Posted on September 25, 2012

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Reality Check: Was Rep. Paul Ryan For Defense Cuts Before He Was Against Them? 23:38:33
Overheard today at a meeting of the Las Vegas Culinary Union officials 22:43:14
Top Story On Google News: "Rand Paul Aids Romney and Ryan in Ohio" 20:54:18
I propose... An alliance! 19:51:43
Henry Kissinger Tells Luke Rudkowski to “Go to Hell” for Asking a Question 18:54:24
Dissension at the Top: Fed's Plosser Slams QE3 - Markets take a dive 15:14:43
Jim Kunstler on Romney & Obama: Pee Wee Herman vs. Captain Kangaroo 17:02:13
Video: Israel Lobbyist Suggests False Flag Attack Could Spark War with Iran 19:00:37
We are going to re-elect Obama by voting for someone else? 11:15:06
QE4? The Big Wall Street Banks Are Already Complaining That QE3 Is Not Enough 10:34:58
New Video: What if money was no object? 19:46:08
Split the Vote? How many of you are former Republicans/ Democrats? 13:48:09
Sorry Ryan, but a Vote for Romney is a Vote Against Rand Paul in 2016 09:46:45
Video: Gerald Celente Goes Off! Get Prepared. 10:32:45
Breitbart Writer Begs Ron Paul Fans To Vote Romney, Mediaite Says It Ain't Gonna Work 10:32:37
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Virtual Free Fall Speed and 9/11: Is it Necessary to Support The Controlled Demolition Theory? 23:53:21
Win a Dinner with Ron Paul and Justin Amash! 23:39:04
Is it sensible to start a Ron Paul write-in campaign with statistical data showing GOP chances of victory against Obama 23:32:35
If Romney/Ryan ticket is elected Ben Bernanke will not be reappointed as Fed chair 23:18:54
Is our foreign policy an operation to create what it alleges it is fighting? 23:18:00
German Court gets EU to modify ESM 23:14:15
Grassroots, trans-partisan petition for inclusive debates 23:03:34
Muslims attacking Australian war graves 22:35:41
Song: My Name Is America (Inspirational) Dedicated To Congressman Ron Paul 22:15:42
Delusion 2012 22:11:14
Acting Like a King - The Pueblo Chieftain Excludes Tisha Because of "Small" Donors 22:08:29
I was arrested this weekend. 22:07:30
HELP! I am not welcome in the GOP! 22:05:18
Obama and FEMA Create Civilian Army Trained in Domestic Preparedness 22:01:05
Make Mine Freedom (1948 Cartoon) 21:59:04
Localize Liberty 50/50 initiative #3: If You See It Film It 21:55:56
Jessica Puentes Bradshaw 21:53:58
Billionaires Dumping Stocks 21:53:06
Bush Deleted Intel Report Passage Saying Saddam Would Only Attack in Self-Defense 21:45:07
Are 8 possible bad years of Romney preferable to 4 more tragic years of Obama? 21:44:17
Can Personalized Health Care Survive Robamacare? 21:41:40
Russia suspends import and use of American GM corn after study revealed cancer risk 21:38:11
finish the fight. VIDEO: Anti-Romney TV ad... from Republicans. 21:25:08
Larry Silverstein And The Decision To "Pull It" 21:16:57
CNBC Analyst Pretends There Was No Dissenting Vote On Iran Resolution 21:12:01
$16 Trillion Worth of Bologna 21:07:18
"The March of Tyranny" 21:07:16
Scott Horton interviews Walter Block tonight 9:PM ET. 20:42:07
Do you hate the drug war? Do you like "Shawshank Redemption"? 20:36:02
I Have No Choice But To Be An Uncivil Man 20:33:10
You Gotta Hand it to Clark County Nevada's SCC - They ROCK! 20:28:29
As a Lutheran, I condemn antisemitism 20:21:37
Beautiful Moving Photos From Neil Armstrongs Burial At Sea 20:16:27
Please Sign My Petition and Share It! 20:08:38
Anonymous Targets Philadelphia, Posts 'Fire At Will' Message for Followers 20:08:08
I Team: The Army's Secret 'Cold War' Experiment on St. Louisans (VIDEO) 20:02:09
Protesters Encircle Spanish Parliament 19:44:03
The Hill: Gary Johnson tries to stop political 'zombie outbreak' 19:39:07
A Vote for Romney may well be a vote against Obama BUT... 19:33:57
Foresight and Compassion 19:21:37
If Your Vote Really Mattered - They would give us this choice 19:15:04
Senator Susan Collins to Co-Sponsor Audit the Fed 19:11:08
Hyperinflation Preparation with Tom Garcia Tonight 9PM EST 19:02:29
One More Question On Silver 18:59:21
Rand Paul stands alone against Senate's 'preemptive war' resolution for Iran 18:58:42
Ralph Nader: Obama is a War Criminal 18:57:46
Liberty Live-Stream Team Show with Suriyah & Qadoshyah Fish Tonight 8PM EST 18:53:50
WW3 at our doorstep. 18:51:49
Sign Petition to get Gary Johnson in the Debates 18:49:19
Tonight The Streets Are Ours Spain 25 September 2012 protest 18:41:05
I'm looking for suggestions on how to promote this thread 18:22:27
US Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller: 'Israel Did 911' 18:09:29
Gary Johnson and Abortion 17:24:56
Univision Anchor: Mitt Romney Demanded Favorable Crowd 17:00:41
Is Alzheimers Just Another Form of Diabetes? How Our Diet May Be Destroying Our Brains 16:57:35
