Posted on January 21, 2013

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The Top 100 'Pictures of the Day' for 2012 22:30:37
Rand Paul Doesn't Have A Chance In 2016 22:04:24
Judge Napolitano: Obama Doesn't Believe in the 2nd Amendment 22:21:02
5 yr. Old Receives Psychiatric Evaluation After Talking About Hello Kitty Bubble Gun At School 23:20:30
Utahns dare federal government to enforce gun control: Sleeping Giant waking up 18:11:58
WOW! Captain Kirk’s Predecessor: Star Trek Was RAND Corporation Predictive Programming 14:40:47
FLASHBACK 1980: Reagan inaugurated, Iran releases 52 American hostages... 12:30:53
King: I Have a Dream. Obama: I Have a Drone 01:54:43
Rapper Lupe Fiasco thrown off stage at inauguration concert for bashing Obama! 01:48:21
Bill O'Reilly: The U.S. Dollar will Collapse 09:19:24
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Kelly Clarkson: "I Never Endorsed Ron Paul!" 23:52:21
Whole Foods CEO John Mackey on Obamacare 'Worse Than Socialism, Is Fascism' 23:47:55
Flashback: Michael Ratner on Ron Paul and soft fascism in the US 23:45:49
Calvin Coolidge Inauguration address and first presidential speech ever on film 23:35:43
I Got a Thank You Letter from Carol Paul Today! 23:35:39
two sheriffs who will not enforce new gun control laws 23:20:03
Any interest in a libertarian / liberty dating site? 23:02:26
~War by Deception 2013~ A Ryan Dawson Film 22:59:05
Well, was 911 an inside job? 22:57:51
Gun Shop Owner Calls for Groupon Boycott After It Cancels His Deal 22:49:49
Mexican Drug Cartels Celebrate Gun Control 22:46:16
What's missing in the U.S. gun control scramble? Bullets 22:44:25
Republican Party, This Is Your Chance 22:35:21
Air Force sweep finds thousands of inappropriate items, including pornography 22:22:37
VICTORY against the GOP's Loyalty Oaths 22:21:52
Ron Paul Revolution: Obama Presidential Inaguration Special 22:14:21
Attenborough: 'Humans are a plaque on Earth' 22:12:18
Google Search Reveals Sandy Hook Foreknowledge 22:08:26
Senator Chuck Schumer: The NRA Is A 'Fringe Group' - VIDEO 22:00:28
The Second Amendment Solution! 22:00:13
America Can be a Scary Place for Americans 21:59:58
Ron Paul: Krugman’s Trillion Dollar Coin Is Not Real Wealth – OpEd 21:54:03
Defranko on Gun Control - Stats etc. 21:37:01
VIDEO - Obama's Gun Control Campaign Doomed To Failure: Will Not Pass In Congress, Protect Children 21:27:23
Bradley Manning: Nobel Peace Prize Nomination 2012 21:27:16
We need Dr. Paul to speak out 21:26:52
Is Obama a bigot? The rich might say so... 21:26:50
France: 'Our Goal Is The Total Reconquest of Mali' 21:04:45
My thoughts listening to Barack Obama's Inauguration Speech 20:58:24
Obama's Target Is Not Just Republicans, but The Constitution Itself 20:58:22
He Who Lives In A Glass House 20:48:33
Gun Owners for Peace VIDEO 20:44:10
Fine! You win, you can have your AR15, we'll take your pistol instead... 20:36:56
Topical Collection of Articles Relating to Gun Control 20:34:31
Kim Dotcom's New Site! Sign up register, the war for the internet has begun! 20:29:22
Ron Paul Predicted the Killing in Baghdad During Presidential Debate 20:26:15
Why the Proposed Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 will be Worse than the 1994 Ban 20:20:31
Do you have any dependents? 20:18:47
Ban Democrats from Owning Guns! (Graphic) 20:17:51
I don't care about 911, Obama's birth certificate, nor Sandy Hook 19:59:01
My health insurance premiums just went up by 12.5% 19:37:35
