Posted on September 10, 2012

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Where we go from here 22:02:13
Why I'm Leaving America 21:20:34
Jim Grant Says Bernanke Is Imitating USSR - Return To The Gold Standard 23:30:36
Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World 21:00:03
Modern-day wheat is a 'chronic poison,' says doctor 16:02:44
Anonymous Member Takes Down GoDaddy, Takes Down Millions of Sites 15:47:02
C-SPAN Interviews Tom Woods at Freedom Fest 2012 10:57:20
Stockman: "Ron Paul Is Right: The Fed, And The Lunatics That Run It, Are The Heart Of The Problem" 10:16:00
Marianne Stebbins: How we took 33 of 40 Delegates for Ron Paul MN Speech + Conference Call 09:22:57
Long-term unemployment easing, as many accept lower pay 09:00:48
Open Letter To Oklahoma GOP Chairman, Matt Pinnell Regarding the Republican National Convention 09:11:40
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 9/10/12: The U.S. is a Republic, NOT a Democracy! 15:50:44
FBI Launches $1 Billion Face Recognition Project 08:43:39
Will Defecting from the GOP Help Ron Paul's Supporters Take It Over? 15:55:35
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Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed! Red Alert! 23:59:37
OMG, I hear a great sucking sound 23:45:28
INFOGRAPHIC: Let there be Gold! Gold! Gold! 23:38:37
What do you think of Republican Patriots as a name for the liberty activists in the GOP? 23:35:02
The Anti-Obama Nursery Rhyme! 23:07:52
Please have a look 23:04:24
Israeli Science Website: Obama Birth Certificate Forged 22:45:50
Awesome Harvest Pictures From 'The Big Picture' - Boston Globe 22:44:48
What's the Difference Between a College Grad and a High School Grad? 22:40:17
3 Years, 2 Months, 1 Day 22:10:31
NO GMOs (My Biology Paper) 22:04:45
POLL: Which Promotes the Reduction of NAP Violation More? 22:03:57
My first attempt at educational handout 22:02:56
Anybody know anything about electors? 21:54:12
California Write-in Paul / Napolitano 2012 21:41:49
Reality Report Responds to Rep Justin Amash 21:40:42
"I would repeal the legal tender laws and legalize competing currencies" - Gary Johnson 21:38:43
FEMA - CDC: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse 21:19:14
Gov. Gary Johnson live video NOW! 21:17:02
Fantastic: Obamacare summed up in one sentence 21:12:06
What Have We Learned, America Judge Andrew Napolitano (Kinetic Typography) 22:09:21
Ben swan interview with obama on dailycaller? 20:54:59
Does Ron Paul support Unions? 20:42:30
"Serious dirt" on Paul Ryan 20:41:07
Liberty Candidates in the GOP will be crucified if they blame Ron Paul for Romney loss 20:36:53
Socialist International Congress Demands Global Governance, Wealth Redistribution 20:36:49
Army Wants Tiny Suicidal Drone to Kill From 6 Miles Away 20:31:37
Has anyone else gotten this email? 20:22:17
Gary Johnson should be the next U.S. president 20:18:22
The Longest Most Educational Cannabis Hemp Documentary on YouTube! 20:17:16
California academics: State assembly resolution on Palestine activism ‘poses clear threat’ to academic freedom 20:11:00
The Brew Pill - Dimming The Bulb 20:08:35
Gary Johnson and his supporters Bottom Feeding off Ron Paul and the DailyPaul 20:02:56
Bachmann in danger of losing house seat, poll finds 19:51:36
Everyone - "Just Come Home" 19:46:21
Gary Johnson - Ron Paul Revolutionary 19:45:22
Land Patent - Protection Against Agenda 21? 19:23:43
CNN/ORC Poll: Johnson already at 4% nationally 19:12:53
“We Are Change” Confronts John Kerry 19:12:31
Rewarding Idiots with Democratic Totalitarianism 18:30:15
Woman wears bikini to airport and TSA lets her pass 18:29:00
We Will Not Forget: Write in Ron Paul for Our Beaten and Arrested Delegates in the States Where it Will Count 17:52:00
Cavuto guest dissing Keynesian economics 17:45:25
Not a big fan of the MIC but this is one Awesome AF video! 17:39:48
Central bank money machines fail to spur global economy 17:18:33
Its time to push Gary Johnson. Mat Larson has him at 24% in this video. 17:10:08
We should be focusing our fight on Congress and the Senate. 16:54:11
Gardening in small spaces 101 - Start a garden no matter your location 16:26:07
Nearly all conventional food crops grown with fluoride-laced water, then sprayed with more fluoride 16:18:41
Just In Case You Didn't Know New Members 16:16:57
Musings of a Ron Paul Supporter (OUTSTANDING letter from a Ron Paul supporter and reader of LRC!) 16:07:47
Your salmon and meat are artificially dyed to look more appealing 16:05:56
Central bankers are confused about the economy - duh! 15:49:54
"Anonymous" Claims Responsibility for Millions of Sites Down 15:38:24
Electoral vote predictions 15:33:28
Open letter To Paul Krugman 15:28:27
How Broken is the Republican Party and Did the GOP Nail its Coffin Shut? 15:22:21
Rand Paul is on live at Huffington Post live right now. 15:18:30
I love the Liberty Philosophy 15:07:10
Stages Of The Economic Crash 15:02:14
Flashback: Now for a Real Underdog: Ron Paul, Libertarian, for President 14:56:27