Israel Seeks War on Iran to Keep Lid on 9/11, by Kevin Barrett 16:54:40
Call the Commission on Presidential Debates 16:54:04
Liberty is a righteous cause and needs only honest defense 16:52:11
Accepted for value? 16:39:26
There are No Gmo's, Msg's, Hydrogenated Oils, Or Trans Fats 16:39:26
Is JP Morgan Shorting Paper Metals While Acquiring Massive Physical Stockpiles? 16:29:36
wow major protest developing... 16:07:20
Why the Bushes and Other Elites Bought Land in South America 16:01:05
Nostradamus Prediction Involving U.S. Sec Of Navy? 15:28:01
Howard Stern Show Interviews Obama Voters 15:17:58
I thought this was interesting 15:04:28
Everyone Hates New Gov Lunch Program With Good Reason 15:04:08
Gary Johnson's 3rd AMA on Reddit tomorrow Wed 26th at 11am ET 14:55:55
Josh Tolley: Legos and Liberty? 14:29:19
Fun poll with all 26 nominated candidates for pres. 2012 at non-profit USA 14:23:03
We send you our best. Sincerely, Harry & Bess. 1952 14:21:49
Ben Swann Discusses DNC, RNC, Ron Paul, NDAA, Presidential Kill List & Barack with Brian Engelman 13:56:43
6 Myths About Libertarians (What Libertarians actually believe) 13:54:10
* Must Read* Combat vet sues over Wyoming traffic stop 13:43:26
Hi Folks of Daily Paul please consider a donation to Kurt Bills! 13:23:51
Study: US drones terrorize Pakistani civilians, breed hostility 13:18:11
An 82-page analysis concludes that Israel is currently the greatest threat to US national interests 13:15:55
Video: NYPD 'Drone' Poster Campaign: Artist Explains Big Brother Ads 13:13:05
Noncompliance - A Time To Rise (Video) 13:10:44
How does Iran Obtain "Peaceful Nuclear Power"? 13:07:58
Tesla Motors Launches Revolutionary Supercharger Enabling Convenient Long Distance Driving 13:05:35
Eunuchs reveal clues to why women live longer than men 12:59:32
Can anyone tell me the names of some liberty candidates running for local office in St. Lucie Cty Fla? 12:58:43
Keiser Report: Bankstatocracy (E345) 12:53:00
Have You Seen This? 12:52:43
Paul Ryan, I am bigger than Jesus 12:50:43
Ahmadinejad To Meet With ‘Occupy Wall Street’ on US Soil 12:45:07
Principles, Are Either Valued, Or They Are Not 12:36:05
U.S. Economic Freedom Plummets to 18th Place Globally, Study Shows 12:20:44
Judgement against Timothy Franz GEITHNER! 12:19:45
Gary Johnson - America needs a handyman 11:55:47
Poll: By Now You Should Know – Who are you voting for in November? 11:53:01
Drones in Pakistan traumatise civilians, US report says 11:51:54
Michael Tsarion - Architects of Control: Mass Control and The Future of Mankind 11:50:33
Israel Lobbyist Suggests False Flag to Start War with Iran 11:50:00
The Liberty Movement Can Still Decide Who Becomes President in 2012 11:43:37
Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters 2012 (audio) 11:36:42
New study documents the civilian terror from Obama's drones 11:35:27
A good reason for a Romney defeat... 11:32:44
Washington insiders delight in "collateral murder" style killing video 11:19:41
Doesn't WWIII start today? 11:07:24
INFOWARS Interviews Gary Johnson: Both Candidates Will Give You A Greater Police State 11:00:52
Treasury To Foreclose Federal Reserve System? 10:55:09
French Surgeon: Half of Rebels In Syria Are Al-Qaeda Terrorists 10:14:23
For the DemoPubs soliciting my vote... catchy tune... 10:05:43
Obama on the VIEW! 09:24:51
Why Ron Paul? (Wind Of Change) Scorpions 09:15:43
Paul Ryan has a message for Ron Paul supporters... 08:54:19
Campbell's Tomato Soup Inflation Index 09:22:51
Republican Candidate For State House - Endorses Gary Johnson?! 08:20:55
The only Real Difference between Obama and Romney 08:05:15
October 17th Battle of Saratoga MoneyBomb for Gary Johnson 07:58:54
Howard Stern Exposes Democracy 07:57:48
Screw Romney and GJ: I'm voting Roseanne Barr for POTUS! 07:22:31
Gary Johnson calls for withdrawing from the Middle East 06:16:48
(Video) Education Nation: Rural Arkansas Town Rethinks High School 03:57:31
The Great California Exodus: A Closer Look 03:51:01
France set to ban the words mother and father from official documents 03:32:06
Washington state's first 'zombie bees' reported; parasite causes bees to fly erratically at night, die 03:24:02
I wrote this recently as a U.S. Army service member. Peace in 2012! 03:07:58
Romney May Be the End of the Line for the Republican Establishment 03:05:14
.. 02:29:31
Drone attacks in Pakistan are counterproductive, says report 01:55:52
Rookie NFL Referees Re-enact RNC's Last-Second Ron Paul Takeaway 17:53:34
Obomney 2012, LOL 01:39:22
How Romney Packed The Univision Forum 01:23:23
Ron Paul, QE3, and Unintended Consequences 01:23:22
Ron Paul gets top mention in D.C. group’s rankings of lawmakers defending taxpayer interests 01:19:48
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