Posted on January 22, 2013

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Judge Napolitano on Obama's Inaugural Address: 'Nothing In There About Freedom' 22:56:34
Libertarian PAC may target Benton and McConnell 22:47:46
PENTAGON: Gun Protests Low Level Acts of Terrorism 18:12:30
Full Disclosure - President Obama Wants To Protect Children? Why Not End U.S. Drone Strikes? 15:06:46
New farm bill gives Monsanto carte blanche - Massive public outcry necessary to stop the legislation 14:26:10
Revolutionary Japan is Suddenly the Centre of World Affairs 11:49:04
Official TragedyandHope Channel Trailer 09:13:42
Blackwell - Saving the National Republican Rules from the Ginsberg Blunders in Tampa 07:42:08
low expectations 02:07:38
EPJ: Jesse Benton's Attempt to Co-Opt the Liberty Movement Continues 01:08:30
Video - Storm Clouds Gathering: The Three Pillars of Power are Collapsing. 02:54:56
Was anybody here a Bachmann fan? 04:17:43
Somebody picked the wrong girl (video) 02:22:35
Peaceful Civil Disobedience 00:42:14
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Judge Napolitano: Obama The Champion At Trying To Get Around The Constitution 23:52:42
“Conspiracy Theory”: Foundations of a Weaponized Term 23:46:55
Food FYI: What's in your bowl of noodles? It may be melamine 23:31:28
MSM admits that the swine flu vaccine causes narcolepsy in children! 23:26:14
Sarkozy's plans to dodge new 75% French tax rate by moving to London 23:25:09
The '49ers vs. The Ravens (or) Where America Stands In 2013 23:23:36
Something Funny Is In This Popular 90's Music Video 23:20:27
Former Florida police chief says law enforcement wants AWB 23:01:45
Paid-to-post or just a person? 22:58:38
Decentralization Is The Answer; Article V of Our Constitution Is The Key 22:47:21
VIDEO: Your Typical Obama Supporter 21:49:50
Great video Press TV on US drone strikes and hit list 21:46:55
In Response to facebook 'Gun Control' Posts 21:42:53
A*holes, Part of Why Liberty Evades Us 21:19:51
No Guns For Negroes - video... 21:19:26
The Chat Still Isn't Popping Up For Me 20:56:46
Ben Swann Full Disclosure: President Obama Wants To Protect Children? Why Not End U.S. Drone Strikes? 20:52:32
Enslaving our children - The Fraud we Submit to 20:46:16
If Ron Paul Had Been Elected What Would You Guess He'd Have Done So Far? 20:43:19
This Is What Our Brains And Guts Are Up Against: Forced Living In The Age Of Absurdity, Forced Living In LA-LA-Lands 20:39:43
Rand Paul: Above All Else, Pay the Crony Banksters Their Interest 20:38:17
Join Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods for the Mises Circle in Houston January 26, 2013 20:36:16
Proven Liar Says Obama Firing Military Leaders Who Won’t Kill U.S. Citizens? 20:29:59
When the Asst. Atty Gen of NC and an OAH Law Judge says your Taxing Agency is not an Agency under the State, you have a problem! 20:28:08
We Are All Beggars 20:16:00
I Know You Are But What Am I 20:11:40
Lucifer and the FED a love story. 19:59:46
Let's make a plan to repeal all gun control laws by the end of 2016. 19:54:03
Solution. The Secret To Political Power Is Feeding The Poor. 19:50:32
Congressman McGovern introduces legislation to overturn Citizens United (Video) 19:40:08
Flash Back! 19:11:05
Iraqi authorities claim to have released 888 prisoners 19:06:37
Opinion Video - Houston School Shootout Involves Gangs 17:52:23
Genetically engineering 'ethical' babies is a moral obligation, says Oxford professor 17:49:43
Phil Mickelson getting flack for daring to say being in the highest tax bracket will influence where he lives! 17:40:47
Article by Jon Rappaport on New NY Laws 17:20:01
Anti-gun Fanatic Piers Morgan Exploits College Shooting 17:04:22
Judge Andrew Napolitano. why taxation is theft, Abortion is murder and Government is dangerous. 17:02:56
