Posted on January 17, 2013

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Seattle Restaurant Refuses to Serve TSA Workers 23:35:49
Big goings on with Alaska GOP tonight - Trying to throw out Elected Paul supporters UPDATE: Ben Swan video 22:48:44
Gun Confiscation Bill Introduced in Congress 20:40:25
The War on Mali: An Eldorado of Uranium, Gold, Petroleum, Strategic Minerals 20:19:11
Judge Nap Nails it Again: Obama uses children as props, while killing them with drones. 20:18:27
Drama in RNC Election as Ron Paul Supporter Makes Run for Chairman 21:07:31
White House Reveals Obama Is Bipolar, Has Entered Depressive Phase 18:00:12
Jesse Ventura: Sandy Hook Shooting Not A False Flag - Update 17:12:05
Resident Troll or Quality Control? 17:13:45
The Segment In Which Glenn Beck Realizes He's Part Of The Problem, Not The Solution 14:16:34
College Professor needing Help Understanding the Problem with Bi-metalism 21:28:50
Reality Check: An "Apples to Apples" comparison of U.S. and U.K. violent crime rates 11:05:03
Military judge rules Manning's motive mostly inadmissible in Wikileaks case 10:51:47
Reince Priebus Now Courting Ron Paul Supporters 10:21:40
Video: Rand Paul on Hannity Show Vows To Torpedo Obama Executive Orders 09:55:38
Dallas Fed Plan: Ending 'Too Big to Fail': A Proposal for Reform Before It's Too Late 10:08:51
Piers Morgan Loses ANOTHER Gun Control Debate, Gets Angry & 'Throws' His Notes 01:44:04
Judge Napolitano Reacts to NY Times Criticism "Either We Have a 2nd Amendment or We Don't" 13:41:43
An Anarchist's Frustration 10:15:19
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Have You Found Your Own Line? 23:59:40
How many people here are going to there county conventions soon? And how many are key board warriors? 23:41:23
YAY! My Voter Upper is Working Again 23:32:01
Gun Control? Just WHO do you think YOU are? 23:31:37
The Relationship Between Liberty, Power, and Guns (video) 23:27:13
Tonight Jan 17th - Just $20 could win you an AR-15 and support Logos Radio Network 23:22:12
U.S. Mint out of Silver Eagles: Premiums going vertical tonight 23:15:18
VIDEO .@PiersMorgan: Hypocrite. Warmonger. Exposed. 23:14:56
Sandy Hoax Exposed! Joyce Riley Interviews Mike Powers 1-16-13 Tph Sandy Hook Special 22:58:17
Homeland Security set to grope school kids under New York's 322 gun-grab law 22:58:07
A Movie Worth Watching, The House I Live In... 22:40:56
VIDEO: Police officers violating new gun law in New York 22:29:34
Homeowner grabs shotgun, confronts thief (VIDEO) 22:28:58
video~TX Attorney General Inviting New York Gun Owners to Move to Texas 22:20:17
Ron Paul: People Have a Natural Right to Defend Themselves 22:18:01
Republicans secret meeting 22:14:28
Is it Time for a National "Open Carry Month"? 21:26:27
Little Johnny 21:25:06
.. 21:10:52
VIDEO: Senior Moments - Brain Farts 21:01:39
Libertarians Are Not Welcome Here, Says NH State Rep 20:55:09
Controlled opposition. 20:55:02
This Is Funny! 20:52:55
This new yorker is about to pack up and head to Texas 20:52:38
Sandy Hook Support Fund Website Built 3 Days Before Shooting *Link Below* 20:50:14
"You Put Him In A Base Where Special Forces Pump Him Full Of Steroids & Give Him Alcohol & Valium" 20:47:10
50 questions that you should ask to anyone that is not a prepper 20:46:17
And Now For Something Completely Different! Monty Python: The Beatles of Comedy 20:32:23
Painless Lies. 20:08:07
Definition of "bear arms" under Second Amendment 20:05:45
Invade all websites arguing gun control using this 20:03:24
Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight 19:58:48
What government fears most: blacks and whites united with guns 19:56:13
UKIP Pushing Britain out of EU? 19:45:24
Kentucky Sheriff Says Federal Gun Laws Won't Apply In His County (local news clip) 19:42:44
Gun Control Acts By Obama Evoke Historical Definition of War Against The People 19:37:35
Operation Financial Freedom 19:30:28
We Just Invented The National Email Your Sheriff Thing 19:13:39
Germany to Fed: give us our gold back 19:04:54
NYPD will be in violation of new NY Gun Law 18:56:29
Please Download This File Whether You Own A Gun Or Not. 18:49:42
