Posted on January 25, 2013

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An update on Aaron Tobey's TSA lawsuit - he won today! 23:40:26
Tatiana Moroz Performs Love & Liberty on Breaking the Set 23:17:36
Pentagon laying off 46,000 employees 23:35:00
Dennis Kucinich: The Constitution Guarantees the Right To Bear Arms 20:33:21
Great News: Looks Like the People of NY are going to Push Back 18:37:44
Tina Turner gives up US citizenship 17:02:54
Kim Dotcom Wants to Encrypt Half the Internet - This guy is taking on the Feds 15:36:32
BLOOMBERG: Assault Weapons Ban Lacks Democratic Votes To Pass Senate 14:50:11
Maine's Lone NO Vote in Priebus Coronation 14:38:12
Rand Paul: An attack on Israel is an attack on the United States 11:44:29
Unauthorized unlocking of smartphones becomes illegal Saturday 10:58:41
A picture's worth $100,000,000,000,000 dollars 14:59:28
Michelle Malkin: Rand Paul Raised Hope Among Tea Party Conservatives With Clinton Exchange 07:11:00
Here are all the children murdered by drone strikes at the hands of Barack H. Obama 08:42:37
Ben Swann Currently In FIRST Place In Shorty Awards For #journalist Category! If You Have Twitter Vote For Him! 21:04:20
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Effort to abolish local sheriffs a stealth federal power grab? 23:59:28
Timothy Franz Geithner's Last Day As Secretary Of Treasury 23:37:01
My Four Simple Questions To Today's "Mainstream Economists", and Other Kinds (hopefully less fraudulent ;) 23:22:14
A Talent That Can Land You $10K 23:21:22
Weapons Regulations - 7 Common Myths 23:04:38
Lol @ constitution 23:02:26
Flu vaccines have an effectiveness rate of only about 1.5 percent (Natural News) 23:01:54
Men Are So Romantic 23:00:00
Rand supporters should be banned from forums 22:55:49
Milwaukee County Sheriff: "Residents Should Arm Themselves" 22:49:42
Dragon Man - Most Armed Person In America? 22:35:36
White House Petition entry 22:35:19
Over 700 pro-gun Georgians jam gun safety seminar in Atlanta suburb 22:35:02
Israel Was Made In Japan 22:33:53
"I will take my uniform off & stand with freedom" - Police Chief Kessler 22:26:06
2.5 hours until its illegal to unlock smartphones. How can I do it to mine for free? 22:24:34
Skyscraper in Moscow City was ablaze today and did not collapse (Funny Comments Posted) 22:08:51
Writings on 2nd Ammendment, MAD Principle and SSRI drugs 21:42:16
Help Kill CT Bill for Mandatory Mental Health Assessment & Treatments 21:32:16
Oregon Sheriff Gil Gilbertson's boldly worded Letter to VP Joe Biden 21:22:17
Cooper Anderson's Disappearing Nose during Sandy Hook Interview 21:00:49
DO instead of COMPLAIN! Kick A$ TV Ad from Clothing Store in Brazil. 20:49:28
Video - Cult Of "American Worship" 20:37:43
Defender of Liberty Amasses Large Following for State Senate Run. 20:11:18
The People vs. Alex Jones 20:10:45
Federal Court Rules Obama Recess Appointments Unconstitutional 20:03:56
Oregon HB 2077 would make nicotine a Schedule III controlled substance 20:00:28
Medical Marijuana smokers denied Pain medication 19:45:04
Don’t wait for a Hitler 19:34:16
"Why Are We Thinking The Side Effects Of Marijuana Are Any Worse!" Than From Big Pharma Poison? 19:33:07
Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens? 19:18:49
$16,500,000,000,000 later: THIS is why we're poor. 19:18:44
H.R.193 would require farmers to register their seeds with the Sec. of Agriculture after a harvest. 19:16:33
Texas Must Lead the Way to Throw Out the TSA 19:16:21
Dr H. Wayne Carver Comments on Bill to Seal Autopsy Records In 02/11 from "curious public" 19:10:18
Disabled war veteran pulls gun on burglar 18:59:18
