Posted on September 8, 2012

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Most important thing to do right now is organizing - REPUBLICANISM 23:02:11
The Ron Paul Difference 21:21:29
RNC Corruption: Should Libertarians Leave Republican Party? by Julie Borowski 14:41:26
EPJ: The Scariest Thing about Living in the United States 13:08:09
To Everyone here on the DP 15:41:41
Help National Delegate Jim Uprichard 12:16:43
Obama Considers Executive Order to Pass Cybersecurity Act 10:54:58
John Dennis: Demand Pelosi-Dennis Debate 00:38:01
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The dollar lost itself today. Down over a point on Saturday. 23:51:09
LAWLESS 23:49:54
Johnson is a five minute run - Why Johnson isn't that important 23:27:19
Mitt Romney is clearly a Democrat in disguise - how can nobody see this? 23:23:55
All RP supporters 23:07:54
The 'Other' Paul - States should decide med marijuana issue 22:55:09
Let's Win At Least One State—Iowa-with a Powerful Write-In Campaign, 22:45:39
Rand Paul to Host Book Signing in NYC 22:34:53
POLL: Which Principle is More Important? 22:25:01
Dalai - Marxist - He says so 22:14:53
Bad: The Mitt Romney Story 22:06:13
On tour with Graham, John McCain berates Obama on Iran stance: A 'Train Wreck' 21:57:50
Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering 21:46:57
80 million in seized gold coins belongs to U.S. government judge rules 21:46:30
Ron Paul - "The Republican Party is NOT my Party" 21:45:09
ISO: Free market roads 21:40:56
These United "states" Of America 21:27:23
Resignation Letter to the Republican Party 21:22:56
John Doe Investigation(Reince Priebus ) 21:00:32
Mitt Romney: The Lying Liar And Reince Priebus 20:49:32
APPLE allowing Government to Control Your Phones 20:47:03
"Black 9/11 Money Motive and Technology" 20:46:24
Priebus' Republican National Committee: A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Koch Americans for Prosperity? 20:36:39
65 Outrageous Lies by President Obama 20:32:17
Why Virgil Goode is not our savior 20:25:20
There is a policeman inside all of our heads and must be stopped! 19:54:12
I have a suggestion 19:41:16
If I have around 600 ounces of silver at 27 so far, how much more will I need to retire? 19:13:31
Gold Jumps 3.1% on Week as Silver Soars 7.1%, US Bullion Coins Solid 18:42:02
I got my CWP (Concealed Weapons Permit) in the mail today from SLED. 18:30:52
A Real Shocker: Gold Dinar - Islam and Future of Money *video* 18:20:55
The Unravelling: VIDEO: ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ Mob Trashes Audi In Greenwich Village 18:08:47
Gun Sales Surge - An Obama Bounce? Chart Is Vertical 18:05:33
Ron Paul on The Fair Tax: "I'd probably vote for it if it ever came to the floor." 17:57:22
Illuminati countdown clock is ticking down 1:24 est 9-9-12? 17:51:24
Labor Freedom in Sports 17:42:23
Use of likeness and image question 17:31:23
The Scariest Story You'll Read Today 17:27:12
When will we go back to a Gold Standard? 16:50:49
Photographers In Los Angeles Considered Terrorists Under Official LAPD Policy 16:43:23
Idea - give democratic congressional challengers a reason to stand up for liberty 16:39:57
'We Could Have Had Ron Paul' Rolling in the Deep Parody 16:33:49
What positions do you DISAGREE with RP on? 16:00:45
Virgil Goode - A Liberty Alernative in 2012? 15:58:10
Johnson Money Bomb! 15:57:16
New evidence in Batman massacre points to government conspiracy 15:56:54
Ron Paul End the Fed: 4 Reasons Why QE3 From Bernanke Would Wreck the Economy 15:55:00
"Freedom Brings People Together!" - Ron Paul 15:53:40
Hey "Prince" Priebus, Explain This.. 15:53:23
Dennis Kucinich: Tilling the Ground for the Seeds of Terrorism 15:49:56
Emotion vs. Logic 15:43:14
Republicans Attempting To Remove Gary Johnson From The Ballot All Over America! 15:40:53
What's the matter with you people? Let's talk *JOHNSON* ! 15:33:48
Can We Raise Enough Money to "Buy" a Neo-Con? 15:24:13
Obama and the cover-up of CIA torture 15:13:34
Letter Ron Paul wrote to the corrupt GOP in 1988 15:05:23
'Gary Johnson is with the bad guys' - political satire Onion style 14:52:06
Remember who decided they didn't want third party's to be able to debate? Bill Clinton 14:50:34
Eastwood says his convention appearance was 'mission accomplished' 14:46:26
Is Wayne Allyn Root Really A Libertarian? 14:38:47
