Posted on August 27, 2012

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FOX19 Exclusive Video: Ben Swann Sits Down with Romney & Ryan 22:57:37
Republicans Reach Rules Change Deal to Avert Floor Fight. Compromise Removes Bound Delegates' Rights to Vote Their Conscience 22:19:50
Georgia RP Delegation Singled Out and Bullied by Chairwoman (Video) 21:36:11
Fox News: The Ron Paul Revolution is Alive and Well 23:41:46
Rachel Maddow: GOP Moves to Suppress Ron Paul Supporters at Convention - Video 21:08:05
In honor of our Delegates and Patriots in all 50 states, I will run a 50K Ultra Marathon on Sept 8th 20:17:55
Yahoo News: Texas Delegates Planning Floor Mutiny Over RNC Rules Changes 19:36:02
Paul Ryan: "Ron Paul is a Friend of Mine" 19:34:13
AP Story on Yahoo Front Page: "Paul Delegates Mounting Floor Fight Over New Rules" 17:43:09
Georgia tries to strip the 3 Ron Paul delegates of their credentials. 16:15:53
Arizona delegates being denied their credentials?! 17:16:16
Actor Rob Schneider Supports Ron Paul via Twitter 14:43:57
Romney and his lawyers not satisfied with GOP takeover- Now going after Libertarian Party 14:33:38
CS Monitor Asks: Can The Ron Paul Movement Survive Without Ron Paul? What do you think? 10:07:43
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 8/27/12: We Must Reclaim our Language and Liberties from Politicians 09:32:09
Wow! New York Times article on Tampa Rally 11:03:44
Brian Doherty estimates that Gary Johnson will get 667,000 of Ron Paul’s 2 million primary voters in November 07:08:08
Mini-Wide Shot of Tampa Rally 00:41:10
Full Unedited Ron Paul Speech @ We Are The Future Rally - Tampa Sun Dome - Aug 26 2012 09:55:02
In the News: Texas RP Delegates in Tampa Sport T-Shirts Supporting Maine, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Oregon, and Massachusetts 10:00:28
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Video: Overpopulation is a Myth 23:57:41
Why doesn't Mitt Romney like me? 23:54:07
UPDATE : Richard Gilbert Delegate Case 23:53:00
So i guess we know why they hired half of the national guard to protect the convention. 23:49:32
Good article from The American Conservative 23:46:07
Obama Or Romney? Wake Up! 23:40:35
Attention Delegates: Floor Fight Against Proposed Amended Rule - Please Read 23:35:16
Huckabee at it Again. "Huckabee Rips on Ron Paul Supporters" 23:34:19
Video: Introduction to the CAFR 23:31:07
Somebody fact check this video please! (30 Little Known Facts about America) 23:29:22
RT: Ron Paul Draws Thousands on Heels of RNC 23:29:08
Tyrants all around 23:26:12
Even Paul hater Levin realizes this is an evil power grab 23:24:34
Important Message From The Honorable Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas) 12Th Congressional District 23:10:26
Let's win RP R3VOLution 2012! 23:03:40
I Can't Stand Her, But Michelle Malkin Has a Great Article on the Rules Change 22:57:11
I Am Represented By Heroes 22:56:32
Crist to Speak at Democratic Convention 22:53:28
Republicans reach rules change deal to avert floor fight with Texans, Ron Paul backers 22:52:04
The DP Hasn't had 500 members online for so long! 22:39:03
Govern Yourself 2012 22:38:58
Supreme Court Retains Ban on Foreign Campaign Donations 22:38:02
Prayer Event in Tampa Tomorrow when the Delegates Vote! Tue, Aug 28 at 1 PM sharp. Be there! 22:31:33
