Posted on January 20, 2013

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Obama Responds To Alex Jones 21:36:15
Obama nominated John Brennan says: "Drones are just the beginning of it" 20:54:42
Why (and how) to get involved in the Oklahoma Republican Party 23:05:49
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 1/21/13: Fiat Currency is NOT Wealth! 19:29:34
Here we go again. NM Teen arrested in shooting of 5 people. 16:57:30
Kim Dotcom - Mega is Live! Are you signing up? 14:54:19
Gunning for no change: Thousands of armed protesters gather at state capitols in pro-assault rifle rallies across the country 13:51:15
Politico - Bill Clinton To Democrats: "Don't Trivialize Gun Culture" 13:40:53
House Adopts Amash Transparency Reforms 11:49:23
David Gay: NYS Liberty Activist Speaks and Kills it! At NYS 2A Rally! NULLIFICATION! 10:03:40
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Shark Tank Kevin O'Leary's interview 23:56:12
A political song I wrote... 23:44:08
West Point study on 'violent far right' shows 'dramatic rise' in attacks 22:48:04
Truth Or Denial In The Age Of Information Overload 22:46:57
28 Utah Sheriffs Uphold The 2nd Amendment 22:43:47
Onion News Network Illegal Immigrants 22:39:22
The Fallacy of Passing Costs onto Consumers 21:57:16
Scariest commercial of 2013 21:56:22
More evidence of water: Photo shows giant mars crater was home to ancient lake 21:36:23
Does Mark Willis have any support? 21:25:27
27 yr CIA Veteran Ray McGovern Speaking Truth to Power. Courage! 21:11:16
Company selling bogus 9/11 coins to pay $750,000 US settlement 19:51:41
(Video) Corporate Assassins Determine World Order 19:35:36
So Now It Begins - It's The Brothers Bowl 19:06:57
Arizona to tax hospitals to pay for Medicaid 18:33:22
Washington Post exposes dangerous stupidity in Fed's 2007 transcripts! 18:31:48
US Gov and its Robots for Hire (VIDEO) 18:24:16
Gun-Grabbers Draft God 18:11:27
When do parent's rights get trumped by societies responsibility to protect children? 18:10:55
Stirring words from Les Miserables 18:06:51
Chuck Hagel and The Neoconservative Fifth Column 18:02:44
. 18:02:26
Don't become part of the Plan 18:01:44
Video: Sand Art 17:59:03
Militarizing Latin America. Since 1843 the U.S. has intervened in the following 17 Countries... 17:16:14
Congressional Town Hall in San Francisco 1/26 17:10:50
RNC Winter Meeting 17:07:09
New Radio Show "The Radio Revolution" all About Liberty debuts Tonight At 9 ET! 16:50:39
It's not monetary inflation its "foot long" deflation. 16:44:38
The US Was Operating In Mali Months Prior To French Incursion: Meet The "Intelligence and Security Command" 16:42:21
Major Milestones in Next News Network! 16:37:32
Professions do not define "heroes" 16:31:27
Germany initiates gun registry, to barely a peep. 16:24:32
Wonder what a new world would look like? 16:06:47
... 15:54:48
Cage Match Colorado, Conservative Republicans vs Big Gov Progressive Liberal Establishment Republicans 15:33:38
The new Liberty Amendment - help us debate the Amendment's text. 15:30:13
Whitehouse Further Restricts Right To Be Heard 15:29:55
Unavoidable Effects on Social Equilibria by Government Policy 15:23:47
Biden: 'I'm Proud To Be President' - VIDEO 15:23:39
Obama Advisers: Obama’s theory of government is he is the government 15:18:25
A List of Great Political Punk Rock Songs. Please Help Make It Lengthy. 15:09:47
Kill Anything that Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam 15:09:20
American Isolationism: Obama’s Unfolding Signature Policy 15:07:45
The Reason Why the Gun Control Crowd are Very Loud is Because They are Very Weak 15:05:26
Michigan Supreme Court Justice Charged With Fraud 14:56:01
Robert Wenzel Interviews Doug Wead on Rand Paul 20:02:20
CBS' News Political Director: "Obama Must 'Destroy' Republican Party 14:39:59
