Posted on August 4, 2012

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RPF Repost: Help A Ron Paul National Delegate On Rules Committee Get To Tampa 23:16:49
Some Advice for Our Young Friends in Ron Paul and Liberty 22:24:01
Ron Paul: Iran Sanctions Are An Act of War! 21:49:17
Ron Paul Supporters Fight for Control of Oregon Delegation 20:23:19
Treasury Auditing Gold at the NY Fed for the First Time Ever 20:08:39
Serbia and IMF/EU at odds over Central Bank 19:09:34
HELP! Engaged in battle of ideas on REDDIT, need backup! 19:03:37
Obama campaign, DNC sue Ohio to restrict military voting 21:45:15
Audit the Fed First Shot in Ron Paul's Revolution 15:29:15
Epic Congressional Testimony: Open Currency Advocate Tells Congress They are Thieves for Enabling the Fed 22:59:34
Refugee from Facebook questions the social media life 09:21:51
Why I will be voting for Oh Long Johnson for president 07:44:26
Quantitative Easing Explained in 2.5 min 08:06:37
Reality Check: Is Al Qaeda an enemy or not? 08:01:25
URGENT! Senate Has Adjourned Until September 10th! Find Your Senator Near You & Tell Them To "Support S. 202!" 09:09:28
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Statement Of Faith by Ron Paul 23:11:54
Harvard Lecture - 9/11; "The Fictional Basis of the War On Terror" 23:00:55
Romney and Ohio GOP Lie About Obama and the Military While Suppressing Voter Turn Out 22:28:51
Where’s the gold? NY Fed undergoes first-ever audit(!) 22:24:43
Someday... I know there is a better way 22:22:57
Video #4 of 27: Are You QUITTING On Ron Paul Or Seeing This Through? 22:05:48
Obama's Dishonest Tax Calculator 21:22:26
Revolution Bike 21:18:48
Why not let a third party into the debates? 21:15:31
Little House on the Prairie - Income Tax 21:09:56
Front Page This! There Is No Defeat! 20:49:37
Love will win in the end 20:32:34
Abbott and Costello explain the US Government's Accounting System. 20:05:35
A small victory for liberty, LOL 19:57:18
Better than Walk Out, Turn Our Backs if Paul Not Given Chance to be Nominated 19:51:51
Tom Woods: Join Me at Paul Festival! (video) 19:24:58
My New Blog Post: National Defense vs. International Offense 19:11:07
Retired CIA Army General Warns Of Martial Law,Food Shortages And Violence 18:59:51
Obama Campaign Develops Mobile App That Knows If Your Democrat Or Republican 18:50:49
The RNC Delegates Are The Most Powerful People In The World 18:35:51
Justice, Truth, Liberty, Victory-Reasons Republicans Must Heed Ron Paul 18:23:54
Romney's stealth implementation of Obamacare plan: 50 Romneycares 18:19:38
If they Prevent Paul Nomination, Delegates should Walk Out En Mass 17:57:07
n/a 17:52:37
Phelps Drowns 17:43:53
I gave Jeff Giles a Lesson on Freedom and Liberty 17:13:21
Spontaneous order via time allocation and team formation: Valve’s way 17:12:00
What's Alex Jones Net Worth? - Guesses? 17:03:20
How could you ? Call me crazy 16:53:36
No more Clint Eastwood for me! 16:51:41
Gary Johnson supporters, you are starting to piss me off 16:33:54
PROOF: God (Vespasian) Himself Admits in the Scriptures to Having a "Human Father That Disciplined Him" 16:31:33
Federal judge rules against Obama in Black Panther case 16:23:48
OCCUPYINTERVIEW Radio E11 - Guest Edwin Vieira, Jr 16:01:41
Corbett Report 8/4/12: The End of Anonymous on the Internet 15:53:50
National Day of Prayer for a 'Miracle in Tampa' 15:41:23
Do we still have a shot at the nomination? 15:39:50
What made you Love the good doctor? 15:13:38
The Maximum We Can Hope For 14:40:52 idea for more revenue 14:29:14
