Posted on August 6, 2012

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Watch out! This could happen to you. 21:48:56
I just got invited to a dinner Monday night, Aug. 20th with the Platform Committee. Can't wait! 17:18:32
Conspiracy stuff: Can anyone spot the Ron Paul supporter? 18:20:50
Washington Post: Where do Ron and Rand Paul fit in at the GOP convention? 14:36:57
Ron Paul Supporters Won't Back Down in Louisiana GOP Dispute 10:16:30
Paul Not Given Role at Republican Convention 19:03:19
RNC 2012 Speakers Announced 07:41:03
Curiosity Has Landed on Mars 6:37AM GMT 01:50:01
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 8/6/12: Sanctions on Iran and Syria Bring Us Closer to Another War 07:01:48
States Facing Financial Crises That May 'Threaten Social Order' 05:45:52
Ron Paul LIVE in Columbia, SC this Monday, Aug 6th! 11:22:11
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Chevron Refinery On Fire in Richmond, Calif prompts shelter-in-place orders 23:37:35
Worldwide talk to a Ron Paul supporter day coinciding PaulFest 23:33:00
Peter Schiff on WMAL 08-03-12 23:27:38
A Real Bank Run By Children 23:26:38
Obama's College Classmate: "The Obama Scandal Is At Columbia" 23:18:55
Ben Bernanke on Austrian School Economics 23:18:08
Organics Are Becoming More Prevalent, But Packaging And Origin Cause Doubt 23:09:02
GM being sued by SAAB - 3 Billion 23:06:23
A State-Sponsored Anti-Sikh 'Hate Crime' the Media Ignores 23:02:01 11pm 8-6 is trying a new video and audio format for civil debate and great videos and music 22:58:42
'You F*cking Americans. Who Are You to Tell Us, The Rest of The World, That We’re Not Going To Deal With Iranians' 22:55:34
GMOs cause animals to lose their ability to reproduce, Russian scientists discover 22:54:49
homeland security grant money for San Luis Obispo County 22:51:36
(VIDEO) Maryland Cop Caught On Video Hitting Hancuffed Man 22:49:50
Obama's October Surprise: Bombing Iran 22:40:45
Video #6 of 27: Ron Paul Has Earned The Right To Speak At The GOP Convention! 22:32:42
Who's Behind the Ron Paul Signs? 22:25:37
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Oak Creek, WI Sikh Shooting 21:43:38
Bizarro World Libertarianism 21:24:55
Help! does this page display ok? 21:11:48
Romney Spanish pandering video needs down votes! 21:08:40
Jack Hunter and Julie Borowski endorse Jon Fye for Colorado House District 53 20:45:08
Peter Schiff On Stossel 20:27:01
Paul Festival Announces New Bronze Sponsor! 19:50:21
We Don't Have A Doc, Calling Paramedics To Paulfestival! 19:45:18
Taxes: Ron Paul vs Gary Johnson 19:29:11
Gary Johnson wants a 23% national sales tax. 19:22:42
Important Development Announced on Lawyers for Ron Paul Conference Call 19:02:01
"You fcuking Americans. Who are you to tell us, the rest of the world, that we're not going to deal with Iranians." 18:59:04
If it can be gamed... 18:56:09
Paul Asks Help to Send His Delegates to Tampa 18:51:30
Peter Schiff Explains Why Liberals Are Willing To Take America Off The 'Fiscal Cliff' 18:33:49
To My Fellow Paulites 18:13:09
"Tax, Tax, Tax!" 17:57:54
NetChoice's DelBianco Testifies Against Internet Sales Tax Mandate 17:56:37
Sign the Petition, Harkin is the Last one! 17:55:33
Jim DeMint: No Internet Taxation Without Representation 17:55:09
Randi Shannon Live Tonight 9pm Est On Liberty Live-stream Team Show With Suriyah & Qadoshyah Fish 17:43:14
Almost no thread has info or strategy useful for protecting gun rights-WHY? 17:36:30
Public Schools Adding Days To School Year 17:33:36
You want a revolution? Tampa? 17:19:10
The Tyranny of Official Narratives 16:55:25
Hiroshima Day: The Nuclear Warmongers Are Out 16:44:09
Not a delegate, but flying in to Tampa on the 27th. Where's the party at? 16:37:58
US Army psy-ops behind Wisconsin massacre? 16:10:39
Romney’s New Bain Troubleshooter Is Ex-BP Publicist/Fannie Mae Lobbyist/Iraq War Strategist 16:04:43
Former NY Democratic Rep. calls for a third party 15:58:37
Election Watchdog: 160 Counties Have More Registered Voters Than Are Actually Eligible To Vote 15:58:33
Open Secrets: Ron Paul Gets the Most Donations from the Healthcare Professionals 15:56:38
Relax. All the speakers to the RNC haven't been announced yet. 15:54:26
To delegates raising funds, FYI... 15:51:41
List 3 reasons to vote for Obama or Romney 15:30:59
9/11 Truther Willie Nelson to sing at Republican National Convention 15:29:39
My latest on ClashDaily - Theft of the Federal Reserve 15:18:15
9,000 members of the Defense Dept chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear response training exe 15:17:26
An Easy Solution to Class Warfare in America 14:41:50
Despite Article, Ron Paul Might Still Speak at the Convention 14:25:36
