Posted on January 2, 2013

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Ben Swann Full Disclosure Liberty Republicans Fight For Control of Miami-Dade County GOP 22:44:28
Illinois Goes All In, Moves To Ban All Guns, Criminalize Owners 20:16:17
Wife got pulled out of the car over a malfunctioning brake light. 18:40:31
Fox News , changing their ways? Mass killings and the SSRI Link 18:21:06
Paper That Outed Gun Owners Hires Armed Security 15:52:34
Senators Got 154-Page 'Fiscal Cliff' Bill 3 Minutes Before Voting on It 14:43:58
Judge Napolitano: Republicans Did Opposite Of What They Were Elected For With Fiscal Cliff Bill 14:16:06
Ron Paul's New Year's Resolutions for Congress 13:22:48
Illinois court strikes down state's unconstitutional ban on concealed carry 12:43:16
Awesome: Cpl. Joshua Boston, United States Marine Corps sends letter to Feinstein 10:36:17
Tomorrow I bury my father and I don't feel like it. 18:13:22
The McConnell-Biden Plan: An Overview 01:59:42
Enjoy 2 Minutes of Calm 01:04:07
House Debate and Vote on Fiscal Cliff 08:18:20
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Million man/woman march on Washington DC 23:48:18
Proposed Weapons Ban Summary (Illinois General Assembly HB 1263) 23:41:05
Good medical advice from the Jewish sages of old... 23:34:02
Mississippi River nears historic lows, shipping at risk 23:27:42
Another war over the Falkland Islands? 23:09:48
Obama to 'Quickly' Go for Immigration Reform and Gun Control 23:00:38
Libertarian takeover at 22:56:42
Drinking With Bob: Congress Sucks! Obama Sucks! Boehner Sucks! 22:44:27
Ben Swann Reality Check: The Ugly Truth of the "Fiscal Cliff" Deal 22:38:49
I Believe - I Have A Dream 22:34:23
USAF Took Nancy Pelosi's Jet Away 22:29:19
Jeff Sessions: Senator Paul's Amendments Routinely Ignored by the Majority Leader 22:18:49
Norwegian Atlantic Road - Video 22:15:14
A Little Late But Worth The Wait - Video 22:05:19
Liberals DO Understand Economics 21:58:54
Something to look forward to…. 21:58:41
Peter Schiff: Congress Sells America Down the River to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff (video) 21:54:17
ROUBINI: America Has Yet To Wake Up To The Full Extent Of Its Fiscal Nightmare 21:49:12
Iran says it has captured two U.S.-made miniature surveillance drones 21:40:39
Guns, Relativism, and Observations from a family holiday gathering 21:39:00
Production of 75-watt bulbs to be phased out 21:24:49
Fossil Older Than Oxygen on Earth Found in Australia 21:18:28
Can there ever truly be peace? 21:15:07
Drones Shot Down Over Texas 21:05:17
Senate vote on "fiscal cliff." 20:47:04
Why Ban Guns And Why Now? 20:24:22
Judge Napolitano on NY Paper Outing Gun Owners: ‘Invites Retaliation Against Law-Abiding Citizens’ 20:10:36
Daily Paul Suggestion: Emergency Contact In Profile? Vote Up If You Agree. 19:56:40
An awesome omen 19:34:38
Did you hear the story about paparazzi killing Diana? Yeah... about that... 19:29:59
Euro discarded, Greeks turn to barter 19:13:18
Isn't A Background Check Basically Gun Registration? 19:08:50
.. 18:50:04
Sean Hannity lost roughly half of his audience 18:22:56
True Crime Stats About Guns 18:20:29
Security Theater Dance Revue 18:13:55
France Tax 75 per cent? 17:58:24
North Carolina Police Lieutenant Warns Of Plans For Martial Law In 2013 17:50:52
Nullify ObamaCare Rally & Press Conference - Columbia, SC January 8, 2013 + Jordan Page Chip-in 17:50:35
John Boehner To Be Ousted Or Resign? 17:46:09
West out of aces to play against Iran oil industry 17:39:32
Your Smartphone's Dirty, Radioactive Secret 17:37:43
Congressman Huizenga on #FiscalCliff - there is $330bn of NEW spending 17:33:19
US spies on Assange in UK Ecuador Embassy 17:30:15
Rendition gets ongoing embrace from Obama administration 17:17:46
WikiLeaks reveals US, Israel lies on Iran 17:15:59
Huntsman: GOP 'Devoid of Soul,' 'Needs Strong Dose Of Libertarianism’ 17:10:42
Got a Problem With Sovereigns? Then You Must Have A Problem With People Who Read Too! 17:08:39
Look who is taking the "crazy theories" seriously 17:06:57
Video: Wealthy NYC Couple Arrested for Explosives 17:04:07
GOP Civil War: Christie Rips Boehner & House GOP 16:26:39
Man Dies After Eating 28 Raw Eggs on a Dare 16:02:35