Richard Gilbert takes on Romney's 8.5 Billion dollar Ponzi scheme 14:28:42
La. Ron Paul Supporter calls out Jeff Giles 14:17:56
Gary Johnson Endorses Effort To Repeal Ohio Gay Marriage Ban 14:11:42
Ron Paul Re-evolution. Give Us Back The Constitution! 13:46:12
Mark Zuckerberg has lost $9 billion since Facebook's IPO 13:38:38
Costs, Conflicts Arise In Reid Push For ' Green Power' 13:27:37
Free Market + Free Energy = World Peace/End Wars. Long Live OUR Intellectual Revolution 13:23:58
Iran Test Fires Short Range Missile 13:20:55
911 Judgement: NY Court awards $6 Billion. Iranian Bazaar Innocent. 12:57:11
This Voice Needs To Be Heard 12:49:41
Bureau of Labor Jobs report more lies from "our" Big Brother 12:34:30
The Employment Rate In The United States Is Lower Than It Was During The last Recession 12:26:06
Will you vote for Gary Johnson, if endorsed by Ron Paul? 12:21:21
Actor Clint Eastwood Endorses Mitt Romney (UPDATED) 12:19:34
65 year old store owner foils 5 armed robbers 12:03:15
I'm starting to get upset at the mods and at the DailyPaul in general. Do I have a point or am I just being selfish? 11:58:38
Tennessee Democratic Party disavows Senate nominee 11:29:03
You stlll want to infiltrate the Democrat party? I would not. Here is why. 11:27:14
Did you know that WALMART is pushing the Federal Government to Tax purchases on Internet? 11:23:52
Libertarian VP Candidate: End Income Tax, War On Drugs 10:54:38
Shut-the-front-door! Little Richie Cunningham Got On Fox News For Ron Paul 10:49:03
Ron Paul Supporters Will Make Gary Johnson the Next Ross Perot 10:31:34
FDA Approved Ingestible Microchip Tracking Device 10:19:05
Ron Paul asked for our help, please don't let them bury this post again. 10:07:10
Is support for Paul all about marijuana legalization? 10:04:00
Libertarian hopeful Gary Johnson gets warm welcome in chilly Alaska 09:57:54
U.S. to Surrender Military Control to UN While Disarming Americans! 09:55:28
Clint Eastwood endorsing Romney's presidential bid 09:36:48
65 Year Old Woman With A Gun Chases Off 5 Armed Robbers 09:08:05
This Notion that Rand Paul is Fooling the Establishment, is Silly 08:56:53
Obama Bypasses Congress Continually 08:55:22
Why Is the U.S. Government Funding Islamic Terrorists Who Are Killing Christians? 08:34:52
Can someone produce a petition calling on Romney to withdraw? 08:13:04
Patrick Henry “I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past.” Does The Past Sound Familiar? 07:49:10
GOVERNOR! I served with Ron Paul~ 07:44:01
PROOF: "BAR" attorney's are AGENTS of a FOREIGN power and most of them KNOW it. 07:35:40
Obama Rooting For Gary Johnson to Hurt Romney 06:23:54
Kurt Bills' campaign is nearly out of cash. 06:18:07
United States headed towards a violent political upheaval - Ecology/Sociology professor 04:42:00
My 1st Ron Paul Video 04:33:43
Thoughts from an American Cicero: The Truth about Freedom in America and the Death of the Republic 03:49:32
The Ninth Circuit rules on tasing pregnant women 03:18:52
Romney Demanded to See Ted Kennedy's Tax Returns 03:03:46
Constitutionally informed Tennessee lady asks Bob Corker a hard question. 02:23:46
Sweden's Response to European Crisis? Lower Taxes, Shrink Government 02:21:43
The Philosophic "Tug-of-War" and the Root Cause of Our Problems VIDEO 02:11:35
The Msm Wouldn't Be Able To Ignore Thousands Of Ron Paul 01:59:06
LOL Funny Reagan Answer - 22 sec. clip 01:03:56
Ron Paul Democrat wins in Tennessee 00:51:56
Senators want to spend tax dollars to control the weather 00:44:23
Pj Zeitg ( Demo 1) 00:25:51