Carrying a firearm dissuades violence 18:55:52
John Stossel - Gun Laws That Kill 18:46:57
Obama violated the U.S. Constitution when he used recess appointments to fill a labor board 18:46:28
Rand Paul: Mistake To Send Arms To Countries Which Don't Seem To Be Part of Civilized World 18:41:09
Weekend watch: NY Park avenue and its influence on US 18:22:09
China Successfully Tests 'Carrier Killer' Missile In The Gobi Desert 18:19:45
"We are going to kill the dollar" 18:17:00
Air Conditioner 17:58:42
A Wakeup Call To The Senate: You Asked The Wrong Questions 17:53:27
Contact Me for a Ron Paul Car Sticker for Free! 17:51:57
Be careful what you purchase on eBay. 17:47:23
Huge Bear Surprises Crew on EcoBubble Photo Shoot in BC 17:42:25
Weeds Andy and Iraq 17:37:19
1st Date Conversation: 17:33:36
What 'end times' views do you have, if any? 17:31:33
You gotta love him! 17:29:27
Rand Paul 2016 campaign - who is with me? 17:26:15
"joan The Silencer" Absolutely Hilarious Video From The National Convention - Watch It! 17:24:54
Gun-Free Home Please Don't Burgle! Interview With Project Veritas Founder James O'Keefe (video) 17:23:40
English Warning "our Gun Ban Caused 40% Jump In Gun Crime" Dont Give Up 17:22:35
"How to Lie with Statistics" 17:19:09
Rahm Emanuel To Banks: "Stop Supporting Gun Makers!" 17:16:15
FLASHBACK: Jury Finds MLK Was Killed by Government Conspiracy, King Family Agrees 17:13:19
Neocon Rand 17:11:26
An Attack On Which OTHER Country Is Also An Attack On The U.S.? 16:52:28
Federal Court Rules Obama’s Labor Board Appointments to be Unconstitutional 16:30:28
Public Statement from the Free Dominion Political Party Concerning the Issue of Firearm Possession 16:29:46
NEW! Look at THIS...Silver Bullet Bullion 16:26:47
Hey guys, I am going to home school my child, anyone have experience with the waldorf method? 16:18:14
I wish the RNC Winter Meeting Was on the Front Page! 16:09:29
VIDEO: Emails show FBI Investigating Sen. Bob Menendez for sleeping with underage Dominican Prostitutes 16:05:24
Eleven questions with Adam Kokesh 16:02:41
Matt Taibbi on the Biggest Wall Street Scandal of 2012 15:44:33
Catholic hospital chain beats malpractice suit by saying fetuses aren’t people. 15:35:43
Secret Libor list names top Barclays executives 15:34:14
Imporant! Why Rand's Israel Comment Means Nothing! 15:33:25
Great Gold Infographic 15:31:11
Reince Priebus Caught Silencing Mark Willis 15:25:50
Rand is fooling them into accepting him as mainstream. It is what we want! 12:18:18
REPORT: Stricter gun laws fail to drive down gun crime rates 14:59:10
Holder Begins Gun Control Push 14:45:44
VIDEO: Kissinger On Nuclear War With Iran 14:41:21
Important Online Petition - Demand Answers From The White House - Please Read 14:35:54
Documented PROOF that Rand Paul is a WOLF 14:32:02
DHS Secretary Warns of Cyber 911 - Bill Introduced! 14:31:09
CIA Employed Propaganda Assets to Counter Critics of Warren Commission 14:22:49
VIDEO: Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu to Obama: "I will not obey unconstitutional executive orders banning firearms" 14:11:04
Obama goes on shooting spree with automatic water gun. ( Picture from Camp David 2011) 14:07:44
Honduras on brink of bankruptcy, suspends public services 14:02:03
VIDEO: San Francisco Mayor suggests Bars Don't Serve Alcohol during Super Bowl 13:54:28
Rueters Breaking News: Pentagon cutting 46,000 temporary workers due to budget uncertainty 13:40:25
And Then They Came For Me 13:36:10
REPORT: 60% of Detroit children in poverty 13:30:26
Sign Petition to Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano for President in 2016! 13:25:07