Important: Everybody wants to be a star on TV / YouTube 14:37:50
First Term: Americans Collecting Disability Increased 1,385,418—Now 1 for Each 13 Full-Time Workers 14:34:26
Want To Stop Reince Priebus? Maine Patriots Need Your Help 14:24:23
California's Hispanic population to outnumber whites by end of 2013 14:17:52
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly blatantly lies about past NY gun confiscation on national radio 14:06:27
British troops face fresh charges of Iraq war torture and killings 14:00:10
VIDEO: Assault Weapons Under Attack! Public Reacts 13:58:46
City Offers Miami Heat Tickets In Exchange For Guns 13:46:55
Liberty Navy ship repossessed in Ghana! Tall Ship @ Repo Price: $20 Million 13:40:13
Sheriff Mack: Hell NO on Gun Control! 13:36:24
Montgomery County, PA Gun Appreciation and Anti-United Nations Rally (video) 13:31:18
Rand Paul to Oppose Second Sandy Relief Bill Due to Extra Spending 13:29:48
New Proposal Will Force Gun Owners to Store Assault Weapons At Government Authorized Storage Depots 13:13:33
Ron Paul warning us about the coming storm 12:51:27
Economic Warfare on Gun Retailers-Alex Jones interviews Lew Rockwell 12:25:22
Disarmed and Institutionalized for making a Joke (video) 12:20:35
Video: 2nd Amendment Rights Protest Rally - Buffalo 1/19/13 12:04:57
Pennsylvania girl, 5, suspended for threatening to shoot girl with pink toy gun that blows soapy bubbles 11:48:44
. 11:41:16
The Voice of Russia: 300-million-year-old UFO tooth-wheel found in Russian city of Vladivostok 10:43:59
Stealth Hoodie Hides Wearer From Drones 10:39:22
Bill Gates, "I have no use for money. This is God's work." 10:34:16
Rasmussen Reports: 65% See Gun Rights As Protection Against Tyranny 10:31:21
A Revolver 09:59:13
Humans at their finest: A musical interlude like you've never seen before. 09:50:13
Fear and Loathing in Raw Milk Dairies 09:31:44
Abomination: New York State Violates The Constitution. Shouldn't The White House Be Petitioned? 09:21:58
Champion Shooter Jessie Duff Educates the Public on Semi-Automatic Firearms 08:25:11
USA: We're #1! We're #1! We're #1 - in kiddie porn, with Federal protection. 08:24:59
Lady Gaga to "service" the private inaugural ball. 08:14:19
Cuomo and his latest act of Hypocrisy 08:00:25
Put Not Your Trust In Federalized Sheriffs 07:58:41
Headache? FDA approves new drug to make you crazy or give you a heart attack 07:56:25
Champion Shooter Educates the Public on Semi-Automatic Firearms 07:26:17
Just a thought on the gun control debate 06:51:40
Murray Rothbard: Aristotle on Private Property and Money 06:16:12
Here Are The Fundamental Rights Of Citizens Of The Democratic People's Republic Of North Korea 05:35:49
Educating people to get involved at concerts 05:21:57
Socialist Insecurity 03:31:36
Spanish banks stop evictions for the next 2 years in cases of 'extreme necessity' 03:07:34
Gun-control? What about tank- or nuke-control? 02:28:41
Groupon cancels all gun related coupons 02:27:55
No Survivor is On Record as Actually Having Seen the Shooter or Shooters at Sandy Hook (and Where are the 2 Wounded Witnesses?) 02:26:51
Corbett Report - Dr. James Tracy on the Sandy Hook Controversy 01:56:51
What percentage a slave are you? 01:43:48
Judge Napolitano: Guns and the Government 01:16:36
I Am So Frustrated 01:10:10
Was Ben Franklin a precursor to the "Bohemian Grove murderers?" 01:10:04
The name "Andrew Breitbart" popped into my head after reading this. 01:05:38
Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism 01:04:32
Terrorism is the war of the poor, War is the terrorism of the rich 00:51:03
The Sheriff's are Sparta! 00:50:15
Don't WE get it!? 00:43:17
SC has found way to exempt citizens from gun laws WITHOUT Nullification 00:10:27
What I Saw At The Coup 21:26:30