Posted on January 18, 2013

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74 NO-HEDGE Sheriff Statements Regarding Your Rights - as of 1/24 - Any More? Open Thread 22:45:47
Here's How The Obama Administration Defended DEA Agents Who Put A Gun To A Little Girl's Head 19:07:46
Ron Paul Slams America’s ‘King Of The World’ Foreign Policy Live On Fox News (VIDEO) 17:44:22
Polling Shows the GOP Brand Sinking Like Concrete in Water: Only 26% View Republican Party Positively 16:27:31 - Learn Bitcoin Easier 16:12:12
Gun-Free Home - Please Do Not Burgle 14:23:40
Republican Senator: 'We Will Raise The Debt Ceiling' 13:52:53
Paper is Warning Americans of "anti-Federalists"! 14:01:53
TSA to Remove Controversial Naked X-ray Scanners 12:59:11
I lost my parents in the gun confiscation of 2014 13:53:20
Justin Raimondo: Is Rand Paul A ‘Christian Zionist’? 11:40:54
Demand Collapsing - Annual Gasoline Usage In Millions Of Barrels 07:26:50
Ron Paul on Walton and Johnson: They'll Come With Their Guns to Take Our Guns 13:55:16
Four Citizens Shot and Killed in Cambridge, MA 15:07:46
Libertarian Whole Foods Founder John Mackey Likens ObamaCare to Fascism 18:05:42
Gun Appreciation Day 1/19/2013 23:44:04
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For you Old-Timers: Memories of WNEW Channel 5. 23:59:05
Anarcho-capitalism and the libertarian enlightenment 23:49:24
Entropy is Winning? 23:48:43
Drill Characterizes “Disgruntled” Second Amendment Advocates as Terrorists 23:45:24
The #1 Reason Why Americans Need Automatic Weapons 23:41:19
Little Girl's Dog Passes On to Heaven - Sends Letter To God - Receives Reply! 23:31:05
New White House Petition: Release the Sandy Hook Video Like Ben Swann Says! 23:14:42
Huffington Post: UFOs Over Michigan Baffle Multiple Eyewitnesses: Could It Be Swamp Gas? (VIDEO) 23:02:18
Why doesn't the libertarian movement lobby congress to get lower taxes and less laws 22:58:34
Rand Paul: Teachers Should Be Armed 22:55:54
Rock solid proof of extra-terrestrial life? Scientists find fossilized algae inside meteorite 22:53:26
Make Sure You Use The Original "Bellamy Salute" (AKA, The Nazi Salute) Next Time You Say The National Christian Socialist Pledge 22:49:36
Tim Johnson Of Illinois "Ron Paul Is A Bastion Of Integrity" 22:41:45
This is the first time I've seen this on Youtube... 22:41:06
What's wrong with a little gun control? 22:38:01
Now it is EIGHT County Sheriffs that have spoken up for the Second Amendment. 22:15:42
The 5 Worst Mass Murders in the USA (with a Firearm) Came from Democrats 22:02:01
Just Some History 21:57:38
Tom Woods on Next News Network 21:53:15
Yavapai County Arizona Sheriff joins list of refusal to disarm citizens! 21:50:07
Engage! 21:43:12
Student Kicked Out of School for Refusing to Wear RFID Tracking Badge Following Failed Appeal 21:24:19
Lance Armstrong doped and more opiates from the media 21:19:37
VIDEO: Actor Danny Glover Lies To Students; tells them 2nd Amendment was created to protect slavery 21:17:52
South Dakota bringing back the Gold! 21:11:05
Ron Paul Leaves Politics, But His Legacy Growing 21:09:43
VIDEO: Sheriff Mack: Constitutional Sheriff's Refusing to Infringe on Gun Rights Is The Solution 21:08:32
New Ron Paul Video, Discussing the 23 Executive Orders 21:06:35
Inside the corrections system 21:03:38
The Buffalo News requests Pistol Permit Owners names and addresses 21:03:14
VIDEO: Black 911: Money, Motive, Technology and Plausible Deniability 21:00:08
PROMINENT Black Leaders tired of obama's lies..WOW! Listen! 20:58:45
GRACE! 20:34:09
New Cell Phone Provider, Ting, Too Good To Be True or a Future Leader in the Industry? 20:01:21
Throw the bums out: 75 percent back Congress term limits 19:53:33
Some Thoughts Regarding Violence and Videogames 19:43:26
Naked-Image Scanners to Be Removed From U.S. Airports 19:34:26
Charley Reese penned an editorial about 545 people being 'responsible for the domestic problems that plague' the U.S.? 19:32:33
FPSRussia manager's youtube message for us 19:18:51
How To Stop Mass Shootings 19:10:03
