Posted on September 24, 2012

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Apple Supplier Foxconn Plant Closed in China After Riot 18:28:07
Iran vs. USA 22:26:47
Video Update: Ahmadinejad on Piers Morgan Talking Iran/Israel Conflict 19:47:43
Paul Ryan: Don't want Obama reelected? 'Then don't vote for Ron Paul' 18:48:50
You know you're a conspiracy theorist if... 17:28:07
Infographic: US Presidential Elections - For sale to highest bidder (w/Ron Paul) 11:35:10
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 9/24/12: How the Federal Reserve Distorts the Marketplace 14:28:49
Morally bound to pay off school debt or not? 18:00:13
The lawsuit comes after the PDC’s failure to respond to the following letter from Johnson last month: 07:56:37
Judge Napolitano on the First Amendment, Censorship and the Fed 10:53:18
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Behold - 10K pounds - We Will Find You lol 23:46:07
Paul Ryan Tells Ron Paul Supporters To Vote For Him Or Else Obama Will Be Re-Elected 23:42:33
I'm shocked: Tom Woods can't eat a ham sandwich and dance at the same time. 23:01:29
Students Protest Michelle O's diet 22:48:37
Open Letter To Paul Ryan and the GOP. 22:39:25
Paul Ryan: ‘Do you want Barack Obama to be re-elected? Then don’t vote for Ron Paul.’ 22:19:45
TSA To Conduct Anal Probes At All Public Toilets 22:00:34
need help with homeschool 21:53:58
Paul Ryan makes appeal to libertarians 21:41:13
The FED Now Owns Your Foreclosed Property Under QE3 Purchase of Toxic Assets 21:39:30
WATCH: Gary Johnson will keep Gitmo open, says if not, we will have to do it somewhere else!(mame and torture!) 21:33:29
UK hospitals on the verge of collapse as socialized medicine fails 21:32:07
A Flu Vaccine Timeline : The Recent History Revolving Around Vaccine Dangers 21:26:57
YAL Leader Runs For House! 21:26:44
BPA Disrupts Metabolic Rates and Causes Obesity, According To New Study 21:21:05
Agenda 21 in Action? Automated "Smart" Water Meters Appear in Albuquerque NM 21:09:40
Football - NFL 21:08:13
Stefan Molyneux - End The Fed (Video Podcast) 20:56:36
TSA to conduct anal probes at all public toilets (satire) 20:32:45
Restoring a Broken America: John Ainsworth from "America's Remedy" 20:31:02
Buffett plan to change Congress 20:23:10
A Closer Look at Gary Johnson’s Anti-Trust Lawsuit 20:18:09
FBI to Investigate Officer Shooting Double-Amputee 20:08:35
Black tie activists crash HMRC boss' retirement dinner 20:06:53
Mitt Romney Thinks Airplane Windows Should Open 20:00:24
Cannot In Good Faith Participate In Politics? 19:56:19
New York State Electors Needed for Ron Paul Write-In. 19:54:54
sh*t government says (funny video from James Corbett) 19:51:18
The Debate: Barack Romney vs. Mitt Obama 19:39:36
The Simpsons - Homer Votes 2012 19:28:28
Gary Johnson and the future of the United States political system 19:21:22
Obama vs Romney Polls: Why the Facts Are Strikingly Absent From Media Coverage of Election 2012 19:04:50
Daily Paul vs. RonPaulForums for Chris Hightower - KY State Rep. 18:56:36
Why Capitalists are Doves, Statists are Hawks 18:49:12
Should we want to end the Fed or let it fail on its own? 18:08:46
End the Federal Reserve CORRUPT Banking System. End the Fed 18:05:54
Fake gold hits NYC Diamond District finds 10 tungsten-filled bars 18:03:09
Steve Pieczenik: World War III starts 25 September 2012 17:56:14
Beg Us All You Want Now GOP / RNC Dogs...It's Too Late. 17:55:36
Michigan house rep introduces anti NDAA bill. Hearing tomorrow 17:47:11
Americans' Confidence in Television News Drops to New Low 17:20:12
Meet Monsanto's Number One Lobbyist: Barack Obama 17:07:15
NEWS: Iran Confirmed To Have Nuclear Weapons! 17:02:26
War Is A Racket 16:53:30
Gary Johnson is Starting To Go Viral Just Like Ross Perot in 1992 16:46:09
Seralini anti-Monsanto study was so poorly conducted it harms the anti-GMO movement 16:41:07
Every President Should Serve Two Terms. The First In The White House,The Second In Prison! 16:28:50
Please support Michael Kielsky for Maricopa County Attorney Money Bomb 16:26:48
The EU gavel comes down on Freedom of Speech and Farage 16:13:41
Meet Romneys Mexican Family! 15:43:38
Gary Johnson at UC Berkeley, September 25th 15:39:17
We Don't Need Anymore Smoke 15:34:07
Does Jesse Ventura's Atheism make him unelectable? 15:31:20
Some New Hampshire Republicans prefer a Romney loss in November 15:28:47
Flight attendant's gun goes off at airport security in Philadelphia 15:25:55
Ron Paul Went From Candidate to Movement in Just One Election Cycle 15:20:05
