Posted on January 16, 2013

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Americans and Hostages Seized in Algeria 21:59:37
Video Update: Rand Paul to push legislation nullifying Obama’s executive orders on guns 19:29:40
Senator Wyden: "Mr. Brennan, just when are drones allowed to kill American citizens?" 17:13:46
Dennis Kucinich Joining Fox News As Paid Contributor 17:10:09
Read: Full List of 23 Executive Actions in Gun Violence Reduction Measures 15:24:12
Ron Paul warns journalists: You could be next on Obama’s ‘kill list’ 15:15:11
Video Update: Obama Announces Gun Control Measures - 1/16/2013 12:55:14
Surprise, Surprise. Fox News Comes Out With An Opinion Piece In Favor Of Gun Control 12:18:00
New NRA Ad: Obama Is 'Elitist Hypocrite' 10:12:12
Video: Second Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Gun Confiscation 09:40:25
U.S. Government Claims – Just Like the Nazis – that the Truth Is Too Complicated and Dangerous to Disclose to the Public 07:43:41
Some Inspiration From Aaron Swartz 09:37:52
Minnesota GOP Will Choose New State Chair from Rival Factions Still at War 00:45:41
VIDEO: Aaron Swartz was 'killed by the government', father tells mourners 01:37:14
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Don’t Blame Liberals for Gun Control 23:58:38
What Aristotle and Joshua Bell can teach us about persuasion by Conor Neill 23:52:32
My House is a "Gun Free Zone" 23:29:06
Rand Paul: I'm Afraid President Obama Has A King Complex Developing - Fox 1/16/2013 23:22:20
Militia explains how gun confiscation scenario could play out 23:19:59
Obama disarming US citizens for Chinese military settlements in our country;INVASION 22:55:07
I Finally Got It! Ron Paul Action Figure! 22:51:44
Romania for Ron Paul - When they are coming after your guns! 22:50:48
Wells Fargo Denied Me The Use Of My Debit Card To Buy Multiple Quantities Of Gold 22:40:47
How To Stop Mass Shootings? 22:34:11
Sandy Hook Grief Guide - Posted 4 Days Before Shootings 22:32:25
Serial Burglar Confronted By Homeowner With Shotgun 22:27:13
HURT: Gun Edicts Put Personal Liberty Under Fire 22:14:39
Impeach New York Governor Cuomo petition 22:06:22
Gun Control Kills! There Are No Illegal Guns, Only Illegal Gun "laws" 22:04:43
VIDEO: Rep. Trey Randel On A Possible Obama Impeachment 22:04:22
Peter Schiff: Congress Can't Fix The Post Office, How Will They The Fix Deficit CNBC 1/16/2013 22:01:33
Pyramid Scheme... Corporate America is a Pyramid Scheme! 21:58:07
Nothing New Under The Sun: Other Tryants Who Have Used Children As Props 21:56:02
GOP Congresswoman Renee Ellmers: "Obama exploited tragedy for political gain" 21:46:58
Satanists plan rally in support of Florida governor 21:43:08
Texas, Missouri Join Other States Looking To Block Gun Bans 21:41:49
Was Ron Paul Forums Hacked By NextGenUpdate Staff? 21:37:52
Just a Technical Question on the Site 21:29:55
Citizens File Articles of Impeachment Against Obama 21:28:21
Rand Paul: Iron Domes for White House, Capitol and Major US Cities! 21:19:39
Ronpaulforums went down? just asking 20:54:57
White House Raises Petition Threshold from 25K to 100K Signatures 20:53:10
Video: "2nd Amendment ALERT! I just called Bank of America... you have to hear this! " 20:50:08
Constitutional Sheriffs 20:46:32
Rasmussen : Establishment GOP at war with GOP voters 20:44:16
Information on "Assault Weapons" 20:35:58
Muse - Supremacy (Official Lyric Video) 20:33:53
Rand Paul Interviewed at SEK Chamber Lunch - 1/15/2013 20:29:56
We are in a intellectual revolution 20:28:13
Obama turns doctors into gun control snitches running health care spy network 20:14:08