Another sheriff takes his oath to the Constitution seriously 18:37:04
What is ALEC? One of the more extreme forms of corruption between large Corporations and politicians 18:22:48
Seeking GOOD questions that will FORCE Pro-Gun control advocates to STOP & THINK. 18:08:42
U.S. Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA) Says Obama Was "WISE" To Use Executive Orders... 17:59:33
Rand Paul: Sign 2A Protection Pledge 17:45:21
UK Telegraph: Gold Standard being born on its own 17:44:56
True Facts About Morgan Freeman 17:35:23
Late UK PM Ted Heath (and others) confirmed to be Peodophile and Child Killer 17:34:27
Tree and human health may be linked 17:33:34
US court fines Russia $50,000 a day over “seized” Jewish documents 17:30:51
Piers Morgan Gets Destroyed Yet Again 17:11:20
Hollywood! Now Casting "Redneck Terrorist" 17:11:10
Saddam versus Obama with CHILDREN. Photo comparison 17:03:51
Message To The Oath Breakers And Traitors 16:57:30
H.R.226 - "Support Assault Firearms Elimination and Reduction for our Streets Act" 16:56:10
Playmobil 3906 Police Checkpoint 16:55:44
Checks and Balances 16:51:34
Police launch criminal investigation into MPs’ child sex ring 16:42:52
NY State Senator's petition to repeal and replace the 'SAFE' act 16:40:21
Gun Owners of America Ratings for 113th Congress 16:27:56
"Superomniphobic" nanoscale coating repels almost any liquid 16:23:58
Einstein's "biggest blunder" beats dark energy in explaining expansion of the Universe 16:21:14
Triple-junction solar cell design could break 50 percent conversion barrier 16:18:58
Message To The Oath Breakers And Traitors 16:13:11
Obama’s Orders: Turn Doctors Into Government Spies 16:03:40
Best comments ever from Informed Americans: 15:52:52
I Witnessed 3D Printing in Real Life! It Was Awesome! 15:50:11
Petition to change the Pledge of Allegiance 15:41:49
Marion Barry: 'The FBI Tried to Kill Me' 15:25:09
New details emerge in arrest of Ron Paul's grandson at Charlotte airport 15:19:52
. 15:19:34
Drama in RNC election as Ron Paul supporter makes run for chairman 15:19:00
South Carolina Militia 15:10:21
Call To Action: March On State Capitals, 19 Jan, 2013! 15:04:42
Brilliant: US Software Developer Caught Outsourcing His Job to China While He Surfed the Web 14:47:57
U.S. CEO's push plan to raise full retirement age to 70 14:46:23
One reason why Chinese products cost less 14:42:02
Sandy Hook youtube video gets 10,000,000 views, but will be taken down soon 14:38:44
On Guns, an Abuse of Power 14:29:57
Silver Circle is screening in Nashua, NH on February 21st to kick off Liberty Forum 14:27:20
Russian foreign minister: CNN lies "repulsive and unscrupulous" 14:26:37
Article supporting anarchism on Mises Institute, surprised? 14:22:19
What makes the Daily Paul so special? 14:16:01
Judge Napolitano: "Either We Have a Second Amendment or We Don't" - VIDEO 14:05:15
Excuse Me! 13:56:30
Where each member of Congress stands on guns 13:54:41
Whole Foods CEO: Health care law 'like fascism 13:54:39
5 Reasons Why The Germans Want Their Gold Back 13:48:51
Gun Permit Forms Question Possible Affliations with "Anti - Government" Organizations 13:43:48
Anarchy Vs Government 13:42:23
VIDEO: Philadelphia Mayor Declares Economic Warfare on Gun Retailers 13:32:50
VIDEO: New York Democrats Plan For Gun Confiscation 13:28:00
VIDEO: Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Wants to Block Obama's Federal Gun Action 13:18:13
Mainstream Media smearing Ben Swann 13:07:56
Feds Arrest 'Papa Smurf,' 30 Others 13:04:45
Guns and Government by Andrew Napolitano 12:57:58
during warming, which we are seeing now, the earth will get more snow. 12:38:21
Ron Paul Begins His 2013 College Tour At W & L 12:36:14
Leave Us Alone - The Liberty Amendment to the Constitution 12:20:54
What are the best Libertarian Websites to Educate Yourself? 11:41:49
You Can’t Stop Violence By Banning Guns – Any Type of Gun 11:26:20
More Ron Paul Car Stickers for Free are Available! 11:20:23
A simple 2nd Amendment question for Dailypauler's... 11:09:33
Yahoo!: Interior Secretary's $222,000 Bathroom 11:01:29
The Middle Class In America Is Being Wiped Out—Here Are 60 Facts That Prove It 11:00:38
