Posted on September 26, 2012

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"An Inconvenient Tooth" 22:34:05
Jesse Ventura: "Let Gary Johnson Debate!" 23:11:30
Mike Church Interview with Ron Paul 9/26/2012 19:04:51
Tom Mullen: A Skeptic's Case for Gary Johnson 16:15:14
Romney being sabotaged? We will take the blame. *Updated* 17:59:07
Joe Scarborough Outburst on Romney: Sweet Jesus! Romney is a Horrible Politician! 13:28:57
U.S. Raids L.A. Marijuana Shops 11:57:25
FDA Looking to Ban B6 Supplements, Give Boost to Big Pharma 14:25:00
The Problems Oklahoma Dealt with from the Ron Paul Campaign State Coordinator 13:37:45
Ralph Nader Video: President Obama is a 'War Criminal' 09:16:10
American Elections Are Crooked: Lew Rockwell Interviews Bev Harris From Black Box Voting 15:19:00
Politico: Paul Ryan Going Rogue, Calling Romney "The Stench" 07:38:28
MSM Totally Ignores Mass Demonstrations in Spain 07:32:01
Joe Klein on MSNBC: Israel Trying to Push US into War with Iran 09:36:46
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Localize Liberty 50/50 initiative #4: Occupy 23:51:30
I'm tired of the depressing news 23:47:51
Romney's first project with Bain in 1977: Help propel Monsanto 23:47:38
Proof US Government & Military Experimenting On Citizens With Chemtrails 23:47:20
Fight Back The TSA Tyranny! (VIDEO) 23:44:16
Reality Check (Video): Ben Swann-U.N. Wants A Law Banning Blasphemy 23:39:43
Von Hayek & Ron Paul's Ideas Now Domestic Terrorism. British Report. 23:35:56
Penn's Case For Free Speech *warning: Graphic Language* 23:33:20
Update on Richard Gilbert legal Action 23:33:09
Penn expresses the anger that we feel. :) 23:30:57
Police officer trying to detain me 23:30:42
.@KurtSchlichter is TERRIFIED of the Liberty Message. 23:22:14
Poll: Do you feel like that black sheep of your family? (yay or nay) 23:16:43
Thought provoking and eloquent words 22:25:48
Assange to UN: US is trying to build a 'regime of secrecy' 22:02:53
Philadelphia Fed President - Inflation Time Bomb 21:50:34
Great collection of videos showing how Ron Paul was cheated! 21:46:51
old news: Bill Gross "Ron Paulish" 21:39:04
Talk to Al Jazeera: Rabbi Dovid Weiss: Zionism has created 'rivers of blood' 21:39:01
4 years 8 months 24 days! 21:24:49
The Power of Your Vote 21:17:46
Free Speech: Reserved Only For Approved Journalists? 20:51:58
Ahmadinejad calls for a New World Order 20:29:07
Need help with buying Precious Metals 20:14:49
U.S. Military Wants My Brother to Die...VIDEO 20:04:25
The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia's Early Soviet Regime 20:03:57
Time to cut out the middle-men. God will provide our freedom. 19:59:08
LOL! I'm With Mitt is trending on twitter, but it was taken over and becoming comical. 19:43:46
Russian troops training in Colorado? 19:40:43
Gary Johnson: Ron Paul write in is meaningless 19:37:18
Rachel Maddow: How both Romney and Obama Fail on Drone Strikes 19:34:47
Ron Paul - the king maker? 19:27:35
Supremes Docket Income Tax Challenge Colorado Man's Challenge To Irs Says Wages Don't Count 19:16:02
Since we have been preemptively blamed for Romney's loss, how can we benefit from it? 19:10:52
Why the CPD Decision to Keep Gary Johnson Out of the Debates is Illegal 19:06:18
Gary Johnson Answers Questions On Ron Paul For Reddit 18:59:43
Spanish Authorities Are Locking Up Trash Cans To Prevent People From Foraging For Food 18:53:46