The Agenda on 20:13:19
Alaska putting forward anti anti-gun legislation modeled after Wyoming's 20:10:37
Infowars Analysis of Obama’s War on Guns 19:47:14
Check points my letter to the Livingston PD 19:32:58
The Myth of Mental Illness 19:27:24
Ron Paul visits Lexington VA 19:09:25
Media hypocrites busted on "gun free zones" w/ hidden camera 19:09:15
Manti Te'o Notre Dame - Big Sports Story a Hoax (Why this is meaningful) 19:05:44
Largest Snowball Fight Ever 19:00:20
Priebus Challenger: Purge Party of Pricey Consultants 18:54:54
Post this everywhere - Mark Willis MUST be elected RNC Chair! 18:53:33
can we use the blimp 18:36:12
UPDATE: No time wasted by TPTB lashing back at us in Yavapai 18:30:32
Drone Attacks, Gun Control, And The Monsters That Make It Possible 18:27:19
"Report finds growing use of US surveillance gear by repressive nations" 18:14:58
Romania for Ron Paul - When they are coming after your guns! 18:14:57
Fox News hires Dennis Kucinich 18:04:02
American Hostages in Algeria > American Boots on Ground in Mali 17:58:36
The Circular Economy: From consumer to user 17:57:53
For those who can't vote up Mod says it's a site issue and they are working on it 17:53:17
Liberty journalist on radio show tonight 17:52:47
Video: Robot baby expresses human emotions 17:51:47
If you can't buy 'em - Make em! Easy-bake oven for gun making! 17:49:23
Do You Support President Obama's Plan To Curb Gun Violence? (Yahoo Poll!) 17:48:57
Rollcall - Rand Paul getting early start on 2016 POTUS during Obama inaugural 17:46:07
Fox Hires Kucinich, to be liberal punching bag rather than Ron Paul who would show true conservatives what they are missing 17:41:33
Germany Wants Its Gold Back From the Fed 17:36:19
I created a Ron Paul Instagram *updated* 17:33:48
Conspiracy Theorist: The new "N_Word" 17:33:06
VIDEO - Obama: "I have two words for you - predator drones..You will never see it coming..You think i'm kidding? 17:30:59
U.S. Confirms 7 Americans Taken Hostage After Algeria Attack 17:14:52
Gun Stocks Soar 17:10:10
I Want a Liberty Girlfriend! 17:08:05
VIDEO: Obama says he will use 'weight of this office' to sign 23 executive actions on gun control 17:04:51
Kicked-Out Maine Delegate Challenging RNC Chair. Ben Swann: "Game On" Need One More State 17:01:26
Petition calling for Congressional investigation of Obama documents 16:57:07
Calling for Gun Owners of America Membership Bomb Jan 19, 2013 (Gun Apppreciation Day) 16:52:34
To The Lovely Ladies of the DP 16:51:58
First Shots Are Fired in Global 'Currency War' 16:46:41
Keeping animals helps kids' immunity 16:37:23
(Video) House Reading of the US Constitution 16:28:35
Hey Obama! Where's Your Background Check? You Control Weapons Of Mass Destruction! 16:13:32
Let's talk guns 16:11:12
VIDEO - Bob Schieffer Likens Obama 'Taking on the Gun Lobby' to Hunt for Bin Laden, 'Defeating the Nazis' 16:09:54
Dr. Peter Breggin, expert on psychiatric drug abuse on radio Saturday 16:09:54
Five steps to prevent valid information from becoming "conspiracy theory". 16:07:23
The Cartoon Twitter Doesn't Want You To See 16:05:08
9% of public wants Obama to push gun control 16:04:16
Welfare Vacations - A video 16:03:50
Video - Unequal Pay 15:58:40
Bank of America bans use of card to purchase Guns and Ammo 15:52:49
Florida Senate Panel votes to ban spying on Americans with Drones 15:50:50
Are Libertarians Pragmatists or Absolutists 15:30:48
Nationwide Non compliance is our only hope 15:29:14
I dream of souls that are always free 15:27:21
US taps pension fund to avoid passing debt limit 15:17:22
