Posted on January 19, 2013

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Antidepressants and School Shootings, Suicide, Addiction 22:10:58
AP Sources: Obama Team To Form 'Agenda Group' 19:32:37
TMOT - GA Senate says you don't have a right to know. 17:52:48
Rand Paul: If Obama Tries To Legislate or Contravene Second Amendment We Will Sue 17:06:13
WOW! European Space Agency Discovers Striking Ancient River on Mars (Photo) 22:34:10
All Hostages Dead In Algeria 16:29:36
Geithner Accused Of Alerting Banks To 2007 Interest Rate Cut For 2nd Time 14:58:26
Maine Ron Paul Mark Willis Supporter Fears He's Being Smeared 17:18:05
Happy Birthday Daily Paul! Six years old today. 00:03:33
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What REALLY happened at the NC gun show in Raleigh 23:59:51
Missouri Nullification Project 23:58:20
Anger, violent thoughts: Are you too sick to own a gun? 23:37:25 is a Propagandist Website Sympathetic to Usurping the 2nd Amendment 23:26:28
Former US Naval Law Enforcement Veteran Interview concerning Sandy Hook 23:24:25
New tactics on hostage taking : kill everyone and work together to prevent tragedies like this in the future. 23:05:39
A Perfect Storm Of Errors? Obama's Supreme Court Birth Certificate Hearing Pends 22:59:03
Media blacks out 1 million people marching in France against homosexual adoptions 22:56:07
When Raw Milk Products are Illegal, Are You Above the Corrupt Law? 22:50:39
Very Controversial Song 22:49:27
Sandy Hook Smoking Gun reveals treason 22:45:26
Gun-Controllers, Answer This! 22:35:39
Inspiration? 22:35:28
Robbing Mali to Pay Germany | What Really Happened 22:14:51
Pistol Packing Preschool Teacher Personifies Personal Responsibility 22:02:32
Health Freedom Alliance: US Government Has Never Tested Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated? 21:36:24
Three hurt in firearm accident at North Carolina gun show 21:30:23
NBC/WSJ poll: NRA more popular than entertainment industry 21:16:14
Will Robots Replace Teachers Too? 21:03:14
Guns are only to protect the rich and powerful! 20:54:43
Video: Texas Gun Appreciation Day at the Capitol 1/19/13 20:50:14
Botched Assassination Attempt Broadcast On Live TV During Political Speech in Bulgaria 20:43:10
Central Bankers Must Surrender! Constitution Party's candidate Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek 20:37:37
Yahoo says Hundreds join pro-gun rallies in state capitals comments say thousands 20:34:32
Foreclosure? Student Loan Debt? You May Want to Look at this! 20:29:21
You're Wrong 20:25:43
Second Amendment Rally in Boise draws about 800 people 20:07:58
50 State Open Carry Demonstration Feb. 8th; Getting Out The Word 19:52:54
Florida Bill Bans Drone Spying on Citizens. 19:41:14
Comrade Obama Urges You to Drop the Guns for the Children's Sake 19:36:28
I strongly believe the West Point article on "far-right" extremism is trying to place an NDAA target on the Liberty-Minded 19:14:04
West Point center cites dangers of ‘far right’ in U.S. (email from Oath Keepers 19-JAN-2013) 19:07:43
Psychotropic drugs and gender differences w.r.t. mass shooting/violence 18:55:28
Question for someone like @JudgeNap: Is there any question that my money is my private property? 18:46:36
Italian judge sentences scientists to 6 yrs in jail for giving 'generic and ineffective' risk assessment 18:11:42
TV's Don't Brainwash People. People Do: How to make your TV a friend in the fight for liberty. 18:07:02
What's next, The 5th Amendent? Supreme Court to Decide. 18:03:07
VIDEO: Obama - I've Got A List 17:38:05
Why collectivism is doomed & the next great crisis will massively shift America toward conservatism 17:19:50
NextNewsNetwork - A little history to watch 17:14:26
Presidents Bush to Skip Obama Inaugural 17:10:01
For mystery fans with Kindle. My novella is available for free at Amazon's Kindle Lending Library 17:00:48
Mission Told Not To Feed The Homeless In Seattle City Parks - Audio Report 16:49:27
As Obama Enters His Second Term, How Would You Rate His Overall Performance? Last Day to Vote! 16:43:53