Sen. Rand Paul: The Republican Party Needs to Embrace Libertarians In Order to Win 22:26:29
Will Romney Bully his way out of the nomination 22:19:53
545 politicians control the lives of 300,000,000 plus 22:14:06
Interesting from the usually partisan Hot Air 22:10:32
All RNC Delegates: Unite And Support Ron Paul! Be A Part Of History! 22:00:15
Imagine if all the delegates at the convention could see these two videos on the big screens? 21:58:21
President Obama Signs Louisiana Emergency Declaration 21:57:02
Chris Matthews talks to unseated Oklahoma delegate for Ron Paul 21:45:16
Will there be blowback? 21:42:31
Flip flop mitt numbers needed to win election 21:42:03
Mitt Romney will fly to Tampa Tuesday, ahead of his wife’s convention speech 21:34:46
Video #27 Of 27: The Future Of The Liberty Movement 21:33:48
Last Push Sign Wave at the RNC 21:31:59
Delegates - download videos to your smart phones and show every delegate you can - a few suggestions below 21:31:02
Republican Party In Uproar Over Romney/RNC Power Grab. Please Contact Your GOP Reps 21:22:11
Colorado's Ron Paul Delegates make the local news 21:20:08
I'm At My Hotel In Tampa: Attn Delegates 21:14:14
Hannity just said that Paul's Rally at the Sundome was a "Unity Rally for the GOP"! 21:08:47
Romney Challenges Tea Party in RNC Floor Fight, Freedomworks Says Would "Strip" Grassroots of Influence 21:06:33
MODS! Keep Ron Paul Speech @We Are the Future Rally on the Top of the Front Page 21:04:25
Have your DNA Genome sequenced in 15 mins! 21:00:51
The Kids are Catching On! 20:59:51
Please help get this Viral. Police in Anaheim: 20:55:10
Lets please hit the yahoo and other message boards 20:50:20
Texas Delegation Vows to Support a Floor Fight Over RNC Power Grab (Video) 20:47:53
Foreign Cash Disqualifies Romney from Presidential Bid 20:38:34
4409 - Open Video to the Ron Paul "Delegates" 20:36:29
4 Army Soldiers that formed militia group to attack government charged with murder 20:35:27
Maybe it is time we book Jekyll Island for our own little think tank 20:34:56
RNC: Agree to everything in convention, or lose your credentials 20:33:47
GOP To shorten RNC to Two days 20:26:05
The GOP’s small-government fraud 20:21:28
Maine Delegate Matt McDonald: Democrat Party should LOVE Maine GOP! 20:08:23
A letter from Morton Blackwell to RNC delegates (about rule changes) 19:58:47
CRIMINAL Romney's Organized Crime Convention 19:51:42
Ron Paul supporters mounting floor fight to seat their delegates 19:50:52
Rides for Ron Paul: call for rides in Tampa... 19:47:57
Mitt Romney lost the Nomination because he took foreign cash for his campaign 19:42:18
Ron Paul signs needed immediately! 19:40:41
We Can Do Better! Ron Paul 19:34:09
The Courts Will Soon Decide If Police Can Sample Your DNA Without A Warrant 19:29:40
Major Delegate Control Powerplay By Romney - Wants Duly Elected Delegates To Sign To Agree To Everything - Credentials Hostage!" 19:27:53
RNC 2012: You Are On A Watch List 19:25:50
Revolution 2012: Time To Rise 19:24:39
Turn On Msnbc ! 19:22:37
Supreme Court Affirms Legislative Control of Constitutional Amendment Process 19:22:03
We Can Do Better! CNN @ 7:20 PM Aug 27 19:21:23
Huckabee to Paul supporters: You lost, move on 19:21:14
Online Strike Force For Liberty 19:20:08
Losing? Over? Let me repeat myself: 19:16:44
Thank You Dr. Paul! WE are Your Legacy: R3VOLution Worldwide! Paul Around the World Project! 19:14:33