The President's Hypocrisy: US Drones Killing Innocent Children 10:41:24
Delusions of the radical left: Prohibition doesn't work for alcohol or marijuana, but it will somehow work for guns 10:35:47
A Message To The 'Left' From A 'Right Wing Extremist' 10:30:47
Move along, nothing to see here. Mali, CB Gold Reserves, France, Germany and the US 10:28:33
50 Shocking Questions That You Should Ask To Anyone That Is Not A Prepper 10:25:08
A message to the left from a "right wing extremist" 10:20:39
Lew Rockwell on InfoWars with Alex Jones: It is time to take back the Republic 09:59:23
King Obama’s School Cops are more likely to arrest your kid, than protect them. 09:58:11
Another Brit weighs in on justice in America 09:52:45
VIDEO: Crook Co. sheriff defends stand on new gun laws 09:46:12
US Navy ship stuck on coral reef in Philippines 09:37:53
CNN: America To Become World's Largest Oil Producer Lindsey Williams Right Again 09:37:44
The Militia Act of 1792 09:30:13
Guide on "Talking with your children about Sandy Hook" uploaded 12-10-12 09:21:48
They are NOT Really JUST After Your Guns. It's a Smoke Screen. 09:01:58
Jamie Dimon needs our help. 08:55:56
SCOTUS tells GOP they still cannot fight vote fraud 08:52:22
I've decided to surrender all my modern weapons and high capacity magazines 08:52:03
Bank of America's Four Quarter Profit falls to 35% of year prior 08:50:02
Gun Control in the U. K. 2009 07:36:18
Sandy Hook: A Wake-Up Call? 07:31:20
A 2nd Amendment argument you can use with anyone! 07:30:17
Huffpo main headline:Paul Goes Off! 'We Will Nullify' Gun Legislation 05:20:44
Well France Just Dragged The U.S. Into The War In Mali And Now Algeria. French/UN Aggression Caused Americans To Be Kidnapped. 05:09:23
Rep. Massie is looking for liberty minded interns! 05:05:21
Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Up On Pawleys Island 04:24:32
Govt Insider: Obama Livid; 2nd Amendment, Liberty & The American People Won Today 04:12:22
Black Democrat Congressional Candidate Says She Wants to Impeach President Obama 04:04:52
Scientists need you to analyze unseen images of Mars 04:01:05
Revolving door swings freely in America's statehouses 03:54:33
The ‘Manager’ for Popular FPS Russia You Tube Channel Murdered: The Pro-Gun Channel Was 3rd Most Popular Of ALL You 03:49:04
UN launches new attempt to control the Internet 03:45:33
Gerald Celente makes Alex Jones sound like "Mr. Rogers" on Piers Morgan and undeclared wars 03:44:15
Oath Keeper Officer Calls on Brother Cops to Refuse to Enforce Gun Bans or Registration 03:35:46
Ron Paul Supporter, Georgia State Representative Charles Gregory files bill on juror rights. 03:11:50
Memphis Police Do Home Invasion on Animal Hoarding Charges; Man Killed 03:01:35
Anonymous Responds To Sandy Hook School Shooting 02:55:36
Big Sis to 'Expand and Formalize coordination' on gun control efforts 02:53:11
Florida Senate Panel votes to ban spying with drones 02:50:35
Police shoot and kill man's dog after going to wrong home (video in link) 02:48:43
Judge Napolitano on new NY gun law giving health care providers the option of reporting gun owners 02:43:21
Ron Paul doll! 02:37:17
9/11 Science Club: Mass Does Not Accelerate as it Accumulates. 02:21:51
Lexington, KY police smacked by Constitution 02:06:35
The Hitler Letter 01:36:06
Just getting started! 00:54:37
Mmj Grower Says F-Off! You Won't Get My Guns Goes Viral 00:44:13
Fill the RNC in-boxes: sign the Mark Willis For RNC Chair petition 00:30:19
RPF is back online 00:29:39
The Case For Domestic Disarmament 00:28:53
Last Step Guns: Hold Still While They Pull Your Claws and Teeth. Now Are You Awake? 00:22:36
ISS gets 18 mil upgrade 00:19:56
Some questions to ponder about the recent Executive Decrees 00:18:00
Video: Oath Keeper Officer Calls on Brother Cops to Refuse to Enforce Gun Bans or Registration 00:17:19
The Interior Secretary’s $222,000 Bathroom 00:12:08
Ben Swann Reality Check: An "Apples to Apples" comparison of U.S. and U.K. violent crime rates 00:11:42
The Guy From Boston: Send This Video To A Friend 00:09:32
How Americans could crash the system 11:14:10