Posted on January 11, 2013

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1912 Book: U.S. Money vs. Corporation Currency, "Aldrich Plan." 23:55:41
GOA Larry Pratt calls for end to victim-disarmament zones 20:08:13
Statement Regarding Ownership of 14:52:12
The Quickest Way for a Government to Lose Credibility and Control 18:54:43
Video on the Illusion of Choice. Featuring Ron Paul, Judge Nap, and the hilarious George Carlin 12:17:51
Guy dropped off laptop for me to repair and referenced a commercial on TV 15:22:17
Men armed with assault rifles walk through Portland to 'educate' public on gun rights 11:17:14
10 Signs That You May Be Listening To Too Much Fox News 10:22:05
Chuck Baldwin: Revolution? 10:16:49
New Video: It all goes together - Alan Watts 08:29:13
Best Selling Author Tom Wolfe: "I wrote in Ron Paul." 18:10:02
Reality Check: Executive Order For Gun Control. Can It Happen? 00:27:11
Piers Owned Again by Ben Shapiro: Thursday, 1-10-13 08:35:56
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Judge Napolitano on the Second Amendment 23:51:13
From Thoreau's Civil Disobedience 23:36:47
Weekend Watching: VICE.COM- Americana 'The Second Revolution' 23:27:39
They Hate Us Because We're Awesome (Iran) 23:22:57
The Constitution: A Document of Free People? 22:41:58
The future of America? 22:32:09
Flu reaches epidemic level in U.S., says CDC 22:31:38
Piers Morgan Debates Joshua Boston, Jesse Ventura, Ted Nugent, and Alex Jones 22:29:52
Where does the hatred for Constitutionalism come from? 22:12:47
Peter Schiff on Unacknowledged Inflation (video in link) 22:09:29
After Newtown, Can We Never Use Gun Metaphors Again? 22:06:24
Alaska GOP official seeks ouster of incoming chair - A Ron Paul supporter 22:03:43
UPDATE: City drops $500 day fine for front yard garden; Seeks new restrictions... 21:48:58
DHS tells computer users to temporarily disable Java 21:42:26
Piers Morgan Death Wish Echoed By Supporters 21:40:14
Alex Jones Receives Coveted Order of the Alamo Award 21:39:01
Only Neocon Scum Desire Civil War 21:38:16
NAPOLITANO: The Right to Shoot Tyrants, Not Deer 21:32:07
VIDEO - The Battle of Athens: Restoring The Rule of Law 21:26:30
Astronomers spot biggest structure in the universe 21:20:50
Watch this eighth grader's incredible no-look shot (VIDEO) 21:15:04
50% of Homeland Security Funds NOT used for DHS missions or activities. 21:10:31
4409 - Utah Trooper (BUSTED) making false DUI arrests.. 21:10:26
Cpac 2013 21:09:44
VIDEO: Why six bullets is not enough to defend your home from intrusion 21:04:51
Anderson Cooper on now talking about staged Sandy Hook & FLA Professor 21:04:33
"Pyramid Power": An Expedition into Ancient Mayan Torsion Science during the Grand Galactic Alignment of 2012 21:03:43
Mclaughlin GroupPat Buchanan discusses 2nd amendment 21:01:45
Quantum-enhanced radar can't be fooled by electronic detection countermeasures 20:52:55
Wyoming to arrest Fedcoats for enforcing fed gun laws? Rep who wrote bill on the CB show Saturday night 20:44:48
RT: US Government Hostage to Israel / Interview with Mark Bruzonsky 20:40:34
Alex Jones Responds on HuffPost Live 20:39:49
President Plans to Ban Guns with Tactic Used to Pass ObamaCare 20:31:55
UK news supports GOA, refutes Piers Morgan on gun control 19:58:45
Gun Rights Activists Here Not Credible-This is why, look what's happening. 19:45:35
Who Really Cares about the 2nd Amendment? 19:37:54
Obama Signs Bill Into Law Granting LIFETIME Secret Service Protection To Former Presidents And Their Wives 19:37:23
Palmyra Palm 19:10:18
Obama / Biden.. Emperors Without Clothes 18:59:09
The Seven Rules of Bureaucracy 18:52:29
Blaine County GOP votes to legalize pot 18:36:19
Tennessee DHS Suspends Camden Man's Handgun Carry Permit 18:36:07
What I wish President Obama would say 18:35:35
Two-party system will continue to fail us 18:30:11
Why Latin America Will Not Bow to US Pressure over Iran 18:13:18
"Libertarian" Glenn Beck Exposed as Neocon VIDEO 17:56:31
Emotions run high at Fernwood centergun show 17:54:36
Town Council of Spring City, Utah Drafting Resolution Encouraging All Residents to Own a Gun 17:43:52
If you are a U.S. Veteran, this is for you: 17:42:47
Yahoo: Printing $100k bill, Gov siezing gold from (sic) willing citizens, ended Great Depression 17:38:31
