Posted on January 10, 2013

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The Truth is Winning 23:13:38
Eric Holder 'We must brainwash people about guns' 22:00:25
I was wrong, and I'm sorry. 22:08:17
NRA Quits Working With Obama 21:57:18
Obama's 3 Card Monte with Gun Confiscation - A Scam. UPDATE Do you think the EO was not so bad? 19:24:10
“Justified”: Uniformed Invaders Shoot a Man 16 Times in his Bed 20:13:44
Lew Rockwell: "There is a Ron Paul Surprise Coming..." 15:34:57
The American Revolution: Battle at Lexington and Concord 22:02:37
Prominent rifle manufacturer killed in mysterious car crash 14:10:06
New Book: GOP Stole the Nomination from Ron Paul 12:22:53
Diet Soda Linked To Depression, NIH Study Says - Video 17:07:00
Video - NY Gov. Cuomo Goes Off: 'No One Needs 10 Bullets To Kill A Deer!' 11:19:49
Howard Stern on Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan Debate 08:36:55
Larry Pratt: British Gun Crime Stats are a "Sham" 08:10:05
Pravda: "Americans, Never Give Up Your Guns" 09:39:27
Bill O'Reilly vs. John Stossel on Gun Control 08:34:41
Ben Swann Reality Check: Does President Obama have the authority to sidestep Congress on the debt ceiling? 10:44:56
Video Update: GOA's Larry Pratt on Piers Morgan / CNN Wednesday Jan 9, 2013 09:02:45
I'm Questioning Everything: Alex Jones and the Vicarious Revolution 19:13:25
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If you think we can't rant like Alex Jones on matters of principle, then you are still a slave. 23:59:52
One Way Ticket To Mars: You in? 23:57:58
War of the Words 23:57:56
AIG's $25 Billion Lawsuit against US Government - Jon Stewart 23:51:07
Glenn, there is an RP surprise coming for you that will make you chew your Diet Coke cans 23:46:52
Larken Rose: When Should You Shoot a Civilian? 23:46:31
VIDEO: CNBC's Rick Santelli: Illinois Government Wants Gold Registration 23:33:21
Louis Farrakhan Talks Ron Paul, NWO, Federal Reserve 23:28:39
Rambo 50. Cal - How ONE Man Can Defeat A Communist Army 23:11:53
Sandy Hook: Unfortunate Small Town Tragedy, Or Elaborate Government Conspiracy? 22:42:46
Dick Act of 1902 Is One of Our Safeguards 22:20:06
The Taboo of Confronting Police Officers and Soldiers About Keeping their Oath... 22:18:22
Goat that speaks Chicken! LOL funniest thing ever! 22:11:24
Walt Disney's New Film... 22:08:51
Eminem...Pro Gun? "We As Americans" Music Video 22:02:15
Constitution is just a piece of paper, not an Alex Jones call to arms 21:59:37
Benjamin Franklin is the Godfather of Outlaw stoves. 21:59:30
Obama Will Take Oath Two Times With Three Bibles 21:59:22
MF Untouchable: Corzine Wins Again Video 21:52:02
Anti-gun lobbyists destroyed in 6 minutes 21:50:30
911 TRUTH: Hollywood Speaks Out 21:46:23
Glenn Beck is No Libertarian among other things that i talk about. 21:34:44
The Man Who Predicted 9/11, The Housing Bubble Bust, And Our Current Economic Ailments Is Now Making Another Prediction... 21:07:50
How To Survive The Second American Revolution Guest is Michael Badnarik 21:04:02
2013! Economic collapse and gun control are no coincidence 20:56:15
"Mr. Paul politely challenged a cabinet official in the Israeli government" 20:49:47
Ron Paul: We Must Challenge the Status Quo of Big Government 20:45:16
Testimony from head nurse at the scene of Port Arthur massacre in Australia 20:44:16