Best Marijuana Argument Ever: Given By Superior Court Judge Gray 14:58:30
Hello! 14:47:34
Patriot Game - Obama VS Romney Video Game 14:46:48
Does New Footage of WTC 7's Collapse Disprove Controlled Demolition Theory? 14:40:54
New Congressional Research Reports which Congress has not made publicly available are here: 14:37:00
Judge Jim Gray, Suffolk University NORML & Audit the Fed Rally 14:22:07
United States Corporation Is Unraveling 14:21:24
Dalio Fears Social Unrest That Led to Hitler’s Rise 14:19:56
Have US officials agreed to 'clean routes' for Mexican drugs entering America? 14:19:10
Army wants miniature suicidal drone to kill from six miles away 14:14:29
Messengers for Liberty - episode 2 is now available 14:09:22
Help an independent in the UK 14:03:34
Some New Hampshire Republicans prefer a Romney loss in November 14:00:59
Monsanto Moves to Ban Human Breast Milk 13:56:04
Gay Libertarian on Marriage Equality 13:54:25
Continuity of Government was activated for the first time on 9/11 and remains active today. 13:46:55
Romney's Electioneering Run by an International Group working for Netanyahu VIDEO 13:41:57
UN Embassies” Coming to a City Near You 13:40:28
Silver Smashed to $33.50 As 50% of US Annual Silver Production Dumped on Market in 5 Minutes 13:37:02
11th Circuit Court: Motorists can be held indefinitely at toll booths if they pay with large denomination bills 13:15:10
Murray Rothbard On Quantitative Easing 12:57:35
Game Changer In Gold! 12:52:28
Know your state's ballot measures! 12:41:32
Cattle Now Being Fed Cookies and candies Instead of Real Food 12:39:45
This site is giving away Free Drug savings cards! 12:39:21
Disruptions: Will Apple Be The First To Break $1 Trillion Dollars 12:33:27
Just Found Another Reason to HATE Feminism! 12:32:48
Court Rules Motorists Can Be Detained For Paying By Cash at Toll Booths 12:27:30
Betsy Dewey for Congress 12:24:56
Disinfo: Iran Never Stated They Will Strike Preemptively 12:20:45
A message I got from Campaign for Liberty...saying that educating people will not result in change. 11:52:47
From Zyklon B to GM corn: How GMOs transformed food into a globalist weapon 11:51:09
Florida: Courts Approves Detaining Motorists at Toll Booth 11:46:48
Gary Johnson Must Debate - Money Bomb Fundraiser 09/25/2012 11:45:01
Colorado election fraud, FBI are you interested? 11:42:38
Did Bernanke Implement QE Infinity to Save the Euro? 11:40:47
Ralph Nader: Obama & Romney Are The Same Candidate "Far too little difference" 11:32:18
Sound Money Reading List - Add Yours Here 11:15:04
<s>You were born with $300,000 Bond in your Corporate Name</s> 11:11:14
MORE fake gold bars found in NYC 10:54:57
Jack Hunter and C4L vrs "We are change" 10:48:52
Supreme Court to review the petition of the Georgia Court's Obama eligibility ruling today 10:44:47
The big bad wolf huffed and puffed but could not blow the precious metal’s investors house down. House was made of Sound Money. 10:44:18
Get 6 people that plan on not voting 10:34:32
Dear Judge Andrew Napolitano 10:02:25
The Federal Reserve is a SCAM in every single detail, including the "modern" ones. PROOF. 09:44:36
Justin Amash Moneybomb is ON - September 24-26, 2012 09:41:14
Does Ron Paul ask for endorsements? 09:36:29
Johnny Cash VERSUS the Federal Reserve Song by Skeet Childress 09:17:30
Liberty Dollar article - Arrests, trials and 'counterfeiting', oh my! 08:56:23
Slight Movement on HR107 - Impeach Obama 08:10:26
QE3 is not the answer 05:36:35
From Breitbart site. 10 reasons why Romney should already have quit 04:10:50
Private city in Honduras will have minimal taxes, government 03:46:03
The Definition of a Republic 03:31:19
Johnson lovers in some serious denial 02:52:58
Video: Best arguments for gun control refuted. 02:43:31
The Devil you know 02:21:20
Train Song 01:53:57
List Of Companies Against GMO Labeling - Prop 37 California Right To Know Act 01:44:29
One Of The Faces Of America's Future 01:34:42
Take the Test to See If You Might Be Considered a “Potential Terrorist” By Government Officials 01:25:53
'Long overdue': 55 names of unfairly imprisoned US Guantanamo inmates released 01:23:20
The Eagle Is Grounded—It Has Two Left-Wings 01:17:12
Dan Fishman for US Congress, Massachusetts 6th 01:08:11
Response to Pro-Romney Supporter 01:02:55
How The Minimum Wage Is Not Only Unfair, But Is Also Actually Hurting The Economy 00:47:55
Slash story "Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues" 00:24:51
“Anarchists” Are The Bad Guys in New First Person Shooter 00:10:17
Can't Complain 00:09:45