"Gun Free Zone" Signs are Stupid 19:12:15
William Grigg: Do NOT Trust Sheriffs to Protect Your Guns. They Are Hypocrites, Bought and Paid For. 19:08:47
Vatican backs Obama’s gun controls 19:00:20
Why Gun Control is Wrong 18:51:41
Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein Gets 75 Percent Raise 18:28:34
Yahoo!: US Military Wants to Hide Drones Under the Sea 18:17:42
Cameron: North Africa terrorist threat 'could last decades' 17:48:55
Mark Lynas - renowned anti-GMO activist now in favor of GMOs 17:31:54
Ron Paul on the Coming Debt Limit Drama: Government Wins, We Lose 17:15:21
Are the thought police coming? 16:53:53
Martin Luther King Jr. & Dr Ron Paul (great video) 16:48:52
The 23 "Executive Orders" that are not. 16:45:39
Inauguration 2013... note the limo license plate! No wonder the sparse crowds sound like zombies! 16:44:35
Vi Hart has a message for the Daily Paul 16:42:54
NY town defends Remington factory amid new gun ban 16:38:03
Stop poking the snake! Amazing Speech on the Steps of the Utah Capitol! 16:32:40
Great New Song by Aaron Lewis (Video) 16:32:38
Loneliness Is Bad for Your Health, Study Suggests 16:31:47
An Inside Look at Ron Paul's Portfolio 16:12:58
Contact information to support RLC endorsed Mark Willis for RNC chair against Priebus for vote January 25! 16:11:11
Inauguration! 16:09:26
CNN video of police charge at Sandy Hook is not Sandy Hook (Video) 15:50:24
DHS Looks To Install Microphones In “Urban Areas” That Can Listen to Conversations 15:45:34
Murray Rothbard Down The Memory Hole? 15:33:37
medical marijuana 15:15:20
First Term: Americans ‘Not in Labor Force’ Increased 8,332,000 15:10:22
30 minute Sandy Hook conspiracy with loads of evidence 15:08:54
First Term: Obama Increased Debt $50,521 Per Household; More Than First 42 Presidents in 53 Terms Combined 15:05:44
Anti-Anarchist Thread 14:42:37
Out in the trenches on gun appreciation day 14:32:23
My conversation with a bank teller 14:17:10
Law Would Force Gun Owners to "Surrender" Magazines 14:13:19
Tennessee to propose law to criminalize any federal gun control enforcements 14:07:56
New York's Psychiatric Police State 14:06:43
Retune your music to A444 hz or A432. 14:06:42
The Tennessee school shooting you never heard of 14:03:56
VIDEO - GOP Senator John Barrasso: "Gun Control Won't Pass In Congress" 14:01:47
Truth is Treason 13:56:50
Put Not Your Trust In Federalized Sheriffs 13:54:59
DJANGO - "the D is silent" 13:14:37
Health roundup: FDA Oks BOTOX for overactive bladders 13:00:37
Lupe Fiasco insults Obama during own inauguration performance, calls him warmonger. 12:57:15
GOP wants budget; Schumer warns they will get one 12:55:39
Japan should let old 'hurry up and die', says finance minister Taro Aso 12:50:29
David Icke - This is Who We Are...Beautiful - Explains the Craziness We Now Live in and WHY 12:46:53
Scientists Spot Quadruple Helix DNA Working In Human Cells 12:46:24
delete 12:45:24
Anti-Gun Liberal News Anchor Owned by Keith Morgan 12:42:16
DHS Looks To Install Microphones In "Urban Areas" That Can Listen To Coversations 12:41:28
What would MLK Jr. think of our current president? (Video) 12:40:40
With video: Lupe Fiasco disses Obama in rap, escorted off inaugural party stage 12:25:32
Official Ny Govt 'safe Act' Fact Sheet Dictates: "surrender It To Law Enforcement Officials" Within A Year 12:24:19
Eric Holder protecting government employees into kiddie porn - at work. 12:19:35
Nigel Farage battles nightmare socialist hacks on BBC Question Time 12:13:07