Bruce Fein On The Jerry Doyle Show Talks About The RNC Snub 14:22:11
RARE Video: Col. Jeff Cooper, the Greatest Modern Combat Instructor, revealed as a Constitutionalist Libertarian! 14:12:35
Twitterbomb @GOPConvention to let Ron Paul speak! 14:03:27
Liberty Minded Politicians 13:59:37
Latest Obama attack ads - Romney is getting KILLED 13:58:39
The Libertarian Party has now offered to become a sponsor of Paul Festival. 13:49:30
Gary Johnson qualifies for Maine’s presidential ballot 13:48:56
Wanna Rebuild America? Hemp: 13:40:47
We The People fired, no more Senate Confirmation hearings 13:33:53
This is what is wrong with this country (among other things of course) 13:31:47
LRC: Ron Paul Barred From Speaking at Fascist RNC Convention in Tampa 13:08:54
Shocking study: Chemotherapy can backfire, makes cancer worse 13:07:52
"Revolutions are long term projects" - Ron Paul quotes 13:07:45
Pelosi: "Audit The FED Covered More Territory Than I Think It Should Have" (VIDEO) 12:53:13
Romney's EXTREMELY poor grasp of economics 12:48:13
Sikh Temple Shooter Was In Army Psychological Operations 12:38:53
(Video) "Staged Event! " - Sikh Temple Shooting Suspect Identified As Former U.S. Psychological Army Officer, Wade Michael Page 12:37:12
The Debt Bomb, a Novel: Global Game of Economic Chicken 12:24:38
A Must Read :A Chilling Scenario of the End of America Foretold 12:16:57
(Video) Police Taze Deaf Woman That Called 9-1-1 12:09:57
Mayor Bloomberg: "Breastfeed or Else!" 12:03:51
Romney lied to GOP about his investments 11:59:55
Federal governments open door policy for immigrants on welfare under fire 11:58:53
Gary Johnson vs. Mancow 8/4/12 11:57:52
Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson to campaign in Boise Monday night 11:37:08
Cops TASER Deaf Woman That Called For Help! Then Lock Her Up. 11:15:58
The Problem With Politicians Is That... 11:08:27
Should President Obama Be Indefinitely Detained? 11:08:18
Daily Paul meetup in Tampa? 11:05:47
Why only Ron Paul Can Beat Obama Updated 08/06 10:54:52
Ron Paul's case for the nominee updated 08/06 10:52:48
The keynote speaker for the convention has NOT been selected, yet 10:44:18
Millionaire buys every foreclosed home in Michigan county for $4.8 million 10:28:28
Another $100,000,000 Month for Romney 10:24:27
US, Israel Arranging Roles in Iran War Theater? 10:14:09
Florida paper calls on Romney to provide specifics on his tax plan 10:03:59
Veterans are now enemies of the State too 09:36:00
(VIDEO) Teachers Preying on Students (Sexually Explicit Content) 09:34:44
Cops TASER Deaf Woman that Called for Help! Lock Her Up & Refuse to Get Her a Interpreter for 3 Days 09:32:23
MN Senate candidate Slams Liberty opponent Kurt Bills w/ lies and assumptions 09:26:07
Romney Billionaire Backer Sheldon Adelson (Las Vegas Sands) Under Investigation for Money Laundering 11:26:01
Setbacks and Bizarre Turns In The Raw Milk Saga 09:18:20
What Happened to the Tenth Amendment? 09:15:41
The Free Market Doesn’t Need Government Regulation 09:05:33
Vote for a Giant Douche or a Turd Sandwich (South Park Parody of the Two-Party System) 13:59:46
Do you get it now? GOP will NEVER allow Ron Paul to have influence in the party. NEVER. We failed. 08:57:51
CBS News : Shooter Indentified As Former U.S. Military Member 08:51:56
War on home gardens - Canada town outlaws food self-sufficiency 08:37:54
RNC Breaks the Rules with new Romney Ad? 08:22:34
GOP voters and delegates only care about kicking Obama out 07:33:25
It is a question of Party Unity in Tampa 07:15:10
Warrantless Police Checkpoint, Concord, Nh 06:40:11
Unreleased Tax returns for a presidential candidate - WHY this is so wrong 06:27:11
Wal-Mart Selling GMO Corn Without Labeling It so 06:16:40
Very interesting little trick 05:58:26
Gary Johnson vs Mancow 8/4/12 05:57:49
Peter Schiff on Mancow 8/4/12 05:55:48
Evil SOB Put in Charge of Rules and Order at RNC; Will Smash Paulites 04:45:04
Are all extremes bad? 04:26:18
The Revolution- Boston Bloody Boston 03:45:31
(Video) Obama Has Staged Shootings Before, Is Sikh Event "False Flag"? 03:14:13
NASA does do one thing that the free markets can't 03:00:01
Chairman of the RNC: One Dirty Liar Calling Another Dirty Liar A Dirty Liar... 10:45:16
"Are you saying you would trade your freedoms for a few medals?" 02:25:12
Lawyers for Ron Paul 01:53:58
Gold Medal for NASA Curiosity has landed. WOW! 01:35:09
GOP Will Blame Ron Paul 01:24:59
Concealed carry for Paul fest? 01:22:54
Why am I Politically Involved? 01:09:52
.. 00:56:00
Comparison of Ron Paul and Mahatma... And the money issue. 00:34:56
Poll: Would you have argued against the Constitution, if you were around during its creation? 00:22:46
Obama Will Win, And It's Ron Paul's Fault! 00:04:32