Posted on August 8, 2012

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IMPORTANT: If RNC insists Maine Convention was held improperly then there was NO Convention and Mitt is OFF the state ballot 21:18:54
Here Are the Official Rules for the 2012 Republican Convention 19:11:25
Conservatives Saying This Could Have Been The Moment Mitt Romney Lost The Election 17:18:53
Fed and Treasury Irate at NY Bank Regulator's Vulgar Display of Public Diligence with Standard Chartered 15:51:31
NY Sun: The Ron Paul Rebellion 18:08:17
Kurt Haskell Wins House of Representatives Primary in Michigan 11:38:33
TMOT gets to meet Dr. Paul> Pictures & stuff on his facebook page 11:20:00
Bernanke’s Nightmare: Audit Pushed for Romney’s Platform 10:49:18
*WOW* Despicable Campaign AD slams Ron Paul, Kurt Bills and our Movement! 10:25:43
Kokesh: PaulFest You don't want to miss this! 22:13:03
Jon Stewart: A Leak of Their Own - Gov Waste - ThinThread Whistleblower 18:17:54
US Government Proposes Law Making It Illegal For Them To Kill You 10:44:34
Obama fights ban on indefinite detention of Americans 10:43:11
Ben Swann Maine Delegate Story Update - 08/07/2012 18:12:00
The Brokered Convention Strategy 10:42:56
Important! For Tampa (Delegate Chip-ins and Info - Please Help!) 08:55:31
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10 Things in Perspective. 23:55:04
Reality Check: The United States government actually created Al Qaeda? 23:52:58
Romney must win Florida, and he must pick Rubio, or it's over! 23:50:07
WWJD? 23:30:17
"It's Not Over 'Til It's Over For Supporters of Ron Paul" (Article about delegate suit and delegates etc) 23:27:31
VIDEO Mat Larson & TMOT tonights show 8-8-12 23:23:43
Tunesia Did it: Ron Paul Revolution Facebook Strategy 23:19:58
George Orwell: We are revolutionaries 23:18:30
Why they chose a snake on the "don't tread on me flag" 22:55:13
New Urban Dictionary Entry Pegs Harry Reid as a 'Child Molester' 22:49:07
Americans Elect Submits Gov. Gary Johnson To Oklahoma Presidential Ballot 22:41:56
FBI Says Gunman In Sikh Shootings Killed Himself 22:41:45
"Maine Ron Paul supporters turn down GOP convention compromise" 22:41:21
NASA's Hansen Exploits Hot Summers To Push 'Carbon Fascism' 22:35:53
Foreign Aid - U.S. gives military aid to nations with child soldiers 22:27:42
Wait, the U.S. economy actually lost 1.2 million jobs in July? 22:27:24
A Way Forward on Foreign Policy 23:00:00
Walter Williams On The General Welfare Clause 22:26:13
A Great Video From Fellow Maine Patriot Pete "The Carpenter" Harring... 22:25:17
It’s not over till it’s over - pretty good article from The Washington Times 22:23:19
Rep. Blake Farenthold: Holder to be Slapped With Fast and Furious Lawsuit During August Recess 22:10:50
CNN ran Dr.Paul's voice through a digital FX processor 22:08:00
What Should Ron Paul Do Now? 23:00:23
Ron Paul Needs To Pick His VP Choice 22:05:09
RON Paul will get a speaking slot at RNC in Tampa per 'RNC Source' (article) 21:51:51
Video #8 of 27: Racism Disappears When You Embrace Liberty 21:48:22
Gold + silver price manipulation by central banks and govt 21:35:25
Dark Pools and High-Frequency Drone Wars w/Scott Patterson! 21:24:12
What have we become? 21:23:13
GATA's Chris Powell on the Silver Manipulation Probe & the Fed Gold Audit! 21:20:54
Appeals Court OKs Warrantless Wiretapping 21:01:48
British Bank Chief in charge of fraud and security guilty of £2.4million Bank fraud 20:55:46
Louisiana charter school policy requires girls to take pregnancy tests 20:31:07
This planet will be restored with our holy flame 20:14:47
An Urgent Appeal To Our Veterans 20:08:58