Stefan Molyneux - What's wrong with America? 20:34:44
Guns the *new* Wedge Issue 20:32:19
GMO labeling proposal headed to ballot in Washington state 20:25:01
Psychology Today: Newtown Shootings a Caution About Violence and SSRIs 20:22:08
Top 10 Most Dangerous U.S. Government Agencies 20:12:58
“So Many People Died:” The American System of Suffering, 1965-2014 20:02:21
Real reasons why you NEED a semi-auto weapon 20:00:20
Fox newsman Ben Swann questions 'lone wolf' story in shootings 19:50:09
Ha Ha! ~Secret Pro-Gun Provision Hidden In Obama Care Law! 19:42:46
Gun Control, Executive Orders, and Nullification 19:41:22
My Grow Taller 4 Idiots Assessment - BOTHERING Facts UNCOVERED 19:40:42
question about property rights and NAP 19:36:31
I want to see curse words 19:29:36
Im sick of these mother* snakes on this mother* plane 19:29:20
Calling all Data Hounds: Prescription Psychotropics vs Incidents of Violence 19:28:50
Doctors vs Guns — Statistics Don't Lie 19:27:57
Peter Schiff: Inflation Propaganda Exposed 19:16:13
Pot Shop - Macklemore Thrift Shop Parody 19:15:10
Guns Across America: NutnFancy’s Call to Action 19:11:36
Waiting on the world to change (Music Video) 18:55:50
Peter Schiff Interviews Marc Faber On What Will Happen in 2013 - CNBC 1/10/2013 18:52:42
Why The Morgan Is Special 18:52:15
Peter Schiff on Inflation: 'The CPI Is A Total Fraud' - CNBC 1/10/2013 18:52:07
'Comet water' ions found in bacterial protein 18:46:38
The Connection Between Diet Drinks and Depression 18:45:00
We need to Unite! 18:44:51
Arizona Professor Challenges Popular Dark Energy Theory 18:41:30
Is Gold and Silver Registration Coming to Illinois? 18:37:31
Piers Morgan VS Jesse Ventura 18:30:40
How to most effectively deal with bullies 18:15:54
You can't make this up - School shooting in Taft, California 18:08:35
NRA Membership Surges By 100,000 In Wake Of Sandy Hook Shooting 17:54:32
There can be no Freedom Without Faith 17:50:00
... 17:48:58
Jose Manuel Barroso says: "The European Union is completely blame free for economic crisis" 17:38:49
The Police State: What Words and Phrases in Your Emails Might the FBI’s New Software Be Searching For? 17:31:30
Idaho Dad’s letter says it all: ‘These guns protect my children’ 17:19:46
New Pentagon nominee unlikely to back war on Iran 17:13:28
2nd Amendment 17:11:44
Americans MUST Remain Armed Because 16:55:40
~ Newtown parents want police to stay at schools 16:52:00
Microsoft Moves to Patent the Holodeck 16:51:45
Wyoming Proposes Jail Time For Feds Who Violate The 2nd Amendment 16:44:53
Petition Aims to Stop ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ 16:43:27
Rand Paul 2016 16:30:46
Two wounded in shooting at Taft High school in California 16:24:43
5 facts about guns, schools, and violence. (Video) 16:09:33
Larry Pratt on CROSSTALK right NOW! 16:06:43
Rand Paul mideast tour fuels talk for 2016 White House run 16:06:27
Oh my God! Hitler is coming to to kill Alex Jones 16:05:48
Tom Davis Leads South Carolina Nullification Rally! (Video) 20:15:36
Non-Senator Rick Santorum Will Try to Stop Chuck Hagel 15:44:57
Can the new Liberty "establishment" in Iowa raise money? 15:43:58
Is Obama ordering Death Squads to assassinate Gun Activists? 15:40:20
Orders That Go Against the Constitution are Unlawful and Should Be Disobeyed 15:35:08