Important we need to vote out all Senators and Congressmen 18:44:09
Ahmadinejad Embraces the Jews! Rejects Zionism! 18:27:00
Do Muslims vote Democrat or Republican? Libertarian Senate candidate Dr. Dean Ahmad explains 18:25:40
To The RNC: Don't Blame Ron Paul or Gary Johnson When Romney Loses. Blame Liberty. 18:18:34 "on the issues" - does anyone have this archived? 18:11:28
Incredibly Effective Protection from Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Effects 18:08:00
World News: Libyan President To Nbc :Anti-islam Film Had "nothing To Do With" The Us Consulate Attacks. 17:56:00
Peter Schiff Nails Romney For His Wealth Distribution Policies! (Video) 17:55:38
Anybody in Maine willing to help 17:55:31
@KurtSchlichter throws @MittRomney under the bus! Interview! 17:38:30
Alabama hearings kick the UN to the curb 17:33:35
NEW Gary Johnson campaign ad: The War Stops Here 17:21:51
A vote by any other name 17:03:16
WOW Gary Johnson polling 10.6% in Ohio (was 4.5%) 16:59:05
Romney’s first project with Bain in 1977: Help propel Monsanto 16:47:28
FOX Business: Who in the World Is Gary Johnson, And Why Don't You Know About Him? 16:46:26
UPDATED: Romney Invested in Iran via Chinese Oil Company Back in 2011 16:37:47
Proof Mitt has no chance 16:32:21
Let us stand upon the shoulders of giants... 16:08:06
MERS ,Can be sued, WASHINGTON Supreme court 15:53:13
Gretchen Carlson Gets Pranked in Interview With 'Former Obama Supporter' on Fox News 15:49:05
We need "Explosive Jobs" says Mark Fiore 15:48:46
Know thy Enemy: Google's Eric Schmidt Speaking w/Ex CIA Director 15:44:01
Think about this you "least of 2 evils" Neocons.. 15:43:51
Gay Veteran to Mitt Romney: "Good Luck; You're Gonna Need It" 15:21:47
My Discussion with Congressman Trey Gowdy about the Federal Reserve 15:20:39
Ben Swann Interviewed by Joyce Riley 15:03:28
University of California to pay nearly $1 million in deal with 21 pepper-sprayed UC-Davis Occupy protesters 15:02:40
Protesters at Romney rally...are these RP supporters? 14:55:21
Interview with Nevada Assembly liberty candidate 14:54:54
New Drug War Documentary: The House I Live In 14:45:56
Teach Your Children Well 14:45:29
The War on Saving: Negative Interest Rates? No Free Checking 14:24:31
The Creepiest Mitt Romney Video You'll Ever See (NDAA) 14:18:39
Romania for Ron Paul - Liberty Loopholes 14:18:27
It's Time for Mitt Romney to Drop Out 14:17:53
Income Tax Gets Supreme Court Review 13:58:04
55 percent of small business owners would not start company today, blame Obama 13:57:47
How To Start A War In One Easy Step 13:55:26
Is the era of free checking accounts over? 13:52:11
YOUTUBE 4409- -Phoenix Police: "9/11 Sign Will Cause People To Crash And Die On The Highway?" 13:45:25
America's "Other Army" - Diplomats 13:35:43
Iran unveils 'indigenous' drone with 2,000km range 13:32:43
Supreme Court to hear IRS (Income Tax) challenge 13:30:00
Homeland Security Vehicles 13:29:51
Insane Clown Posse are officially suing the FBI 13:27:49
VIDEO: Best 5 Arguments for 2nd Amendment and No Gun control 13:23:48
Radio Rant Against QE3- People Moving in & Out of Houses=Musical Chairs Economy 13:20:48
Hieber's "English For All, Freedom For None" Fallacies on 13:12:26
Imagine Anarchy 12:51:05
Protests in Spain and Greek Capitals 9/25-26/2012 (videos) 12:44:44
Barack Obama is the Presumptive President-Elect 12:28:09
Rage against austerity: Protesters in gas masks, helmets clash with Greek police 12:13:50