Peter Schiff Responds to Video Posted of Him 19:09:00
We Lost the Battle, Let'sWin the War 18:56:40
1984 Game of Thrones Parody 23:49:10
CSPAN Takes Calls 18:41:14
Republicans eye a return to gold standard 18:36:54
Ron Paul Delegate Debacle... (some offensive language) 18:21:41
Please Join Libertarian Party 18:20:04
Delegates, and anyone in Tampa... have you seen this? *URGENT* 18:19:55
Chris Matthews rips Preibus a new one on Live television! 18:11:52
Submit Your Best Work 18:11:03
Sign Bomb 17:58:11
Realistic but hopeful about Ron Paul's chances in Tampa 17:55:10
Dr. K. Live in Tampa interviewing the Delegates on disenfranchisement, tonight, 8PM EST, 17:53:57
The last segment on Chris Mathews... 17:48:00
Ben Swann Sits Down One On One With Mitt Romney Tonight On Reality Check 16:39:59
What Do You Guys Think? Speculation Based On The Rule Changes 17:38:03
Ben Swann Confronts Mitt Romney on Delegates During Reality Check Interview! 17:37:41
Ron Paul Delegates talk about their frustrations with RNC 17:27:45
GOP platform calls for crackdown on 'all forms' of pornography 17:18:25
Paul Ryan seeks comfort of Ron Paul fans 17:17:20
Romney Bullies The GOP To Change Delegate Process 17:06:50
1984: The government's business plan 16:56:51
Russian expert predicts Obama will declare martial law in America by end of 2012 16:56:04
Vital Info For Ron Paul Delegates 16:53:27
I Hate Thug Mail 16:50:04
Time To Fight Back Against Too Big To Jail Banksters: No More Debt! 16:33:33
Do you want to help the Ron Paul Delegates from Maine, Oregon, Mass. etc? Here's you can do it. 16:23:30
Paul Ryan to Ron Paul supporters: You all “should be very comfortable with us” 16:22:48
Remember this You Tube from May Saying Ron Paul had Qualified to be on the Ballot 16:19:20
What Obama Supporters Believe 16:19:12
You-Tube adds fake dislikes to live Ron Paul Sun-Dome Video! 16:12:07
VP Nominee Paul Ryan Pleads With Ron Paul Fans To Choose Between 'Big Govt' Obama And 'Economic Freedom' Of Romney 16:11:22
What is your expectation from the convention 16:11:21
Slate: Ron Paul or Bust 16:11:04
Ron Paul Delegates Mounting Floor Fight Over New GOP Convention Rules 16:07:54
Angry Ron Paul Delegates Take Aim at Romney and G.O.P. Convention 16:05:48
Third party candidate should be heard 15:59:10
What will you do to progress Liberty without Ron Paul? 15:52:19
Urgent!Open Letter To All Ron Paul Delegates 15:50:08
Do You Trust Ron Paul? 15:49:00
I got to say I'm proud of a few of you 15:45:24
URGENT! Tell your state rules delegate to adopt the Minority Report! Contact info inside! 15:44:52
"A Moment of Bliss" 15:43:32
Ron Paul Delegates Mounting Floor Fight Over New GOP Convention Rules 15:40:54
Huff Post: Want to Legalize Weed? Tell the Pollsters You're Voting for Gary Johnson 15:35:50
Ashley Ryan's Speech At We Are The Future Rally 15:11:57
Ron can still be VP on the LP ticket. 15:11:46
Reasons Why I'll Be Voting Democrat 15:10:59
Civil Liberties Ignored by Republican and Democratic Campaigns 15:10:31
Chris Matthews rips Priebus a new one 15:10:25
My response to the "Gotta support Romney" folks 15:07:13
P.A.U.L. Fest a Financial Flop 15:01:02
5 Lessons From Ron Paul's "We Are The Future" Speech 14:57:29
Schiff on Fox, mentions Ron Paul 14:56:09
TIME: Ron Paul in Tampa: A GOP Outsider’s Last Hurrah 14:45:34
