Posted on January 8, 2013

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Glenn Beck Relaunching The Blaze As Global Libertarian News Network 23:49:48
Police raid house of 80 year old man to get deceased wife's Rx drugs 10 minutes after she dies. 16:44:55
Georgia Mother's Shooting of Home Invader Puts New Spin on Gun Control Debate 23:04:10
Best VIDEO on crime stats that I've seen to date 20:19:04
This info says Priebus only has 75 votes, not the 85 he needs nor the 150 he said. Our guy has 4 needs 6 to be nominated. Help? 19:59:14
The law requires Congress to pass a budget every year; They haven't since *2009* 15:35:09
Politico Exclusive: Piers Morgan On Alex Jones 15:08:18
Congress less popular than root canal, cockroaches and lice, poll says 15:01:13
Obama Officially Nominates Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense 12:18:01
Article: Ron Paul’s Free Competition in Currency Act 05:45:25
Video: Orlando to fine couple $500 a day for Vegetable Garden 16:09:13
Via Drudge: Mastermind of Secret Drone War Nominated for CIA Head 00:04:08
Paul Revere and the Old North Church 10:28:58
Video Update: Alex Jones on Piers Morgan 10:06:15
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McDonald’s McRib Sandwich a Franken Creation of GMOs, Toxic Ingredients, Banned Ingredients 23:59:02
Bradley Manning subjected to illegal pretrial punishment in Wikileaks case 23:55:07
Mexico's Colima volcano rocked by violent eruption 23:52:27
“Mt. Fuji Should Erupt by 2015”: Ryuku University Professor Emeritus 23:50:49
Important Information You May Want to Know 23:49:50
Alex Jones: Best Night of Television Ever 23:39:00
Demonizing Alex Jones, CNN Urges 'Move to the Middle' on Gun Control 23:36:32
Screw Alex Jones 23:03:00
Alex Jones just started a "brushfire of freedom," as Samuel Adams put it 23:02:46
Author believes GOP stole the nomination from Ron Paul 22:57:48
German firm demos laser that can shoot down drones 22:57:26
Piers Morgan Panel Fantasize About Killing Alex Jones 22:56:47
IRS raid on water bottling company in AR 22:39:47
AUDIO: Man Videotaping Police Charged Under Healthcare Law! 22:34:11
EXCLUSIVE: Cuomo Close To Announcing Sweeping New Gun Control Laws 22:24:29
First Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea Cases Detected In North America 22:17:44
I feel like Diogenes the Cynic 22:15:42
Mark Willis (our challenger from Maine to Priebus) on Jerry Doyle right now (link) 22:14:36
Manager Of FPS Russia Murdered: Pro-Gun YouTube Channel Was 3rd Most Popular YouTube Channel 21:57:30
Video - Sandy Hook Mass Media Psyop: Outtakes and Bloopers 21:55:48
Gun-Grabber Gets Owned! 21:50:47
Illinois Attorney General Seeks Gun Ban Review 21:42:20
Indian Women & Guns: What I took from the Alex Jones Interview 21:39:54
WikiLeaks: Bradley Manning was treated improperly in lockup, judge rules 21:17:04
Spring City councilman wants every household armed - Video 21:15:42
Old Gas Stations 21:11:27
Who's coming to get them? 21:05:04
The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed (30 minute video) 21:04:53
CNN Plays Crazed AJ Clip Hourly 20:58:47
2016? How about THIS guy? Perfect! 20:58:20
Article: 150,000 jobs a month is only half of what we need. 20:52:08
Ron Paul on infowars tomorrow? 20:51:04
The giant, gaping hole in Sandy Hook reporting 20:50:48
The Pickpocket 20:47:54
Libertarian Folk Music 20:47:52
Piers Morgan Wants To Have Alex Jones Back On His Show 20:19:16
Gun Owners of America says the key to stopping gun legislation is maintaining the Senate Filibuster. But McCain wants to end it. 20:10:08
Gun Owners of America radio live starting at 6:00pm est, 19:59:25
Awesome Article about What Happened On The Piers Morgan Show 19:43:06
OBAMA summons the NRA to the White HouseJust one problem Mr. Obama, the NRA doesn't speak for me, but the Constitution does! 19:39:37
Glenn Beck Slams Alex Jones As a "Conspiratorial Crazy Man" 19:34:42
All publicity is good publicity 19:31:53