How I answered a question concerning economics and internet freedom. 18:57:27
Rand Paul: Raising Debt Ceiling Doesn't Pay Bills - WHAS11 1/17/2013 18:20:29
VIDEO: Ron Paul on "Your World" with Neil Cavuto - FOX News- 1-18-13 18:11:01
What if we cut the tops off all our ammo boxes (rifle and shotgun) and sent them to DC? Let's send box tops as symbolic bullets! 17:58:20
Troubling piece on Rand Paul and Israel... 17:53:53
5-Year-Old Kindergardner with Pink Bubble Gun Suspended from School 17:50:25
Will The Rand Paul Executive Order Bill Keep Congress Relevant? 17:49:48
Expensive Boy Toy 17:44:04
Quick Meme Idea 17:42:59
Deleted 17:42:51
Balanced Budget Amendment? How would Such a Thing Work With A Constitution Legislators Already Despise? 17:32:24
Ron Paul: We Should Follow The Founders' Advice, Mind Our Business And Save A Dollar - 18/1/2013 17:30:53
Chess 17:25:36
Canyon County, Idaho Sheriff Kieran Donahue first in the state to step up. 17:22:05
Miller: Tax Dollars for Gun Control 17:20:03
VIDEO: NY Mayor Warns of "Waco - Style Standoff Over Gun Control Laws 17:14:50
RP coming up next, Cavutpo/Fox 17:12:38
Ron Paul coming up NOW (4:10pm ET) on Fox News with Cavuto 17:10:47
GOP to Senate: No budget, no pay 17:08:39
Germany reclaims $36B in gold from U.S. and France 17:05:59
New Jersey Town Proposes Ban on Flying American Flag 17:02:49
Five-Year-Old Girl Suspended For “Terroristic-threat” To Shoot Classmates With Pink Bubble Gun 16:58:32
Sandy Hook: Investigate ONE parent? 16:20:35
Rand Paul slams Christie for NRA comments, Sandy aid 16:15:37
Kansas libertarians file lawsuit fighting for open carry 16:14:28
Pittsburgh Rappers Arrested for Music Video Lyrics Threatening Police. May Face Federal Terrorism Charges 16:09:32
Ray Nagin, Former New Orleans Mayor, Indicted On 21 Corruption Charges, Including Bribery, Fraud 16:02:41
LINK All Texas Sheriff contact info 15:59:43
OK Senate Bill 548: "2nd Amendment Preservation Act" (Full Text - Short Read) 15:58:01
Why Gun Control Laws Are Futile 15:47:37
White House petition for a gold audit 15:38:05
15 Year Old Defends Home With An Assault Rifle! 15:32:48
Video: Washington State Mayor Backs Second Amendment After Councilman Tries To Eject Armed Veteran 15:18:12
Gun Ban Zealots Forget To Exempt Police From New Gun Control Law In NY State 15:10:29
New Oklahoma State Bill To Nullify Federal Gun Laws 15:09:29
Alaska GOP chairman stole the money to give Murkowski instead of GOP candidate Miller 14:56:15
Don't move to NY and sorry if you live there: NY guv looks to clarify gun law after concern about exemption for police 14:51:55
Federal government to remove controversial 'naked image' body scanners from airports due to passengers' privacy concerns 14:43:57
It’s a War Zone! More Murders in Chicago in 2012 Than Allied Losses in Afghanistan 14:43:22
What would recovering the Ark of the Covenant mean to Humanity right now? 14:41:27
Kentucky lawmaker earns name for himself by voting ‘no’ 14:35:01
Stealth wear! Get your anti drone attire while supplies last. 14:32:17
GunGrabbers Lie, All the Time: “40% of all Gun purchases are conducted without a Background Check” MYTH 14:30:21
The Fiscal Cliff Crisis and the Catholic Socialist Offensive 14:08:58
TSA To Remove Controversial X - Ray Scanners 14:04:39
An Urgent Call For A New National Database 14:04:38
Euro Dives On Jitters About European Bank Loan Repayments 13:58:15
Gov. Christie rails against NRA ad that criticizes Obama 13:57:33
Holder Begs Court To Stop Document Release On Fast And Furious 13:47:36
Forbes Deletes Popular Pro Gun Story, Linking Psychiatric Drugs To Murders 13:40:42
VIDEO: Chappell Hill bank welcomes concealed handguns 13:29:17
Do You Know Any of These People in the World? Are YOU One of Them? 16:16:31
Man who doesn't 'believe' in guns rescued from armed robbery by two good Samaritans with guns 13:07:28
The Truth About Door-to-Door Gun Confiscation: We have the numbers to easily win 13:00:23
Obama's inauguration on Monday and the utter hypocrisy of his Corporatist Neocon agenda 12:57:05