You ALL have mental problems. 15:15:15
Manufacturing Terrorists 15:06:09
Gun Control Executive Order No. 3 15:05:35
House GOP release bill to reverse Obama's pay raise for federal employees 14:59:16
I thought C4L was done with foreign policy? 14:55:45
STUDY: 60% of high school and college students plan to purchase firearms 14:51:44
Second GOP congressman suggests impeachment over executive action for gun control 14:46:14
Obama was NOT the people's choice! 14:39:27
Pursuing the Agenda for Utopia 14:34:05
New DP Member! 14:32:26
Class Action Lawsuit For All NY Gun Owners 14:27:27
New Hostage Crisis? Al Qaeda - Linked Group Says 7 Americans Among 41 Hostages Seized In Algeria Attack 14:26:32
DHS To Expand and Formalize Coordination on Gun Control Efforts 14:21:31
Does this mean that the attorney general gets to decide who can buy guns? 14:19:40
South Carolina is "Ground Zero" for Nullification Efforts! 14:18:12
Video: House Reads Out Constitution, Only 74 Members Show 14:12:20
RonPaulForums taken down, could it be hackers? 14:12:18
Go to College?: Lost Hope Looking for a Job 14:10:08
Joseph Farah endorses Rand Paul? 14:09:27
Obama using gun issue to advance health law 14:06:06
Is There any Hope for America? (Christian worldview) 14:05:33
VIDEO - Homeless man thwarts robbery in Hollywood Florida 13:59:27
White House petition to ban assault drones 13:50:54
Summary of Obama's Executive Orders on Gun Control 13:47:09
What did Ron Paul say yesterday at his speech in VA? 13:46:58
Southwestern PA hospital to stop delivering babies because of Obamacare 13:43:39
NRA planning 'fight of the century' against Obama 13:37:53
Here Are The 23 New Bogus Executives Orders, None Of Which Would Have Prevented Recent Violence 13:32:05
War On! Obama Deputizes Doctors 13:28:23
Linn County, Oregon Sheriff says, "No to gun control/infringement upon 2nd amendment of the Constitution! 13:27:44
Obama Signs Executive Order Pertaining to Gun Control (1/16/2013) 13:26:12
I want a gun just because 13:24:57
The List of Obama's 23 Executive Gun Control Actions 13:24:24
Christopher Columbus & the New World 13:21:02
Gun Control Executive Actions 13:20:54
To ALL true Patriots of the Daily Paul... 13:13:20
How do you know that anything you see is real? 13:10:04
White House slams ‘repugnant and cowardly’ NRA ad 13:01:11
Why is the Secretary of Defense (Panetta) meeting with the Pope? 13:01:11
VIDEO - C-SPAN: Live Streaming Of Obama, Biden Speech On Gun Control - Open Thread 13:00:48
Violate The 2nd Amendment? 'Civil War's A-Brewin' 12:53:07
CPAC 2013 Speaker list: Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Mike Lee 12:44:35
Arizona Law, Armed Citizens and Law Enforcement: Future Solutions? 12:32:22
The Interior Secretary's $220,000 Bathroom 12:22:58
White House Now Requires Petitions Have 100,000 Signatures for Official Response 12:19:01
A 2nd Amendment Resolution for the States 12:03:08
I Can Resolve the National Debt Problem! 11:52:40
Sandy Hook Killer Lanza & BBC Child-Rapist Savile were Satanists 11:37:23
US will borrow from federal employee pension fund to avoid passing debt limit 11:34:29
VIDEO: Parents Furious After Boys Suspended For Using Fingers As Guns 11:31:01
Sandy Hook: War on the American People? 11:29:17
Rand Paul To Hammer Hillary Clinton On Benghazi: 'It Was A Career-Ending Mistake' 11:29:14
CEO of Nestle says believing humans have a right to water is extreme 11:05:30
CNBC Bob Pisani: Germany bringing home gold to save on storage fees 10:48:03
Fla. Senate Panel Votes To Ban Spying With Drones 10:26:19