Ron Paul Revolution: New York Times Frontpage! 14:42:04
Ron Paul's Best Line Of The Night About Osama Bin Laden - The Robert Scott Bell Show 14:37:08
The Battle Over NDAA's Police-State Provisions Continues in Court 14:21:08
Slay a Dragon for Liberty! 14:11:05
Two U.S. troops killed by rogue Afghan soldier 14:02:58
*Music Video* Everybody's Gone to War 13:57:52
Not one to start rumors 13:56:06
Prisoner Training: Austin Kids To Be Tracked With GPS Device 13:51:10
Post-USF Sign Wave Pics 13:38:23
Heads Up Louisiana! 13:35:57
Obama to supporters - If I lose it's your fault 13:30:11
Poll: Was it Unethical to Post the Peter Schiff Video? 13:21:56
Paul Ryan is a tweezerhead 13:16:06
A Different President Means Nothing As Long As The Federal Reserve Exists 13:14:00
I Am Throwing Down! Ron Paul said "add virtue and excellence" 13:13:51
Mobile cameras capturing license plates and possibly other info? 13:07:48
I have a new follower on Twitter (@NTARC) 13:01:03
US Veterans Forcibly Sequestered in Mental Hospitals is Indefinite Detention 12:33:55
NEEDED: 12:32:46
Jon Stewart to Students: Paul Ryan is Not Ron Paul 12:27:18
Tampa Bay Times writer calling us names 12:24:42
Ron Paul Supporters Assail Romney and GOP for Alienating Latinos 12:17:44
NY Times: Paul Makes Sure His Voice Is Heard in Tampa 12:12:17
Ron Paul Rally Draws 11k, High Emotion 12:10:55
The New Yorker: Ron Paul and Isaac: Storms in Tampa 12:07:15
Ron Paul Forcasts a Libertarian Storm Brewing 12:04:02
US Encourages Israel’s War Aims 12:01:02
Rand Paul's Challenge 12:00:07
Rand Paul’s Challenge 11:55:36
Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists 11:54:02
To those dissing Rand Paul: Shame on you 11:53:00
Ron Paul's Rally: Not the End, Just a Continuation of His Revolution 11:50:15
There are other reasons we support Ron Paul than just the "Police State"! 11:47:00
Welcome to the POLICE State of Tampa; Remarks on the RNC crowd gathering about me; and Senator Tom Davis, PATRIOT. 11:43:43
The Truth about Gary Johnson (in his Own Words) 11:43:24
An Open Letter to Jesse Benton 11:22:38
Glenn Beck Show Dissing Ron Paul Right Now! 11:17:41
Delete 11:16:12
Vox Day asks "Does Romney want to Kill Americans? 11:02:43
Gingrich: Ron Paul won't embarrass son 11:02:24
Tom Davis Kickin A$S 11:01:12
Romney/Ryan and the Establishment GOP are a disgrace to America and anyone who votes for them are as well... 11:00:45
Ron Paul Supporters Assail Romney and GOP for Alienating Latinos 10:56:12
Ron Paul supporters 'are not sheep', vow not to vote for Mitt Romney 10:39:43
Romania for Ron Paul - Influent Implication 10:36:58
Man with machete arrested at Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. 10:30:02
The wise Jim Rogers: "It's Going To Get Really Bad After The Next Election" 10:19:07
Great Short Film On Political Tug-of-War 10:18:49
PaulFest has the worst timing or they are bitter? 10:18:35
City To Be Watched By Permanent Eye In The Sky 10:17:28
NYT: A Party of Factions Gathers, Seeking Consensus 10:15:08
9 10:08:34
Portland, Oregon to spend $5 million to poison its residents with toxic fluoride 10:05:45
Can the Ron Paul movement survive without Ron Paul? asks the C.S. Monitor 09:53:54
Gary Johnson - Ron Paul Revolutionary 09:53:43
Attention Delegates: RNC Will Convene Today At 2:00pm - C-Span 09:53:12
Amazing P.A.U.L. Festival Speech! 09:49:12