Live Broadcast "The War on Freedom" Coming Thursday, January 10th... 19:27:55
Bloomberg's 'Stop and Frisk' ruled unconstitutional in the Bronx 19:16:00
Spanish Government Steals 90% of Retirement Money 18:51:22
Israel Vows To Use Veto Power If Chuck Hagel Confirmed As U.S. Secretary Of Defense (The Onion) 18:50:33
Over 37,000 comments on Piers Morgan/Alex Jones Yahoo article 18:38:24
Alex Jones likely did no harm nor good for our cause on Piers Morgan 18:35:57
Nation's Capital Ranked No. 1 for Internet Porn Last Year 18:20:31
Restore Integrity - Stand On Principles Mark Willis for RNC Chair 18:19:37
Now this is a "social program" I can get behind! 17:58:30
Sandy Hook smoking false flag? Debunk this if you can. 17:48:44
Why the kilogram is getting heavier (and why a “sun tan” is the remedy) 17:40:59
A Hypothesis on 9/11: What goes up must come down 17:35:09
Judge Napolitano on Obama's Extension of Warrantless Wiretapping: 'Absolutely Unconstitutional' 17:23:09
Alex Jones Makes Bully Piers Morgan Cry, Don't Mess with Texas! 17:18:40
Is this the DailyJones? 17:16:56
On 1/20/13 Make My Day By Opting Out & Filming The TSA! 17:10:21
In Defense of Alex Jones 16:39:41
FAU prof stirs controversy by disputing Newtown massacre 16:33:32
TSA Pre✓™ - Creating two classes of citizen. Which class are you? 16:27:44
Compliance vs Critical Thinking 16:22:43
Gun Appreciation Day January 19, 2013 16:22:26
Congress more popular than gonorrhea, but less popular than lice. 16:08:51
New Bill to Require American Farmers to Register Seeds with the Goverment 16:01:41
Not even Illinois lawmakers are dumb enough to outlaw guns - huge backlash by public would sweep out Dems 15:53:21
My Video - Piers Morgan is A Brutal Tyrant! 15:38:14
We're now one step closer to America's coming civil war 15:16:44
Dave Wiegel Says Piers Morgan Lost 14:55:16
Biden, NRA to meet on guns 14:50:40
DIY Liberty jobs listing 14:42:07
How about a good story for a change? My personal involvement... 14:33:15
Yahoo Poll ( Should The U.S. Be Using Drones?) Bottom Right Side Of Page 14:31:45
Giffords, Mark Kelly Launch Gun Control Initiative On Anniversary Of Tucson Shooting 14:21:46
Why did CNN hire Piers Morgan who was fired in U.K. for "hoax" photos? 14:21:31
Alex Jones = Lifetime BAN from the Republican Party 14:17:43
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk Jan.7, 2013. 14:09:19
Government Is Good? 14:09:02
The Regulated Market in Action: Corporate Welfare AIG Considers Suing US Government 14:04:11
Tom Woods: Suppose you have someone's attention for an hour... 14:03:56
Free Market in Action: Meet the 3rd Richest Man in the World 13:48:08
If Obama Can Just Create A Trillion Dollar Coin, Then Why Do We Have To Pay Taxes? 13:45:21
Alex Jones Wood Shed II post Peirs Morgan side show (Ry Dawson) 13:38:38
42 Failed Alex Jones Predictions 13:34:30
InfoWars.Com Down? 13:29:42
I can't listen to live Alex Jones Show...anyone else? 13:25:32
Lampoon The System "Exit Tax" cartoon 13:18:30
Idea for Elem. School Sign replacing the word Democracy with Republic. 13:14:44
Alan Dershowitz on Piers Morgan: "I Don't Want That Man To Have A Gun" - Video 13:08:20
Infowars: Stop acting like docile, mentally castrated pussies 13:05:13
No publicity is bad publicity. 13:00:05
Ron Paul's Last Stand 12:58:22
ANOTHER Anti-Gun Politician Uses GUN in Self Defense 12:45:09
Peter Schiff: We Can't Afford The Amount Of Government We've Been Promised 12:41:38
Robert Wenzel: Rand Dons a Yarmulke Over His Rug: Very presidential 12:38:12
Austin Peterson trying to discredit Alex Jones 12:35:25
"Ron Paul's Last Stand: A post-mortem on Dr. No's final presidential bid" 12:23:03
Article: Obama supporters shocked, angry at new tax increases. 12:17:19
Who is At Your Door? 12:01:21
False Flags 11:58:26
Alex Jones Number #1 'Twitter Trend' After CNN Confrontation 11:54:49
In Rome, economic reality grinds away at street life 11:52:24
California Lawmaker Calls For 'Bullet Control' 11:38:24