In 'Reversal', House G.O.P. Agrees to Lift Debt Limit 16:42:50
VIDEO: Bulgarian Politician Escapes An Assassination Attempt on Live TV 16:42:23
I'll Trade You! Let's Make a Deal! Buy, Sell, or Barter! 16:07:28
Economic Stimulus Idea 15:47:31
Weekend Watching - Anarchy USA 15:38:04
OMG! They're pulling out all stops: CEO Patrick Byrne was among four people who were arrested 15:23:09
Funny 15:16:17
Idiot O'Reilly warns of Economic Collapse ... Now Mainstream 14:41:41
The Tea Party is dead, Long live the Tea Party! 14:28:36
Chicago Alderman: Put GPS Tracking Devices On All Guns - AUDIO 13:39:57
video~Bulgarian politician escapes assassination, crazy stuff! 13:36:47
Pro-gun rallies across U.S. attack Obama's curbs on firearms 13:34:14
Fifty Shades Of Grey – Pedophilia Hidden In Plain Sight 18:30:15
BIll Maher: Second Amendment is 'Anachronistic' - VIDEO 13:30:03
Missouri House bills on 2nd amendment 13:29:52
Oliver Stone Untold History 13:25:18
Iranian Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan: U.S. planned 9/11 attacks to invade Middle East 13:19:35
Any advice on creating a website? 13:18:53
Raleigh NC 18-Year-Old Woman Charged With Possessing A Weapon Of Mass Destruction (AK 47 VARIANT) 13:08:54
Paul Craig Roberts: The Institutionalization of Tyranny 13:07:40
Open Mic At WhiteHouse 13:04:03
CNN Airs Fake Sandy Hook Helicopter Footage 12:59:04
VIDEO: Florida Professor Attacked For Questioning Sandy Hook 12:55:16
Hypothesis - Sandy Hook 12:52:32
VIDEO: Algeria hostage situation reportedly comes to violent end, as Panetta says much of situation remains 'sketchy' 12:48:00
Sheriff Richard Mack: Many More Sheriffs saying "Hell NO" to Gun Control! 12:45:02
Lieberman Now Advising Sandy Hook School Support Fund 12:44:46
Jornal News Takes Down Controversial Map Of Gun Owners 12:44:15
Stealth Hoodie Hides Wearer From Drones 12:36:09
New Proposal Will Force Gun Owners To Store Assault Weapons at Government Authorized Storage Depots 12:29:14
King: I Have a Dream. Obama: I Have a Drone. 12:19:24
Did Tim Geithner Leak Every Fed Announcement To The Banks? 11:36:16
A flashback speech regarding the 2nd Amendment 11:31:58
Germany Repatriating Gold From New York.. 11:30:53
Liberty Cabbage 11:24:37
China School Stabbing - 22 Children - Same Day As Sandy Hook Shooting - Coincidence or Plan? 10:38:54
Blows Against Big Pharma and Its Vaccine Culture Fortress 10:23:25
Flu propaganda in full stride. 09:32:00
Churchill's law -“Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.” 09:15:06
The Power Hour... Sandy Hoax. 08:15:46
An Open Letter to Congress by the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban 07:59:23
You've gotta be kidding me 07:44:30
US Scientists Find That Chemotherapy Boosts Cancer Growth 07:27:38
Bernanke missed signs of crisis 07:23:57
"Journalists are misleading the world on Syria" - former UN Secretary-General Kofi Anan 07:10:47
Doug Wead's Blog - 2012 In Review 06:35:06
They say it's degree, but only ever in one regard 06:25:46
Reuters: Foxs News Reporter Questioned on Source for Story About James Holmes notebook 05:57:18
why is there still people on the streets? 05:48:30
Calvin Coolidge 05:13:17
ron paul supporter mark willis for rnc chair facebook:: 04:51:50
Whole Foods Confronted for GMO in Stores | 04:13:02
"Iran For More Than 32 Years Has Defied These Western Predictions of Collapse" 04:02:26
Sad News For North Carolina Gun Owners! (Video) 03:32:50
Tim O'Reilly donating ebook "Open Government" as a tribute to Aaron Swartz 03:11:37
Paypal Holds User’s Funds to Earn off Their Interest 03:06:38
Mega Launches: Brilliantly Secure, But Not Anonymous 03:05:34
Oakland County Michigan Sheriff promises to uphold the constitution. 01:49:16
Tennessee Gun rights, Your Nashville rally is Tomorrow 01:04:21
DHS Declares Gun Owners Terrorists! 00:59:22
John A. Meaders, Retired California Highway Patrol regarding 9-11 00:37:48
Pa. kindergartner suspended for bubble gun remark 00:13:26
No Rifles Used In Sandy Hook Shooting Only Handguns 00:05:38