Star Trek style 'tractor beam' created by scientists 13:23:12
Best books? 13:20:36
Urgent: Big Ag group trying to ban raw milk sales in South Carolina 13:18:52
SURPRISE!: Feinstein Gun Control Bill To Exempt Government Officials 13:14:49
Politico: Rand Paul draws blog love, hate 13:13:55
Guns Aren't the Problem - School Shootings and Antidepressants - The Stats 13:08:13
DEVELOPING: Obama recess appointments unconstitutional, says U.S. Court of Appeals 13:07:28
South Carolina Trying To OUTLAW Raw Milk 13:03:13
Bank robber shot and killed by security officer in Flint bank lobby, police say... He used a gun! 12:57:43
VIDEO: Newtown Truthers not happy with Glenn Beck 12:54:50
What is your DP Recent Reception score? 12:53:49
CNN Live Stream to RNC Vote for Chairman 12:46:47
Rand Paul: 'President Paul'? I Like The Ring Of That - 1/24/2013 12:34:31
Kim Dotcom: 'I want to encrypt half of Internet, total govt spying must stop!' 11:48:57
Hillary Clinton ripped to shreds by Truth Seeker 11:41:07
Rand Paul: An attack on Israel is an attack on the US 11:37:56
Gun Control and Armed Security Guards in Schools is all Part of Agenda 21 - or Whatever They Call It Now to Hide the Agenda 11:28:45
Stop Obama's Push for Anti-Gun Agendas 11:24:02
Geico Canceling Insurance Because Customers Work In Firearms Industry 11:22:54
Kerry Bentivolio Not Looking Good 20:39:36
Local Government Abuses Business Owners 10:48:08
Chili Powder as Rape Deterrent? 10:35:36
Gary Johnson resumes role as Chair of issues Advocacy Organization 10:32:20
The Debt Limit Explained 10:01:57
Chicago Public Schools send email with link to erotic website 09:20:41
Rand Paul on Foreign Aid, F-16 fighters, Egypt and Israel - Fox 1/24/2013 09:19:41
Gun control in Pennsylvania, good luck with that. Go home you British pansies. 09:12:55
Around 15,000 South African crocodiles in 'mass escape' during floods 08:51:30
Who will match me? 08:46:04
what is "government"? 08:18:29
Sinclair: Defend Yourself By Not Giving In 08:18:10
A politician's speech that's actually worth listening to 07:56:27
Reuters' Article Gives Interventionist Ammo to Neocons 07:49:20
I have posted this on Mr. Krugman's Blog; I'm curious to see if that'll be ever approved and my question answered... 07:15:44
Tons of Economic Videos 06:12:11
Except for a few members such as Senator Paul, Congress is asleep 06:04:40
Forward to North American Union, for Europe's Sake 05:46:54
Groucho Marx as Obama 04:02:27
Obama Killed over 100 kids? Clinton Killed 500,000? 03:54:14
PJTV: Dependency Nation: Why Does Snoop Need the Dope to Cope? 03:53:55
Obama isn't the only one who thinks he can pass laws without congress. 03:51:27
My Video Of Every Child Obama Has Killed Abroad 03:46:50
Rand Paul likes the Ring Of The Presidency. 03:31:10
TheBigPictureRT: Thom Hartmann VS Austin Petersen 03:03:22
Despite Legalization, WA Continues Prosecuting Marijuana Cases 02:52:05
Look Who’s Mocking Fascist Fear-Mongering Now 02:45:09
Running to Stand Still 02:43:27
Russia Today Claims that Ron Paul Killed his Employee 01:34:23
Why is it So Profitable to Harm People, and What Could We Do To Change That? 01:34:07
adult swim series called "newsreaders" 01:08:50
John Stossel: Environmental Scare Tactics 00:55:53
Glade Anti-Ebola Stranger Spray Hits Store Shelves 00:54:35
I've come up with a tasty new diet soda! 00:52:45
? Coroner Confirms: No Assault Weapon Used in Sandy Hook Shooting 00:48:11
Judge Napolitano on Benghazi hearings and Obama bypassing congress on Climate change 00:47:28
Army Program Pairs Female Soldiers With Male Chaperones 00:29:09
What The Rochester Police Chief Covered Up 00:06:19
Daily Paul friends... 00:07:17