Do We Even Deserve Liberty? 17:00:05
Obama's new Litmus Test - Will you fire on U.S. Citizens? 16:47:41
US allocates over $445.9 million in humanitarian assistance to Mali for FY2012 and FY2013 16:26:28
Famous British Historian Claims Benjamin Franklin Was A British Spy 16:26:06
Should We Expect Stunning Revelations On Aliens on the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland? 16:21:25
Machine guns by state, top and bottom 15 states, NH wins 16:13:33
Bank of Japan to print 13 trillion yen ($146 billion) MONTHLY starting in 2014 16:02:25
Should Anderson Cooper be Fired Over CNN Sandy Hook Deception? 16:01:53
Ronald Reagan's gun control and big spending legacy exposes his hypocrisy. 15:48:18
Democrat pleads with Rep not to share document proposing confiscation of guns 15:46:01
Jackie Chan "I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not" 15:43:05
3 shot at Lone Star College in North Harris County, 2 suspects in custody 15:33:12
Greg Palast Blast: Alex Jones, Guns, Piers Morgan, and... (for that, you will just have to read further) 15:27:06
Another Multiple Shooting 1-22-13: Lone Star College, Texas 15:27:05
Shooting at Lone Star College - Houston, TX 15:26:43
In Fight Over Marijuana's Scheduling, Appeals Court Rules in Favor of DEA and Schedule I 15:23:22
Precinct 4: Three people shot at Lone Star College in North Harris County 15:22:25
VIDEO: Rep. Charlie Rangel on Guns: ‘Some of the Southern Areas Have Cultures that We Have to Overcome’ 15:18:02
Missouri Sheriffs Pledge To Not Enforce Obama’s Gun Control Laws 15:12:35
David Attenborough - Humans are plague on Earth..."limit population growth" (video in link) 15:06:10
VIDEO: TSA Groped Attendees at Obama Inauguration 14:58:15
VIDEO: Glendale City Council To Consider Gun Show Ban 14:53:45
The hypocrisy Of Ronald Reagan and his love of gun control in Firearm Owners Protection Act 14:48:18
China Poised To Play Debt Card – For U.S. Land 14:42:48
Justin Amash > Gary Johnson > Rand Paul? 14:34:44
Lautenberg, McCarthy propose high-capacity clip ban 14:32:27
Sandy Hook: Adam Lanza died the day BEFORE the shooting? 14:23:33
Europe: America's Crystal Ball? 14:16:12
Kindergartner's Psych Evaluation: The New Norm Under Obama's "Mental Health Parity?" 14:15:56
VIDEO - EXCLUSIVE: Group Finds More Fake Ingedients In Popular Foods 14:00:14
Print your own InMoov animatronic robot 13:53:23
SEC Bars Egan-Jones From Rating The US And Other Governments For 18 Months 13:53:11
More Blood on Hillary Clinton's Head by Jim Bovard 13:52:05
NASA team pushing towards thermal nuclear propulsion systems 13:50:14
Does the Brass have any brass? 13:49:20
VIDEO: Photographer, Carlos Miller, Attacked By Metro Security For Taking Pictures, Filming 13:39:13
World War II Vet home vandalized - Houston 13:36:45
20 ways to become more self-sufficient before 'the crunch' arrives. 13:21:59
New York Creates Pyschiatric Police State - Jon Rappoport 13:21:09
(VIDEO) Bulgarian Leader of Movement for Rights and Freedoms Avoids Assassination Attempt Live on TV 13:14:16
Eyewitness Account: Inauguration Crowd Lackluster; Smelled Of Marijuana 13:12:53
Free Speech Zones: King Lincoln vs. King Obama - by Lew Rockwell 13:07:08
Crowdfunding push for EZ-EV open source electric kit car 13:06:39
Pic plots gun violence and voting. Can anyone vet? 13:04:56
Prince Harry’s Mental Problem: Murdering Afghans is Like a Video Game 13:02:58
Uncovered, the 'toxic' gene hiding in GM crops: Revelation throws new doubt over safety of foods 12:55:57
* 12:32:57
Colorado Libertarian Self-Sustained Community - Lots $700/DN - Deed In-Hand After No-Interest Payments 12:30:13
Gold and Silver Mania in China 12:26:40
NJ Mayor's Gestapo snitch counter-Op 12:26:05
Police Lieutenant Kills Family, Self with His Gun 12:25:41