Second Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Gun Confiscation 10:14:06
How the federal government killed Aaron Swartz 10:11:00
VIDEO: Nerf toy causes lockdown at Long Island school 09:57:24
Gun control advocates asked to put ‘Gun Free Zone’ signs in yard 17:07:06
White Petiton: Allow Upstate NY to seceed from NYC 09:44:55
When Are We Going To Get Pissed! Vid. 09:42:38
Citizens Against Senseless Violence - Video 09:32:26
Mark Twain is a Scally Wag 09:32:13
Nerf toy causes lockdown at Long Island school 08:37:35
Is Executive Order ever acceptable? 08:34:46
Rothschilds, royals, popes and lawyers 08:34:25
VIDEO - Helicopter Crash: Two Killed in Vauhall 08:20:34
Bill Clinton: Hillary's "Got Time To have Three More Husbands" - VIDEO 08:11:58
ABC Nightline Interviews Alex Jones 07:56:45
5 Amazing Properties of Sunlight You've Never Heard About 07:51:39
Piers Morgan vs Ben Shapiro Round 2? The hype is starting to brew 07:50:25
NATO Computers Infiltrated by "Red October" Malware 07:49:10
Prosecutor pursuing Aaron Swartz linked to suicide of another hacker 07:46:56
'Aaron was killed by the government' - Robert Swartz on his son's death 07:45:33
911 Lessons From Star Trek 07:16:37
joe scarborough-you are pathetic 05:53:39
Emulate Alex Jones (wnd article) 04:33:59
Assume the Position - History Channel kicks off season of Presidential Propaganda 04:19:55
Question about how the free market can work with a gold standard? 04:13:58
Congress has Constitution problem - many don't understand document 04:12:34
Joost Meerloo Quotes 12:06:01
Alex Jones Segment on Nightline 1/15/13 (video) 03:34:47
Suggestions for making this site more user friendly 03:10:34
Declassified Docs Reveal Genocide Caused By Chemtrail Testing 02:58:42
Secret Service recruitment 02:52:44
German Gold: Ron Paul Was Right 02:44:09
Pepe Escobar: Israel, Syria, USA, Europe updates 02:38:27
Dr Finkelstein on Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson: Netanyahu is insane 02:36:43
Company's 'star' web developer outsourced his own job to China, was only caught via a security audit! 02:31:23
Dear Mr. Security Agent 02:31:02
Attention United States Government Incorporated, it's agent(s), principal(s), department(s), bureau(s), service(s), franchise(s) 01:58:33
Video~ GOP seeks to rig Presidential race on model of congressional gerrymandering 01:45:18
Aspartame is 1st to take my wrath! 01:37:38
Bank of America getting called by disgruntled customer about her Not being allowed to buy ammo or guns through her bank card. 01:29:40
Missouri says NO! You shall not cross this line! 01:25:22
Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co. GOP Delegate sign up meeting 01:20:13
A Gunless Society 01:02:03
Krauthammer: Obama Deliberately Trying To Sabotage GOP - VIDEO 00:58:22
Ron Paul's GOP legacy growing in states like Iowa 00:55:36
Average Paintball gun fires 100 times faster than a semi automatic Rifle - comparison video 00:54:54
Ron Paul the Realist 00:47:57
Fitch May Downgrade U.S. Credit Rating If Delay In Raising Debt Ceiling 00:47:49
Nebraska governor is latest to propose ending state income tax 00:38:26
NY Gun Law - How does it affect Law Enforcement? 00:33:08
VIDEO: Police Shoot, Kill Dog When Going To A Home By Mistake 00:30:27
I Hope I'm Wrong 00:26:58
Call your Congressman tomorrow as Obama is giving his speech! 00:25:55
VIDEO - White House Reporter Mocks Carney: 'I'm Not Going To Indulge Your West Wing Fantasises' 00:15:25
Sheriff to Obama: I will Not enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws 00:11:43
This Seems Strange 00:03:25