit This Year 12:49:34
Virginia Congressmen Have Not Made An Official Statement Yet Concerning Brandon Raub 12:49:11
What A Load Of Crap 12:48:18
California poised to grant driver's licenses to young illegal immigrants 12:44:02
Project To Flood The RNC w/ Ron Paul Chocolate Bars 12:27:02
TSA Rifles Through Bags, Conducts Pat Downs at Paul Ryan Event 12:26:48
Delegates Need Your Help! 12:24:15
POLL: Most Young Voters Excited To Vote, Dissatisfied 12:19:50
Ron Paul Activists Uneasily Embrace GOP 12:13:08
Stimulus funds spent on government "approved" ads run on Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow TV shows 12:10:49
More Than Half Of All Americans Are At Least Partially Dependent On The Government 12:07:32
Warning for Tampa-goers: Your cell phone battery will poop out in minutes. 12:05:13
Ron Paul Audit the FED Bill HR 459 Yahoo News August 21 2012 12:04:43
Cuban false-flag during Tampa? Why will Biden be there? 12:03:08
Ruled innocent by judge 2 years ago, Los Angeles man remains in prison 12:00:30
Cold-Blooded: Two girls steal cookie money from a 9-year-old girl. Show no shame for their action 11:51:03
6 11:48:29
Does anyone know the status of the injuction request 11:46:08
Are You A Post Statist? Downsize D.C. Project 11:36:12
Misguided Kickstarter Project 11:26:34
Amerika’s Future is Death ~ Paul Craig Roberts 11:08:11
What can a cartoon, produced in 1948, teach us today that's of any value ? 10:58:25
Planned war on Iran and the General who said No! 10:52:46
Interesting short video 10:33:31
MassGOP Chairman Bob Maginn Corrupt? 10:32:49
Why is Ron Paul Still Going Strong? 10:28:23
Paul Offit wants vaccine exemptions squashed under the 14th Amendment 10:23:11
Let Ron Paul Speak at the Republican National Convention 10:19:32
Man Kicked Off Flight Over Anti-TSA Shirt 10:10:04
What kind of rules... 10:10:01
Flashback: Jesse Benton Interview on MSNBC - March 11, 2012 09:45:56
Need this to go VIRAL Ron Paul slams Akin 09:45:37
ATTENTION credentials contests : I have gathered email addresses for 145 of the 168 voting members of the RNC 09:30:18
Romneycare now funding FREE abortions. Romney Disqualifier 09:25:32
UPDATE! RNC Rules Rumor in Tampa: Attempt Fails to Change Nominations Rule From 5 State Plurality to 10 States 11:06:15
Half of Florida Delegates Lose Vote 09:28:44
Plea To All Delegates:No Deals! 09:14:49
After the collapse, what is your personal wish list of things to change? 09:09:57 needs your help! 08:43:36
Tropical Storm rEVOLution planned to hit Tampa! 07:57:38
Famous Paper From 1993 - "Looting: The Economic Underworld of Bankruptcy for Profit" 07:38:42
Ex-Marine Brandon J. Raub Detained for NOTHING!Christopher Greene rants about the unlawful and illegal detention of ex-marine 07:38:26
Veterans Today Demands Brandon Raub’s Immediate Release 07:37:56
Ben Swann with a very different update on delegate situation 06:18:59
Rough weather for Florida 06:12:47
5 states of delegates should Plan AHEAD to nominate Ron Paul. 05:32:01
Former UK Ambassador, And Julian Assange Supporter, Is Not Playing Around 05:18:00
Gingrich Officially released his delegates 10:17:31
Release tax returns petition -, please sign 04:35:14
Iran begins construction of 300 million anti-aircraft missile base 03:57:48
Tapper: Media Failing Country 03:51:17
Should we boycott Ron Paul's rally? 03:45:31
Boston Market cutting salt 03:44:32
Traitor Benton Trying to Give Away All Paul Delegates 03:39:12
Biden will be in Tampa during RNC 03:28:32
US corn, soy prices hit records as drought lingers 03:21:38
Okay people. This is how we get the five states. 02:50:44
City of Corona, CA claims that traffic defendants must be compelled to testify 02:35:09
Convention Microphones Will Be Cut - What Will You Do? 01:49:12
. deleted 01:39:12
Newt releases his delegates; he's trying to help Romney but it could be an opportunity for us, too 01:33:03
Ron Paul Vs Mitt Romney On Ndaa Brandon Raub - Considered Terrorist? This Is Major! 00:40:08
Video #20 of 27: Get Up Off Your A* America - You Are Entitled To ONLY Your Life & Your Liberty 00:32:42
'The Future' CAN be the Present, only if the Sheeple can jettison the Cult of Statism: 3D-Printed "Magic Arms"! 00:29:08
History Has Been Made 00:23:09
Turn anything into a speaker - youtube 00:17:45
Iran Contra Redux? WaPo: ATF Fast & Furious implicated Agent simultaneously employed by JP Morgan Bank! 00:15:29
Ron Paul Is Still Running For President, Damn It! And has qualified to be nominated! 00:03:30