Help! I need advice from an experienced chicken farmer. 14:35:34
Nanny of the Month Award August 2012 14:25:15
Now the Conventions are Over. What is Next? Pushing for third Party Candidates in the Presidential Dabates and Helping Elect Ron 14:17:35
Huff Post alleges that Erin Burnett Made False Claim about Inflationary Effect of QE 14:14:06
Former Reporter Amber Lyon Exposes Massive Censorship at CNN 14:12:41
Condoleezza Rice Confronted on Bilderberg 14:06:52
Canada and Iran 14:01:43
Thanks Obama - Here Are 24 Stats That Show How Much You Have Royally Messed Up Our Economy 13:57:06
Did Obama Just Make A Deal With Israel To Delay The War With Iran Until After The Election? 13:54:07
Bob Barr and Wayne Allen Root have both left the LP and endorsed Romney 13:31:33
Joe Selvaggi for Congress, "We did build that" 13:18:41
Goode Vs. Johnson comparison 13:08:47
Jerry Doyle interviews Ben Swann - Grassroots Blowback 13:04:29
Nevada: The Next American Gold Rush 12:56:56
New Zealand dismissed climate change sceptics 12:50:13
Minority Report: Fiction Has Become Reality 12:50:13
Police Exempt from Red-Light Cameras 12:40:20
BPA Actually Changes Your Brain 12:36:02
Say Goodbye To Abc Tv 12:29:42
Ron Paul's revolution isn't a fluke. It's the future. 12:21:44
The Illusion Of Choice 12:17:33
"Barnhardt's Full of Crap. She's Just Bluffing." 12:04:04
Judicial Watch Documentary in the works: The District of Corruption 11:57:28
Help free Ademo, New Hampshire Activist imprisoned for interviewing police 11:57:24
What ever happened with the silver circle movie? 11:55:10
The neocon agenda and the next 12 years 11:45:59
DP Question of the DAY: Why do YOU think the Tea Party was so Quickly and Thoroughly Compromised? 11:43:40
Obama Ruling Shields Torturers 11:26:57
Coming Food Crisis Play into Global Elite’s Demand for Population Stabilization 11:18:34
95% of the people here didn't listen to single thing that RP has said. 11:11:00
A New Movement Website That Might Not Even Be A Good Idea 11:08:57
Europe to Open Its Skies to Drones 11:05:31
Nestle: "GMOs Are Unnecessary, But Our Customers Demand Them" 10:57:50
Executive order could institute controversial cybersecurity measures 10:55:53
Evolution and Politics in the World 10:25:02
Vote for Goode or for Johnson - Convince Me 09:41:29
How Silver Coins and Bars are Made vs. How Dollars are Made 09:31:35
Q: Bernie Sanders, Independent Versus Liberty Perspective... 09:19:47
Are you still on the Liberty Ship? 08:44:25
Are Ron Paul supporters even welcome on the Daily Paul anymore? 08:28:42
Joe Rogan Mentions Stefan Molyneux on his Podcast! 07:38:45
Weekend Watching: Hero Harry Markopolos - Madoff Sleuth 07:36:13
On the Brink to Insanity 07:35:05
Bright Future Post Collapse: Case Study Russian Grocer 07:23:17
(Prepare for RFID implants, coming March 2013) Mr. Howard Dean : you are INSULTING your People's Intelligence. 06:52:48
If I see any Romney or Obama signs up this fall... 06:05:45
Ron Paul vs Zeitgeist. Rap News video. If you're up for a good laugh... 04:31:34
(Off-Topic) Did Jesus Reveal the Name of the Anti-Christ ? 04:30:35
Why would Congress take a FIVE-week vacation with all the problems facing the country ? 04:08:38
Ron Paul Supporter From Nevada Calls "Coast To Coast" Tonight - Salutes Nevada Delegates! 03:58:59
Had a dream tonight 03:50:31
They know they need us lol... 03:49:16
What Ron Paul didn't say... 03:43:47
Can we turn a red state blue in 2012 to prove a point? 03:23:25
New York Police Department Opens Offices Internationally In Israel, Germany, England & Canada! 02:54:58
video: CNN Reporter Questions Obama On His Kill List, Obama Lies In Response 02:32:59
Delegate Shifting Strategy 02:17:12
Italian UFO Captured by Well-Known Photographer, Lisa Boccanera 10:48:18
I Saw Something In The Sky That Caught My Eye 01:37:54
New Video: Richard Gilbert Takes On Romney's Kidnapping! 01:25:46
Is the Ron Paul Revolution Dead? 01:20:31
Conflicting Principles: Sabotaging Potential with a Smile 01:03:04
How Ron Paul Could Have Saved America 00:39:59
RINO Payback in Three Days! IX XI Exodus - R3volution OUT of "Republican" Party 00:37:31
Most honest Ron Paul dub over I've seen so far. 00:35:41
Hannity is making a big deal about the DNC teleprompter 2/3 majority vote issue 00:22:32
Is There Any Hope of Change? 09:55:02
Rational discussion about what to do for the 2012 race for POTUS 12:25:38