Posted on January 4, 2013

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Chuck Hagel likely to be nominated as Secretary of Defense next week 23:14:45
Weekend Watching: Wyden's Floor Speech on FISA Reauthorization 23:11:40
Martin Feldstein: The Fed's Dangerous Direction 17:52:30
Local News Broadcaster Nichole Mischke from KHQ following Ben Swann's Foot Steps! 20:04:26
You will not read anything better today... 20:03:28
Ron Paul Backers Likely to Complete Takeover of Iowa GOP on Saturday 13:54:05
More People Killed With Hammers and Clubs Each Year Than With Rifles 13:05:23
It's Back! New 'Audit The Fed' Effort Launched 08:47:09
Workers making $30,000 will take a bigger hit on their pay than those earning $500,000 under new fiscal deal 15:04:59
GE and Citi Bank Get Huge Tax Breaks Out Of Fiscal Cliff Deal - Ben Swann 08:32:02
Lights Out, Will this be used... 00:10:33
Ben Swann looks at "Lone Wolf" shooters 01:58:57
Ron Paul Endorsed Rep Ted Yoho Explains Vote Against Speaker Boehner's Re-Election 10:47:53
The War on Kids 07:53:07
U.S. Tested 'Tsunami Bomb' Off New Zealand Coast 21:58:13
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For all the searchers out there 23:51:03
Candidate Information Thread 23:03:17
Yahoo News: Board mulls allowing guns in Ariz. county building 22:23:36
Freedomworks Poll - Rooooobio in first, Rand Paul second 22:07:37
Homeland Security Quietly Runs “Loan-a-Drone” Program for Local Law Enforcement 22:01:46
A very good comparison of foreign aid and "entitlements" 22:00:01
Mexico City Destroys Toy Guns to Fight Crime 21:59:59
Montana Legislator Proposes Constitutional Amendments on Gun Rights 21:56:29
Reason Why There Are No School Shootings In Israel 21:52:40
F-111 Belly Landing 21:47:21
Table Saw (This is amazing) 21:38:04
Peter Schiff: 'The Dollar Is Not The King Of Anything, Except Maybe Depreciation' 21:30:13
Here is what Sen. Feinstein hopes to do with her new assult weapons ban 21:29:43
Drones coming to Kentucky? 21:25:47
Here is the reason that the House held up the Sandy relief bill 21:24:07
National Review Online Says It Was Wrong To Honor Ron Paul At GOP Convention 21:10:10
Rand Paul: I'm thinking about a presidential bid 20:59:42
100 Year Bash the Fed 20:58:53
. 20:53:14
Why Is Everyone Talking About a Platinum $1 Trillion Coin? 20:44:07
Obama's Gun Control Hypocrisy 20:36:30
Black Seed - 'The Remedy For Everything But Death' 19:58:31
U.S. Troops Arrive In Turkey 19:48:55
Hagel seems to be back on the list 19:39:32
Woke up this morning 19:35:01
"America's Real Criminal Element: Lead" 19:19:35
Joe Biden Guarantees Sweeping Gun Control Legislation Will Be Passed By January 19:12:03
Democide Prevails When Law-Abiding Citizens Do Nothing 19:07:58
$10 million in silver bars lying in the street 18:59:52
Rand Paul on Debt Ceiling, Foreign Aid, Trip to Israel and 2016 - 1/4/2014 18:58:54
Cop tickets 85 year old with cane for expired handicapped parking sticker - THEN things got stupid. 18:53:32
It's back! 'Audit the Fed' launched 18:49:31
Ron Paul's Monetary Policy Anthology Available Online 18:37:38
All eyes will see the reason behind Love 18:28:26
Judge Napolitano: 'If Congress Keeps Ceding Power to the President, He Will Become a King' 18:19:51
Fret No More 18:02:35
Real Home Surveillance Video Of Forcable Home Entry And Burglary! 17:46:06
Looking to get off the grid? Looking to start an intentional community or join one? 17:18:39
Ayn Rand had this to say about how honest men are enslaved. 16:50:01
France's censorship demands to Twitter are more dangerous than 'hate speech' 16:41:58
Judge Napolitano: Can Obama close down Gitmo 16:36:48
It's my 5 year Daily Paul anniversary today 23:27:37
Just seen this on Yahoo. "Can a $1 Trillion Coin End Debt Ceiling Crisis?" 16:22:12
. 16:20:07
State Restricted Assault Names? Maxwell Edison? Boy Named Sue? ... Not so Far Fetched 15:49:02
Failed Politician Kills 8 in Philippines Rampage 15:31:16
Shackled Hearts 15:26:21
Cooperstown & Steroids: A Libertarian Take 15:25:40
Republican establishment slipping in Missouri congressional race 15:19:17
Boston Mayor: Vice President "Guaranteed" Gun Control Reform BEFORE Sandy Hook Shooting 15:06:30
A One Finger Salute To Law Enforcement (Positive Court Ruling) 14:54:38