Jimmy Rogers: Capitalism without letting companies go bankrupt is like Christianity without a hell. 14:55:58
How "Crazy Survivalists Make The World A Better Place" 14:52:13
What Are They Preparing For? 14:42:21
Paul's speech at Texas State Convention now up on Vimeo 14:18:57
I think we all should move to Australia. 14:12:50
Ron Paul’s grassroots support spells trouble for Romney 14:11:48
Save me from the ... a vote for A is the same as a vote for X 13:58:50
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but 13:49:58
On Voting for Romney 13:49:45
Liberty Republicans Critical of Romney Statement He’d Keep in Place Parts of the ACA 13:45:56
Obama Caught Red-Handed Trying To Stage New 9/11 13:42:10
The Fed’s Radical QE Policy is on the Chopping Block 13:07:01
War in Uganda: Why I Can't Vote For Gary Johnson 13:01:31
Galt's Gulch Project v1.0 12:57:12
Double Down: Vladimir’s Putin Billions Into Gold In Anticipation of Global Upheaval 12:56:50
Video: Man (Oathkepper) Investigated by police for buying ammunition 12:44:15
'Black 9/11' Author Mark Gaffney Interview: Financing and Monetary Anomalies 12:39:53
Is It Too Late for an Obama-Romney Ticket? 12:38:38
Vancouver researcher finds flu shot is linked to H1N1 illness 12:33:11
Christianity is Compatible with Ayn Rand - AWESOME 12:30:32
Walmart struggling to survive on only $4 Billion for Q2 12:28:55
Reason(s) to vote for Gary Johnson 12:21:08
Deportees Will No Longer be Flown Back Home, Border Patrol Says 12:18:20
NONE of the above is an excellent choice 12:12:24
Meet Amber Lyon Former Reporter Exposes Massive Censorship at CNN 12:11:41
How come Dr. Paul didn't become an Economics or History Professor rather than a Medical Doctor? 12:05:53
NY Times Admits: Mainstream News Is Basically Censored Propaganda 12:04:43
What Ron Paul didn't say... 11:58:13
Middle-class Mexicans snap up more products ‘Made in USA’ 11:51:14
Rand Paul "Hopes" Romney Shares His Views on The TSA 11:46:10
2,932,425 voters have used presidential quiz on 11:43:40
Flashback (2001): Too Late to Stop National ID 11:41:00
Joe Scarborough: 'Mitt Romney is in trouble' (Video) 11:40:55
Ap Exclusive: Private School Vaccine Opt-out 11:37:10
How FDR Covered Up Stalin's Massacre of 20,000 Poles 11:33:30
Do you really want the Libertarian Party to have MAJOR Party status in 2016? 11:21:15
Rand Paul: Enough of a "bomb everyone" foreign policy 11:16:31
The Real Unemployment Numbers Are Worse Than You Are Being Told 11:10:12
It’s Like McCarthyism in the Liberty Movement 11:09:09
Resource for which states allow write-ins: 10:44:20
Paul Craig Roberts: The Declining West: Tragedy or Comedy? 10:38:05
Gop Offers "FREEDOM" FOR Only $25 in California! Get your's now! 10:34:34
What Do Ron Paul, Northwest BioTherapeutics, and Novartis have in Common? 10:32:26
McCain & co. have GOT to go! They need to be voted out! 09:43:30
Cops Get A Lecture On Liberty 09:40:35
Johnson answering Paul supporters questions in Live Online Town Hall tonight 9PM EST/6PM PST 19:19:50
Help End the Two-Party Monopoly 08:51:28
Advice please! Idaho vs Washington 08:34:23
Judge Jim Gray - Gary Johnson's VP pick. 07:40:05
If you are sticking with being a Ronpaulican... 06:48:53
SEAL Who Shot 'Bin Laden' Didn't Recognize Him 06:33:02
A manifesto for a more prosperous, stronger and safer America (re Gary Johnson) 05:40:08
FCC backpedals from Internet tax proposal 05:33:31
Ron Paul and the state of the Republican Party 05:29:03
Ron Paul: One of the First Bloggers 05:18:46
Here Comes the Cops-Outstanding Video ! 05:03:18
Hold it, there is still a way to get Ron Paul to the White House 04:19:14
HAARP, Lightning Rods & Twin Towers Have in Common? 04:12:05
Gun Sales Surge: An Obama Bounce? 03:57:49
Obama uses Harold & Kumar actors to play stoners in campaign ad 03:56:43
American Democracy - The Funeral 03:30:15
Does Bleach Kill Mold? You Might Be Surprised. 03:26:26
Obama did NOT kill Osama Bin Laden 02:55:10
Motion to censure the RNC at Michigan state convention 02:29:22
Aurora theater shooting: Bizarre court filing blames massacre on police chief, Illuminati 02:26:11
Frustrating division on DP. We need to stay together 02:11:19 : Let The World Feel The Pulse Of Liberty ! 01:50:19
Monday's TV Talk Shows: Ricki Lake; Jeff Probst; Katie Couric and Rand Paul 01:40:58
Joe Biden is against unconstitutional wars! 01:37:54
New Hampshire Primary on Tuesday 9/11! 18:23:09
tiny dancer 01:13:40
States where no declaration needed from Dr. Paul to write-in and have vote counted: AL, IA, WI, PA, CA, VT, NH, DE, OR, RI 01:08:38
POLL: Which of these Best Describes You? 01:00:34
Satire, Parody, and Giggles Undesignated 00:56:06
Our right and duty to throw off such government 00:47:04
You are my Sunshine... 00:32:44
If we cannot stand behind Rand Paul, it is over, it's done 00:23:02
Lewis Lehrman Discusses The Return To A Gold Standard 00:08:59
Americans Decide-Are You In or Out! 00:05:34
Rand Paul Book Signing in New York City (AKA Vote For Romney Rally) 01:12:33