Video: "2nd Amendment is for hunting down Tyrants!" Sen Tom Davis 12:06:18
#WTFcongress Twitterbomb tonight 1-21-13 at 8pm EST 12:05:49
Has Anyone Heard How New Yorkers are Reacting to the New Gun Laws? 11:42:26
Lindsey Graham to be in Gaffney, SC Monday 28JAN 11:30:50
Tom Woods Hosting Schiff Radio Now 11:19:57
Adam Lanza Dead One Day BEFORE Shooting? 11:16:32
Lew Rockwell: The TSA Toys with The Serfs 11:16:00
Golfer Phil Mickelson To Make "Drastic Changes" Due to Federal and California State Tax Increases 11:09:06
"Don't Release that Document Showing We Want to Confiscate Guns" (Video) 11:07:35
Organizing at the State Level 11:02:20
Sandy Hook - An American Coup d'état - 1/4 10:58:58
Americans Honor Martin Luther King - Civil Rights Champion 10:54:06
"Science Set Free" (aka "The Science Delusion") 10:53:45
(video) MLK - God did not appoint America to be the Policeman of the world. 10:38:04
'Strongest evidence yet to there being life on Mars' 10:35:04
My 'Twitter Birthday' 10:30:54
Seems I'm not the only "Ron Paul Supporter" that likes to post "Weird Stuff". 10:24:16
Stanford Drone Study - good study on affects of drone attacks - great for neocons 10:21:44
Obama's 1st - Term Approval Rating Among Lowest of Post World War 2 Presidents...Only Carter, Ford Fared Worse 10:18:37
Video: Whistle Blower Claims Half of Child Porn Made in USA 09:39:49
Though for us the 2nd Amendment is a matter of principle (safeguarding liberty), for others, statistics have merit 09:28:52
Gold and Silver are taking off - Monetary base increases $72 Billion in 2 weeks 08:56:27
Mass Shooting Death Stats : Cops v People / 14.3 v 2.3 : 08:10:47
New Video:The Real Secret OF Life 07:27:11
Cornel West Explains Why it Bothers Him That Obama Will be Taking The Oath With MLK's Bible 07:25:07
A gun confiscation scenario gone wrong 05:27:09
Petition to try Senator Feinstein for treason reaches mark for White House Response 04:42:43
FINALLY! This is how we rewrite the rules and win! 04:30:22
Sylvia Stolz AZK - Banned Speech, Evidence and Legal Defence (full) 04:09:08
ANOTHER murder involving a child and an assault rifle. This one too close to home 04:00:55
Homeland Security’s Failed Attempt to Pervert the Freedom of Information Act Process 03:39:08
Urgent from ANONYMOUS: "Our members are being kidnapped by government agents." 03:10:50
Digital Journal: CNN Video of Police Charge at Sandy Hook is Not Sandy Hook 03:01:16
Here Comes The Flood: A Sit Down With Daniel Louis Crumpton Part One 02:58:08
Looking for a politician prepared to "pick up the mantle of Ron Paul"? 02:53:38
MEGA Keynote: "By using MEGA, you say 'No' to governments that want to spy on you." 02:44:02
Perhaps Alex Jones could take a lesson 02:37:54
Was Aaron Swartz Killed by An MIT 01:56:12
They are saying a murder attempt was done on a Sandy Hook Truther 01:40:06
New version of "War By Deception" is up! Israel's defenders - I challenge you to find one untruth! 01:38:55
Bill Maher: 2nd Amendment Is Not Under Attack, Your Other Rights Are 01:36:04
Stop Using The Term "ASSAULT Weapon": Use "DEFENSE Weapon". 01:14:02
The "Next Leader Of Our Movement"? 01:01:14
The Viagra TSA experiment. 00:47:36
Million person march 00:33:21
Abolish congress and replace with internet voting? 00:24:07
Why I can't watch sports anymore (Brady/Belechik/Lewis) 00:20:52
Going to CPAC? 00:18:44
I'm Like a Kid Who Just Won't Let It Go 00:14:38
Dr. Ron Paul 00:11:42
2012 and Beyond 00:02:45