#WhyIsMyPaycheckLessThisWeek is trending on twitter right now 14:53:02
The Courts & Conflict Resolution - Let's Think About What Probably Happened 14:52:40
2 min. video: Gun Control Works 14:51:30
No Billionaires Campaign - 100% wealth tax 14:46:53
Entitlement-collecting voters outnumber taxpaying workers in 11 U.S. states 14:42:10
Second attack on modern firearms in IL going on. 14:06:47
Android-powered Archos Tv Connect Turns A Hdtv Into An Oversized Tablet 14:05:15
Military drug expense increases 123% since 2002 13:55:12
Babylon5 On The Earth-Minbari War 13:49:25
Australian Gun Law Update 13:49:13
The Man Who Reanimated My Hope: Ron Paul 13:48:20
I can't comment on anything today. Anyone else? 13:44:14
Neighbor says Adam was on medication. 13:40:25
Propylene Glycol; prescribed by my Ophthalmologist 13:31:54
Sign the petition to demand White House, govt. buildings become 'gun free zones' 13:26:48
Can You Guess Who I Am? Shocker 13:20:52
LMAO Clinton Soars, Palin Plummets In Most-Admired Survey 13:19:31
Ruling on Drug Companies trying to wipe out generic makers 13:18:23
Lawmaker Proposes Publicizing Gun Owners' Names 13:13:44
Taxpayer Bill for Obama’s Hawaii Vacations: $20 Million 13:09:42
White House finally releases 1st briefing photo of Obama on night of Benghazi attack; Update: 3 months old? 12:58:24
If Obama is opposed to guns, why did his administration just purchase 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition and sniper rounds? 12:52:02
Occupy “Rolling Jubilee” raised $500,000+ to abolish over $10 million in debt (so far.) 12:51:04
My Fibroids Miracle Reviews - SURPRISING Findings Revealed! 12:50:16
Deep Thoughts from Buckminster Fuller 12:40:10
Attn: Texans- Contact Your State Rep Today 12:38:04
Thomas Massie on Fiscal Cliff, Speaker of the House, and Gun Control 12:34:09
It's time for the governors to step up and protect the 2nd amendment rights of their citizens. 12:28:44
A New Item For Your Survival Chest? 12:14:11
The 'war on terror' - by design - can never end 12:09:33
Harry Reid Prepares to Annihilate Second Amendment 11:22:32
9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections Details Exposed! 11:07:52
Marine Writes Letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein: ‘I will not be disarmed’ (VIDEO) 11:02:12
Donate "Gun Free Zone" signs to legislators 10:42:39
Yesterday Iran evacuated 1.5 million for "pollution" - today announce Tehran will shut down Sat. too 10:39:57
Rick Perry Betrays Texas on 'Superhighway' Deal with Spain — again 10:13:14
Minting a new trillion dollar coin? 10:04:02
Joe Biden Gets Frisky with Senator's Wife - Video 09:40:55
John McCain, Rand Paul bring different perspectives to Senate foreign relations committee 08:29:16
Nurses Fired For Refusing Flu Shot! 08:24:01
The hidden danger in this whole mass shooting phenomenon 08:09:04
Gabby Giffords headed to Newtown for "event" 07:49:43
Sign White House debt ceiling petition 07:46:21
Dear Tom Woods, 07:36:35
Marine Sgt Charles Wayne Dyer Speaks Out Against War and Gets 30 Years In Prison! 05:55:11
CopBlock Protects and Serves the People! 05:11:57
Feinsteins "conflict of interest" 05:11:34
Was foreign aid even mentioned in the "Fiscal Cliff" fiasco? 04:41:12
PA Police Chief Proposes 2nd Amendment Preservation Proposal 04:39:24
Best of Nigel Farage 2012 04:14:54
Judge Napolitano on New Chicago Gun Ban Legislation and NY Newspaper's Hypocrisy on Guns 03:53:56
Larry Correia refutes the gun controllers once and for all 03:34:43
TYT: Civil Liberties? Obama Signs NDAA...Again 03:34:10
Case Number: 2:12-cv-02997-MCE-DAD 03:22:53
Libertarian Websites All Look Like Cheap Scams (Except Daily Paul) 03:19:17
Warning from the UK: Don't Give Up Your Guns 03:11:53
North Korean 2012 War Hype? 03:03:36
DNA tests ordered for Lanza while psych med questions unanswered 02:59:16
Armed Teachers: Over 600 Have Applied for Free Training Offered by Buckeye Firearms Assoc. 02:43:35
Is that a Boehner in your Pocket? Or are you just happy to rape me? 01:59:33
Socialism and Anarcho-Capitalism Intersect 01:26:17
Mystery solved: Boulder cops under investigation in elk shooting 01:23:07
Grotesque Propaganda on Cop Dramas 00:47:02
Romanian Guy Local Currencies 00:34:44