Posted on August 5, 2012

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"Evil SOB Put in Charge of Rules and Order at RNC; Will Smash Paulites" 18:26:14
Ron Paul on Compromise and Democracy 19:12:06
Ron Paul Democrat Mark Clayton nominated in TN, disavowed by State Democratic Party 14:45:34
Tom Woods: Join Me at Paul Festival! 12:14:52
After defeat of Senate cybersecurity bill, Obama weighs executive-order option 18:10:11
Upcoming Liberty Candidates Primaries for August. Please Vote! 11:38:04
Ten Years of Torture: Marking the 10th Anniversary of John Yoo’s “Torture Memos” 10:05:30
Audio: GMO Crops so Toxic & "Tough," Farmers now need Kevlar Tires to protect their Tractors from "Spear-like" Stalks! 17:39:36
Why Does Monsanto Always Win? 10:00:44
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Gary Johnson Carries Ron Paul’s Message into November 23:53:49
Army Colonel now calls the Tea Party the ENEMY 23:32:14
Video #5 of 27: The Power of Perception and the Fall of the U.S. Dollar 23:30:48
What happens when they take our guns! 23:25:07
I don't have cable or internet are there any local channels that will be showing the republican national convention? 23:15:41
My response to the GOP's call for "Unity" 23:06:07
Jack White Live on Mars 22:54:19
God vs. Science 22:15:14
Ron Paul Supports JDM! 22:09:49
Thanksgiving 2025? 21:44:27
Ron Paul educates some liberals 21:24:16
These days pigeons are more free than humans 21:22:53
Interesting twist on Eve of Destruction 20:51:42
Congressman Connolly arguing that people are not forced to pay taxes 20:37:56
What if you can't get to Tampa on August 26? 19:56:14
Obama Major Accomplishments Through July 2012 19:50:51
VIDEO: New Show! Complete Shanarchy: Episode Two: Soldiers Don't Vote 19:47:29
Evil SOB Put in Charge of Rules and Order at RNC; Will Smash Paulites 19:22:40
Videos: Witnesses on news report 4 men shooting up Sikh temple 19:12:46
$10,000 bet offered: Bitcoin will outperform gold, silver, USD, and US stocks over next 2 years 19:07:08
The New York Police Department Declares Open Season on the First Amendment 18:14:09
Why Jenna Jameson endorsed Romney 23:28:57
This video is supposed to be funny, but do you really find this funny? 17:28:19
Ron Paul has his 5th State - Oregon 17:09:23
Hannity gets schooled on foreign policy. 17:04:53
(Live Video) Report : 7 Dead, Including Gunman, In Shooting At Wis. Sikh Temple 17:04:22
Gotta Rant? 16:48:43
I Won't Quit On Ron Paul, Will You?! 16:46:35
(VIDEO) Cold Hard Facts On Gun Bans: The Cost Of Liberty Can Be Measured In The Loss Of Life 16:46:12
GMO crops so tough that farmers are turning to Kevlar tractor tires (AUDIO) 16:38:59
With defeat of cybersecurity bill, Obama weighs 'Executive Order' option 16:33:53
Should Obama and Congress be arrested under NDAA? 16:28:10
The federal government is spying on every single American, say NSA whistleblowers 16:22:40
David Seaman is running for Congress! Florida's 20th district 16:09:25
Has anyone checked out this supposedly educational site? 16:08:43
Unity? 16:06:19
RNC are not the only ones to disenfranchise voters. "libertarian" wins and the DNC is pissed. 15:51:45
Led by Rep. Ron Paul, Congress Explores Sound Money 15:35:10
If you have nothing to hide why do you care? 15:29:15
Sobering future 15:21:23
Romney endorses israel's government healthcare 14:48:03
Live Video - Mass Shooting at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin News 20:15:48
Conservative Majority Fund "Shady Past" TV AD challenging BO's eligibility 13:31:33
Is anyone else getting censored on REDDIT? 13:25:29
Comic relief by Scott Adams 13:13:54
Ted Cruz on Fox 13:01:20
Paul Festival 2012 Promo video! 12:18:45
My Vote Matters 12:07:12
Official Ron Paul Tampa Rally Facebook Event! 11:39:26
Curiosity lands on Mars today! Post live streams here 11:26:54
Vote-Counting Transparency 09:51:09
List of War Crimes by Syrian Insurgents “Hillary’s Heroes” Continues to Grow 09:47:24
It is inevitable that we will win. Here is how it will happen... 09:11:46
Get this to the delegates in Tampa 09:04:34
Paul Festival is looking for volunteers 08:13:55
Calling all Daily Paulers! 08:12:37
Senators Introduce Bipartisan Pay for Printing Act 08:01:01
Need a Free Ron Paul Car Sticker? 07:51:14
Banker Bets, Banker Wins 07:41:15
Israel doesn't know Obama very well 07:24:53
hiding duck project 06:08:26
Stars Earn Stripes: Pro War Propaganda 02:20:40
What to do in Tampa 02:12:44
I am honored to be endorsed by Liberty Candidates Committee 02:11:41
The Gospel According to Government 01:59:26
Hobbit Homes? Potential Texas Senator Ted Cruz Believes It 01:09:51
Thousands Sign for Forced Medication • August 3rd, 2012 00:18:03