Holder : We need to brainwash people to think about guns differently 15:29:44
Bakersfield school officials take part in shooting survival training, Coincidence? 15:27:07
CONFIRMED: Aurora shooter James Holmes was on prescription meds and vaccines 15:21:57
Sandy Hook. Emilie Parker theory. 15:19:49
Jerusalem hit by worst snowstorm in 20 years 15:13:14
Biden Hints At Outlawing Unregulated 'Private' Gun Sales - Video 15:12:18
IBM And The Holocaust - Short Introductory Video 15:08:48
Tax Tip: Start Charging The IRS and any Gov't Agency an Hourly Rate for Filing Their Paperwork and Returns: 15:06:57
Debt Ceiling Escape Hatch May Be Found In Federal Scrip Program 15:02:10
Wyoming Lawmakers Propose ‘Gun Protection’ Legislation 15:00:24
Prominent rifle maker killed in mysterious car crash after FB posting linking killings to psychotic drugs 14:56:28
Ron Paul Warns of 2nd American Revolution if Obama Bans Guns With Executive Order 14:53:12
- Bakersfield High School Shooting: Two Reported Shot 14:51:03
VIDEO: DHS Source Confirms Alex Jones Was Being Stalked 14:47:54
If Alex Jones Had Only Nice Things To Say Would It Sound Like This? Please Vote. 14:47:02
Taft High School shooting: At least 2 shot at Taft High School in Bakersfield, California 14:30:32
The Problem With Most Conspiracy Theories 14:23:21
What Are Mass Murder Pills? 14:18:52
Another school shooting in California, today Jan 10 14:18:33
Disney Implementing RFID Tracking Bracelets - MyMagic+ 14:16:35
Wyoming Lawmakers Propose ‘Gun Protection’ Legislation- K2 radio 14:12:06
Glenn Beck: I Believe Alex Jones Is A Fascist 14:11:15
Utah town makes arming households a top priority 13:51:56
Junk silver or .999? What's a better option? 13:50:40
E Pluribus Unum Trillion 13:39:18
If I were the devil - by Paul Harvey, 1947. Submitted by Mark Twain 13:36:28
Politico On 'Morning Joe': 100,000 New NRA Members After Sandy Hook - Video 13:33:01
Military Judge Says Bradley Manning Mistreated 13:23:02
Alex Jones being pulled off of radio stations? 13:22:55
barry obama may need a longer vacation 13:14:37
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts schedules a case by Attorney Taitz regarding Obama’s forged IDs 13:11:40
Why America is infuriated with Piers Morgan 12:53:13
Something Beautiful and Inspiring to Watch. Made me Smile. 12:51:23
Nobody is "coming for your guns" 12:42:24
Professor Won't Back Down from Newtown Conspiracy Theory 12:39:07
Major George Racey Jordan Details How We Rebuilt Russia 12:33:56
Welcome to The Daily Gun Show. 12:31:09
Monsanto 12:04:17
Revolution Hot Topic #1 11:45:07
US Eyes Influenza Pandemic as Boston Declares Public Health Emergency 11:33:05
Syndicated Radio Host Steve Deace on Record: "Thomas Woods was Right!" 11:19:15
Like Spain, The Fed & Treasury Will Pull Out Nuclear Option & Raid Private Pension Funds 11:18:25
White House: Piers Can Stay 10:52:41
Great Quotes (ii) 10:43:32
Supreme Court seems unlikely to let police order blood tests for drunk-driving suspects 10:40:42
The Best Marijuana Documentary (Canadian) If you believe marijuana is harmful. PLEASE watch 10:32:19
Ted Nugent interview with Peter Schiff 10:19:42
95yr. old Pearl Harbor Survivor Tells Obama to Get Bent 10:00:34
IMFail: 'People not guilty of bankers' mistakes' 09:56:27
“No Obvious Reason” Why China Is Massively Boosting Stockpiles of Rice, Iron Ore, Precious Metals, Dry Milk 09:54:39