FEMA camp or Camp FEMA! You pick! Mega investment opp. 12:06:42
The American Soviet - A Poll... 12:01:04
Since voting is already underway in some states, let's focus on our local liberty candidates. 12:00:10
Must watch on CATO 11:52:47
TSA admits it punishes people who opt out of body scanners 11:51:43
And They Called Ron Paul An Isolationist 11:50:27
Swing States & State Conventions. Oh how they mean a lot now to the POTUS election. 11:45:16
Video: The Holographic Universe 11:28:11
Why is a GJ story on the top of the front page? 11:27:52
Tribute to Andy Williams, and one of Ron Paul's favorite songs - Born Free! 11:10:21
Infographic: America’s Religions Mapped by Member’s Income 11:01:45
Carlos May, Liberty Minded Candidate running against Andre Carson (D) in Indiana's 7th Congressional District 10:57:21
Rebuttal To Obama's UN speech 10:56:59
Liberals to ditch Obama for Johnson 10:49:41
disregard this post 10:43:41
Avaaz ? 10:38:02
Video: Hubble Goes to the eXtreme to Assemble Farthest-Ever View of the Universe 10:21:15
Romney channels Dubya AGAIN on Foreign Policy, this time, economic style. 10:04:09
So you think you know about Iran? 10:00:52
If it keeps on raining, the levee's going to break 10:00:45
Household Incomes Fall In Aug., Off 8.2% Under Obama 09:56:04
2012 Election does not matter, what matters is you have to brake the LEFT-RIGHT Mirror. 09:55:47
Judgment against Timothy Franz GEITHNER 09:51:44
Don't Want Obama Reelected? Then Don't Vote For Ron Paul Says Good Friend Ryan 09:39:16
Top 10 breakfast cereals most likely to contain Monsanto's GMO corn 09:06:51
County Clerk Volunteer Busted for Only Registering Romney Voters 09:00:55
How to HELP the 47% 09:00:22
American distrust in deceptive mainstream media hits an all-time high 08:58:30
Quantitative Easing Did Not Work For The Weimar Republic Either 08:49:54
The Market Ticker: The Speech That Wins The Election 07:26:29
Everyone Who Attended OWS With a Cell Phone Had Their Identity Logged, Says Security Expert 04:51:43
The Last Great Act of Defiance: The Write-in The Vote for Ron Paul Bomb Campaign 04:42:24
Prescription Painkillers Kill More Americans Than Heroin & Cocaine Combined 04:39:49
Tesla Motors Launches Revolutionary Supercharger Enabling Free Long Distance Travel 04:37:59
I picture a dead Arab”: In disturbing video, Israeli children’s words echo indoctrination 04:19:08
AP Interview: Ahmadinejad pushes new world order (VIDEO) 03:18:06
Prediction : JP Morgan, and other crooks, and CFTC buddies won't be able to contain Silver below 40/oz, past 12/31/2012 03:10:35
Pentagon issues rules on how to discuss SEAL’s book 03:09:36
Benjamin Netanyahu should be executed for this. 03:04:31
Prediction : Barrett Brown will make bail before Halloween 2012 and will have hard time proving he ever was in Federal custody 02:33:06
Great Lecture On 5th Amendment: Don't Talk To Police 02:11:27
Fate of the Panderer! 01:31:26
Great moment for Bob Hope. 01:25:52
Mexican/Mormon War Documentary - Includes accounts of Romney's family 01:18:50
California's Capital City tricks motorists into finking on their relatives 01:08:17
James Cameron thinks we should live with less! 01:05:35
Romney's Chief Economic Advisor Wants To Be New Fed Chair 00:31:18
The Rand Paul Formula is Working 00:12:26
Disunity 05:07:29
Nassim Taleb's Sobering Words 08:27:17
Gary Johnson Reddit AMA - September 26th 08:37:56