Posted on January 26, 2013

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Amash mends fences with Boehner 22:11:21
Just Returned From My GOP Committee Meeting 20:38:33
Cool Ron Paul quote from January, 26, 2013 (internet, ideas and peace) 18:25:13
Video Update: Ron Paul's Speech 'The Libertarian Future' At The Mises Circle, Houston, 1-16-2013 13:42:08
For those who think that GMOs should be allowed to run unchecked 12:46:34
Weekend Watching: An hour of Nassim Taleb, interviewed by Nick Gillespie 07:13:59
UPDATED: Reince Priebus Reads the Daily Paul Quite Often and Knows Jesse Benton 08:16:23
This is Our Super Bowl 00:15:38
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New eBooks just out 23:59:39
Anonymous, Wikileaks, Aaron Swartz... 23:53:47
I Formally Accuse the "No One Died at Sandy Hook" Sources of Being Government Shills 23:51:30
Daniel Hannan Destroys The 3 Unquestionable Myths Of Our Crisis 23:26:24
Google 101: The Ascendance of a New Form of Global Power 23:10:41
Family Guy - Fox News Lies 22:36:56
Jimmy Kimmel has some fun with Obama supporters 22:08:15
So are we ready to get involved yet? 22:06:30
Mississippi Flexing Its Rights! 22:05:55
Piers Morgan has no shame: interviews Student who was shot 21:53:02
VIDEO: Fox News Says Goodbye To Sarah Palin 21:16:03
Check out GEICO's reason for cancelling an auto insurance policy: 21:13:31
Ben Swann Likes Justin Amash 20:57:38
Words of truth are enough to lift veils! 20:56:46
Just "unsubscribed from Campaign for Liberty 20:42:28
Israel Is Our Ally, Not America's Enemy! 20:32:45
Affordable Health Care Act, not so affordable for smokers 20:21:37
Old Republic and Obama's America 20:09:48
Man With 4th Amendment Written on Chest Wins Trial Over Airport Arrest 20:08:34
Student Loan? Foreclosure? Follow those Testing the Courts with the New OPPT documents 20:04:56
Firing Line: Ron Paul and William F. Buckley (1988 Part 1 of 4 19:46:55
Wyoming Bill Would Nullify Obama Gun Control, Jail Feds 19:38:45
Obama Continues to Violate His Own 'Stimulus' Law by Not Releasing Quarterly Reports 19:28:31
James Turk: Central Banks are Losing the War to Suppress Gold & Silver Prices *Podcast* 19:16:57
Los Angeles City Election TODAY 3/5 19:10:15
Anonymous Operation Last Resort-Hackers take over judicial Web site 'to avenge' Reddit co-founder's suicide 19:04:53
Sandy Hook Video! Proof of Hoax! 18:46:48
Neocons (Israel firsters) vs Chuck Hagel nomination battle 18:16:16
Rand Paul is blowing up right now. 17:51:16
12000 murders, 300 rifle deaths, the truth about guns, 2011 Statistics 17:44:41
Insider Trader, War Profiteer, Chinese Company Invested Dianne Feinstein 17:16:53
The One Constitutional Provision Jefferson Wanted 16:58:50
Proud parent of an "aborted fetus" 16:50:56
Gem of an Interview by David Morgan (Gold, Germany and other topics) 16:23:17
Gun Owners Refuse to Register Under New York Law 16:18:39
Ghandi and Gover Norquist...what? 16:15:21
In response to all these Sandy Hook posts 16:00:37
The American Conservative: Rand Paul’s Unnecessary Israeli Security Guarantee 15:59:07
OBAMA = Most Effective Means of Achieving Libertarianism 15:36:57
All's Fair In Love And War 15:23:10
An Attack on the United States is an Attack on the United States: The USS Liberty Incident 15:08:00
Stars and Stripes Forever Enjoy! Marine Corps Band 15:01:50
Major Court Defeat of Obama: 'Recess' Appointments Unconstitutional 14:58:00
Belgian MP Exposes War on Terror Lie and 9/11 False Flag 14:09:05
Jack Hunter's response to Rand's Israel comment 14:03:29