Obama signs law giving himself, Bush lifetime Secret Service guard 17:27:26
We are Preparing for Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant 17:24:27
Gun law backfires! 17:13:30
Just Happened Today In My Area: Armed Homeowner Deters Home Invasion By Armed Thugs 16:59:42
Today in history (ongoing): 16:48:22
Police take pregnant woman from hospital to jail - where she dies! 16:28:17
Report: Rogue Nation Could “Hijack” Globalist-Patented Geo-Engineering Schemes 16:27:27
Audit Fort Knox's Petition on White House 15:49:40
Video PROOF that shows why Glenn Beck is no Libertarian! 15:46:44
How To End The Gun Debate Forever 15:44:18
Obama: U.S. Forces In Afghanistan Will Transition To 'Support' This Spring 15:31:54
Milky Way Galaxy Mass Only Half As Large As Previously Thought, Astronomers Say 15:16:29
Chicago Police Chief: We'll SHOOT licensed civilians with Guns 15:14:42
VIDEO: Bill Clinton’s over-the-top ‘fact’ on mass shootings 15:09:46
Another UK journalist gets 'AJed'- "I'm Not Your Slave" says Quentin Tarantino-video 15:09:29
Petition to Try Feinstein For Treason Reaches Threshold For White House Response 15:03:04
White House insists Obama will push for assault weapons ban 14:57:29
Ron Paul Gold Certificate 14:56:22
Obama Executive Orders on Guns Would Spark Mass Resistance 14:51:28
Newly Nominated US Treasury Secretary's Prophetic Signature 14:49:23
Ron Paul tweets about his upcoming "Evening With Ron Paul" at the Midwest Homeschool Convention April 6 14:48:05
Pharmacy Owner Shoots And Kills Armed Burglar Who Opened Fire 14:44:53
I've Been "Assaulted"...Politically 14:44:26
Something Very Wrong About the Aurora Shooting - Trial Postponed Until March - More Lies. Please Look at The Pictures. 14:38:20
Army Corps Bulldozes 40 Acres of Prime L.A. Wetlands Because of Bums and Gay Sex 14:37:28
Sanford looking at potential campaign HQ space 14:36:39
Petition to Try Feinstein For Treason Reaches Threshold For White House Response 14:35:04
VIDEO: Peter Schiff destroys CPI, inflation rates and other Keynesians propaganda 14:27:01
The only reason I would go back to watching T.V. is 14:23:18
U.S. Fascism: More Orwellian or More Huxlian? 14:22:28
Mark Sanford set to run for congress again 14:21:49
Indiana Bill Would Make the Implementation of “Obamacare” a Felony 14:10:49
Are any of our elected officials legally in office? 14:07:02
Jesse Ventura w/ Piers Morgan 9/17/2012 14:00:09
Justin Amash - Defense and National Security 13:59:21
Louisiana Governor Jindal proposes ending state income tax 13:59:00
Abby Martin: US Government Hostage to Israel Interview with Mark Bruzonsky 13:52:58
BLOOMBERG: US Airways Spurs Job Rush As 16,500 Vie for 450 Vacancies 13:52:57
Senator Jay Rockefeller announces retirement! Jubilee? 13:49:24
Sheriff's department offers 'free' firearms training to children 13:42:59
Music and "The Message" 13:40:33
Federal Government Hands Out Money to 128 Million Americans Every Month 13:37:02
Nationwide ammo shortage so severe that even cops can't buy bullets; ammo rationing imminent 13:31:30
Op-Ed published: Albany Democrat Herald: The root cause of violence! 13:24:30
VIDEO: 700 cases of flu prompt Boston to declare emergency 13:21:06
Iran Denies Responsibility For U.S. Bank Cyber Attacks 13:13:58
Why the love affair with the Constitution? 13:01:24
Anyone have a "Why Rand Paul 2016" article written up? 12:58:01
Another reason to have a gun 12:46:50
The Truthseeker: Schools, Guns & Drugs 12:41:28
Bloomberg Caught Falsifying Gold Chart 12:32:54
Gun Lover Threatens To Kill Americans! 12:32:00
Smoke and mirrors? 12:31:39
Japan Central Bank prints 20 trillion yen ($250bn) for Stimulus; US Owes Japan $1 Trillion dollars 12:25:33
New York City Dictator Mike Bloomberg limits painkillers in Emergency Rooms 12:21:22
Japan Stimulus - 116 Billion 12:18:01
You're All Just a Bunch Of Yellow-Bellied Cowards - If it Wasn't so Tragic it Would be Laughable 12:07:16
Here is the REAL Reason for John Brennan's Appointment to CIA 12:06:06
Jeff Sessions accuses treasury secretary nominee of dishonesty 12:04:53
The most important "mind reading" demonstration you will ever see 12:00:24
New York City to Restrict Prescription Painkillers in Public Hospitals’ Emergency Rooms 11:52:28
The RISK of Terrorism (video) 11:49:36