Accused Colorado Shooter, James Holmes, Hearing Set 15:56:44
Fundamental Question: What is a Republic and why does it matter? 15:43:15
Rothbard on the Sustainability of Monopolies and Oligarchical Cartels 15:40:18
ATF seizes toy guns. 15:35:33
Need Advice to Start a PRO-CONSERVATIVE group in my community 15:31:57
Why did a train carrying biofuels cross the border 24 times and never unload? 15:13:20
Letter submitted for Guest Editorial at local newspaper (update) - 15:08:38
Have you seen an empty fishing boat drifting catch fish? 14:58:31
Pardon My French 14:44:06
How American Is The American System? 14:41:05
Richard Shelby: U.S. becoming Europe - Video 14:36:21
Alternative Currencies To The Euro Are Springing Up All Over Greece 14:27:42
Not to worry 14:26:56
Time to fear death no more! 14:18:29
Robert Wenzel's ridiculous hit piece on the Koch Brothers 14:17:16
Peter Schiff : Congress sends Americans down the river to avoid "fiscal cliff" ..again 14:12:41
Congress needs to raise the debt ceiling... 13:55:56
Abolish the Presidency? 13:53:45
If Feinstein presents the bill, she needs to be immediately arrested. 13:43:19
Our Fiscal Cliff Problem is Structural 13:41:39
Carl G. Jung on wrong "choices" 13:40:08
8 Huge Corporate Handouts in the Fiscal Cliff Bill 13:26:30
California bill equating student activism with anti-Semitism is rubber-stamped with no debate 13:15:03
Major Conspiracy Site Banning this Sandy Hook Video 13:08:45
'Tsunami bomb' tested off New Zealand coast 13:08:21
Santelli on the fiscal fix: "There Has To Be An Endgame For Sanity" 12:56:10
Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Leave Hedge Fund Tax Loophole Unscathed 12:52:31
The A Tax - The Anonymity Tax - No Names No Numbers Tax 12:39:31
CNN: Cliff vote sets up potential 2016 flashpoint 12:38:16
The Hill: The Senate vote: Rand Paul/Mike Lee 2016 12:34:32
But Who Would Pave The Roads?! 12:32:40
What have we become? 12:21:04
How to win the war for your mind 11:40:43
She survived Hitler and wants to warn America 11:13:44
What's this talk of wanting to go to Mars? Here's how it's done 11:09:19
North Carolina Police Lieutenant Warns of Plans for Martial Law in 2013 - Video 10:49:16
Obama Returns to Hawaii at an Added Cost of Over $3 Million 10:32:05
(Drudge Poll): John Boehner For Speaker (Yea Or Nay) Go Vote! 12:17:56
America and American workers have just been thrown off the economic cliff by the politicians 10:17:43
Batman Movie Map Closes School in Virginia 10:03:00
CBO Estimates "Obama Tax Cut" To Add $4 Trillion To Deficit Over Next Decade 10:02:34
I saw Chemtrails for the 1st time this morning (Destin Florida) 09:56:03
Tax Burden - Who Will Actually Pay The Tax - Who Will Actually Benefit 09:45:16
Tyranny Defined by John Locke - Tyranny Enacted by US Legislature 09:19:49
OK, I want to go to Mars. 08:59:48
Happy New Year; Zen In the Car Wisdom 08:43:54
Legalized Gangsters raised the debt ceiling at the 11th hour, then Partied at our expense, again. 08:29:50
Hospital takes newborn, kicks mother out and vaccinates baby against mother's will. 07:55:57
How the tax increases will affect households at different income levels 07:43:31
Guns: Say What You Mean (Larken Rose) 09:42:12
Truth 06:18:04
CNN: Private pot club now open in Colorado 03:38:03
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Brings Truth to College Campuses 02:41:22
delete, film no longer available 02:17:25
Possible School Massacre Averted? City of Narrows Virginia on Dark Knight Map - Makes Local NBC News 01:49:03
Crisis Averted 01:33:51
The History Of Gun Control - Full Length 01:13:42
House votes to freeze congressional, federal worker pay 01:13:09
Most Sense What's Coming; But What Are You Actually Doing to Prepare? Lifestyle, Investments, etc. Whats Your Next Move? 00:52:22
Obama Says He'll Sign Fiscal Cliff Bill Tonight, Says He 'will Not Have Another Debate' On The Debt Ceiling 00:44:39
This Is Not A Drill ( Battle STATIONS) 00:43:14
Hose Passes Fiscal Cliff Bill: Obama Expected To Sign Bill Into Law 00:22:18
UPDATE: House Republicans ABANDON Effort to Add Spending Cuts to Bill 00:00:49
Being moderately overweight might not pose health risk 09:41:44