50 Children Paralyzed After Receiving Vaccine 14:00:50
Just returned from a county Republican breakfast. A lot of the talk was about how Rand Paul gave Hillary Clinton an ass whooping 13:57:37
VIDEO: Hackers Take Over Government Website To Avenge Swartz 13:51:07
CAFR Basics by Walter Burien - 13:49:52
Anonymous Attacks US Sentencing Commission World War "Z" 13:06:46
Rand Paul Defends Aggressive Questioning of Hillary Clinton 13:01:42
"Do As I Say, Not As I Do": Government Officials Exempt From Feinstein Gun Ban 12:58:58
Tom Harkin retires in Iowa 12:58:36
Incomes of the top 1% globally have increased 60% in 20 years 12:51:38
Do Not Fly: the Feds May Be Planning a Massacre at Checkpoint Lines 12:36:23
Anonymous hacks government websites to avenge Swartz 12:20:52
Religion is the cause of war. 12:13:30
County in Indiana plans to fight possible gun control restrictions 11:59:17
Unlocking Cell Phones Is Now Illegal 11:53:41
Progressivism’s Violent World 11:49:36
Proof the Sandy Hook Children are a Hoax: Barden's Fake Pictures 11:38:18
Homer Goes to Prep School 11:22:54
Help me with a W-4 Form - The Machine doesn't deserve MY money! 10:49:44
Bill to study ‘alternate currency’ for Virginia inches forward 10:43:02
Invisible Empire, The United States, Inc. Hd.Wmv 10:33:23
Deleted 10:31:38
Alleged Downloads by Aaron Swartz available in .pdf format here: 10:16:21
Bring the Monster Out 10:11:15
Anonymous Hacks U.S. Sentencing Commission 10:06:59
Court says Obama appointments violate constitution 09:54:08
Facebook Profile May Expose Mental Illness 09:50:54
And there it is. Food blackmail. 09:50:53
Effort to abolish local sheriffs a stealth federal power grab 09:37:55
Kokesh just posted this - The Best Reason to Support Obama 08:41:59
Ada County Idaho Sheriff shows off his NWO stripes 08:10:40
Gun Owners Refuse to Register Under New York Law 07:20:04
Krauthammer: ‘Neoconservative’ is epithet used to disparage Jewish conservatives VIDEO 06:29:22
Daily PAUL app? 05:37:43
Henry Kissinger on nuclear war with Iran 05:24:44
Audit the Federal Reserve 05:22:11
TSA checks passengers at Amtrak in Austin Texas (video in link) 05:17:16
Smart meter installers and police hop over locked fence without consent 05:13:44
Random Liberty Thread Click Here! 05:06:05
Feds Are Secretly Trying to Strip Sheriffs of Their Arresting Powers 03:42:30
Rand Paul speaks to thousands during anti-abortion rally 1/25/2013 03:38:17
Nigel Farage openly challenges Tony Blair (2005) 03:13:10
Stop in-fighting 03:13:04
Vet Stands Up for 2nd Amendment at Chicago Anti-Gun Forum 03:02:48
Rand Paul... 02:44:09
There are no words for idiocy at this level 02:09:51
I Killed My Ego And Now Everything Is Fine (part 1) 14:39:51
Rand the Lighting Rod for Debate (Bring It!) 01:48:41
... 01:14:27
Significant Court Ruling Against Presidential Overreach (What? No One Else Saw This?) 01:10:17
AZ Sheriff to Obama "you are not a dictator or a king who can act unilaterally" Mentions F&F 01:00:48
Justin Amash's vote against U.S. House Speaker John Boehner serves his constitutents 00:51:34
Demand A Plan - Demand Celebrities To Go F Themselves 00:48:17
Justin Amash voted no on the Rogers of KY Part A Substitute Amendment to H R 152, Disaster Relief Appropriations Act, 2013 00:46:50
Justin Amash - Letter to Secretary of Air Force Regarding Kellogg Air National Guard Base 00:42:29
White House Petition: Repeal the USA Patriot Act in its entirety 00:39:54
Update: Who's the Commander? 19:25:53
Tina Turner Dumps US Passport, Becomes Swiss 00:21:44
The 1st Annual Daily Paul Webshow & Conference Fall 2013 00:06:17