Military & Police: Time to Choose 11:29:57
Air Rifles: Did You Know 11:27:38
Jay Rockefeller won't seek re-election 11:25:50
Political talk of gun bans drives up gun sales in Texas 11:15:23
Obama Signs Bill Giving Him Armed Protection For Life 11:14:01
Want A Chemical Lobotomy? Take Antidepressants! 11:13:21
A Lesson from Poland About How to Resist Tyranny in the 1980s 11:00:32
2nd Amendment Is Under Threat... What about the First? 10:58:53
My Argument for Others to Reconsider What is Acceptable 10:47:07
Stop Genetically Engineered Salmon from Reaching Your Plate...Sign Petition! 10:38:56
Obama Signs HR 6620 Giving Himself Lifetime Armed Protection 10:37:59
Youth Uses Shotgun to Shoot Classmate in California High School 10:37:30
Nixon the Liberal 10:31:27
Judge Napolitano on 2nd Amendment 10:24:16
Great speech. Almost 50 years old, but relevant today. 10:08:10
The Second Amendment Is the Nuclear Option 09:56:53
Post Newtown: Time to Just Ban Everything? 09:54:58
Self-described "Moral Liberal" agrees with Ron Paul's 32 parting questions to Congress 09:52:21
Why Won't Piers Morgan Explore Hollywood Violence? 19:36:05
Illinois working on "The Precious Metal Purchasing Act." 09:36:36
Obama signs Bill to Protect himself 09:26:42
Pat Buchanan asks: Is Chck Hagel out of the Mainstream? 09:08:33
Are Big Cities More Dangerous Than Small Ones? 09:02:44
Huge revelation! 09:01:27
Inflation Propaganda Exposed by Peter Schiff 09:00:30
"compromise" 08:35:27
AP: Federal Reserve pays government $88.9 billion 08:18:09
Who was on Gene Rosen's lawn? 08:06:00
When Should You Shoot A Civilian Larken Rose 07:51:55
Sold Out: Rush For Guns Depletes Stock; Gun Store Shelves Bare 07:11:41
GATA begins accepting donations in bitcoin 06:26:24
In the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776, we find greater explanation 06:14:07
What did the founding fathers of America mean by ' the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.'? 06:10:13
Sometimes you have to stop thinking like an academic! 06:10:06
Oh Dee-a...The Queen - The Queen Has Changed A Royal Rule Which Has The Brits Quiiite Upset Indeed...Ooh My... 16:29:44
We Love You Maxine! A Tribute To A Great American Dog's Life 05:50:22
Video - Cpt. Kirk AKA on self defense 05:18:39
On The Lighter Side... 04:37:04
Electric Disconnection 04:29:02
Alex Jones: LA Riots Vindicated A 04:22:11
"I am here to praise Piers Morgan, not bury him." 04:10:34
Travis Haley Speaks on the Second Amendment 04:05:58
Delete 03:50:17
Meet Shaeffer Cox... A Bright Young Rising Star In The Liberty Movement 03:42:29
Shooting victim: Tougher gun control not the answerVIDEO 03:23:46
Judge Napolitano: Obama Administration Wants to Go Beyond Current Gun Control Proposals 03:03:34
Judge Napolitano wants to know 03:01:57
Great Video Describing Globalist Agenda 02:52:30
Agenda 21: Environmentally Friendly and Freedoms Greatest Foe 02:49:22
Millions Of New Englanders Now Living In The United States 02:46:14
Ron Paul – Op Ed: Fiscal Cliff Bill Passed In 3 Minutes, They Don't Even Pretend To Read The Bills Anymore! 02:35:35
We are entering a NEW dimension...finally! 02:32:55
Youtube: Schaeffer Cox's Sentencing Statement 02:24:58
He's a Pool shootin son of a gun 02:16:02
No free account? 02:12:33
Kern County Shooting Forewarned By a Possible Insider Tip-Off 02:01:53
Piers Morgan Doesn't Want To Ban Assault Rifles He Wants To Ban Semi-Automatic Weapons 01:57:59
Boy uses AR-15 to defend his sister and himself from home invaders 01:51:23
15-year old boy used his father’s AR-15 to defend himself and his 12-year old sister against two burglars 01:49:51
Robert Paul Says "I Have Thought about Running" 01:27:12
800,000-2,500,000 crimes are stopped by guns each year. 01:24:22
March on State Capitals! stand for the Second Amendment 01:23:48
Glenn Beck, Like Debra Medina, Has Questions About 9/11: Hypocritical Shill Exposes Himself Once More 01:20:02
Precious Metals and Cognitive Dissonance 00:52:25
BULLETPROOF quotes regarding the Second Amendment - From Judge Napolitano 00:21:23
Peter Schiff - Inflation Propaganda Exposed - CPI Cooked 00:10:40
PA Senator Introduces Bill to Legalize Cannabis Use 00:07:12
Troll of trolls, one of our guys owns the Youtube Channel: Glenn Beck TV 00:05:00
BLOOMBERG: Restrict Painkillers in Hospitals 00:00:51