4 Fingers, your thumb and your gun 12:21:29
US begins transporting French troops to Mali 12:17:47
CO State ex-IMF/World Bk Judge Steals Child Citing Mother is "'Sovereign Citizen/Constitutionalist" 12:09:53
Is there any way a 2014 forum 11:54:01
Aspirin 'triple chance of blindness disease' 11:39:38
Youtube: "Just try and make your own gun" 11:17:24
Nobel Peace Prize Nominee: Obama Asks Military Leaders If They Will “Fire On US Citizens” 11:14:44
In cable the day he died, U.S. ambassador warned Clinton about Benghazi security 10:55:45
Supreme denies Second Amendment is a right. We've been shafted - AGAIN 10:55:17
Disarm the Masses Globally and Set the Stage for Future Incarceration of "Mentally Ill" Vets and Dissenters 10:50:33
Video: Protesters plan demonstrations for RNC meeting in Charlotte 10:48:44
Missouri Sheriffs Pledge To Not Enforce Obama’s Gun Control Laws 10:40:19
VIDEO: Colin County Sheriff Won't Enforce Gun Laws That He Says Violate Constitution 10:27:17
Israelis Head To Polls 10:06:46
Everyone is Mentally ill – a brief history of psychology 10:00:09
Gamma - ray burst 'hit Earth in 8th Century' 09:56:15
VIDEO - Piers Morgan: Use Machine Guns To "Take Out" Critics 09:48:21
Ray Nagin - another whistleblower under the bus? 09:12:23
WiFi in schools; the danger is real 08:55:58
Obese people more likely to die in car accidents: report 08:47:07
How the Vatican built a secret property empire using Mussolini's millions 08:42:44
Russia Today, Abby Martin: Cia Media Infiltration & Operation Mockingbird 08:29:47
Aspirin 'triples chance of leading cause of blindness' 08:25:23
John Adams HBO miniseries 08:22:34
Max Keiser Interviews Alex Jones: Threshold of Tyranny Passed 08:00:45
Why ‘entitlement’ programs aren’t really entitlements 07:37:05
Singer James Taylor on gun control: ‘We need to make some Sacrifices to our Freedoms’ to Keep Kids Safe 07:30:46
Big Lie 07:28:07
Obama uses the Constitution's "General Welfare" Clause as basis for his aggressive plans 07:15:33
Boycott Groupon! 07:06:06
~ Mark my words: The Age of Real Terror, Sleeper Cells Has Begun 06:27:45
Proposed NJ Gun Bill Could Mandate Police Turn-In Or Face Felony 05:34:55
China's GAC shows stunning E-JET plug-in hybrid concept 05:06:35
Nokia releases 3D-printing instructions for Lumia 820 Shell 04:53:36
Davos call for $14trn 'greening' of global economy 04:40:52
Making teleportation more energy-efficient 04:34:22
For the corrupt businessman or official who has everything: an Armored Toyota Sequoia... 04:32:28
Nevada Assemblyan jailed for threatening to shoot colleage. Arrested with loaded gun 04:21:28
VIDEO - Proof: The Founding Fathers Wanted Americans Armed 04:18:57
Education Bubble 101 | Reggie Middleton 03:51:15
Harvard Geneticist Seeks "Adventurous" Woman to Incubate, Birth, Neanderthal Baby 03:47:07
Please sign and promote this Petition to Limit any Congressmans or Senators salary 03:38:21
Dogan Assassination Attempt - It was a pepper spray gun. 03:12:29
Greatest Kentuckian Liberty Activist and Patriot In History Has Died Today 03:11:30
Brutal Cop Beat-downs: Deputy Beats Man With Flashlight, Pregnant Woman Kicked in Ribs 03:07:21
Came across this on facebook. So funny, so sad, so true. 02:19:08
A444 hz or A432... 02:03:39
ROTHSCHILD and ROCKEFELLER are behind gun control, ALL control 01:55:15
HOT - the Pozner's gun control recommendations to the Whitehouse PDF 01:49:38
Propaganda, Firearms & Bad Legislation 01:24:33
Doug Casey on the Problem with Glenn Beck's Galt's Gulch (and more) 01:06:03
FL Deputy Threatens to Shoot Concealed Carry Licensee 01:01:50
Facebook Lacks the Qualities to be Elite 09:47:21
This Exploding Grenade Will Create A Gold & Silver Surge (King World News) 00:41:42
5 reasons why America needs Duck Dynasty 00:09:43