8/27: Newest + Top Stories on the Daily Paul Today 09:46:56
When Ron Paul Gets Nominated Tuesday, When Will He Give His Speech? And When Will They Vote(as in the first round?) 09:41:56
To all the 10,000 that showed up in Tampa. Are you folks staying and doing Sign Waves around the convention.. 09:24:44
RNC roll call for Romney nomination will begin Monday 09:17:25
RNC Live Feed? 09:14:07
John Ryder Says YOU are a "Distraction": Justin Raimondo Comments 08:59:13
The Book The Media Blacked Out To Protect Mitt Romney 08:49:37
Yahoo article - A clean boat in a sea of garbage 08:48:11
I though Gov. LePage from Maine was boycotting 08:38:50
False flag at the convention 08:38:20
Is Anyone On The Ground In Tampa? Please Report And Post Anything You See Or Hear On This Thread! 20:25:04
Why Everybody's Going To War in the Middle East 08:29:51
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk Aug. 27, 2012 : Hold LIAR politicians accountable 08:25:24
Peter Schiff Confirms Jesse Benton Paul Festival Sabotage 08:15:21
Ron Paul forecasts a libertarian storm brewing 08:12:07
Paul says his backers will 'become the GOP tent' 08:01:46
Remembering Joshua Casteel - Please take a few minutes to remember this fallen patriot 07:56:03
Ron Paul and the Future 07:54:30
University of Colorado Allows Students to Carry Guns 07:52:37
Is There A Stream For Monday Roll Call? 07:48:01
Mitt Romney's Security Clearance worries 07:40:25
Ron Paul Trending on Yahoo! -2nd Most Searched Thing Today 07:13:24
Over 70 million House in the USA may have Clouded Titles (MERS) 07:04:38
Josh Tolley Video: DUMP Mitt Romney 06:55:11
Is Mitt Romney Trying to Avoid Having To Admit 06:44:46
Mike Church said Jesse Benton told Peter Schiff to Avoid Fringe Elements like 06:26:40
Dump Romney movement? 05:30:58
Defend My Liberty, and Nothing Else! (Video) 05:15:47
Lobby CA delegates 04:45:43
Storm news-storm passes and is no longer a threat to Tampa 03:32:12
Tropical Storm Isaac Should Rival Hurricane Katrina 03:30:16
are all vaccines bad? 03:28:49
"Romney uses secretive data-mining" - AP 03:25:48
Is CNN looking for it's own game change 03:25:18
Gritty N.J. city of Camden to scrap police department amid budget woes 03:16:22
Ron Paul supporter and police brutality activist was arrested 03:04:22
Hidden History of the legendary Militias Protecting Liberty 02:50:17
Reuters: Ron Paul feted in raucous six-hour farewell rally 02:30:18
RNC Convention Round-Up: Battle Over Rules Which Harm Ron Paul, False Postponement, Weed Planted in Paul Rooms 02:26:09
Great anti-smoking ad 02:19:08
Roll Call August 27, 2012 02:07:53
Ron Paul should run for Governor now 02:03:27
Tomorrow has been changed by Ron Paul's speech... 01:49:53
Ron Paul Makes Yahoo Front Page: "I don't fully endorse Romney for president." 10,000+ comments so far! 01:42:23
Police State Elements in Downtown Tampa 01:16:21
Looking for inspiration while at the RNC? 00:55:54
4Delegates - Using the Delphi Technique to Achieve Consensus 00:38:17
Ron Paul, supporters heap scorn on GOP establishment at convention counter-rally 00:23:47
Ron Paul at the Sundome! 00:22:01
Video - Airbus Concept Designs 00:19:15
Doug Wead's Ron Paul tribute at We Are The Future Rally (video) 00:10:52
Delegates- Get Your Ass To Roll Call Monday Morning! 00:08:10
Can Good People Work in a Corrupt System? 19:25:50