So what happens when the RNC denies ron a speaking slot and doesnt let him on the ballot? 19:52:17
I need a Romney video link... 19:51:03
Important! National delegates case update! 19:50:56
The Fear and Loathing of the One Percent 19:27:48
Man with permit to carry gun arrested at Dark Knight screening 19:18:18
Just got more crap from Romney in the mail 19:12:41
Best 2012 Campaign Sticker: "Mexican Drug Cartels for Obama...paid for by the US Taxpayers" 19:09:24
An interview with Jordan Page 19:06:05
David Korowicz: Trade-Off: Financial System Supply-Chain Cross-Contagion: a study in global systemic collapse. David Korowicz 19:05:51
Police Radio Transmissions Raise The Possibility There Were Multiple Shooters In The 'Dark Knight' Massacre 18:57:29
NYPD And Microsoft Launch Their Very Own 'Minority Report' Crime Fighting Surveillance System 18:55:00
Can someone fix the Wiki on 2012 Convention? Says RP Didn't Make Ballot (Wrong - Six States) 18:46:40
Latest polls out today are very bad for Romney 18:31:04
IDEAS: For CHEAP Billboards For President Paul In Tampa 18:25:44
Ron paul has no conviction. The fact that he is sitting by as his campaign just got launched into irrelevancy is disgusting 18:21:52
\Full Spectrum Evil/ 18:21:00
New survey shows the 1% are hoarding cash and piling up savings. 18:18:39
#IAmLibertarian Trending on Twitter - Join Us 18:10:11
DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law 17:54:53
On Whether to Vote For Romney or Not 23:01:06
UN quickly ignores the murder of innocent civilians when the deaths don't benefit their agenda 17:51:23
The World of Tomorrow (If the internet disappeared today) 17:48:03
Obama That I Used To Know - Gotye 'Somebody That I Used To Know' Parody 17:31:43
Flip Flop Mitt - The Masses Have Spoken - See You In Tampa 17:12:02
Paul Craig Roberts - The Dispossessed Majority. (PCR Holds Nothing Back Today!) 17:09:57
Is This the Future? 16:48:58
In heated battle on Yahoo news pages. People are convinced that skinheads support 16:44:44
My appeal to Fox19... 16:43:39
Meltdown The Men Who Crashed The World - Video 16:38:15
The "Social Contract" Fallacy 16:33:21
Ignorant Journalist gets owned by commenters 16:31:52
Department of Homeland Security orders over a half ton of high explosives 16:16:45
10 Reasons Why Austrian Economics Is Better Than Mainstream Economics 15:45:46
DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law 15:36:25
Kerry Wins! A real Ron Paul Candidate for the House ! Let's hear it for Kerry! 15:26:54
Live Show With TMOT! Tonight at 9PM EST 15:11:34
#IAmLibertarian on twitter is the top trend. 14:58:13
CA still has Ron Paul supporters?! 14:49:09
Bain Capital was founded with South American "Death Squad" seed capital 14:30:20
New fossil skull from Africa reveals tangled roots at base of the human family tree 14:24:27
My email to David Carlson over despicable campaign ad attacking Ron Paul and the entire Liberty Movement! 14:19:40
Convention speakers- 5 more announced - NO RP! 14:04:21
15 year old arrested for Facebook post! 13:44:04
The Two Faces of a Police State: Sheltering Tax Evaders, Financial Swindlers and Money Launderers while Policing Citizens 13:43:39
GOP Insider: How Religion Destroyed My Party 13:37:00
Federal Court Upholds the Herding of Demonstrators Into “Free Speech Zones” 13:32:47
Buffalo activists push city to be first in U.S. to prohibit use of drones 13:23:31
You’re kicking crony capitalism in the ass. 13:14:10
The Court Has Ruled: The Voting Rights Act (Vote Your Conscience) May Apply to the Convention 13:13:25
One of THE greatest MSM cover ups of the last half century 13:11:35
Social Security Ponzi Scheme Coming To An End 12:59:42