Alex jones is poison to the liberty movement 11:26:15
Post deleted by author 11:21:32
The Right To BARE Arms? 11:17:54
Alternative Currencies replacing failing Euros and Federal Reserve Notes 11:13:11
MSNBC Panel Silent When Pressed On No Senate Budget 11:10:56
There is No Being To Worship, There is Only "Allah" 11:10:19
Missouri GOP Chairman Ousted for Rand Paul backed Ed Martin 10:58:39
Alex Jones, Honey Badger of the Liberty Movement 21:38:52
Hospital Opens Emergency Tent in Midst of Increasing Flu Cases - Video 10:50:39
Thread Removed 10:31:59
If Obama Can Just Create A Trillion Dollar Coin Then Why Do We Have To Pay Taxes? 10:20:33
A plea for unity behind Alex's Second Amendment stance 10:17:26
I made the most stupid decision of my life when I decided to stop carrying a revolver in my purse - Video 10:06:06
Court Filing: Cops Seized Prescription Meds Belonging To Batman Shooter 10:01:19
Biden's -Anti Gun team member's son convicted of planning massacre 09:47:11
Global Flu Pandemic 'Inevitable,' Expert Warns ... Well they WILL Keep Trying to create this Flu won't they? 09:40:29
Record $542 Million in Taxpayer Funded Abortions, Reported by Planned (un) Parenthood 09:09:29
Are being grabbed out the "back door?" Update: Dead gun manufacturer plot thickens. 08:34:35
Drug Prohibition: Law Enforcement Is The Problem 08:33:37
ARTICLE: DJIA averages less than 0% real returns since 1965 (graphs) 08:31:06
AJ: Piers stopped third segment. 08:04:15
China making US look like CHUMPS on energy 07:41:30
Piers Morgan: It Was A Public Duty To Try To Get Omarosa Fired From Celebrity Apprentice! 07:33:14
. 07:29:53
We must all stand together... 07:25:19
Katherine Mangu-Ward Talks Bitcoins on Stossel 06:29:14
Article: Highest Ever One-Day Sales for American Silver Eagles? 06:04:33
How Did Alex Jones Do Compared To Other Piers Morgan Pro Gun Guests? 05:50:04
Here go more of our military! 05:47:34
New allegations that Qaddafi helped fund Sarkozy's campaign 05:23:21
Feds Sentence Aaron Sandusky to 10 Years for Medical Marijuana (video) 05:15:57
Alex Jones' Piers Morgan Rant (Huffington Post / Business insider NEWS 05:01:19
Bank of America Freezes Gun Manufacturer's Account, Company Owner Claims 04:16:04
Statism Logo 04:13:12
Gun Control Works! But for whom? 04:03:04
False Flag Alert: Is the Assasination Of Alex Jones Next? 03:39:36
Obama’s Gun Control Presidential Threat is Impeachable Offense 03:20:40
Deport Piers Morgan Petition Crosses White House Threshold: Prompts Jay Carney Response 03:17:07
Didn't I tell you things were going to get rough? 03:14:32
Alex Jones, Traitor or Imbecile? 03:12:58
Someone Get to Alex Jones and Tell Him Post Fact-Check Back-Up on Everything He Said on Piers Morgan 03:02:47
We could have used Ron Paul 02:57:01
~Piers Morgan Proves Guns Aren't to Blame for Violence~ 02:24:12
Not all athletes are self-absorbed and clueless...Enjoyable vaccine story 02:15:40
Poll: Do You Support the Proposed Ban on Semi-Auto Rifles Supported by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn? Please Vote! 02:13:18
The Urantia Book 01:51:12
The Spin start now 01:39:57
Alex Jones Life is in danger after the Piers Morgan debate. Pray for him 07:05:02
Why the hell did Ron Paul endorse Ted Cruz? 01:23:25
Video Report: Armed Mafia Stalk Alex Jones Post Piers Morgan Debate 01:15:05
Video: Alex Jones Cnn Recap - Thugs Swarm! 01:09:58
Dershowitz: "Racist And Bigoted To Say That Guns Are Quintessentially American" 01:05:55
Obama talks to Walmart about gun control 00:41:58
80+ people showed up at court today in support of Boniek! 00:36:18
Went to my county commission 00:34:45
Alex Jones. Warning from the late Milton William Cooper (Behold a Pale Horse Author) 00:27:03
A Story Of British Activism To Save Their Armed Status As A People. 00:26:07
Aurora Theater Shooting: Cops took pill bottles from Holmes' apartment, but no word on what kind 00:24:00
Bentivolio:"I'm not really a Ron Paul person" 00:20:15
Police & Military - Time to Choose 00:05:49