Mass Shootings and Gun Control - Beyond Coincidence 15:36:52
LOL! 09:47:22
Ron Paul Warns of 2nd American Revolution If Obama Bans Guns With Executive Order - AUDIO 09:46:35
Mind the Gap: London’s Historic Haunted Underground 09:43:35
Astronomer: "Doomsday Asteroid" likely to Hit Earth in 2036 09:38:26
Britain is the most violent country in Europe, worse than South Africa and U.S. 09:35:36
Michael Moore Interview on Drugging Our Children: Gotta See This - Game Changer 09:33:02
Interdisciplinary Research Shows Today’s Parents Hinder The Brain Development of Children 09:30:18
World Population may start declining. 09:26:25
What's your favorite 2nd Amendment Youtube channels? 08:34:20
Freedom - The Swans 08:08:05
Pop Quiz: Who are you more afraid of? 07:43:37
Don't let them turn the 44 against the 45. Percent that is 07:41:12
Executive order? 06:44:19
Guns 'N Roses - Civil War 06:38:32
Video - Peter Bone MP - UK on EU and US 06:22:54
Mitt Romney's Presidential Transition Website 05:49:21
Could Alex Jones's "revolution" Actually Happen? Yahoo News 05:38:06
Daily Caller: Federal Reserve Spied on Occupy Wall Street Movement 04:59:07
New data show 1 in 4 children on food stamps in FY 2011 04:07:13
Tragically Supreme Irony 04:06:54
My Prayer For Alex Jones by Pastor James David Manning -Video 03:58:57
Crazy bad news out of Alaska I never heard 10:49:07
Sandy Hook On My Mind 03:54:52
... 03:52:08
More Blowback: AJ vid appears on Conan 03:41:06
Geraldo Rivera, Proud Member of NRA, Interviews GOA's Larry Pratt 03:25:22
How to Tell Who is Selling Your Name to Whom 02:49:14
Are Alex Jones and conspiracy theorists holding back the Liberty movement? 02:48:56
Utah town makes arming households a top priority 02:30:08
CNN Marine Taken To Task For Disparaging Corporal Boston 02:28:23
Excellent! Bill Whittle What We Believe, Part 5: Gun Rights 02:21:00
Ret. Marine's Letter to Feinstein Lands Him on CNN to Discuss It 02:16:05
Regarding weapons protected by the 2nd amendment - where do we draw the line? 02:14:17
NO! I will not comply! PERIOD. 01:59:39
Suzanna Gratia Hupp and the 2nd Amendment 01:50:23
The Jones and Morgan Trust: If Trust You Must Then Just Trust Us! 01:42:44
Gun Control 01:25:54
Marijuana: Project SAM touts public-health approach to pot in fighting legalization 01:19:53
Did Treasury "Jump The Shark" With Trillion Dollar Coin Proposal? 01:19:41
Judge Napolitano this week 01:08:55
Ben Swann Full Disclosure: The Man Who May Challenge Reince Priebus For RNC Chair 01:00:26
Brits Rejoice: White House Says "No" to Deportation of Piers Morgan 00:46:09
Piers Morgan - Why should Americans follow a country that now implements Sharia Law? Are the British NUTS? 00:39:20
Judge Rules Bradley Manning Pre-Trial Detention “Excessive”, Credits Him 112 Days Off Potential Sentence 00:37:12
I'm out of here too. 00:32:36
Secession and the Texas Nationalist Movement 00:32:10
Bugger The Bankers The Official Video 00:22:55
FAU professor's Sandy Hook criticism was just aired on one of my local news channels 00:17:28
Joe Arpaio Deputizes Posse to patrol outside schools with Armed deputies 00:15:43
Supreme Court Revokes Annoying Man's Free Speech Rights 00:05:20
Classic Rant - "Im the enemy cause I like to think. I like to read." 00:01:28
Obama Wants War Within America 00:01:05