Kurt Bills' opponent David Carlson promotes the liberal Daily Kos on Facebook. 12:58:51
What it will take... 23:01:35
Popcorn ingredient found to be linked with Alzheimers 12:46:46
LIBERTY candidate Kurt Haskell wins House of Representatives primary in Michigan 12:42:27
Liberty Candidate Needs Our Help Urgent Request! Please Watch 12:38:40
'TWITTER' gives NYPD info on account behind threats to Mike Tyson Show on Broadway (VIDEO) 12:37:24
Olympics spectator with Parkinson's wants 'exoneration' after arrest 12:27:20
Insider Moles - 'Obama Planning Military Takeover in October 2012' 12:13:17
Schiff VS. Krugman: A "Match" made in heaven... 12:08:21
Aurora Police Finally Release All the Security Film, and It is Shocking:! 12:04:50
New Dave Matthews Band song "Mercy"- For the patriots of our liberty movement. 12:04:45
Md. first lady: ‘I don’t know why anybody needs an AK-47′ (VIDEO) 12:03:59
Are You Happy? Ben Bernanke Wants to Know 12:03:16
14 Questions People Ask About How To Prepare For The Collapse Of The Economy 11:45:11
Gluten: The Problem Protein - Video 11:42:36
Please help me find a certain video 11:31:10
An Austrian Critique of Mainstream Economics | Walter Block 11:28:32
Republicans push to add Audit of the Fed to the Platform. 11:07:25
Ben Swann: Reporting from Tampa? 10:56:29
deleted 10:54:24
This is outrageous - email from Ron Paul 10:54:23
Citizens of India Buying Gold not "Investing Productively" 10:39:54
Ron Paul: Let’s flood Kurt Bills with donations 10:26:11
How the GOP Establishment Stole the Nomination From Ron Paul 09:52:36
Following Announcement of Free Passes, Paul Festival Announces Deeply Discounted Ronvoys/Camping 09:43:02
Georgias FEMAgency: A Tour in the Pit of the Peach 09:05:21
A "Bill" to make it unlawful to "kill US citizens" 09:00:33
RNC Snubs Ron Paul; Paul Fest Organizers Respond with Free Passes, Deep Discounts on Ronvoys 08:53:32
Help a college student get to the Convention as a Delegate! 08:30:35
Two Reasons Why The Romney/Paul Ryan Budget Plan Is Totally Insane 08:07:03
Fed and Treasury angry that Standard Chartered whistleblower went round them 07:24:58
Challenge Constitutional Convention - What to do with the state after the collapse or prior.. 06:22:07
Made a video addressing the Mitt Romney delegates 06:20:34
I Have Met the Enemy 05:55:16
The Young Turks Claim That Ron Paul Has Recently Called Upon Romney To Release His Tax Returns 05:45:46
The Republican Security Council: Neocon HQ 05:29:58
Look at this smear ad for Kurt Bills 05:05:57
(Shocking Video) Abortionist Sees Aborting 'ugly Black Babies' As A Service To The Taxpayers 04:03:24
(VIDEO) White House Disses Drudge Report: "Be Mindful of Your Sources' 03:35:06
Ayn Rand's First Appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, 1967 03:31:40
George Will On Obamacare 03:12:52
hypothetical question on how far would you go to be against socialism 02:49:28
Leaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior 02:44:39
How do i find out if i won my precinct delegate position? 02:00:08
The Lawsuit about the delegates being bound or not. 01:57:58
Tax Return Issue Just Keeps Getting Worse For Romney 01:39:12
What Ever Happened To... 01:24:13
Fox News: Rand Paul Will speak at GOP Convention 01:05:02
Mormon Leader Sounds a Lot Like Ron Paul: LDS (and Romney) Should Take Note 00:56:45
Refusal To Put Child On Psych Drugs Results In Swat Teams & a TANK. This is in America! 00:49:23
Todd Akin: "Stage Three cancer of socialism." Wins Missouri Senate nomination 00:30:35
Demonoid Busted As A Gift To The United States Government 00:18:17
The Allegory Of Atlas Shrugged And The Future Of The Liberty Movement 10:35:05