The real reasons behind the conflict in Mali - Gold, Uranium and possibly oil 12:48:11
Colorado Freedom&Liberty 4/20 1st High Times Cannabis Cup, Denver 12:47:23
Oz, Oz and More OZ 12:36:28
Ok so someone smarter than me explain: Is the economy going to collapse because of gold (or lack thereof)? 12:31:46
Jordan Page - "Sedition" (Brand New Song Recorded Live in Austin, Texas) 12:02:19
Daily Paul is an attack site 10:43:28
VIDEO: When the world seems to be falling apart, 10:41:44
Carrots, Eggs, or Coffee 10:36:47
RFID Chips in Firearms 10:28:08
TSA Naked Scanners Are Done by June! 10:10:24
Update from Alaska sham against incoming Chairman elect and Vice chair elect 09:35:43
A favor to ask all you fine DP souls! 09:15:08
I got this from Oath keepers this morning... 09:03:11
H.R.226 - Support Assault Firearms Elimination and Reduction for our Streets Act 08:47:22
Next Friday and a new start 08:41:25
WARNING! Mass. Bill being Introduced today would Require Gun Liability Insurance! 08:39:16
Former Investment Banker says it is "Time to break up the big banks." 08:37:12
The Dollar Vigilante Blog: The T D V 2013 Year Ahead 07:59:08
The Missing Original 13th Amendment! Part 1! ! 07:02:29
Tell Reince Priebus To Step Down Now! 06:03:50
. 05:55:43
New Mexico Republican Liberty Caucus endorses Mark Willis for RNC Chairman! 05:00:49
Demand Priebus Step Down Now 04:49:59
The Jumping Jesus Phenomenon & The Singularity 04:08:32
Metropolitan police to roll out Tasers in response cars across London 04:06:13
Where Does Your Local Sheriff Stand On The 2nd Amendment? 03:34:08
Goldman calls for $500 drop in Gold prices 03:32:38
Ellen Brown Supports Trillion Dollar Coin 03:16:46
Comet of the century? 02:57:15
Moon Illusion: New Theory Reignites Debate Over Why Moon Appears Larger Near the Horizon 02:54:57
Zero Dark Thirty! 02:41:45
Aspartame to be EXPOSED! 02:29:49
Calling for Gun Owners of America Membership Bomb Jan 19, 2013 (Gun Apppreciation Day) 02:13:37
Turncoat Houston Police Chief Backs Obama’s Executive Orders to Disarm Houstonians(I wonder How Much the Feds are paying him) 02:09:37
Texas Gun Maker Caves in to Obama’s Executive Orders and Stops Making AR-15s(What a Wimp) 02:08:19
John Stossel: Citizen Journalism 02:08:15
Michael - Will You Pledge Right Now To Never Sell Out - No Matter How Big The Daily Paul NETWORK Gets? 01:59:20
Seeking to harness Obama's campaign resources for a second term 01:54:43
Judge Napolitano: Obama Has Not Hesitated To Kill Foreign And American Innocent Children With Drones 01:49:36
Nigel Farage: "Barroso is saying 'Let them eat cake'"! 1/16/13 01:47:00
I listen to Alex daily, I found this video that is curious about him, what do you think? 01:35:49
Journalists, Politicians Refuse To Post Lawn Sign Saying "home Is Proudly Gun Free" 01:20:59
SUPPORT 2010 Attorney General Candidate Martha Dean of CT for Daring to Question Sandy Hook Story 00:58:22
IRS: No Refunds Until Feb. 20 For Some 1040 Filers (update) 00:51:52
Jordan Page - "Arm Yourselves" (Live in Austin, Texas) 00:51:32
Ron Paul: People Have a Natural Right to Defend Themselves 00:44:01
Did Jay Leno Just Mention Daily Paul? (update) 00:40:42
Amazing Underwater Footage: Shark Riders (Literally!) 00:39:06
"They (The Establishment) Don't Have an Answer to Why the Party is Shrinking" Ron Paul 00:33:44
(satire?) Biden: Gun Buyback Programs Will Never Include 3D-Printed Guns, Clips 00:32:52
Barack H. Obama - Born In Kenya Iv - The Real Birth Certificate At Last! 00:30:57
VIDEO: Lucky prospector finds huge gold nugget 00:22:53
The Second Amendment Solution! 00:22:14
Supplementing public school with homeschool 00:20:17
GPS Devices On All Guns? 00:15:07
Should Congress Be Given a Limitless Credit Card? Ben Bernanke Thinks So! 00:13:03
Gene study hopes to settle debate over origin of European Jews 00:06:47
FBI Colluded With Big Banks to Spy on, Undermine Anti-Wall Street Movement 00:04:21
Leprosy Reprograms the Body 00:02:13
New Ron Paul radio interview: They'll come with their guns to take our guns" 1/17/2013 13:55:16